God is dead but the music is still playing

One huge reason why I haven’t been writing lately is, aside from my usual depression and complete brokenness, a sense of shame in a way.

I am ashamed and frightened of reactions I would get for moving much further away from any position “officially” held by modern society. Reactions would more likely amount to shock and disbelief than anger.

I have tried to explain that there is no woman who would like me for reasons that have nothing to do with any of my choices in my huge mangum opus The story of your incel.

Even if I would gain some sympathy from a woman it would all be short lived and manufactured, just like giving white blood cells to somebody with advanced leukemia? A woman would soon see I am a coalpha and be disgusted.

But how am I to explain there is no woman I’d be as cruel to as to such a woman, who would express manufactured sympathy?

To put it more simply, if a woman wanted me, even for a short while, I’d consider myself, even more than her, evil scum. 

How am I to explain that such a woman would be facing violence to the point of basically being given a death sentence?

How am I to tell men, most of whom are also completely irrecoverable, that Western women are no longer to be treated as any sentient beings? That they are literally game to be hunted.

Hence the title. God is indeed dead, but the music is still playing. People still believe old concepts of relationship, marriage and consent that no longer exist and are merely rearranging the chairs on Titanic.

In a society which claims to fight for even more equality, respect and civility each day these things are now completely gone and unwanted – just look at any film from the 40s or 50s and see how women were treated in what is now laughably called a  more misogynistic society.

Modern Western women want disrespect, rape and violence more than ever. At the same time we are being told that these things have been partially stopped and that there is a struggle for these things to stopped even more. Though all the trends are going in a catastrophic direction we are being told they are going in an exactly opposite direction.

World that once was is gone but its shabby old photo is very much alive and is considered a reality. .

Why is that?

The answer to this is trivial.

Modern progressive liberalism is an aberrant form of Christianity. It retained horrible values of it stemming from the New Testament like universalism while violently rejecting the supernatural and patriarchal parts.

God is dead but the music is still playing.

Four common types of hilarious fallacies liberal lunatics use to attack me

Insane accusations against me, especially those made by immensely stubborn and mentally challenged haters, amount to roughly four things

1. Insane lies that have nothing to do with reality, like that I wanted the government to force women into sleeping when men with my former program was basically a dating service where everybody had the right to refuse everybody and this was plainly written (even by feminists). Or a lie I don’t believe mental illnesses exist or that I don’t believe in psychiatry at all. In fact, those acting like they don’t are the myriad of liberal lunatics who want to diagnose online despite them not being doctors and this, um, not being possible online in any  case, something any shrink would tell them. Ironically, these tools also claim therapy is a solution to any problem).

2.Claims I still have some problem because posts from said I did years ago. Like “He has penile insesitivity!” Umm, yeah, I had some when I just started having sex, jesus. Time goes by. Things change.

3. Claims that I am bad for having common sense ideas on things like consent. Ummm, you’re the bad ones here, willing to traumatize consenting kids with cops, lawyers and other vermin, while still believing you’re helping the poor child you’re traumatizing with your hostility towards sexuality of absolutely anybody but retarded sluts and sacred liberal groups like Muslims or blacks. Of course, a black or a Muslim raping a 2 month year-old is A-ok but a white guy sleeping with a willing 17 year-old girl is a criminal. Another example of this would be me considered bad for refusing to acknowledge that awful feminist trap of standing up for “victims of female-on-male rape”, when something like that can’t exist due to basic biology, namely sex being a female resource. Nonsense like the belief that women can rape men can only be created by over-socialization and indoctrination. It doesn’t exist in nature.

4. Interpretation of events that actually happened in light of liberal lunacy. A most common example of this is the claim I raped some women in 2012-2013 thought this never happened. In the first case it is a woman whose pic I posted on this blog in 2012 and who offered to have sex with me to take it down. Another is a woman who I told that I’ll call her in her home if she doesn’t have sex with me. This woman accepted only after asking to be given things. None of this is rape in my country or any country in the world. It is rape only in the demented minds of feminists, which would also mean some demented US/Canadian colleges or a portion of insane feminist prosecutors/judges. Nowhere else. One of these girls is laughing at my accusers, calling them mentally ill and calling me “her rapist” from time to time to mock these freaks. Insanity of this claim is even greater when we know women love to be beaten and raped and hate respect and consent. In patriarchy women want kisses. In feminism women want bullets. 

