The Trump thing

I’ve gotten a few questions asking me what I think about Donald Trump’s victory.

Since I do have an idea about  a good comparison of the whole situation with problems I am blogging about I will use this comparison later and that should be the most important part of this article.

But before I get on to that some introduction to my views about this entire thing, given that I didn’t write about US primaries or election at all. I will also say what I believe the future might be. I stress that this is not a general article about my views on America. Such an article is something that might appear one day but this isn’t it.

So, Trump has won and will be President. l I must say I was happy that night. Seeing the anger and despair of feminists and liberals, the worst scum to ever walk this planet, is something that will always make me happy. And this was their night of tears. It was, despite me not having any big emotional investment, one of the happiest and most exciting nights of my life. Suddenly, after 8 years liberals are suddenly where they were last in around 2004 – completely outside of any power, impotent and frustrated. I am sure that even just a day earlier they certainly had no inkling that they would find themselves in such a situation ! I am admittedly happy that Hillary lost. This candidate was supported by some of the worst and sickest animals in the world, supported by people who hate me and every other straight white male, who advocate killing of everybody white, even the smallest children. These monsters have now lost.

But what had been won?

Now, with some weeks gone, I am ready to offer up some objective analysis.

I find Trump to be amusing, in the lack of a better word.  To me, he seems to be some kind of a slimy mixture of Ronald McDonald and Foghorn Leghorn, and there is something eerily artificial about his hair and general appearance. I can also recognize some kind of a conman aura around him. Many of his business ventures, like “Trump University”, are obvious scams and most of his business successes were achieved by screwing-over  people. His vast support among Christians is also very much a joke.

But he is obviously not unintelligent, and can be quite articulate in some situations. However, you would not believe this from reading a transcript of one of his speeches, especially when the teleprompter is off. But in this Trump is merely adjusted to an average American, and it is virtually completely unimportant if it is planned or not. For Americans are the dumbest group of people in the world, virtual human garbage. Most posters I banned from this blog or some incel platforms I was in charge of were Americans who are simply too stupid to understand anything I said. I used to watch at disbelief at the things many of them said in trying to “debate” me in posts that called me out for my insults to Americans. They were too idiotic to see the glaring fallacies the very posts that were to tell me why Americans aren’t idiotic vermin contained. Their replies were something like “Don’t tell me Americans are this or that, you stupid fuck, fallacy 1, fallacy 2, fallacy 3, recycled fallacy 1, insanity, stupidity, stupidity, insanity….”. As usual, most of such imbeciles weren’t some anti-science fundamentalists, Christians or such types. They were smug liberal vermin that was so keen on insulting the groups I mentioned in the previous sentence, a prime example of what America is – a big Dunning-Krueger effect.

Of course, Americans aren’t the only morons in the world. Many other freaks from various parts of the world, usually liberals, don’t fall very much behind in terms of lack of reading comprehension and just pure insanity. But there is something specific about Americans that makes even the sanest alt-righters or/and anti-feminists often unable to grasp written text.

And this is the kind of audience Trump or basically any other candidate of any of the parties, even the small, insignificant outlier ones had to talk to. This fact must never be forgotten.Americans are human the scum of the Earth. Were the birthrates in the world somehow dwarfed enough an average IQ would go up several points every time an American dies. 

In many ways the current state of the America was reflected in the remaining candidates of this election cycle.

The left in 2016 election

Bernie Sanders was, in many ways, the worst candidate any of the parties had to offer this entire election, were we to look at it with a goal of keeping America alive ( a goal me and many of my readers don’t tend to share). So in a sense he was at the same time also the best candidate for somebody who wants America gutted as soon as possible. His idiotic plans would have added enormous debt and his general effect on the economy would be something akin to what I saw on Twitter under the title “What Bernie would do the US economy”, with a scene of Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter massacring that guard in “Silence of the Lambs”. It is, however, kind of a pointless endeavour to even debate what he’d do in the White House, given that not only would he be resisted at every point by a Republican Congress and Senate but also given the fact that he had no real chance of winning the primaries either.

The reason for his inability to win the primaries was that the DNC decided to prop up a weak, sickly and unpopular candidate like Hillary Clinton.

