Comments policy

This is not a safe space and, unlike many PC people, I allow dissenting views. Everybody is generally allowed here – men and women, incels and noncels, liberals and conservatives,  feminists and MRAs,  as well as everybody else.

However, I will not take a hands-off approach either. There are some things I won’t allow.

These are the rules and guidelines.


1. I don’t tolerate trolling and insults. Such posts won’t be published.

2. I don’t tolerate stupidity and extreme rudeness. Claims like ones that incel doesn’t exist, complete fabrications and strawmen or posts that just repeat dogmas won’t get your post published. Same with mentioning some “friend zone”, “nice guys” or other nonsense, unless it is mentioned in the appropriate context.

3. I don’t tolerate laziness. Questions about things which I explained a million times or posts which repeat old tired debunked points will be deleted.

4. I am especially annoyed by the phrase “not getting laid”. I can forgive thinking incel is just about sex if you missed my page with its definition but using this signifies an imbecile and such posts will never be published. 

5. I have absolutely zero patience for dumb jokes about flesh-lights or prostitutes, unfunny one-liners and things like that. It won’t get published here.  


Committing these offenses will almost certainly get you banned you after your first post.

1. Vicious personal attacks and insults with nothing to back them up will get you immediately banned. I might keep you around for a while if you’re particularly amusing but usually it is the end of you on this site.

2. Nonsensical posts and spamming isn’t allowed.

3. If you post somebody’s personal information in bad faith you will almost certainly be banned immediately and have your e-mail and IP address, along with any other identifying information I could find about you, published here. Even posting it in good faith against that person’s wishes will get you moderation.

4. If I notice that you’ve been trying to harm me or anybody I care about from this site personally, for example by publishing their dox or making threats against them you are gone from here with no questions asked. Same goes for trying to shut this blog down. Publishing mine or dox of somebody I care about on other online locations means your IP, e-mail, address and any other identifying information will also be published here.

5. People  I met on other sites and  find especially obnoxious and revolting won’t be allowed to post here.

6. If I am banned on your site don’t expect to comment on mine.

7. Posting illegal content like child pornography will get you banned and reported to the authorities in whatever location your IP points me to.

8. If I find out that a commentator reported another commentator to the authorities for something that I don’t consider a crime, regardless of what eventually happens, the commentator who did the reporting is immediately gone with no warnings or question asked.


I try not to ban much and warn people first. If you commit any of these I will warn you and might edit your post but if you keep it up you will be permanently banned.

1. If you deny that incel exists (keep in mind, you’re denying that a situation of 6 months of time without relationships and sex doesn’t exist, which is about as insane as saying that not drinking water for 12 hours doesn’t exist) or that love-shyness doesn’t exist (in which case you might deny any phobia) you will probably be banned immediately. Only if such craziness is a part of an excellent post will I keep you around, after a warning. Same goes for more sneaky tactics of doing this like writing these terms in brackets. Not allowed. This is not a blog for various fanatics, lunatics and trolls.
It is allowed to discuss how valid Gilmartin’s research or the research of authors who wrote on incel is but denying these terms is absolute lunacy and has nothing to do with science but with ideology. So, while discussion on how incel is presented in science is allowed denying incel on basis of it not being scientifically researched or written about now is not allowed since my definitions describe easily imaginable situations which happen to many people.

2. If you say that incel is just about sex you will be edited and warned. If you keep it up you will be banned.

3. If you say nonsense like that incel means entitlement or any other TAC nonsense that directly tries to diminish incel and don’t listen to a warning you’ll be warned. Keep it and you’re gone. I allow for most of TAC nonsense to be posted here but if your nonsense gravely insults incels I will ban you.

4. If you make a certain serious accusation, for example that somebody here committed a crime or that my former program forced women into anything you will be asked to explain yourself. Maybe you’re just ignorant. Lots of people are. But unless you TRY to back up what you said you are gone.

5. Trivialization of incel problem, denial of incel pain or comparisons to incel with much less serious deprivations are big no-no’s. By trivialization I don’t mean reasonable arguments that incel might not be that bad. But I will never allow people who say incel is nothing at all, that it doesn’t hurt at all or compare deprivation incel to lack of cars of cereal. That is evil psychopathy and such talk isn’t  welcome here and never will be. You couldn’t just expect to come to a cancer forum and say such things about people suffering from it too. Keep it up and you’re gone.

6. Don’t make death threats against other commentators or specific people/society.

7. Don’t post pornography here. I will edit you once and then you’re gone.

8. Don’t diagnose people with mental disorders here. It’s rude and dehumanizing. Take that shit somewhere else. If psychiatry is your religion respect some if its basic rules – that people who aren’t experts can’t diagnose and that diagnosing online is impossible.
You are allowed to use insults relating to somebody’s mental state like “lunatic” or “a mental patient” but diagnosing is a big no-no.

9. Don’t speculate here on somebody being a danger to himself or others. Don’t speculate about somebody committing a crime on the blog or outside of it. You’re probably not a police officer, prosecutor or a doctor and if you are one of these and doing that they haven’t taught you how to do your job so you’ll be gone from here. Don’t request that person to be sanctioned for any of these reasons. It is for me to decide and it will be decided upon regardless of your arguments. Also, see IMMEDIATELY BANNABLE OFFENSES WHICH ALSO INCLUDE DELETION OF YOUR POSTS, point 8.

10. Pop culture comparisons which intend to insult are a big no-no. You can’t compare anybody to Chris Chan or Ted Bundy, for example. This isn’t the type of blog for people who do that.


