Warning about defamation, lies and incorrect information about me online

I have many haters and many of them say outrageous lies about me online. If you ever see a thread or an article about me beware – it is likely to be filled with a lot of crazy lies.

My haters and various trolls make incorrect statements about what happened with my family, peddle around various incorrect names of innocent people as mine, insert insane quotes I never said, make claims I did things I never did, accuse me of various crimes when even the stated “victims” believe that the lunatics making these accusations are crazy, say lies about my previous ideas (like that my ideas ever involved women being forced into something by government action) and take my words completely out of context. It is rare that they even manage to say a half-truth.

Please, read my articles and take them for what I believe and for what I have experienced. There is no other source about this online so anybody talking about me online is either repeating what I said in the articles or lying. Please, understand this. 

In my country many of their actions wouldn’t just be punishable by civil law but by criminal law. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it since almost all of them aren’t living in my country. Moreover, I am often banned from even correcting the lies on these sites by the cowardly, criminal slime that runs them.

I know that not all of you can or will read all of my articles so I urge you to ask me about anything you’ve read about me online. Comment section of this page will be a space to do so.

It is even more advisable to do so because believing the nonsense said by my haters and repeating it here will result in likely denial of your comment privileges.

CAVEAT : It really is a sign of an insane society that I have to say this, but these warnings don’t apply to any criticism of me that doesn’t, you know, make insane shit up. Duh.

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