Notice how both Trump and Bernie had their own personal army of followers? Trumpets and Bernie Bros were all over the Internet. These candidates, like Obama (or even Ron Paul, for that matter !) in 2008 had their own stories, something that made their campaigns stand out, something that made their campaigns different than some regular boring campaign of a politician. Their fans would be popping out all over the social networks, their supporters would form up grassroots movements and these were really no ordinary campaigns.

But what did somebody like Hillary have? None of that !  She was immensely unpopular from the very beginning, burdened with multiple affairs and just seemed like somebody whose best days were behind her. I, for one, believe politics is often about luck, unforeseen circumstances and charismatic people that show up behind the corner, people you can’t really predict. During the last two decades in the West these appeared on the left more often than the right and prolonged its life when it objectively had very little to offer.  Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Barack Obama were just that – charismatic people who were good at selling bullshit. In that aspect, Hillary was quite unlucky to run into Obama during the 2008 election, when she appeared younger and less hated.

During the last month or so of Hillary’s campaign all her pathetic misguided strategy came to light. She danced around with Beyonce and such individuals, all of whom have nothing to do with common Americans, while completely neglecting the heartland of the country. But what could she offer anyway? The entire Democratic Party is a party of corrupt, disgusting elitists far removed from workers and the common folk. Fuck, it was her husband that finished off the Rust Belt after Reagan already bloodily wounded it. But the even more important reason was that she simply didn’t give a fuck. Her campaign was the most progressive one in history, going completely left, partially due to influence of Bernie Sanders, by the end turning into one huge tranny-gay fest, all peppered with Hollywood left.

What must also be mentioned is the feminism of the both candidates. Bernie Sanders is at least honest in his feminism. He is an old fool who had believed all these horrible things for decades, even when they were not very popular. That is in its own way commendable, though many of his beliefs are awful. Hillary, on the other hand, is much more disgusting. The ferocity with which she persecuted Bill Clinton’s victims in the 90s, compared to her current feminist views, just like her changes of mind on things like gay marriage, are all indicators of massive, disgusting snake (not that Trump was much better in his statements through the years but he never had the power to inflict such damage).

The right in  2016 election

When Republican primaries took off in 2015 it all seemed so familiar to 2011-  a clown cart with 20 candidates, debates which even had two sections this time (for candidates above a certain number in the polls and those below – remember Rick Santorum?) and loads of crazy.

I won’t go into what happened beyond but will say that I still believe Ted Cruz, for all his awkwardness and some cuckishness he exhibited later, was still the best of the remaining four candidates in the race in May 2016. I think he was honestly on the side of the average working American, or at least that this is something he believed in. But it didn’t happen. Americans, as they always do, had to choose a worse candidate.

General election

If you read this post up to know you probably understand I found both candidates pretty pathetic and didn’t care much about either one. While I believed that Hillary was more capable there were many reasons to be against her. As somebody opposed to women’s suffrage and any kind of political rights for women I thought that having a female president, even in this late stage of the US, would be a disaster. Some of the reasons related to gender were explained well by Roosh here, especially the part that said….

Obama was the “race” president, and look how badly he has damaged race relations in only eight years. Hillary will be the “gender” president. The future we have in store should be absolutely clear to you if she happens to defeat Trump….Not only will she move to establish a techno-matriarchy where men are second-class citizens to any female, but she will ensure that no movement or organization will be able to challenge her or her establishment cronies ever again. This isn’t a trivial matter of getting banned from a web site like Twitter or Youtube—many of you will be forced to escape the country for no other reason than you happening to be a man who found himself on the wrong side of the establishment.

Yes, another 4-8 years of Democrats was an extremely bad idea. It would be giving more power to the SJW vermin and other ruinous forces. And while I didn’t like Trump much I liked the idea of the neoreactionary movement being emboldened by his victory.

Another extremely important reason for me preferring Trump’s victory was to give white people breathing space. America is an insane country. It cannot stand and should not stand. There are countries in Europe that led many wars between themselves whose citizens hate each other much less than Americans hate each other. What do East coast feminazi cunt writers or New York hipster libtards have to do with white conservatives in, say , Kansas? What do ghetto blacks have to do with Charleston high classes? Not much but mutual hatred is what binds many of the groups in America, hatred based on various racial and, much more crucially, ideological differences.  In December 2014 I already outlined what the goal of whites in America should be. I still hope this will come to fruition soon.

