What is TAC?

I will begin by paraphrasing the beginning of a brilliant 2009 video made my Paul ElamI am hoping to give you the opportunity to get inside the head of a hater of all feminists and liberals- well, at least this one. You see, there is a problem with liberals and atheists in this culture. Yes, I know, there are problems with conservatives, reactionaries and religious people- believe me, I’ve heard about them for the last 10 years. Some of it true and fair, much of it neither. It was a necessary dialogue just the same. And so is this.

I’ve been mentioning this term for almost an year and got a myriad of questions- just what is TAC? It means The Atheist Cult, but just what is that? Do I hate all atheists? When I did try to explain what the term was about I got even more questions – is it a some sort of a religious cult?

Here I will finally, once and for all, explain what I mean by TAC.

TAC is an abbreviation for The Atheist Cult.

So, what is The Atheist Cult? The Atheist Cult is a name I have first heard from a certain YouTube vlogger to describe what are basically stupid, dogmatic and intolerant liberals, most, if not all of whom, are atheists. I have decided to adopt the term and use it on my own.

Members of The Atheist Cult have the following traits

1 proclaimed but fake atheism (belief in god is actually replaced by other religious beliefs, like extreme and irrational religion of therapy or feminist myths )

2 general stupidity (lack of reading comprehension, inability to make or understand arguments)

3 feminism

4 misandry

5 cult of therapy and psychiatry in general

6 political correctness

7 batshit vocabulary, invention of new various bizzare new words

8 use of words differently than their original meaning (examples- threat, rape, harassment all used in exagerrated and incorrect way)

9 paranoia

10 hatred of people they see as “privileged” (white people, straight people, males, usually goes along with misandry)

11 desire for censorship

12 belief that they are entitled to harass people because they are better and more “enlightened” than they are but tears when they start being harassed themselves- hence why they do things like statcountering, doxxing, rl harrasment etc but cry when they’re subjected to it themselves

13 absolute lack of empathy or any regard for perceived opponents

14 condescending attitude

15 pathologizing of perceived opponents (in connection and used with nr 5)

16 use of psychiatry to try to silence their opponents (in connection to 5 and 15)

17 virulent attacks on Christianity while defending and justifying Islam

18 obsession with other people’s morality while completely ignoring their own heinous acts (doing things in horrible frustration because of monstrous acts by others- terrible, supporting people who harm their children or doxxers- completely ok)

19 poor knowledge and understanding of history, which results in adapting myths regarding the so called patriarchy or oversimplification of events like colonization

20 religious belief in certain sociological concepts which can hardly be proven, like patriarchy, privilege or rape culture

21 a tendency to deny certain easily definable, understandable and provable phenomena simply because they don’t fit with their ideology – for example misandry, reverse racism or incel

22 incredible ease at declaring somebody they don’t like with a adjective they don’t like- for example, immense callousness and recklessness at calling people racists or MRAs

23 a great knowledge of topics such as LGBT rights, women’s rights or feminist academia but poor knowledge of everything else

24 indoctrination with main talking points of feminist academia

25 extreme rudeness

26 willingness to make every apology for female behavior while attacking almost all of men’s behaviors

27 purportation of themselves as some kind of a beacon of common sense and morality

28 obsession with phenomena like sexism or racism and social justice

29 denial of human nature

30 denial of differences between the sexes

31 obsession with certain “sacred words” like entitlement, privilege or creep

32 fixation on rape to the point of almost fetishization- simultaneous claims about the horridity of rape and its complete trivialization of it by presenting more and more banal actions as rape, all combined with ridiculous rape statistics

33 copious use of logical fallacies

34 a tendency to obfuscate and change facts, as well as fabrication of complete lies out of nothing

35 constant shaming attempts

36 tendency to make personal attacks and unfounded assumptions connected to these personal attacks

This are the horrible traits of an average TAC member and the reason why they will always be despised by all the sane people.

Here are some questions I’d usually get about this.

Do you hate all atheists?

