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Study: Women Are More Xenophilic Than Men

The story of your incel



I remember a very interesting feeling I had in my childhood.

Amazingly, I was too young to really experience the war in my own country, being six years old when it ended, and at the same time old enough to, unlike somebody born in, say, mid 90s, remember a period called Pax Americana. It seemed I was born to live in a period of eternal peace. I remember the feeling of relief in my country once the war ended, the idea that we are now in peace just like the so-called civilized Europe. War seemed to be a thing of the past.

I have this vivid memory of watching US and British air force doing some limited bombing of Baghdad facilities in late 1998 on CNN. I remember staring at the images of a blacked-out city filmed from above and hoping to see some explosion, anything, thinking “Is this what would be at least some kind of war?” But all I did see was a boring frame of a blacked-out Baghdad. For 90s were a golden age of action films. I’d see shooting everywhere in fiction, yet there was no war in real life and it looked like there will never be again. It really did seem war itself was coming to an end and I yearned for some action. Yet it seemed the only place I’ll ever see it would be movies.

Yes, during those years actual war was really seen by me and many others as something exotic that will never ever happen again. Sure, now and then some embassy would be bombed, some hostages taken somewhere in the world and Bill Clinton would wage some bullshit Monica’s wars but it all seemed like a relaxing hunt after a successful end to a war. Yeltsin was a funny drunk, Russia on its knees, China known by its cheap low quality plastic products. Everything seemed like America won the game called The World.

America itself was already really disgusting internally – fat, stupid, ignorant, self-satisfied, narrow minded, full of retarded skaters, sorority sluts and other monstrosities, all the things that started in at least early 80s and in fact much before (all of it stemming from the most disastrous decision in the history of the country, a decision that doomed every society that made it, 19th Amendment). Cops were already extremely heavy handed, insane laws supported by a majority of utterly delusional population unworthy of life there. (What should also be mentioned is that it had been already internally weak by deindustrialization done in the 80s, which resulted in the bubblegum economy of the 90s).

Yet, there wasn’t this atmosphere of fear.

All of this came to and end on September 11, 2001. In one day the face of America had been changed forever. All the nasty traits and the utter stupidity Americans already exhibited now came out in full force, compounded by paranoia.


What changed after September 11 was also my idea that war is gone. Pax Americana, that seemed so natural when you’re basically born into it, was now beginning to fade. Though the invasion of Afghanistan was a relatively small scale operation what followed in March 2003 opened an entirely new can of worms.

While American military might kept the fighting contained to the countries it invaded once this army left Iraq it could no longer contain the consequences of what it did. At around the same time,  Libya, a stable country in the Mediterranean was also destroyed for profits.

By 2014, with the occurrence of ISIS, despite this group being somewhat overblown in terms of its strength due to its skills in marketing, it was obvious that the mess America created was out of hand. Also, in 2014 Russia stepped out into the big scene again, doing an unprecedented thing in Europe since 1945 by taking a part of another country’s territory and reigniting what is basically a new Cold War. All of these are obvious signs of America steeply declining.

Influx of refugees into Europe is a big topic these last months. The only frustration I feel about this is when watching the silly, misguided reactions of Neoreactionary movement.

I am simply amazed at the idea that most of those seemingly intelligent, rational people can be stupid enough to believe Islam is what is the problem.

But, let’s take one thing at a time. In order to understand why this is so one needs to explain some basic facts about Muslims and women.

Islam is a powerful, popular religion that never had all the four necessary prerequisites (those being monogamy, female premarital chastity, good religion and widely available prostitution). It had some of those, but not all, and could thus never achieve the kind of creativity and success most successful coalpha societies like Athens did.

There were two really successful Muslim empires, Ummayad/Abbasid Caliphates and Ottoman Empire. They both did very well at the time, and in terms of size basically equaled coalpha societies like Roman Republic or even 1500-1800 England and eclipsed those like Athens. In some aspects it could be said that scientific achievements of Abbasid Caliphate even eclipsed those of Roman Republic and Roman Empire, which is not surprising considering the militant nature of the former and the increasingly degenerate nature of the latter. It is interesting that Abbasid Caliphate did suffer from liberalism during its heyday, even having female judges. Ottoman Empire was a tough, strong state in its heyday but also didn’t reach the greatest heights a society is able to potentially reach.

Muslims and Arabs aren’t some stupid, uneducated brutes some of the alt right likes the present them. I am sure some of the liberals reading my blog believed I thought so as well. They are, as always, wrong. Muslims knew how to create strong, prosperous and civilized societies.