And while I’ll give bonus points to those who recognize that animals like BLM Movement were never used as Hillary’s personal army, unlike sort of personal armies of fans Trump and Bernie had,  the sympathy Bernie/Hillary had towards these beasts was still very worrying.

Still, wishing was one thing and reality seemed to be something completely different. In what was likely the most epic flop of a number of institutions dealing in polls/predictions in history all of us were bombarded by predictions that Hillary was sure to win. It seemed that way to me as well. Just look at it from a historical point of view – Democrats won 5 of 6 elections before 2016 in terms of popular vote (make that 6 of out of 7 now that we count the 2016). Republicans won the 2000 election by the skin of their nuts and 2004 election was won in specific circumstances of 2003-2004 America and the atmosphere of war the country was in at the time (of course, the atmosphere before the 2008 election was also specific in its own sort of way but I won’t go into that here). And while Republicans won a solid victory in 2010 it obviously didn’t manage to translate into the next presidential election. With House/Senate elections not being a good predictor of presidential ones it could be said that, despite another victory Republicans obtained in 2014, around 2013-2015 it was a completely reasonable question to ask yourself if there will ever be a Republican president again.  Few, if any, like the always brilliant Ryan Faulk, dared suggest a possible Trump victory by seeing encouraging signs from the primaries, like people not usually voting in Republican primaries voting for Trump (something that was also the case for Obama in Democratic primaries, especially in 2008).. As I mentioned previously, even something like big crowds or support on social media didn’t seem to amount to much – Ron Paul had these  Thus was my shock and satisfaction even greater.

The future

It is a fantasy to believe that Trump’s presidency will change much. As had been previously explained, America had pretty much for all intents and purposes died by 1920 and the disastrous decision of the 19th Amendment, though some opinions place the beginning of the end even earlier, in 1800s. So in this aspect, which is a crucial one, America will not return to sanity. Trump won’t abolish women’s suffrage, he won’t bring women back into kitchens, none of this will happen. Did the Bush presidency restore the value of American women? Did the Reagan presidency stabilize what was a rapidly plummeting value of American women in the 80s (of course, with certain noble exceptions of women in backwoods areas, exceptions which still exist today) ? No, the battle is lost. The best aspect in terms of women will be, as Roosh says, to make it easier to find a fellow traveler. But even there you need to be careful which traveler to choose.

In terms of feminism, SJWs, alt-right etc, all of these things are kinda irrelevant ultimately if you look at the paragraph above, which outlines the real crux of the issue. Without abolishing women’s suffrage, without a hasty return to strict patriarchy, nothing of real relevance will happen. And we know Trump could never do that.

Economically, things are a bit more complex. Protectionism is an obsolete tactic in 21st century. American industry and manufacturing are irreversibly damaged and the current economy is basically the 90s “bubble-gum economy” minus the rosy glasses and delusion. What good is the service sector when there will be less and less to service? Once America abolished the two things that made the US economy boom, which were extremely high tariffs and extremely free markets within the country, it has essentially removed what made it exceptional and turned towards being ordinary. Add masses of third world immigrants to that and you get what is quickly heading towards a third world country. We’ll see what Trump can do on the immigrants themselves but it is unlikely he’ll be able to restore the already destroyed manufacturing.

On the other hand, America does have some natural resources. The problem with this, however, that it is geographically sort of on the periphery of the world. And with what is still a much smaller area and more urbanized area than Russia, along with environmental protection standards that Trump will be unlikely to really repeal and a population of what are basically more and more utter morons I doubt this could in any way change the future of the county in any significant way.

How will the actual presidency look like? It is extremely hard to predict, but a cynic in me would say that it will be a de facto Mike Pence presidency with typical Republican policies (not that this is always a bad thing in degenerate America) while an aging Trump will get a chance to now fool around on the highest level.

I will finish with a following comparison.

I have watched the incel communities devolve from communities of mature, intelligent people whose good qualities are exactly what’s unattractive to scum like modern Western women to weird, exclusive communities rejecting “normies” and making bizarre suggestions about dealing with incel which would could never come true (unlike the suggestions sane reactionary men make, which are basically steps that worked in every successful society). But aren’t such developments in fact just what Trump is on a greater scale? These incels have never been given any hope or a way out. 