Of course not. I am an atheist.. I do call myself a non-theist to distance myself from these monsters but technically I am an atheist. I had been an atheist since I was 11, since I could think about the concept of god. I was never religious in any way. I don’t hate atheists at all and this page isn’t created against atheists. I hate people with characteristics I described.

Are all TAC members atheists?

No, they’re not ! There are some people who are agnostic or religious and exhibit these traits. However, the vast majority of them are atheists and hence the name.

Is TAC some kind of an organized movement, some sort of a cult?

No, it isn’t. It describes hundreds of millions of people across the world – of course that it is impossible for all these people to be in contact. Most TAC members will only meet a tiny fraction of other TAC members in their lifetimes, and of course that most of them won’t form any movements.

But are there are TAC movements?

Of course such movements exist. There are thousands of TAC movements across the world, from feminist groups to various liberal organizations.

Where can you find TAC members online?

Um, is that even a serious question? They’re EVERYWHERE ! About 70-80 percent of people have these traits nowadays, especially in the Anglosphere.
Check any feminist blog or “progressive” blog and you will find them.

Ok, but where are some of the most vicious TAC members?

Try sites like RationalWiki, GeekFeminism or Freethoughtblogs. All of these people could be called brainwashed if only they had a brain.

How do TAC members view incels?

TAC members are at best patronizing and full of shit when it comes to incels. And I really mean “at best”.

In almost all cases incels are universally hated and spit on by TAC. There are several reasons for that. The main one is that TAC members can’t feel empathy for anybody except other indoctrinated monsters like themselves. Yet, not even a TAC incel can expect much support from them besides being told to waste his time with therapy. Incel is a primarily a male issue and TAC members hate men. Another reason is that the problem of incel ruins their idea of therapy as a panacea and their view of therapists as living gods for incels can’t solve their problem using therapy.
One other reason is that incels often appear somewhat misogynistic or at least weary of women, due to their rejections and bad experiences with women. TAC members see women as living gods who can do no wrong so they will always defend them.

In any case, if you’re incel you should avoid even talking to a TAC member, let alone getting any help from such a person. They hate you. Trust me, if you want to talk to them in a rational and civil manner you are wasting your time. All they understand are dogmas and hate.

How does TAC agree with certain more radical groups like radical feminists?

They don’t seem to share their trans-phobia or some other radical ideas. But their views of feminism are getting closer and both groups are gross misandrists.
Also, all of these radical feminists agree with TAC on almost every other issue.

I have some of these traits ! Am I from TAC?

Probably not. Having some of these traits doesn’t make you a TAC member. I had some of them until a few years ago. It is difficult to avoid having at least a few of these traits in a modern culture where people are indoctrinated that these traits are a positive thing. On the other hand, you can be one even if you don’t share all of them. What is more important is how you express these traits and how much they affect how you behave and what you do. If you have some of these traits it would do you well to get rid of them, though. I can help you with some of them.

Do TAC members have some good traits?

Sure they do. People purporting themselves as such angels  are bound to have some good traits. I’m sure that most reasonable people will agree that homophobia or trans-phobia are bad, that abortion should be allowed or that free market isn’t a solution for everything. And this is usually where our agreement ends.


These people I call TAC are vile, indoctrinated monsters. They are wrong on just about everything and they’re spilling their poison every day, destroying decent people. They rant about religious fundies when they themselves believe in utterly vague and improvable concepts like patriarchy or rape culture with such vigour that even Church fathers are nothing compared to them. They are the worst religious fundies on Earth. They hate just about everybody who doesn’t share their dogmas and are extremely unpleasant.

Ending note – I am extremely interested in more TAC traits being mentioned here by commentators. I have surely missed some. Please make your suggestions and I will add them if they’re any good.

30 thoughts on “What is TAC?