However, due to them not being coalpha societies their decline wasn’t exactly due to liberalism.

It is difficult to determine the causes of Abbasid decline but it seems they have a lot to do with foreign invasions by Crusaders and Mongols. I really don’t know enough about the changes within the Caliphate itself but what is noticeable is that there was significant fragmentation since 11th century, in  fact starting in as early as 8th century with an Ummayad descendant founding a dynasty in Spain. By the time of the first Crusader invasion there was already very severe fragmentation – for example, Jerusalem had been taken by one Arab faction in 1098, just one year before it fell to the Crusaders !

Yet, the area of former Caliphate found often found new lifelines in less civilized but strong and vital tribes like Seljuks and Ottomans.

The decline of Ottoman Empire is something I am somewhat more familiar. I found (though I am no expert) no significant liberal influences until way after the decline already started. So far I am chalking it up to technology and poorer organization after 18th century. when compared to Western nations. After all, it is Protestantism that I found to be that great change that moved the world forward and even the Catholic Habsburg Monarchy was much influenced by German Protestantism. Still, even up to its final dissolution after World War I Ottoman Empire was a so-so place to live.

Even after colonization of much of the Middle East, including the relatively short term colonization of parts of defunct Ottoman Empire, Arab countries like Syria, Libya or Iraq weren’t doing that badly, though they were obviously quite dysfunctional. All of this changed in March 2003, when Americans made the fatal first step towards destroying the stability of the region.

And this is where we could stop on this issue. All else is pretty much widely known.

Now we shall come to the West.

Western countries that won WW2 were still healthy, self confident societies. In fact, had the fertility rate of that period continued the numbers of population would be  several times higher today. In 1945, Hitler’s defeat didn’t seem like a tragedy it turns out to be today.

West continued a healthy does of self-confidence all throughout the Cold War period. And then, for a while, it really seemed to have won. The trashing America gave to Iraq in 1991 was the pinnacle of its military supremacy, all while the USSR was collapsing. Get used to Anglo-American supremacy for a long, long time, screamed many of the headlines at the time.

However, this was not to be. It turned out to be a short glimpse of eternal success, as the fatal disease had already been sown.

Year after year even since the 90s West had been in constant decline due to feminism and liberalism. Decent men could no longer find wives, women became degenerate sluts always looking for the next dirtbag to fuck.

Now let me talk about women. Women always want to mate with men who are most reproductively successful. In current Western societies it is retarded, irresponsible dirtbags who can create many more kids than what are actual alphas like leaders. How many kids do famous actors or sportsmen have? Quite often more than average, but a typical scumbag makes that many in an year.

This is why fatherhood and taking care of the kid by a male partner are now separate things – women are virtually outsourcing biological fatherhood in order to increase their chances of having sons with more chance of reproducing. 

And this isn’t because these women are inherently evil or anything like that. They’re just taking care of their best reproductive interests. If burn victims in wheelchairs were currently most successful they’d have their offspring. They don’t care. What matters are the results.

Modern Western men are either retarded thugs or completely degenerate pussified weaklings who are usually completely incel,

These women want no consent, respect, or any basic consideration. To them, men who show even the slightest hint of intelligence and morality are utter scum. They want to be crushed like old beer cans. They spend their days spreading their legs to the lowest of the low. And this is no wonder, since their local men who aren’t retarded thugs are degenerate morons.

I met Germans. Even a successful, handsome and wealthy ones like Takis Würger are in fact degenerate, simple minded morons doing corny pieces designed for the lowest common denominator – this denominator being 99 percent of population. And if you don’t have his status but have his beliefs you get left with a load of nothing. Imagine German kids. Fat, rude, degenerate and, most importantly, going away.  Germany now has the lowest birth rate in the world, surpassing even Japan despite the fact it’s men basically went to shit and gave up on women. Germany is dying. A nation that gave more more talented people than any other in the history of the world, from composers to scientists, soldiers, actors and politicians, a country that in fact most Americans came from to US, is now a nation of degenerate fools.That old barren hag Merkel, who will never have to worry about her own kids cares little for any of this.

(a good comparison to solidify my point were contacts with Arabs I used to have while working with foreign customers – they were all extremely polite and much saner than any Western idiot)

For some bizarre reason most of the alt right doesn’t really acknowledge this basic fact about Western women, which stays contained on incel blogs and forums.

But once you are aware of this fact you can see that Muslims arriving in the West is an extremely good thing.

Current culture of places like Iraq or Syria is a pretty dysfunctional but vastly superior to those of Western thugs, whose culture in fact doesn’t even exist and consists of loitering and burping.  And those thugs are the fathers of current children in the West.