Instead they’ve been told they’re lazy and “entitled” for some of them even pointing out that working while being unable to attract a woman is pointless, even though most of them are still working.

They’ve been lied to that modern Western women want consideration, humane treatment and respect, which doomed many of them at a crucial young age. They’ve been lied to and told not to rape and abuse them, and what did they get for this? Hatred and derision by these rape loving sluts who instead adored their abusers and rapists. They were told not to kill women – but women kissed those who killed other women like gods. 

They’ve been told that they’re “mentally ill” (and the term, which can cover everything from anxiety to other problems that don’t effect ones rational mind, was used here as if the “progressive”, “smart” liberals saying this are 17th century shepherds)  for having the most natural reaction in the world – that of dissatisfaction to being denied natural needs like romantic love, companionship and sex. Yet, the same crazies who told them to just ignore these things as if they were a lack of green socks were called normal. 

They’ve had all of the articles covering this problem back when Wikipedia was still a sane, non- leftist site, deleted for no real reasons. They had their places for gathering online like subreddits mercilessly removed after pressure from crazy liberals. 

And, yes, they’ve also been given good advice as well. Advice on how to escape the sick West and it’s mentally ill population, it’s rape worshiping women, its sickening double standards and lack of intellectualism. But guess what? The population, including incels, is getting dumber. Things people like me write about are complicated and require a lot of historical knowledge and abstract thinking. They require you to not be brainwashed, among other things. And, in the end, not everybody can just gather enough money to leave for non-feminist places. Some people, like myself, are already physically ill and weak, some burdened with extreme depression, some unskilled for the kind of jobs that would get them that kind of money. And just going abroad is difficult. It is risky. Places like SE Asia, South America or former-Soviet countries are full of threats and people willing to use you or rob you, just like they’re full of non-feminist women.

Doesn’t something like the craziness of current incel communities look eerily similar to simplicity and silliness of what Trump is proposing? 

Aren’t people like heartless airheads giving impossible advice like “give up on women” kinda like brain-dead Hillary voters? Aren’t their sick non-solutions full of hot air and smugness kinda like what Hillary’s Beyonce campaign was?

Couldn’t those poor incels who can’t just leave the sick West be compared to rural whites who faced complete dispossession and couldn’t just leave America, aren’t young enough or smart enough to find jobs in high tech industries, can’t just start making money essentially doing nothing but writing shitty hateful articles like dirty feminist cunts from the Eastern coast (think Amanda Marcotte or somebody like that)? 

Aren’t those incels who think of more and more extreme ideas just reacting to their merciless persecution by animals in forms on humans who hate them simply because they’re white and want to procreate, much like the alt-right reacts to attacks against themselves on Twitter or Facebook?

Aren’t people like fschmidt, giving you advice that includes radical changes in your life and possibly even changing a country, somewhat like what Ron Paul was in 2008/2012? People who are deep down right but most can’t accept their message because they’re too stuck to their way of life, their country (in the case of incels who are afraid to travel) or the country they know (in the case of people afraid of Ron Paul’s America)? 

And, finally, aren’t all of these problems, both of America or incels, or liberals or whoever else, just a symptom of a larger problem this society has? A problem caused by the fact that feminism should have never ever happened, that it should have been obliterated to pieces and every attempt of it destroyed back in the 19th century?   Please, read

and read it well. Get educated. 

So what did most incels choose? Insanity, in the form of their own Trumpism. And given their own circumstances, who could really blame them?

Bring on the insanity.

25 thoughts on “The Trump thing

  1. I deeply appreciate your analysis on so many subjects, and I agree with you on Trump, but I would advise to try to truncate your verbiage. You can be verbose and for the reader a more succinct style would be helpful. I say this with much respect.

  2. “Protectionism is an obsolete tactic in 21st century.”

    Is it? It works for China and India and many other countries. Careful not to repeat tropes you’ve heard without analysis.

    • Failings of protectionism have been well researched. Everybody can google it. And of course there are disagreements about this. There are disagreements on basically everything in the world. USA is a different country than India or China with different wages and economy.