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  2. Right. I will clarify my position on a number of things. It mightt help some of you fuckers hurling insults at me and my man thatincelblogger. (A) I am an atheist. I base this on a very simple fact; there is not, never has been NOR EVER WILL BE, the slightest shred of evidence to support ANY of the claims of the three major religions (Judeaism, Christinanity and Islam). I am NOT going to alter my view. UNLESS you show me some hard, physical, TESTABLE evidence. That is my view. I do have my own views on where the notion of ‘gods; came from, but I will not discuss that here. Suffice to say, I KNOW that this planet is not the only one to support intelligent life. And I base that knowledge on personal experience. (B) Our society is WAY out of balance. It is out of balance because we have been sold the lie that is feminism, and that people are allowed – and encouraged to live in an extremely immoral, wastelful, and ultimately self destructive manner. (C) Incel is but ONE symptom of the sickness that pervades our society. Now, if you ignore one sympton, well then you might as fucking well ignore ALL of them. But you do so at your peril. Recognise cancer for what it is soon enough, and it can be treated. Ignore it for long enough…then you might as well order the pine box and flowers NOW.



    So do not insult the intelligence of myself or thatincelblogger by pretending that our issues and concerns are not genuine.

    A society as sick as ours is ultimately CANNOT survive. It WILL not survive.

    I just hope I get to see it BURN.

  3. I agree that a movement like what you describe here exists, but I am going to take issue with the name. You say these people “are basically stupid, dogmatic and intolerant liberals, most, if not all of whom, are atheists”. This may well be true in Europe, but it isn’t true in America. Liberal Christians and Jews are no different from liberal Atheists here in America in my experience. If you take time to research the origins of this movement, I think you will find that it came out of American Christianity. Take a look at William Jennings Bryan who I would consider one of the founders of this movement. He was a devout Christian, opposed the gold standard, supported prohibition, was a big advocate of women’s suffrage, and he hated evolution and atheism and used ridicule against both, much the same kind ridicule used by liberals today.

    One of the big problems with modern thinking is that people are grouped in the wrong way. People tend be grouped by belief or by race. But neither belief nor race really matter. What matters is values. Yet modern thinking completely ignores values, and so doesn’t group people by values and doesn’t create names for clear sets of values. Modern Atheists, modern Christians, and modern Jews all have basically the same values and should be grouped together and assigned a name. I use the name Modernist. Traditional Christians, traditional (Orthodox) Jews, and (the few) traditional Atheists also share many values. If you look at your list of 31 traits of TAC, they generally relate to values, not beliefs. The basic concept of TAC or Modernism is an ideology constructed to support a psychopathic culture. You identify and attack the intellectual component of this culture. But in any culture the intellectual component is always a small minority. The average person doesn’t express the ideology, but his life reflects it. The typical modern slut doesn’t bother expressing any clear beliefs, but she lives the psychopathic life advocated by TAC/Modernist ideology. I don’t distinguish between the intellectual and non-intellectual components, or between the male and female components of any culture. I view a culture as a whole. The defining aspect of a culture is its values. Modern culture is pure evil and totally intolerant of any moral cultures, and for that reason it must eventually be destroyed.

    thatincelblogger, here is what I would like you to do: Go to a modern Christian forum and to an atheist forum and post your thoughts. See how they respond and compare. Report back on what you find.

  4. I think we can all agree on the following; (1) Modern ‘culture’ is sick, shallow and unfit for purpose. I don’t pretend to know what the answer is, but I would suspect it lies in a return to a very basic set of values concerning simple decency and SELF RESTRAINT. (2) Whatever label we as individuals choose to put to the forces ranged against people like us, people who wish to see such a return to A BETTER way of life, it amounts to the same thing. It is the millstone which will drag society down to it’s ultimate fate. You can be an atheist and still have a strong sense of right and wrong. You can be a Christian and be the biggest prick walking. (3) A large part of the problem, I’m afraid is what I am now forced to conclude; women ARE INCAPABLE OF GOVERNING THEMSELVES OR OTHERS. They do NOT operate on a logical, rational level. They are governed ENTIRELY by their emotions. I will use myself as an example of this. I have recently had to start self injecting. All well and good, except that I have a phobia concerning injections of any sort. I have had to tell my emotions to shut the fuck UP…and get on with it. Women cannot do this. Their emotions will ALWAYS get the better of them. Feminism is simply one huge act of appeasement – like a parent giving in to a child who throws a tantrum in the grocery store.Women are NOT the physical and mental equal of men. They never were and never WILL BE. I am not saying that they are inferior, or that they should be badly treated BUT THEY SHOULD BE REMINIDED OF THEIR FUCKING PLACE. As I said earlier, nature had a way of doing things. And it worked. Then along comes mankind. (4) Incel is just ONE symptom of a deep seated malaise affecting society. It will NOT go away, however much the forces of chaos ignore it. There is worse to come. MUCH WORSE.