Muslims are different and now they’re luckily brought here to fertilize Western women.

  • Muslims have many kids, but Muslims tend to take care of their kids. Western thugs couldn’t care less about taking care of any kids and simply leave the care of the kids to cucks or the state. All the while decent men are rejected by fertile women.
  • Muslims crack down on sluts. Western sluts are why Western thugs even procreate.
  • Muslims usually make women dependent on husbands and don’t take away money from decent men to fund sluts.

What mustn’t be forgotten in this whole situation is that Muslims are one of the sacred classes liberals have. Like blacks or other minorities, in the eyes of the liberal a Muslim is a sacred creature that can do no wrong.

I will examine some of the alternatives, but they seem bleak as hell, since

  • As I stated previously, modern Christian women, while being much less worse than modern Western sluts, have several significant problems. They are focusing their religion around the worship of an nonexistent being and following the cooky expectation of male premarital chastity, which is sickening nonsense. And that is if they eventually don’t turn into…
  • This
  • Alternative right/neoreactionary/Dark Enlightenment movements are scattered and unable to change any policies. Any such attempts are bound to fail with 100 percent probability.
  • If you can’t change the dominant culture you can’t change women.

So, what are these anti-feminists, neoreactionaries and others doing by reacting so violently against Muslims? It is really baffling. I am trying to wrap my head around anybody who could think in such a way. Maybe some of you are just senile or haven’t seen the basic demographic data? Or maybe you’re unaware of the trends within the government?

All the ideological trends are going in a horrible direction. There is no future for the West. When you destroyed the social policies that made the West exceptionally wealthy, which had to do with monogamy, patriarchy and solid religion, you destroyed the West. When you empower sluts and destroy fathers you are applying the exact opposite of the formula that made West great before. That’s what’s made the West great, and it is now destroyed.

It is tempting to joke and call these anti-immigration idiots governments ops, SPLC employees or just data phobic. It would almost be comforting, since I am talking about people young enough not to have some kind of a brain degeneration. Sadly, they’re none of that. They’re just stupid.  I mean,I am talking about people who are not liberals. These are idiots who somehow want to push Muslims back to continue the cesspool that is the current West. But how many of them are actually against women’s suffrage or return of the patriarchal European values? What do they think would happen even if Muslims were to leave? Nothing, West would revert to state it was in  10,000 BC before the end of the century.

Women subconsciously know this and want to be bred by strong men like Muslims. Who would want a pussified Western idiot?

The entire nature of the bullshit white men are taught today makes them inadequate, as it goes against female nature.

Does consent exist in nature?


So who thinks about consent?

Losers think about consent.

Can women be fully lesbian?

No, they can’t.

So why do some women turn fully lesbian?

Because they’re disgusted by men.

Does contraception exist in nature?


So who uses contraception?

Losers use contraception.

(what must be remembered is that consent, contraception etc are useful and necessary, but in civilized societies where they are appreciated – these societies are now sadly largely lacking)

You’ll rarely see blacks, Muslims or such groups do any of this. Yet nobody’s accusing them of anything.

Men who are not inadequate do what they want with women and colonize them with pregnancies. Yet the society teaches men not to do that.
Inadequacy comes from applying the standards that go against human nature.

I just don’t see how can anybody with any glimmer of sanity oppose Muslims destroying the evil Western cultures corrupted by feminism.

What needs to happen is that Muslims need to destroy the evil Western society.  A society in which for example, you can’t even legally test your paternity in France. They should be welcomed with open arms by all ideologically aware people. The inevitable massacre of liberals by Muslims they worshiped like gods will probably be the most glorious event in the history of the world.

Men who can’t join an alternative group like Mikraite should at least expect to become dhimmis in a somewhat reasonable Muslim society. Extremists like ISIL won’t occupy the West since they’re militarily defeated. Demographics will, and, as I thoroughly explained here, Muslims can create solid societies.

Liberals have first enforced policies that made decent men incapable of having kids and decided they want no kids themselves. Muslim women bear many  Muslim children and now will many of the European women. History belongs to those who show up. It will be a far cry from what the West was when it was sane but much less dysfunctional than current West, a society demented and cruel enough to do what even ISIL would never even thought of – take away any ability for decent men to have any chance of having a partner and expect them to slave away for thugs and sluts. In feminist society a decent man can’t get anything. He will be tossed aside for any rapist. In a  Muslim society as a dhimmi or a convert you will have a wife and children. In the end, that’s what really matters. Even more than pork or beer.