Hilarious. But so are the liberals. Mental patients wanting to put sane people in hospitals.

The truth

Necessary for understanding this post:




There was this one poster on the Love-shy forums who had a signature denoting that he ignores what people say but likes to watch what these same people do. At the time it seemed like a sort of a cliche, but lately I’ve been thinking about that sentence more and more, to the point of even developing a slight obsession.

It’s just that it applies so much to everything I see around me, including online spaces. So, what can be defined as a dissonance between the two in online spaces, where you only have words? What are the acts here?

Well, obviously, more words, in a specific context.

It is by now clear that liberals are an utterly insane bunch suffering from cognitive dissonance of the highest ranking. This is nothing new, and I’m more and more inclined to see a liberal as simply a chameleon to whatever’s popular.

So, how do liberals show that they don’t do what they say in writing? It’s usually by doing what they usually do – making asses out of themselves. I’ve seen these crazies write entire screeds of lies about how much I want nothing but sex, and how there are many men who want more (it’s just that I am not one of them for some bizzare reason they never explain, nor could they ever), just to finish by revealing their true colors and saying that all men with my problems just want sex.

This would be a very simple example of not doing what you’re indoctrinated to say and then finally succumbing to your own stupidity, just to reveal your true colors.

This would even be hilarious in some kind of a different world if the entire current world isn’t based on ramblings by these lunatics.

So, what is the truth ?

Why am I actually incel, why are so many other men this and why are so many good men incel?

The truth is in the word OBSOLESCENCE.

If you living in the Western feminist countries you were probably told lies about women wanting respect, empowerment and good men.

All of this is a lie.

Idea of relationships with them? Obsolete.

The idea of these women wanting good, intelligent, hardworking men? Obsolete.

Idea of these women even caring about consent to sex? Obsolete.

Liberals might not be aware of this consciously, since they are demented, but subconsciously they know this extremely well. Things like their hysterical struggle to demonize “nice guys” (ie, boring men following a model they want all men to follow) ?  Their stupid claims that no woman wants a jobless man when basic facts of reality deny this, while also stating that just being employed can’t and shouldn’t be enough (it had been for our grandfathers, and they weren’t “entitled” to anything, it’s just what got women)? Their insane attempts to vilify just anything a guy who has filled the “criteria” does, all in desperate attempts to find just one flaw that they can blame for anything, while men with 1000 flaws are getting sluts ?

This and many other hypocritical, imbecilic things they say are just their incredibly stupid and vile attempts to dislodge the obvious and very grim issue, which is that nothing that the mainstream society says is true seems to work in any way and that the only reason why somebody still believes these lies is because they’re stupid enough to be indoctrinated by them.

If you’re sane and reading this you know and those sane people benefiting from the current system know it just as well – it’s just that they have no interest in this being changed.

From the age of 12 I was told fairy tales about respecting women, not harassing women, not beating women, not raping women, fairy tales about consent, relationships and other things that no longer existed.

Some of those believing this were simply too dull to see that the world has changed, even if they did believe in some of the traits that made the old system feasible.

Many were, however, actively working to demolish the crux of society, a patriarchal system, and just simply wanted to believe that the remnants of the system they hated and helped destroy would still exist, simply because they liked some parts of it and believed that they can survive with their base being destroyed.

It was, of course, a silly dream.

The reality was that everything of the old collapsed, and virtually millions of young men were left to deal with a new system they did not understand while being told that parts of old system that was destroyed existed.

For this to be done all that had to be done was to reshuffle the history a bit.

1. Natural female attraction to providers in societies where they were sought after was now branded as attraction to seducer males that always existed because… ummm, it exists now? This was done to hide the fact that in the past women hated scumbags and liked “nerdy” men.

2. Rape was made out to be a crime that revolved around whims like women’s consent. This was done to hide the fact that in the past it had been in a property crime against a woman’s father or a husband  or a chaste woman and that this made women safer, as owners want to take care of their things and rape was seen as a grave crime.