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  9. Just a note to you – I am not banning you because anybody because they disagree me, I ban those who break the rules. I am banning you because your posts broke at least 7-8 rules at once. So, no, nobody will ever see them. Goodbye.

  10. Hey there guy. Pretty good piece, I’ve got a couple more traits for you;

    1.) Self-proclaimed socialist (bonus points if they consider themselves revolutionary, communist, or if they are Trots/Maoists. Most insane will drift towards 3rd Worldism out of seething hate for their own lack of melanin. Think ‘debate on whether white babies should be killed for world peace’).

    2.) Poorly-read… Most of their political education will have come from blogs, and they will be unfamiliar with basic concepts like class society, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.

    Generally I haven’t a problem with these people until they call be a brocialist for not being femen enough. We got our fill of women’s lib spastics in the 60s.

    • Thanks but I wouldn’t really include it yet…. I don’t really see many of them calling themselves that way, at least not those Americans ones I usually see. Maybe you know better? Dunno… Still thinking about it.

      Once again, thanks for your input !

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  12. Hi Franklin,
    Hi thatincel (caamib),

    Still struggling to know the difference between TAC, the Zionist conspiracy, and Illuminati. I plan to mention these groups in an upcoming video I’m planning, and on my website. Already made a YouTube video titled K C Sunbeam on Feminism.

    ?#1: Does the Illuminati conspiracy actually exist, or is it just a big hoax?

    ?#2: Are all 3 (or 2) conspiracy groups basically just the same people?

    ?#3: If all 3 (or 2 ) groups are considerably different (both by demographic and agenda), how so?

    ?#4: Is it likely that one group is a subset of another? For instance, out of TAC members a certain percentage are Illuminati, and out of Illuminati members, a certain percentage a hard core Zionists. ????

    Have a nice day/evening guys

    • #1 The Illuminati is either a hoax or is insignificant.

      #2 No, your 3 groups are different.

      #3 There is no conspiracy. I know nothing about the Illuminati and don’t care. Zionists just support Israel, they are just a special interest group. Caamib is describing TAC as Western Leftists, most of whom are atheist fundamentalists.

      #4 No, I doubt there is any major overlap between these groups.

      Steve Job’s comment about TV is worth quoting here:

      When you’re young, you look at television and think, There’s a conspiracy. The networks have conspired to dumb us down. But when you get a little older, you realize that’s not true. The networks are in business to give people exactly what they want. That’s a far more depressing thought. Conspiracy is optimistic! You can shoot the bastards! We can have a revolution! But the networks are really in business to give people what they want. It’s the truth.

    • Yeah, Franklin basically answered you. If you think I believe that TAC is some actual conspiracy you got it wrong. It’s basically just another name for liberal fundamentalists. In fact, TAC members don’t even have to necessarily be atheists, though most are. Imagine you have some 6foot5 boxer whose nickname is “Little… something”. This is a similar thing. TAC is just a title that doesn’t even denote atheists per se.

      • Thanks guys.

        So to recap what I think you guys are saying: TAC is basically the whole of radical leftist society.

        And the illuminati is just some silly society like the Freemasons at best.

        However, there is definitely a Zionist conspiracy, as documented by Dr. David Duke. Conspiracy in the fact that they conspire to subjugate all those of non-Jewish bloodline and conspire to have hard-core Zionists run the world. (And a large percentage of TAC members are suckered into supporting the Zionist conspiracy).