Muslims must breed many European women and leave some to sane dhimmis who want to at live in at least some kind of a civilization. Everything else is a path to total destruction.

The West is dead. Refugees, welcome !


The party is over

I recently got an e-mail with several very detailed questions about my behavior on dates. Each question contained several shorter sub-questions. They asked if I am doing this or that on date, listing various behaviors stereotypically considered unattractive, which meant that not all of them were actually that to vermin like modern Western women. So these questions were an odd mixture of what is considered rude and obnoxious (and thus is actually attractive) and what actually is unattractive, all obviously put in the context of them being unattractive. This meant that the person asking them was quite, as they might say, Blue Pilled, but the tone itself was quite cordial so my reply was something like the following…

  • I don’t think all of the behaviors listed are unattractive
  • I used to do some of this but…
  • And this is what matters, it no longer actually matters I’ve stopped going on dates in about December 2013, going on what could possibly be considered one more in spring 2014. Heck, there was even a post about me saying I’m giving up women or something (which didn’t exactly happen the way I imagined at the time) during that time.
  • The reason I stopped on going dates is that I came to realize that they were a waste of time with my current approach. I no longer looked for any dates,

What happened later, after spring 2014? Well, basically, during the summer and autumn of 2014 I had what I now call The Awakening. Now that I finally had some free time some free time to stop and observe the world more I realized some very unpleasant truths about modern Western women. Some would include that

  • Their nature is so fickle and potentially vicious that they can be only be good under tight control in a patriarchal society.
  • That modern Western women are thus mostly completely incapable of relationships.
  • That modern Western like abuse and rape (I’ve since realized that they like much worse, like being shot and decapitated – even if the victims themselves will die other women will like it, and so will the shooting victim if she survives). They want to be squashed like bugs.

Nowadays I always laugh at those people who still call me “clingy” or whatever. Umm, have any of you idiots seen this article and the way I show how I treated cunts who messaged me there?

Yes, The Awakening is why I, for example, why I made such a sudden U-turn with somebody like JesslynNicole, regardless of whether she was genuine or not. In the past I’d actually want to meet these cunts. Now I knew the truth – that they were attention seeking rape worshiping scum. Hell, one of them even bore a rapist’s child.

But what was I to do next? I was never about to make peace with any of this.

My initial idea was to go on dates and use completely different tactics to the one I used previously, now employing psychological and even physical violence (up to a point of breaking women’s legs).

But after doing something else in late December – early January I dropped the dates idea completely.

See, after hanging out with my former friend-with-benefits during that time something just dawned on me.

I remembered how me and this girl met. I met her in 2013, the year when I made an ill-fated and senseless push into over 50 dates, trying to find a girlfriend due to not knowing what I know now.

I didn’t treat her any differently than I treated any of the other trash I met there yet in her case I had no problem sleeping with her on our third “date” (which was more of our third meeting, since the “date” consisted of meeting up and going to what was then my place). And it might have happened even sooner.

This was because this women was, which I didn’t know at the time but knew by then, a schizophrenic.

This was why she, ironically, was basically unable to contract the usual feminist disease of being disgusted by decent men. She still had all the other symptoms of the decline –  was stupid, a huge slut and completely divorced from reality, yet all those other girls usually had all these symptoms and found me unattractive. She didn’t.

Meeting her again after an year and a half made me remember her more starkly and consider all of this in a new light.

I was a loser for even going on dates. 

I have forgotten the old truth Cornfed stated in 2012

Western females are just public urinals being used by different dirtbags. The idea that it is possible to form a relationship with them is ridiculous. Similarly, dating is a thing of the past. This is because Western females are all sluts trying to increase their slut status among other sluts. Therefore they want to be f***ed by high status men. It follows that perceived high status men will have sluts constantly throwing themselves at them, so they won’t have to date to get sex – they can just take their chosen slut home or to a convenient location to f**k right away. Hence it follows that if you are asking for a date with a female then you are not of high status, so as far as the female is concerned you are a loser she wouldn’t want to date. The slutification of females has rendered dating obsolete as a cultural construct. The only way to score Western sluts is if you get across the message that your only interest in them is to perform the most degrading sex acts you can think of on them before severing all contact and that you don’t really care if they don’t want to because you can easily find some other slut who will.

So I dropped the dates idea and tried doing something else.

The actual specifics cannot really be mentioned (it will be obvious why when I do my post on some of the methods) but it has to do with many of the things my haters accused me of. I did all this and more. Every day was a new experience, a new challenge to see just how much modern Western sluts, these beings completely mad due abolishment of male authority over them, completely incapable of standing even the slightest sign of respect and politeness, could take. Of course, the answer (as was already known by my experiences with women even before that, experiences which I failed to grasp accurately up to that point) was – just about anything. Any indecency and barbarism was bearable to these animals.