  3. I agree with everything here. But insanity is not an answer. The West is lost. It is time to embrace Islam. I have started attending my local mosque and I will write more about Islam soon.

    • Hi Franklin. Long time no type. Hope you’re doing well.

      But I can’t tell if you’re serious or just joking about wanting to embrace Islam. Islam definitely has some good points such as its patriarchy. However, their allowance of polygamy sometimes causes incel since there are then not enough women to go around.

      • There are no good options, but Islam is the least bad. That doesn’t mean that I will become Muslim, but it does mean that these are the people I will try to deal with from now on. The West is just brain-dead.

        • Franklin:
          Happy New Year. I just noticed your reply this evening.

          I’ve thought about the options, and for me National-Socialism (politics) & Positive Christianity (religion) certainly seem like the least bad for me. Both were philosophies of Nazi Germany (which is completely utterly misunderstood).

          Hitler intended that NS allow the maximum amount of countrymen the ability to marry on account of economic feasibility, and that they would marry very young. And NS means that the woman’s place is in the home.

          PC= strip away the useless and counterproductive dogma from Christianity and replace it with science. And PC= avoid the “wimpy” elements of mainstream Christianity and replace it with the concept of Jesus as warrior.

          I’m an animal lover and Muslims consider dogs an abomination. And Muslims condemn all alcohol use, while I’m a heavy drinker. Major conflicts of interest.

          To end on a positive note, we both certainly agree that a radical solution is needed!

          • Since I am ethnically jewish and most of my family died in the Holocaust, I have bias against Nazism. But objectively speaking, Nazism simply failed historically. Why would you want to use a movement that failed as your model?

            I have spent a lot of time looking at the options, and I see Islam and traditional Anabaptists as the most promising. Since you are Christian, I would think that traditional Anabaptists is worth considering for you. Here is an excellent book on the subject:


            • Franklin: I just got on some Anabaptist websites. They talked about separation of Church & State, and non-participation in civil government, non-resistance or pacifism, the idea that the entire Bible is authoritative, and oppose mercy killings and the death penalty.

              Do these positions truly represent Anabaptists? If so, Anabaptists are in major and direct conflict with my philosophy and goals. And if these are their positions, then they render Anabaptism completely ineffective at influencing mainstream society.

              Per the Holocaust, if it was the intention to exterminate all Jews, then I would wash my hands of Hitler and the Nazis completely. Instead, most died of typhus and starvation because the Allies were responsible for cutting of the food supply to the camps. And it was the Jews, along with the United States and British governments, who then wanted to exterminate all Germans. This was done in a firebombing Holocaust upon millions of civilian men ,women, and children, burning them alive, right after the end of WWII. See the YouTube video Firestorm.

              National-Socialism was highly successful. Obviously it stopped working since Russia, the United States, England, and other countries teamed up to destroy it! I see Trump as a watered down version of Hitler (97% water, actually). But it’s a start.

              • Yes those positions represent Anabaptists. I also have a problem with their non-resistance/pacifism. But I don’t understand your complaint about them being “ineffective at influencing mainstream society”. Modern mainstream society is no more capable of being positively influenced than a sewer full of rats.

                I wrote a full list of the realistic alternatives to modern culture here:


                Maybe Orthodox Christianity is the best choice for you.

                You are wrong about the Holocaust, but debating history is a waste of time. My knowledge of the facts is direct from my parents who were there, so I don’t need any more research.

                Trump has nothing in common with Hitler. Trump is simply a sociopath who would do anything to feed his ego. He would have acted like an ape if that got him elected. Trump isn’t stupid, he was smart enough to tap into the new right for support. And he knew that the new right is composed of fools who are easily conned. All this is very different from the Nazis. The Nazis were intelligent, not easily fooled, and Hitler was their sincere leader.

                • Franklin: Though modern society is a sewer full of rats, great physical force against the rats, as the Nazis applied, changes things, since the stupid rats are physically forced to change whether they want to or not.

                  HERE’S WHY Anabaptists cannot influence modern society: They divorced themselves from politics and the government, which are essential for changing society. And they divorced themselves from physical force, which is also necessary to change society.

                  I agree with most of your list regarding alternatives to modern culture, but not all.

                  I was married in the Orthodox church, and subsequently attended several Orthodox churches on a regular basis. The priests expect 100% SUBMISSION. And they are also affected by Modernism.