3. All of this bullshit was coated in thick, heavy layers of false historical narrative about poor oppressed women and their masters who lay around all day burping and farting.

Nr. 1 resulted in millions of good men being told that they’re wrong, no matter what they do, and that the problem will always be them. It doesn’t matter if they do good or bad, they are always the problem.

Nr. 2. resulted in a natural declining interest for new victims of rape, who were often sluts and intensely unlikable public goods, and attempts to mitigate this decline by Slut Walks and other travesties.

Consequences of nr. 3 could be summed up as general ignorance of any social history and just another step further to feralization of humanity.

It is hilarious how the rape hysteria in the West is ever increasing as this once serious crime is becoming more and more an obvious joke. Every slightest form of perceived fraud or coercion is now rape, yet dumb jocks and football players are raping at will.

The facts are that consent is now a criminal act in the West, since men who get women are all dumb thugs who never ask for it. Thus, women see this works and reject men with other approaches.

Consent is a criminal act in the West.

A date is a criminal act in the West.

Wanting a relationship is a criminal act in the West.

Any humane treatment of women is a criminal act in the West.

That’s what feminism and liberalism brought us. Nothing but people devolving into beasts, under the guise of some extreme sensitivity and political correctness.

If you want to “date” a modern Western slut every move you do is immediately wrong. You can’t date them.

However, myself and men like me were told none of that.  We’ve been told a paradigm that last existed decades ago.

We’ve been told that we could play Skyrim (have the lives our ancestors did) using Commodore 64 (old, outdated methods and ways).

So, what happened?

Many of us failed at the first step and never got any experience at all.

From a today’s perspective I’d say these were the luckier ones.

What many of us who did have some slight attractive features, like good looks, had was much worse. We’ve been subjected to playing a game we could never, ever, ever win. Going from one trauma to another, all because we were told that the game is winnable.

Of course, the game was never winnable at all. In order for it to be winnable we’d have to have no expectation but sex and act in a way we never could have. We were supposed to be somebody else to successfully exist in this time. When we weren’t able to do that we were called failures and said we should have acted exactly the way we did in fact act. When we said it’s bs we were called entitled and sent to be slave labor, expected to never have anything but pay taxes.

I now see how obvious it was that just the mere hints of acting like an aloof asshole gained significant results. This is seen in examples like

– the fact that the infamous TFO was even more attracted to me after I told her I met another girl at about the same time and even kissed her

– that the fact that I simply chose to ignore my future first gf for 3 full months, not seeing any point in hanging out with her as I didn’t initially find her attractive and was too shy anyway, made her create plans to stalk me and send me messages openly offering a relationship

-the fact that my second gf wanted to meet me irl only after I told her I had sex with another woman

– the fact that merely putting a picture of my second gf on this blog, after her admitted attempted torture of me, made her immediately consent to sex and want a relationship after this

– that coercing a certain woman into sex in 2013 was much more successful than initially checking if we’re compatible for a potential relationship, which turned out to be laughable, since the girl was a ditzy sluts incapable of dating anybody, wrecking marriages at the age of 18. But coercing her made her respect me more and we even shared laughs after it happened.

I failed to interpret this the way it was meant to be interpreted – that even the whiff of savage behavior is enough to create some attraction, but that this attraction can never result in any relationships, since modern Western women are incapable of them.

I was burnt by trying to enter relationships with animals who were never meant to be in a relationship anyway. Their lives prove it extremely well, as both of my ex-gfs wrecked all of their subsequent “relationships” as well.

A way out would have been to teach me to abuse and mutilate women at the ages of 13-14, just to get some sexual experience, and to be prepared to leave the West at around 20 at the latest. It is dead, with no future at all. This somewhat more violent approach than seducers have would be necessitated by the fact that I lacked any seduction skills, not being an omega monster.

Yet, none of this happened. Instead many people are actually shocked about these revelations I had to make myself, at enormous costs, and way, way too late.

There was never any chance of me having a girlfriend here. Every move I’d make was immediately wrong, as the game had been rigged before I started growing teeth.

And I was hated, hated to the max for simply expressing my pain and refusing to fund the feminist system which destroyed any sanity. I was predestined for jail, where all who oppose the system and women are disgusted with go. Some barbaric measures postponed this, but they didn’t make me feel better. My type was meant to be a father and a husband in a world where such men are seen as scum.