The party was finally and thoroughly over and it won’t ever be repeated.

All of my life I was lied to about relationships, never being told that healthy relationships can only occur in a patriarchal society. I was told to date virtual sperm tankers with no lock on the tank door and so I suffered.

No more.

Right now my idea of a “girlfriend” in the West would be constant beatings and rapes, with no sort of other activity or even basic communication.  I’d virtually urinate and defecate on this slut. And I’d be liked for this. 

Right now I am even considering dates again, but, knowing what I know now, just to blow off some steam on a slut without any sexual connotations (since I now know they’d be rendered impossible by the fact we even went on a date), simply to hurt what I hate.

Right now I am aware that non-consensual sex is actually morally better in  modern Western society, as being able to procure consensual sex virtually guarantees you being a monster.

Simply put, the gig is up.

Modern Western women no longer want any respect, consent or to be treated as anything than dogshit.

Please, stop taking any of their “will” into consideration. They are just sperm tankers with no locks on the tank door.

If you believe you can have a “relationship” with them you will suffer and deservedly so.

It is time for intelligent men of the West to see them for what they are and to have no business with them, using only prostitutes, until they can leave the West. Or, should they be forced to stay in the West, to treat them as savagely as they can. In no way should you see them as anything resembling equal human beings.  Everything else will make them hate you.

I am in no way advocating the unnatural, crazy ideas of the current mainstream MGTOW movement. In no way should you give up on women the way these losers want you to.

My proposal is different.

Their “rejection”, “consent”, “will” or other nonsensical, outdated concepts should mean nothing to you – they are gone, lost, no longer applicable. Don’t even ask. Using concepts like female will is obsolete. You cannot be rejected and you should not be wanted. You should just use the women as a public good, similarly as water.  You can no longer allow yourself to think in a manner of what a woman “wants”. She is not supposed to want or not want you. 

Sane young men must know what the rules of the game are now, thanks to feminism, which devoured women’s minds and turned them into mush.

The party is truly and well over.

God is dead but the music is still playing

One huge reason why I haven’t been writing lately is, aside from my usual depression and complete brokenness, a sense of shame in a way.

I am ashamed and frightened of reactions I would get for moving much further away from any position “officially” held by modern society. Reactions would more likely amount to shock and disbelief than anger.

I have tried to explain that there is no woman who would like me for reasons that have nothing to do with any of my choices in my huge mangum opus The story of your incel.

Even if I would gain some sympathy from a woman it would all be short lived and manufactured, just like giving white blood cells to somebody with advanced leukemia? A woman would soon see I am a coalpha and be disgusted.

But how am I to explain there is no woman I’d be as cruel to as to such a woman, who would express manufactured sympathy?

To put it more simply, if a woman wanted me, even for a short while, I’d consider myself, even more than her, evil scum. 

How am I to explain that such a woman would be facing violence to the point of basically being given a death sentence?

How am I to tell men, most of whom are also completely irrecoverable, that Western women are no longer to be treated as any sentient beings? That they are literally game to be hunted.

Hence the title. God is indeed dead, but the music is still playing. People still believe old concepts of relationship, marriage and consent that no longer exist and are merely rearranging the chairs on Titanic.

In a society which claims to fight for even more equality, respect and civility each day these things are now completely gone and unwanted – just look at any film from the 40s or 50s and see how women were treated in what is now laughably called a  more misogynistic society.

Modern Western women want disrespect, rape and violence more than ever. At the same time we are being told that these things have been partially stopped and that there is a struggle for these things to stopped even more. Though all the trends are going in a catastrophic direction we are being told they are going in an exactly opposite direction.

World that once was is gone but its shabby old photo is very much alive and is considered a reality. .

Why is that?

The answer to this is trivial.

Modern progressive liberalism is an aberrant form of Christianity. It retained horrible values of it stemming from the New Testament like universalism while violently rejecting the supernatural and patriarchal parts.

God is dead but the music is still playing.

Four common types of hilarious fallacies liberal lunatics use to attack me

Insane accusations against me, especially those made by immensely stubborn and mentally challenged haters, amount to roughly four things

1. Insane lies that have nothing to do with reality, like that I wanted the government to force women into sleeping when men with my former program was basically a dating service where everybody had the right to refuse everybody and this was plainly written (even by feminists). Or a lie I don’t believe mental illnesses exist or that I don’t believe in psychiatry at all. In fact, those acting like they don’t are the myriad of liberal lunatics who want to diagnose online despite them not being doctors and this, um, not being possible online in any  case, something any shrink would tell them. Ironically, these tools also claim therapy is a solution to any problem).