1. Ban by request (unless deletion is requested as well).

2. Situation in which a particularly worthy commentator with good posts has for some reasons been banned.


1.If I make a detailed, long response to your post, tackling your points and you reply with nothing but personal insults or claims you have “won” the debate (though your points have usually been smashed to pieces) you will be put on moderation. This kind of extremely rude behavior is, unfortunately, common among many people and while I can’t do anything about it on other websites I don’t moderate I will not tolerate it here. If you go on posting high quality stuff I might remove you from this moderation but that is entirely up to me – it can be after 3, 5, 10, 20 or 50 posts. If, however, you do the same thing while you’re on moderation you will be banned.  I won’t allow anybody making a fool of me twice and replying with bullshit to a comment I’ve invested a lot of time and energy in.

2. Posting somebody’s info in good faith against that person’s wishes will land you here as well for a while.

3. Being particularly annoying, stubborn, stupid and repetitive while not making any of the graver offenses will get you here as well.

All of these cases mean temporary moderation which might be rescinded, depending on how you act while under it.


1. Particularly content-free posts.

2. Posts that seem trollish. 

In this case, try again with something better.


1. Write in English language and use Latin alphabet. Posts in other languages and alphabets will almost always be deleted.

2. Promoting your product/book/anything like that is allowed once and only if it has to do with what this blog is about – but you can do so in the comments. I never make articles promoting anything unless I think it really should be done.  This doesn’t apply to certain ideologies – you can discuss those all you like. Also, no, I won’t make a post on what you want me to just because you asked me to.

DISCLAIMER- I am upholding these rules in case of 99 percent of posters here and I am doing my best to enforce them. But I do reserve the right to ban commentators for other reasons or to be lenient in cases of bannable offenses in exceptional cases, which may include knowing the person before or similar reasons.

P.S.  I am open to new suggestions on how to improve this policy and/or its wording.  These can be submitted on the comment section of this page.

5 thoughts on “Comments policy

  1. bruh: this conceptualization of incel is entirely self defeating. im not denying that a lot of people aren’t making the intimate emotional connections that they want to. but to self identify as incel and to partake in a discourse about it online only serves to reify the concept: you’re turning something nominal into something essential, and seemingly deriving your sense of self from it.

    just be a dude who acts in the world (history is pretty money; be a historian) and be humble and vulnerable enough to accept love. these mental structures are like strictures bro! cynically, it seems like you’d rather be this blogger-mouth-piece for incels or men’s rights (i dont want to conflate you with them if you’re not, just stumbled here and there seems to be value overlaps); it wallowing in misery, its dostoevskian. its giving you a sense of purpose but at what cost.

    get your nut, say i love you, hear i love you. rinse. repeat/

  2. I like your comment policy. You actually give dissentng voices a chance to reply, even tough you know beforehand how idiotic most of these people are 😀 Kudos to you.

    @not scum: your intentions are good, but you are denying a true problem here. Imagine OP had social anxiety. Would you responded the same way ? Social anxiety is a real disorder, it should be acknowledged and these people should be helped in any way possible. Same reasoning applies to depression and all other dsm-categories.

    Incel is not defined in a dsm categorie, but the phenomenology of the phenomena can be as much hurting as the accepted dsm categories (mind you that i’m not arguing that incel is a disease, but that it exists, should not be denied/trivialized and need our help by any means).

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  4. This is not a safe space and, unlike many PC people, I allow dissenting views. Everybody is generally allowed here – men and women, incels and noncels, liberals and conservatives, feminists and MRAs, as well as everybody else.

    I don’t agree with most of your views, OP, but I respect immensely your stance above. However, that respect wavers when I read that commenters can be banned for:

    * “TAC nonsense”
    * mak[ing] a certain inflammatory statement
    * Trivialization of incel problem, denial of incel pain or comparisons to incel with much less serious deprivations
    * diagnos[ing] people with mental disorders, which is “dehumanizing” (seriously? come on)

    I’m a connoisseur of wacko blogs of all ideological stripes, and these rules definitely put you in the same domain as far-left SJWS where censorship is concerned. It’s your blog so you can do as you please, but realize that you have indeed created a “safe space” rather than a space which prioritizes free speech.

    • Thanks for your comment…


      TAC nonsense – I should explain this further in the comments policy and here. It should be about TAC nonsense that tries to diminish incel pain in connection to TAC ideology. It shouldn’t be all TAC nonsense (and as it can be seen, I don’t delete posts with all such nonsense- people who say that patriarchy is still a thing or similar crap aren’t banned). This objection is justified and I’ll word this differently.

      inflammatory statements- objection is justified. This is poor wording on my side. It should be about unfounded serious accusations. For example, people who accuse me of committing rapes or thinking up a program that enslaves women are making serious and unfounded accusations. Will re-word this too.

      trivialization – You’re partially right. On the one hand, people who say incel is nothing at all, say that it doesn’t hurt at all, compare deprivation incel to lack of cars of cereal are not welcome here and never will be. Allowing such people is allowing evil psychopaths to spill their sickness. But this should be limited to such excessive behavior and not to any discussion where somebody tries to say that incel maybe isn’t that bad using arguments.

      diagnosing- I remain by this part of the policy. I’m sick of fucking retards speculating on what personality disorder somebody has or if he is autistic or not, all while they’ve never seen a person. Some people even accused me or other of having most serious disorders like schizophrenia. I can’t let such nonsense be on my blog. Whoever does this is almost certainly an utter moron and I won’t allow that shit here. If somebody wants to do that should go to his or her SJW blog and do it.

      “I’m a connoisseur of wacko blogs of all ideological stripes”

      Is this one of those blogs?

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