So what does this leave somebody like me with at this late hour? A broken man who doesn’t even try to go on dates, seeing them as criminal acts in the eyes of modern Western women. A man who thinks and acts like an animal, because he rightly sees the world as feral.

Cutting off the head of psychiatry

This was initially supposed to be a long post about my experiences with psychiatry. However, I now deleted all of that and will make this a very short post, which be much better and interesting, plus have the added benefit of keeping the attention of more people who should read it, though they are unlikely to understand it.

Why is psychiatry useless for incels and why did I even ban mentioning it as a solution on this blog ?

Because it doesn’t solve the two main issues it should solve, which are

1. Finding a romantic/sexual partner

2. Unless nr.1 is possible, coping with this for a lifetime.

Regarding point 1, I’ve never seen a case where psychiatry helped with the first issue and I have no idea how it could at all. Current society is ruled by idiocy and irrationality. Even a man with advanced, severe paranoid schizophrenia is in a better position to attract a woman than a man who has any brains whatsoever. All the traits that will get you a woman, like seduction, stupidity or physical violence, are something you will not teach in any form of psychiatric treatment.

Also, the overall idea that something is wrong with “you” and not “them” is something that can at least not be proven, let alone parroted in the insane way it is now.

As for point 2, this point is just silly and doesn’t deserve much words. If you can cope with your incel you are not incel at all but either aromantic/asexual or a lunatic.

In order for a reasonable incel to try psychiatry he’d have to be convinced that at least one of these things is something psychiatry can solve. Sadly for the first point, and luckily for the second, there is simply no empiric or scientific proof I have ever seen of either.

So, why the incessant parroting of psychiatry as some kind of a solution by liberals?

For reasons mentioned even from my earliest posts and is my description of liberals I call “The Atheist Cult” (it’s not an actual cult) – because psychiatry is one of the most important tenets of liberal religion, and must never be questioned.

For that reason alone it would be senseless to describe my actual experiences with psychiatrists even if the key reasons I discuss here would somehow not be entirely correct ( but they are entirely correct) – there will always be morons who will actually analyze those senseless visits to psychiatrists and say the fault is, of course, not with simple facts stated here, or with therapists (a typical strawman idiots make, since this isn’t even claimed in the text), but with me, for rejecting a liberal God. Not to mention that these stories are boring.

So, yes, while I did ask my last shrink (who had many reactionary ideas like me, lest we wouldn’t get to this)  after an year of therapy to cut off a head of a feminist of his choosing and ditched him when he refused, this is completely irrelevant and was just written here to justify the title of the post.

An announcement

We are using this account on the behalf of our national Police Department to announce an important recent development regarding the owner of this blog that we feel might make a lot of people feel less concerned.

He had been traced by our unit for months. His postings caused an enormous concern from the very start but at that time we still had no means of acting at our disposal. However, our concerns increased as his behavior grew more and more erratic and as his attitudes, such as opposition to women’s rights, became more and more hateful and radical.

Fortunately, we are now able to share some news we believe many people will find relieving.

After much deliberation, and in the light of recent tragedies, we have decided that more hesitation might result in innocent people being harmed by a potentially mentally unstable person.

He had been detained this morning and is now receiving all the necessary inpatient treatment at the disposal of the medical facility which he currently resides in, and where he will probably remain until serious pending charges of rape described on his blog, some of which describing events that took place as early as 2012, are brought before a Competency Assessment Board.

We would like to thank everybody who sent us reports which helped lead to this development.



It was a late, warm August evening somewhere in the beginning of 2010s. The location was one of the islands on the Adriatic. I was coming back from a dinner I had with a friend. We were walking along a road, somewhat removed from the coastline. Then we started to hear a screaming female voice in the distance. At first we didn’t really pay much attention to it – it was a busy summer season and various sounds, including people screaming, were heard all the time, especially at night. Hell, right at that moment a bunch of young French tourists were giggling about something.

Still, as we were walking the sound was getting louder and we also noticed people rushing over the road to the beach. So, being bored and not having really anything to do, and knowing that something was indeed up, we went towards where the sound was coming from and where most other people seemed to be going as well.