        • I’d say that even people who aren’t radical leftists have some TAC traits. 99 percent of people have at least some in the West. Does that make them TAC? I have no idea, since TAC is just a mind construct. So I don’t know how many traits are enough. But one can definitely see that not all liberals are completely the same. As for the Jew thing, I dunno… If that’s true they don’t seem to be doing a good job worldwide lol.

  13. But we must consider that Jews comprise only 0.21% of the world’s population.

    Yet Zionists orchestrated the Russian Revolution, and Stalin, Lenin, and Marx were Zionists. Zionists control both the United States government (ZOG) and its media. Sigmund Freud originated and orchestrated the psychiatric barf on behalf of Zionism to plague the U.S. (I have documented quotes from this Jewish racial supremacist). Zionists created the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), not blacks. The USA is suckered into pouring money into Israel by them getting us to consider them special and feel sorry for them, and has Germany pouring money into Israel for “reparations” to this day.
    And many TACs serve Zionism. Considering these facts and much more, no doubt they are the ones who are truly laughing out loud.

  14. Per TAC is evil, Judaism is racist, and Islam and Western Christianity are mentally retarded: YES, you are correct.

    However, by [rightfully] defining evil as unmitigated self-interest, most of Judaism (the Zionists) are at least as evil as the average TAC.

    I mean no offense to your feelings about the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament or Tanakh). However, by looking into a concordance, we quickly see that the word Israel is mentioned literally 5,000 times in your favorite scriptures.

    Now the common and historical understanding is that this Israel is the Jewish bloodline. Although you and your group may interpret this spiritually or symbolically, this flies in the face of the common understanding.

    Therefore I recommend the “New Testament” (canonized Christian scriptures) and the early Church fathers as the central standard.

    Wimpy? Cowardly? Ineffective? Passive? Impotent? Then what about Adolf Hitler, a devout Christian believer. No matter what you think of him, you must admit, his balls were bigger than beach balls!

  15. Hmmmmm.

    Have you read Dr. David Duke’s 280,000 word autobiographical, historical, and scientific book My Awakening word for word like I have, with his over 1,000 source references?

    Have you read Dr. Duke’s equally large and documented book Jewish Racial Supremacy? (I admit I have not).

    Have you read Adolf Hitler’s large and detailed book Mein Kampf word for word like I have, discovering that this man, even if we assume he was an evil bastard, had an approximately 190 IQ, and yes was, proven by his quotes, a devout Christian believer?

    By the way, his National-Socialism would work beautifully for the new society you propose (with some necessary adjustments on your part), while both Communism/Marxist “Socialism” and Capitalism would fail miserably.

    Honestly, I mean no offense to you or your heritage. I simply desire to proclaim the truth, no matter how ugly or unpleasant it may temporarily be.

    Have a nice day/evening

    • I have not read David Duke’s book. I have read all of Mein Kampf. Hitler was clearly highly intelligent and clearly not religious. But he wasn’t intelligent enough to win the war. His key mistake was not making an alliance with Zionists, which would have given him the atomic bomb.

  16. Hitler wasn’t religious in that he never had a primary spiritual focus, and his primary focus was always so worldly. **However**, he was definitely a Christian believer and quoted New Testament scripture numerous times in his book, though you probably didn’t recognize it since you avoid the NT.

    No, he didn’t win the war, but his taking action may have saved the German people from being utterly dominated and wiped out altogether, which was a serious threat at that time. So in that sense he achieved his goal.

    Protecting his people from who or what? Marxism, as the book makes crystal clear. Mein Kampf= My Battle [against Marxism].
    And the Marxists were Zionists. So how in the world could he have made an alliance with Zionists? That’s like saying a Sumo wrestler should have attempted to be a jockey in the Kentucky Derby because he would’ve made a lot more money.

  17. Franklin, you must pay very close attention to what I shall type, because if you gloss over it you’ll miss the logic.