                  The Holocaust: I ask you: if the goal of Hitler & the Nazis was to exterminate all Jews, why do millions of Jews survive to bitch about it? You’re saying the Nazis were too retarded to do that supposed job? Gas? Okay, now they’re also too retarded not to shoot everyone in the head with a 5 cent bullet instead of using expensive gas. WTF.

                  Again, the true haters were the Jews, United States politicians, British politicians, and
                  Russians. See the video Hellstorm: Exposing the Real Genocide of Nazi Germany

                  Though Trump has little in common with Hitler, you’re wrong for saying he has **nothing** in common with Hitler. Trump wants to expel unsavory immigrants, has a strong work ethic, and wants to steer the country in a more conservative direction, as Hitler did.

                  • I agree that the Orthodox Church is affected by Modernism, and I said this in my article. This is why I am currently attending my local mosque instead.

                    The reason that the Nazis didn’t exterminate all Jews (in Europe) is because they started this late in the war and didn’t have enough time to finish it. That is the only reason.

                    Regarding Trump, there is no point debating. We will see the truth soon enough.

                    • Franklin: We can agree that Trump is closer to both of our objectives than Hillary would’ve been.

                      Orthodox leaders want to take your money and boss you around.

                      Now I WANT DOCUMENTATION from either Hitler or any Nazi party member that their goal was to eventually exterminate all Jews. And I own a copy of Hitler’s Table Talk, a written record of his private conversations from 1941-44. They also recorded what he said in 45, along with his other men. If there’s no solid evidence, then the slander of my people should stop.

                    • Franklin: I’ve read the comments CAREFULLY. What they MEAN is that IF the Jews insist on plunging the countries into a world war, forcing bolshevism on everyone, and oppressing Germany, THEN Germany will fight back, even if this fight culminates with the extermination of all Jews in Europe. It’s the kill or be killed idea. Per horrible things that happened in Hungary, consider this:

                      There is a book titled: Germany Must Die! (as opposed to Nazis Must Die). Now imagine a book titled: Jews Must Die! (yet there’s no such book). After the war Jewish Russians raped German civilian women, and captured and tortured German men. Then a campaign to wipe Germany off the earth was initiated by firebombing. Millions of civilians: men, women, and children, were burned alive. The country was left in ruins. (see the YouTube video Hellstorm) So what about MY Holocaust?

                      And in your article they talk about gassing vans. Sounds like science fiction. If you had a hose connecting the tailpipe to the interior, how could the exhaust escape so the van keeps running instead of killing the driver from carbon monoxide? And where’s the physical evidence of a gassing van? So that discredits that entire website you pulled up.

                      Since Capitalism and Marxist “Socialism” are equally horrible failures and destructive to society, we need a 3rd option. Nobody in modern times outside of the Nazis (as far as I know) came up with a good third option: National-Socialism (which I call Folk-ism). Also, unlike Nazis, other Gentile Whites don’t give a damn if our race is degraded, victimized, and crushed down into a little subservient pile of shit.
                      *********Those are my reasons.***********

    • Lets not forget that most of the “conservative” women hate incels like their lefttist counterparts so having a republican president would not help us either

  4. Yes, that’s why I’m working now only to leave this country as soon as possible. I’ve had to learn online skills I never thought I would need to know. I’ve heard the “love it or leave it” argument one too many times, and I tend to agree with it. But it’s a tragedy really, I want to stay in the country where my friends and family live, and their small and often twisted/moronic minds never understand why I would want to leave. I want to stay here because I like the language and I like a few things about it, the feeling that I’m at home, but I recognize it won’t last that way forever.

    I want to leave because I see the writing on the wall.

    The smarmy liberal cockroaches in this country are and always will be, the true vermin. It’s amazing how so many of them live off the real economy (the heartland of the U.S., which is predominantly agriculture and manufacturing) while they work fake jobs in the phony economy (like writing bogus articles or working in retail). They have no idea how much they actually depend on the Middle America Whites for everything and they treat them like slaves. At least ancient slaves were thrown a bone once in a while.

    As someone once put it, “If America were to lose all of its Democrats, it would be a quieter country, sure. It might be a little dull and boring but it would be high-functioning and successful. If America were to lose its Republicans, it would become a third world country overnight.”