Anyway, after a minute – minute and a half we arrived at the beach to witness quite a scene. A young girl of about 17 or 18 in a somewhat damaged but not tattered dress was crying and crawling on the beach, apparently, if one could hear her unconnected whining for long enough to make some sense out of it, looking for her shoes.

By that time a crowd of some 50 people had already gathered and some were around her, trying to help this girl in obvious disarray and one person had found her one shoes, a black summer ballerina, and was bringing it to her. By that time a police vehicle had already showed up. I now first heard from some of the bystanders who had been around her earlier and then retreated into a crowd that it seems she had been raped.

Some more minutes passed by, with cops around her, when we started hearing some more screaming from a different source. Apparently her family member, probably mother, had arrived to the beach and was wailing. The whole tone reminded of that scene with the drowned woman in the movie Talented Mr Ripley, despite the myriad of differences between these two situations. Now it was night, the crowds were mostly degenerate looking young German and Italian tourists, and the girl was alive. More of the wailing attracted some of the locals as well, who mostly kept away during the summer or ran small shops that were springing up everywhere.

Anyway, the story was finally clear to me. It seems some young local punk raped her and ran away. By this time things were settling down a bit and it was quite late and me and my friend had to go, as we had a day of packing and preparing to return ahead of us.

Less than two days later, we left the island at dawn. We had no idea what happened later that night, during the next day or later.

However, some months later my friend told me that he had heard from somebody that the girl was dating this same man who had raped her. The source was an extremely reliable local.

Their relationship had been shitty, as he openly cheated on her and would often hit her, and from what I understand it finished somewhere down the road but the point is that she was raped and loved him for it.

Now think about what you can expect as an incel !

You are made to finance this, to be a worker drone so that sluts can be raped so hard they can’t find their shoes and love their rapists for it.

But even that is not enough for modern Westernwomen.

As their fickle and cruel nature dictates, women were always disgusted by men they couldn’t find attractive. In sane societies this was seen as useful, for they were disgusted by seductive morons.

But what does this translate into now, in a seduction based society?

I recently had the chance to read a woman’s open bragging that she and a wife of a guy who didn’t cheat on his wife and took care of his kids arranged so that this woman, with support of his wife, can accuse him of rape and have him locked up. Why? His wife was disgusted by the fact that he took care of his kids and didn’t abuse her while she was fucking retarded thugs on the side. When he didn’t like that he was simply removed from society as somebody who no longer had a worth as cash cow. His kids weren’t really his and now he is in prison. If he raped, abused, maimed and cheated on women he’d be free and successful. That is what trying to “love” a modern Western woman gets you. In their eyes, everybody who isn’t abusive, murderous scum is only good as cash cow to pay taxes for Western governments to fund these insane lifestyles and if he rebels even slightly he must be destroyed. In fact, they’re so intolerant and violent that they more and more jail even the men who do pay taxes for sluts, simply because they can’t stand them. This is because feminist women are criminally insane psychopaths who want all men who aren’t attractive to them (which means completely violent and murderous scumbags) destroyed. Of course, all the manginas fully supported her and claimed she was right to do that. Do you understand? Men themselves were defending her and saying this was the right thing to do !

Do you now understand why I’m terrified due to the fact I have never raped anybody?

This is likely to happen to you, my incel reader.

As nothing but a dehumanized tax farm, nobody respects you and they openly say so. But women can’t even stand a man they realize is paying taxes. That’s how much they lack self-awareness. They want all unattractive men gone. Cornfed makes fantastic points about this 

1. Feminist females define “rape” as being any sex they later regret. It is not so much that they will lie and say you raped them when they know you didn’t. If you have sex and then they regret it for some reason, such as that you are of lower perceived status than they thought, then as far as they are concerned you “raped” them. Conversely, if you threw a female to the ground, ripped her clothes off and f***ed her without so much as a by your leave and she felt positive about what happened later on, it would probably not even occur to her to think she was raped. Increasingly the ZOG pigs and shysters are following this feminist definition of rape. Thus the very same physical actions on the man’s part could see him categorized either as a great lover or rapist depending on the later claimed emotional response of the female. Since it is not possible to objectively examine an emotional response, it follows that most “rape” cases are now prosecuted on spectral evidence, similar to the Salem witch trials. 
2. If we define “rape” as being forced sex, females do not think this is particularly bad or a big deal. Only self-hating manginas think rape is a big deal. Females like manly men who take charge of them and do what they want to them, not sniveling manginas begging them for sex and asking their permission nanosecond by nanosecond. Hence most erotic fiction aimed at females contains rape or quasi-rape scenes and females getting off on being raped is well known in criminology circles. In contexts where it is desirable and socially acceptable for them to have sex, females generally like being raped.