2.Claims I still have some problem because posts from said I did years ago. Like “He has penile insesitivity!” Umm, yeah, I had some when I just started having sex, jesus. Time goes by. Things change.

3. Claims that I am bad for having common sense ideas on things like consent. Ummm, you’re the bad ones here, willing to traumatize consenting kids with cops, lawyers and other vermin, while still believing you’re helping the poor child you’re traumatizing with your hostility towards sexuality of absolutely anybody but retarded sluts and sacred liberal groups like Muslims or blacks. Of course, a black or a Muslim raping a 2 month year-old is A-ok but a white guy sleeping with a willing 17 year-old girl is a criminal. Another example of this would be me considered bad for refusing to acknowledge that awful feminist trap of standing up for “victims of female-on-male rape”, when something like that can’t exist due to basic biology, namely sex being a female resource. Nonsense like the belief that women can rape men can only be created by over-socialization and indoctrination. It doesn’t exist in nature.

4. Interpretation of events that actually happened in light of liberal lunacy. A most common example of this is the claim I raped some women in 2012-2013 thought this never happened. In the first case it is a woman whose pic I posted on this blog in 2012 and who offered to have sex with me to take it down. Another is a woman who I told that I’ll call her in her home if she doesn’t have sex with me. This woman accepted only after asking to be given things. None of this is rape in my country or any country in the world. It is rape only in the demented minds of feminists, which would also mean some demented US/Canadian colleges or a portion of insane feminist prosecutors/judges. Nowhere else. One of these girls is laughing at my accusers, calling them mentally ill and calling me “her rapist” from time to time to mock these freaks. Insanity of this claim is even greater when we know women love to be beaten and raped and hate respect and consent. In patriarchy women want kisses. In feminism women want bullets. 

Hilarious. But so are the liberals. Mental patients wanting to put sane people in hospitals.

The truth

Necessary for understanding this post:




There was this one poster on the Love-shy forums who had a signature denoting that he ignores what people say but likes to watch what these same people do. At the time it seemed like a sort of a cliche, but lately I’ve been thinking about that sentence more and more, to the point of even developing a slight obsession.

It’s just that it applies so much to everything I see around me, including online spaces. So, what can be defined as a dissonance between the two in online spaces, where you only have words? What are the acts here?

Well, obviously, more words, in a specific context.

It is by now clear that liberals are an utterly insane bunch suffering from cognitive dissonance of the highest ranking. This is nothing new, and I’m more and more inclined to see a liberal as simply a chameleon to whatever’s popular.

So, how do liberals show that they don’t do what they say in writing? It’s usually by doing what they usually do – making asses out of themselves. I’ve seen these crazies write entire screeds of lies about how much I want nothing but sex, and how there are many men who want more (it’s just that I am not one of them for some bizzare reason they never explain, nor could they ever), just to finish by revealing their true colors and saying that all men with my problems just want sex.

This would be a very simple example of not doing what you’re indoctrinated to say and then finally succumbing to your own stupidity, just to reveal your true colors.

This would even be hilarious in some kind of a different world if the entire current world isn’t based on ramblings by these lunatics.

So, what is the truth ?

Why am I actually incel, why are so many other men this and why are so many good men incel?

The truth is in the word OBSOLESCENCE.

If you living in the Western feminist countries you were probably told lies about women wanting respect, empowerment and good men.

All of this is a lie.

Idea of relationships with them? Obsolete.

The idea of these women wanting good, intelligent, hardworking men? Obsolete.

Idea of these women even caring about consent to sex? Obsolete.

Liberals might not be aware of this consciously, since they are demented, but subconsciously they know this extremely well. Things like their hysterical struggle to demonize “nice guys” (ie, boring men following a model they want all men to follow) ?  Their stupid claims that no woman wants a jobless man when basic facts of reality deny this, while also stating that just being employed can’t and shouldn’t be enough (it had been for our grandfathers, and they weren’t “entitled” to anything, it’s just what got women)? Their insane attempts to vilify just anything a guy who has filled the “criteria” does, all in desperate attempts to find just one flaw that they can blame for anything, while men with 1000 flaws are getting sluts ?

This and many other hypocritical, imbecilic things they say are just their incredibly stupid and vile attempts to dislodge the obvious and very grim issue, which is that nothing that the mainstream society says is true seems to work in any way and that the only reason why somebody still believes these lies is because they’re stupid enough to be indoctrinated by them.