    The immigration here is bad but it’s really just adding insult to injury at this point. I really think many except for Muslims will simply “integrate” into the Western model, putting us right back into the same problem. I don’t blame them for being lazy and not working, why would you work in a country that actively punishes it? A gov’t that takes away so much money at the Federal, State, and Local level where even wealthy areas have no free health care, no safe public schools, and shitty roads and infrastructure.

    But it’s only going to even function as a country for the next 10-15 years at most. I would bet a lot of money on that. At that point White Americans will have to make a hard choice and Balkanize or risk losing everything. Those “Make America Great Again” or “Take America Back” mentality is dumb but people buy into it. I mean the system failed one time to protect itself, even if it went back, what would prevent the same things from happening? People here are stupid and forgetful, never learning from their mistakes. Leftoids that survived would just lobby for the same things all over again.

    The average White American man (as well as intelligent Muslims, Indians, Latinos, Blacks, East Asians, and anyone else) should be making a plan to run, not walk out of America. They should be looking for a place to live, how to work overseas, jobs they can do, learning another language, and most importantly give up the American dream. It’s not a dream to live here anymore, it’s a nightmare. Maybe if it gets fixed I’ll come back, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

    As for laws? Keep your nose clean. Use escorts if you need to get by without going crazy. The last thing you want is the insane feminists, corporatists and strangely enough, their communist allies to use their militant arm (the police) to come to your door and arrest you. If you get arrested, you’ll be stuck here forever, I guarantee it.

    The Trump win was nice, it gives Americans breathing space like you said, but it’s still only a few moments away from the next sucker punch.

    • Man, tough to read. Unlike most guys who express similar intentions, who seem to be somewhat calm and no longer angry with America, just peaceful, you seem to have a lot of anguish and pain, which I understand. Where are you planning to go, if I may ask?

      • The top ones I looked at were Poland, Hungary, the Philippines, and Thailand. Of course whenever I tell people this they always find holes in it, “Well this country has this problem or that problem.” To me it’s irrelevant, you’re comparing a country with a hole or two in it to a country (America) that looks like Swiss cheese. I believe these countries have a future and that’s all that really matters. Where they are going to be in 10-15-20 years is what matters. Comparing the quality of marriageable women in any of these countries to these women is apples and oranges. A good indicator of the health of a country is the marriageability of its women, all successful nations and growing nations have the best women. All horrible and abysmal nations have bad women.

        I carry a lot of anguish and pain because I realized the problems too late. Way too late. If I found a blog like this when I was 12 or 13, it would’ve improved my life significantly. I’m angry with America because they are actively trying to destroy people like me, well, people like us globally. They seek to turn the whole world into the lowest common denominator. I use my anger more as fuel to continue trying to get out of the country, if you become too passive or accept the terms and conditions of living here, you’ll never leave. So many have drunk the social contract Kool-aid even at the cost of their own demise, displacement, and extermination, well I’m just not as naive as some are.

        A good example of the U.S. doing this is look at the Ukraine or Syria, both of these countries even 10 years ago were starting to flourish. It was possible to escape and actually make a decent life in these countries (even though Syria would be tricky even then), the U.S. is doing its best to destroy all decent countries. 10 years ago you could’ve moved there, now I wouldn’t even think of it. They also did it to Libya although I would never have lived there. Also the U.S. is restricting people leaving by measures like FACTA which essentially fucks all middle class people who want to leave the country forever by restricting bank access internationally. Wealthy bankers and individuals can still hide their money with amazing ease.

        The U.S. was the greatest country on Earth for a long time and anyone with two eyes could see it, but the relentless attack by feminists and horrible cretin has left it morally and socially destitute. A country with no morals will quickly become a poor country and America is becoming more poor every year. And even when people say, “it’s for this or that reason,” it’s irrelevant empty talk, what matters is the future, and America has no future.