3. If females are not really opposed to rape, why then do they want men to be jailed whenever they claim rape? It is simply because feminist females are criminally insane psychopaths who think that non-elite men should be jailed, robbed, killed or whatever whenever they feel like it. Sure they will come up with something bad you have supposedly done as an excuse to have the pigs attack you, but they regard this as a quaint formality.

Never forget what you are to a Western woman as a man who can’t use seduction and doesn’t rape, which means any mean who can’t get a woman. But also never forget what you can become even if you are that and offer her a serious relationship – you are then nothing but an insane criminal she needs to squash. The only criteria women have is how successful you are with them. They couldn’t care less how you get it or about any other trait.

Remember how lower you are than a rapist to a modern Western woman. Remember the punk from the first story. He is a winner and you are a loser.

However, the beach example seems to offer some hope.

Rapists are a great hope of non-retarded men, for they would make it much easier for us who aren’t retarded enough to seduce to level the playing field. Anybody can rape, but only the most vile men can seduce. This doesn’t mean that rape would be good in a sane culture, but in this insane culture it’s the best way out men who can’t leave the West have. As time goes by and intelligence declines (which will mean that seduction will be too hard to grasp for today’s feral kids) rape will be more and more spread. If you acknowledge these facts now, when seduction is still dominant but feral children are getting more and more retarded, maybe you could have the upper hand one day.  No, don’t rape anybody. You can’t do that just out of hand. Get informed. Think about your options and the validity of retarded whims like female consent and whether or not you want to go to jail for being seen as scum who has no success with women. It is said that for every success it is most important to start early. And even so your first goal must be to leave the sick feminist society. 

It seems that rapists are more and more becoming a sacred, protected ape class which can do no wrong, and that the rest of naive men are being whipped with fear created by false rape accusations so they can abstain from it and go on chasing the carrot called a “girlfriend” or a “wife”. You know, they just have to work a little bit harder, be just a little bit more charming, and… yeah, ignore the reality where unemployed violent retards are kings to women. The sad thing is, this carrot no longer exists in the West, where fucking a woman brutally, just to kick her out even more savagely, is about all she can understand and appreciate you for.

Of course, most will never ever even reach the carrot to see it is made of orange colored shit. But they will sure pay a lot of taxes to fund this meanwhile and many will never wake up from the indoctrination.

In case of men like me, who can’t use seduction, you need to be 10 times more brutal and act with untold savagery. It takes enormous amounts of immorality and stupidity to have sex with modern skanks and the guys who do it aren’t somebody that can just be emulated. Liberal hate mongers are selling hateful lies. Young men listening to their crap about women wanting respect and not beatings will end up alone and broken, since they don’t understand that the kind of men who get skanks without even doing this are so immoral and stupid that they don’t even have to beat them – just like the most powerful mobsters can avoid beating somebody personally and just nod. But these men themselves, who lack enough immorality and stupidity, would likely have to.

Luckily, this is all completely unsustainable and is already beginning to collapse.

Good luck, and remember – A good man and a bad man can both rape and maim. But only a bad man can seduce.

A case against work – short version

This is a short version of a post I am preparing, being called A case against work. I will post this one for shorter references in future and to get a reader interested in an upcoming longer version.

As you might already know, I am basically against the idea that incels should work.

The reason for this is that it is obvious that by working they are paying for their own inability to ever find even unpaid sex, let alone a girlfriend.

This is because paying taxes to current feminist governments eliminated the need of women for providers, since much of these taxes goes to women. Things like welfare, AA, useless jobs for women, all of it ensures that I have nothing to offer women, since I can’t use the horrible process of seduction.