If you’re sane and reading this you know and those sane people benefiting from the current system know it just as well – it’s just that they have no interest in this being changed.

From the age of 12 I was told fairy tales about respecting women, not harassing women, not beating women, not raping women, fairy tales about consent, relationships and other things that no longer existed.

Some of those believing this were simply too dull to see that the world has changed, even if they did believe in some of the traits that made the old system feasible.

Many were, however, actively working to demolish the crux of society, a patriarchal system, and just simply wanted to believe that the remnants of the system they hated and helped destroy would still exist, simply because they liked some parts of it and believed that they can survive with their base being destroyed.

It was, of course, a silly dream.

The reality was that everything of the old collapsed, and virtually millions of young men were left to deal with a new system they did not understand while being told that parts of old system that was destroyed existed.

For this to be done all that had to be done was to reshuffle the history a bit.

1. Natural female attraction to providers in societies where they were sought after was now branded as attraction to seducer males that always existed because… ummm, it exists now? This was done to hide the fact that in the past women hated scumbags and liked “nerdy” men.

2. Rape was made out to be a crime that revolved around whims like women’s consent. This was done to hide the fact that in the past it had been in a property crime against a woman’s father or a husband  or a chaste woman and that this made women safer, as owners want to take care of their things and rape was seen as a grave crime.

3. All of this bullshit was coated in thick, heavy layers of false historical narrative about poor oppressed women and their masters who lay around all day burping and farting.

Nr. 1 resulted in millions of good men being told that they’re wrong, no matter what they do, and that the problem will always be them. It doesn’t matter if they do good or bad, they are always the problem.

Nr. 2. resulted in a natural declining interest for new victims of rape, who were often sluts and intensely unlikable public goods, and attempts to mitigate this decline by Slut Walks and other travesties.

Consequences of nr. 3 could be summed up as general ignorance of any social history and just another step further to feralization of humanity.

It is hilarious how the rape hysteria in the West is ever increasing as this once serious crime is becoming more and more an obvious joke. Every slightest form of perceived fraud or coercion is now rape, yet dumb jocks and football players are raping at will.

The facts are that consent is now a criminal act in the West, since men who get women are all dumb thugs who never ask for it. Thus, women see this works and reject men with other approaches.

Consent is a criminal act in the West.

A date is a criminal act in the West.

Wanting a relationship is a criminal act in the West.

Any humane treatment of women is a criminal act in the West.

That’s what feminism and liberalism brought us. Nothing but people devolving into beasts, under the guise of some extreme sensitivity and political correctness.

If you want to “date” a modern Western slut every move you do is immediately wrong. You can’t date them.

However, myself and men like me were told none of that.  We’ve been told a paradigm that last existed decades ago.

We’ve been told that we could play Skyrim (have the lives our ancestors did) using Commodore 64 (old, outdated methods and ways).

So, what happened?

Many of us failed at the first step and never got any experience at all.

From a today’s perspective I’d say these were the luckier ones.

What many of us who did have some slight attractive features, like good looks, had was much worse. We’ve been subjected to playing a game we could never, ever, ever win. Going from one trauma to another, all because we were told that the game is winnable.

Of course, the game was never winnable at all. In order for it to be winnable we’d have to have no expectation but sex and act in a way we never could have. We were supposed to be somebody else to successfully exist in this time. When we weren’t able to do that we were called failures and said we should have acted exactly the way we did in fact act. When we said it’s bs we were called entitled and sent to be slave labor, expected to never have anything but pay taxes.

I now see how obvious it was that just the mere hints of acting like an aloof asshole gained significant results. This is seen in examples like

– the fact that the infamous TFO was even more attracted to me after I told her I met another girl at about the same time and even kissed her

– that the fact that I simply chose to ignore my future first gf for 3 full months, not seeing any point in hanging out with her as I didn’t initially find her attractive and was too shy anyway, made her create plans to stalk me and send me messages openly offering a relationship

-the fact that my second gf wanted to meet me irl only after I told her I had sex with another woman

– the fact that merely putting a picture of my second gf on this blog, after her admitted attempted torture of me, made her immediately consent to sex and want a relationship after this

– that coercing a certain woman into sex in 2013 was much more successful than initially checking if we’re compatible for a potential relationship, which turned out to be laughable, since the girl was a ditzy sluts incapable of dating anybody, wrecking marriages at the age of 18. But coercing her made her respect me more and we even shared laughs after it happened.

I failed to interpret this the way it was meant to be interpreted – that even the whiff of savage behavior is enough to create some attraction, but that this attraction can never result in any relationships, since modern Western women are incapable of them.