    #1 Zionists are Jewish persons who attempt to dominate other groups in an organized fashion.
    #2 Marxists are persons who attempt to dominate other groups in an organized fashion.
    #3 Karl Marx, originator of Marxism, was fully Jewish (we have proof).
    #4 Marxism is Communism (hence Karl Marx’s book The Communist Manifesto).
    #5 Five out of six leaders of Russia’s Communist revolution (Leon Trotsky, Jacob Schiff, Vladimir Lenin, Zinoviev, Kamenov, and Sverdlov) were Jewish. Trotsky brags about this fact in his book “Stalin.” After gaining power they fired Gentiles en masse and hired Jews en masse.
    #6 The murder of the Russian Tsar on behalf of the Communist revolution was instituted by Sverdlov, Goloshekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov, and Yurvsky, ***All Jews.***
    #7 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (Jews residing in the USA) sold our atomic bomb secrets to the Russians (who were Communists). The Rosenbergs were then executed for treason.
    #8 Quoting Winston Churchill: “Communism is a sinister confederacy of International Jews who have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of this enormous empire.” (and remember, communism is Marxism).

    There’s so much to back this up it could go up my rear. since I don’t want to type a book here, take my word for it: I already learned the facts.

    Franklin, smart people who are up to something do everything in their power to conceal their doings, including changing their names, changing their bodies, pretending to be outraged at the very group they support, pretending to love the very group they hate, twisting reality and facts into pretzels, and flooding everybody with 1,000,000 lies. That’s how it works!!!

    And Hitler promoted Christianity (admittedly, his tailor-made version of Christianity). That’s common knowledge (note the book Hitler, God, & The Bible.)

    @@ In the Hitler Youth, children were taught a salute to Hitler modeled after the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6).
    @@ “Christ has come to us through Adolf Hitler” declared pastor Leutheuser, leader of the German Christian movement, on Aug. 30, 1933.
    @@ Numerous times in Mein Kampf, Hitler referred to himself as a lone voice crying in the wilderness or as John the Baptist preparing the way of the Lord and making His paths straight, clear references to passages in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
    @@ In Mein Kampf Hitler stated “I nearly imagined myself to be Jesus Christ when He came to His Father’s temple and found it taken by the money-changers. I can well imagine how He felt when He seized a whip and scourged them out” (Almost quoting NT Scripture word for word).
    @@ Quoting from Hitler’s speech at Koblenz on Aug. 26, 1934: “National-Socialism neither opposes the Church nor is anti-religious, but on the contrary stands on the ground of real Christianity. The Church’s interests cannot fail to coincide with ours alike in our fight against the symptoms of degeneracy……….in our fight against an atheistic movement…………….These are not anti-Christian, these are Christian principles.”
    @@ In Mein Kampf, Hitler spoke of instituting a thousand year reign, as Jesus instituted a thousand year reign in Revelation chapter 20.
    @@ In Mein Kampf, Hitler quoted Jesus saying that the Jewish leaders were of their father the Devil (this comes from John chapter 8).
    These are only *some* of the examples, not all.

    • KC, redefining words is a standard Leftist tactic. You shouldn’t do it. Here are definitions from Merriam-Webster:

      Zionism – political support for the creation and development of a Jewish homeland in Israel
      Marxism – the political, economic, and social theories of Karl Marx including the belief that the struggle between social classes is a major force in history and that there should eventually be a society in which there are no classes

      So the short version is that Zionists support Israel and Marxists support Marx’s ideas including communism and were obviously Leftist. Now let’s relate Zionist, Marxist, and Jewish.

      Some early Zionists were Marxist. Today virtually no Zionists are Marxist.
      Most Marxists were not Zionists.
      Most Zionists are Jewish. Most Jews today are Zionists, but at Hitler’s time only about half of Jews were Zionists. In Hitler’s time, most German Jews were Leftist and anti-Zionist.
      Most Marxists were not Jewish. Most Jews were not Marxist. However many top Marxists were Jewish. Active European Jewish Marxists were almost all anti-Zionist.

      Those are the facts based on the real definions of the words.

      You only managed to produce one quote from Mein Kampf, and that quote is simply wrong. It is not in Mein Kampf at all.