 When providers are no longer necessary men who use seduction get women. and these men are always scum. Those who can’t use seduction are seen as utter scum by modern women, much in the way those who used seduction were seen as utter scum by sane women in sane societies. If  you are to pay taxes you are their money farm.
This has nothing to do with any abstract idea that one should not want to fund feminism. Not at all ! They’d fund it, albeit grudgingly, if they had any incentive to. But the damage done to them isn’t abstract – it is an empty home and an empty bed to return to every day, a life of incredible pain and longing while watching women get raped by retarded thugs around you.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that incel doesn’t stem from feminism. Of course it does. It was feminism that urged for and eventually succeeded in making women no longer dependent on providers, which eliminated all men who aren’t scum (aside from few exceptions in good religions of with huge wealth) from the gene pool.
There are two main reproductive strategies for men. One is the psychopathic dirtbag way of pumping and dumping a lot of females without contributing anything other than sperm. The advantage is that you can have a lot of children and though they lack paternal and family support, some of them will survive to reproduce. The other strategy is the nice guy one of impregnating only one or a few females and spending resources raising the kids, which I would be genetically inclined to do. Historically females preferred the second type of strategy for obvious reasons. However, government policy now gives all the reproductive advantages to females reproducing with dirtbags. 

Evil Western regimes do this giving a huge amount of welfare to solo mothers, giving high paying jobs to females, providing police protection to adulterers and denying decent men stable employment so they can’t be relied upon to contribute much even if they wanted to. This ensures that females have all of the reproductive advantages of breeding with dirtbags with none of the corresponding down side, so females will find dirtbags more attractive than decent men. If you worked out all the resources that go into picking up after irresponsible sluts, I suspect it would amount to most public and corporate spending in the West. Of course, it is hard to explain this to all modern monsters, let alone noncels. Since most monsters today have no idea what a relationship is or why would anybody be in one it would initially seem that talking about sex might do it. But, no, even doing that you’d fail, since these monsters lack any empathy towards anything at all, even things they can somewhat  understand.

So I will try with something even retarded animals calling themselves humans now might understand – visceral fear. If you are a noncel who reads this try to see it this way – would you give me half of your paycheck every month so I could set your house on fire every month or make you eat battery acid? 

The main things women want today are immorality and stupidity. Things like looks or money play a very small role. A disfigured man with enough immorality and stupidity might have problems, while a very handsome man lacking these crucial traits might be approached by a woman,. But unless he is immoral and stupid she will leave soon. In case of money you’d need loads of it to just get some woman who would be with you for it. It doesn’t seem like a viable option for most.

Besides that scenario, women are getting more and more used to poverty since the dirtbags that breed them are usually jobless and poor seducers and petty criminals, so simply providing is useless.

A good example of this is that a “wage slave” is now an insult in America, which was unthinkable when America was still sane, and I’ve heard it said said a couple of times to American men “Which woman would want a wage slave like you?”. Of course, ignoring the fact that women fuck unemployed petty criminal Guatemalan dirtbags all the time.

The evidence for all this is extremely simple and easy to obtain within few minutes. Go and ask a woman if she’d marry a man she’s never seen just based on his income and the fact that he’s not abusive or dangerous toward her. You’ll get statements of disbelief. Well, guess what? This is exactly what women in successful societies were attracted to and wanted.

I won’t even go into the crazy liberal arguments about infrastructure. Somebody aware that he can never even have a girlfriend because of feminism and that he’ll be paying for the infrastructure to be used and inherited by utter scum like children of rapists, seducers and sluts will, in fact, want that infrastructure harmed, not maintained.

It is these men who are the future. Don’t for a second think that betraying fellow non-criminal, not-rapists and decent men by working is a good decision or that it is your duty to pay for the men who will inherit the world. You are not a piggy bank or an ATM for those who have taken any chance you might have at real happiness. You are also not a worker drone. You are a human being and femifascism has taken your ability to ever have a girlfriend or a wife, simply because you’re not an abusive rapist.

Do not fund that ! 

Instead you should show them what a man who had everything taken away from him by feminism simply because he doesn’t kill, rape, maim, cheat and spit on women them does.