I was burnt by trying to enter relationships with animals who were never meant to be in a relationship anyway. Their lives prove it extremely well, as both of my ex-gfs wrecked all of their subsequent “relationships” as well.

A way out would have been to teach me to abuse and mutilate women at the ages of 13-14, just to get some sexual experience, and to be prepared to leave the West at around 20 at the latest. It is dead, with no future at all. This somewhat more violent approach than seducers have would be necessitated by the fact that I lacked any seduction skills, not being an omega monster.

Yet, none of this happened. Instead many people are actually shocked about these revelations I had to make myself, at enormous costs, and way, way too late.

There was never any chance of me having a girlfriend here. Every move I’d make was immediately wrong, as the game had been rigged before I started growing teeth.

And I was hated, hated to the max for simply expressing my pain and refusing to fund the feminist system which destroyed any sanity. I was predestined for jail, where all who oppose the system and women are disgusted with go. Some barbaric measures postponed this, but they didn’t make me feel better. My type was meant to be a father and a husband in a world where such men are seen as scum.

So what does this leave somebody like me with at this late hour? A broken man who doesn’t even try to go on dates, seeing them as criminal acts in the eyes of modern Western women. A man who thinks and acts like an animal, because he rightly sees the world as feral.

Cutting off the head of psychiatry

This was initially supposed to be a long post about my experiences with psychiatry. However, I now deleted all of that and will make this a very short post, which be much better and interesting, plus have the added benefit of keeping the attention of more people who should read it, though they are unlikely to understand it.

Why is psychiatry useless for incels and why did I even ban mentioning it as a solution on this blog ?

Because it doesn’t solve the two main issues it should solve, which are

1. Finding a romantic/sexual partner

2. Unless nr.1 is possible, coping with this for a lifetime.

Regarding point 1, I’ve never seen a case where psychiatry helped with the first issue and I have no idea how it could at all. Current society is ruled by idiocy and irrationality. Even a man with advanced, severe paranoid schizophrenia is in a better position to attract a woman than a man who has any brains whatsoever. All the traits that will get you a woman, like seduction, stupidity or physical violence, are something you will not teach in any form of psychiatric treatment.

Also, the overall idea that something is wrong with “you” and not “them” is something that can at least not be proven, let alone parroted in the insane way it is now.

As for point 2, this point is just silly and doesn’t deserve much words. If you can cope with your incel you are not incel at all but either aromantic/asexual or a lunatic.

In order for a reasonable incel to try psychiatry he’d have to be convinced that at least one of these things is something psychiatry can solve. Sadly for the first point, and luckily for the second, there is simply no empiric or scientific proof I have ever seen of either.

So, why the incessant parroting of psychiatry as some kind of a solution by liberals?

For reasons mentioned even from my earliest posts and is my description of liberals I call “The Atheist Cult” (it’s not an actual cult) – because psychiatry is one of the most important tenets of liberal religion, and must never be questioned.

For that reason alone it would be senseless to describe my actual experiences with psychiatrists even if the key reasons I discuss here would somehow not be entirely correct ( but they are entirely correct) – there will always be morons who will actually analyze those senseless visits to psychiatrists and say the fault is, of course, not with simple facts stated here, or with therapists (a typical strawman idiots make, since this isn’t even claimed in the text), but with me, for rejecting a liberal God. Not to mention that these stories are boring.

So, yes, while I did ask my last shrink (who had many reactionary ideas like me, lest we wouldn’t get to this)  after an year of therapy to cut off a head of a feminist of his choosing and ditched him when he refused, this is completely irrelevant and was just written here to justify the title of the post.

An announcement

We are using this account on the behalf of our national Police Department to announce an important recent development regarding the owner of this blog that we feel might make a lot of people feel less concerned.

He had been traced by our unit for months. His postings caused an enormous concern from the very start but at that time we still had no means of acting at our disposal. However, our concerns increased as his behavior grew more and more erratic and as his attitudes, such as opposition to women’s rights, became more and more hateful and radical.

Fortunately, we are now able to share some news we believe many people will find relieving.

After much deliberation, and in the light of recent tragedies, we have decided that more hesitation might result in innocent people being harmed by a potentially mentally unstable person.

He had been detained this morning and is now receiving all the necessary inpatient treatment at the disposal of the medical facility which he currently resides in, and where he will probably remain until serious pending charges of rape described on his blog, some of which describing events that took place as early as 2012, are brought before a Competency Assessment Board.

We would like to thank everybody who sent us reports which helped lead to this development.