        • Few points

          – Yes, every country has its problems. I know a bit about Hungary, given that I live in a country bordering Hungary. Hungary has economic problems due to policies it adopted given that it implemented measures of protectionism and economic nationalism in a very globalized world/surroundings. Such policies work better if the country isn’t already a part of a globalized economy. So right now they’re creating a pretty run down place, doctors are fleeing the country etc. I was amazed to see that some Hungarian women (a small number, though) actually came to work in my own shitty country with a shitty economy because the situation there seems pretty bad. Now, of course, just bad economy shouldn’t be a problem for you, it might even be an advantage for an American, but couple it with certain xenophobia and things that come with policies of somebody like Orban and there are potential problems.

          As for Poland, Poland is better off economically but notice one thing Roosh said when comparing women from big cities like Budapest or Warsaw to small towns in America – that American women there are nicer than women in such big towns, who constantly stare at their smartphones. I can find you the link if you want me to where he has this article on it? Then again, problem is, if you venture into smaller towns in Hungary or Poland the atmosphere might be less tolerant. It’s really tricky.

          Philippines is still a good choice for a foreigner. I know a guy who used to post on who found a wife there and brought her to Canada. If you want to I can get you his contact. Thailand has a sleazy reputation but I don’t know much else about it.

          – In the light of what I said, and bear in mind, I’m not defending America and it is likely better you do leave, have you considered trying backwoods areas of US? Maybe trying to meet a girl there and then moving to a saner place? Or is it too hopeless? I don’t know. You should know better than me about that.

          – You’re being too hard on yourself in some aspects. If you were 12-13 you would never read this blog, just like I would never write it if I were 12-13. Not even if you were some extremely smart 13 year-old. I know that the 12-13 thing is probably not to be taken literally, but my point is – you are where you are now. I don’t know how old are you but there are incels who are in their 40s and completely blue pilled, defending feminism and liberalism. There are guys in their 50s with brains of 15 year-olds all around you. You’ve woken up and that’s good. Most never ever do.

          • This is a tough one, I’ve been thinking about the right answer to some of your comments. Yea I don’t think I would necessarily get married immediately in any of these 4 countries, I would have to go and see what they were REALLY like before going there. No internet article or television program will give you the true feeling of living somewhere. But I’m glad you pointed out the stuff about Hungary, that’s definitely made me reconsider. I don’t live in Europe after all, it’s hard to detail the different policies of each nation.

            “In the light of what I said, and bear in mind, I’m not defending America and it is likely better you do leave, have you considered trying backwoods areas of US? Maybe trying to meet a girl there and then moving to a saner place? Or is it too hopeless? I don’t know. You should know better than me about that.”

            These are extremely complicated questions but I would say that window is incredibly small. As you’ve said previously in another article, feminism would be incomplete without the internet. 10-15 years ago these areas were mostly shielded from the internet, America is gigantic, having internet service out to rural areas was far too much a hassle. For a long time after that, the internet they did have was so slow it was unusable and there were no such things as smart phones. Not to mention that SJWism hadn’t completely rocked the country yet, things were much slower and simpler.

            It’s much different now. If 15 years ago we’ll say 20-25% of young women in those areas were marriageable (cutting out trailer trash, women already married, and some liberals), I would say it’s well below 10% today. For one I’ve met several country people and while the men seem masculine and strong, many women have fully adopted SJW positions. I would say as many as one-third of them have adopted it. It’s a scary proposition and it’s getting worse, only those with sufficient sheltering from the internet and tv are any good (there’s also a noticeable difference that they are more feminine, happier, church-going, respectful, shy, and polite). And that number is steadily decreasing, most rural people are now getting smartphones and wi-fi with better coverage than anything the rest of the country had 3-4 years ago.

            The most difficult part though, besides finding them, is location. If you stay in that location there are no jobs you can work at and limited opportunity. However, just as people warn other men about marrying foreign brides while living in the West, how the women will go crazy and bleed you dry, I feel it is the same. You take a girl away from the watchful and judgmental eyes of her neighbors, family, and friends, who knows what she will do? My guess is most likely because as bad as any other slut in short order.

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  6. “So what did most incels choose? Insanity, in the form of their own Trumpism. And given their own circumstances, who could really blame them?”

    I blame them. They are worse than the feminist, the liberals, or anyone else. Even if they are too stupid to understand your posts, they are suffering enough so that they should understand that they should at least try alternatives, whether Islam or dating abroad. But no, they ridicule reasonable men and they obviously prefer suffering to sanity. At least their suffering brings me joy because I hate their guts.

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