      Here is a quote from Mein Kampf on religion:

      It would be unthinkable to live in a world without religious faith. The broad masses of people are not made up of philosophers, so the faith of the masses is often the sole foundation of any moral World-Concept they may have. The various proposed substitutes have not shown any results that would indicate that they could be useful replacements for religious denominations. But if any religious-type teachings are actually to take hold of the broad groups, as they successfully have in the past, the basic teachings of existing religion would be a necessary foundation in order for a new teaching to be effective. There may be a few hundreds of thousands of superior men who can live wisely and morally without depending on the general standards of religion, but the millions of others cannot do so and need daily guidance. The way people live ordinary life, by following religious principles, can be compared to the way governments follow principles of state and Churches follow their own dogma. The purely intellectual idea of how one should conduct oneself can change and may be reinterpreted endlessly. It is the religious doctrine alone which binds the idea and puts it into a form that makes it a faith. Otherwise, the moral idea would never grow beyond the status of an abstract concept or a philosophical opinion. Accordingly, the attack on a religious doctrine is very similar to an attack against the constitution that founded the State. Just as the State would fall into chaos from such an attack, so would religion become worthless and end in emptiness with the annihilation of the core church beliefs.

      I am in complete agreement with Hitler here, but I don’t think you will like this.

  18. Franklin,

    Unfortunately, you misunderstand where I’m coming from.

    Of course Merriam-Webster’s definitions of Zionism & Marxism are correct. I simply ignored their defining aspects since that’s common knowledge, and not what I’m trying to expose.

    Now look up the definitions of *feminism* and *psychiatry* in your Merriam-Webster’s. They sound exactly like something we should fully support. Are you convinced? No? That’s my point!!!

    Yes, Zionists wanted to create and now maintain a homeland in Israel, as the creature from the Blob movie wanted to create and maintain itself on Earth. But Zionists aren’t satisfied with just doing that anymore than the Blob was satisfied. Zionists are like the Blob: they want to expand as much as possible and crush everybody who gets in their way. That’s what they concealed, and for good reason.

    Yes, Marxism is the political, economic, and social theories of Karl Marx. But what they’re not saying is that Marx wanted to sneakily use those ideas for Jewish racial supremacy and to screw everyone else over. That’s what they concealed, and for good reason. Loose lips sink ships.

    F: “Today, virtually no Zionists are Marxist.”
    KC: That’s true in the United States and Israel, but false in Soviet bloc countries, where there are plenty of Zionist Marxists. In America Jewish racial supremacists use Capitalism to get what they want. Capitalism and Communism are both sides of their coin, or each one head of a two headed zombie, so to speak.

    F: “Most Marxists were not Zionists. In Hitler’s time, most Jews were anti-Zionist.”
    KC: True, but that’s not my point. Most Marxists, at least those in power, were Jewish racial supremacists. And the succeeding generations of those people, who follow in the footsteps of those Jewish racial supremacists, are now Zionists, since they changed their agenda and now feel that would be in their best interests. Non-Jewish people have been suckered into supporting both Zionism and Marxism without knowing the hidden agenda behind either group.

    F: “There are no New Testament quotes in Mein Kampf.”
    KC: You are splitting hairs, trying to get me on a technicality, and are completely missing my point. The important point is, Hitler clearly alluded to New Testament scripture numerous times in Mein Kampf. It’s ***irrelevant*** that he didn’t quote passages word for word. The whole point is that we know where those thoughts came from: New Testament Scripture.

    F: “Here’s a quote from Mein Kampf on religion which I don’t think you’ll like…………………………”
    KC: Why?????????????? Obviously you haven’t been reading my book. In Wowed by Truth I clearly state what he’s basically saying: That the masses use religion as a crutch, and if they were a lot smarter and highly philosophical, they wouldn’t need organized religion to help make the world a better place. I believe in the unity between Church and State, the Church being under government regulation, as Hitler did. I believe that the #1 best way to make the world a better place is ***eugenics*** as my book clearly states.

    And what he said had no bearing on whether or not there is a personal God, or whether Jesus Christ was God. Those are separate issues.

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