I support the islamization of Europe

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I remember a very interesting feeling I had in my childhood.

Amazingly, I was too young to really experience the war in my own country, being six years old when it ended, and at the same time old enough to, unlike somebody born in, say, mid 90s, remember a period called Pax Americana. It seemed I was born to live in a period of eternal peace. I remember the feeling of relief in my country once the war ended, the idea that we are now in peace just like the so-called civilized Europe. War seemed to be a thing of the past.

I have this vivid memory of watching US and British air force doing some limited bombing of Baghdad facilities in late 1998 on CNN. I remember staring at the images of a blacked-out city filmed from above and hoping to see some explosion, anything, thinking “Is this what would be at least some kind of war?” But all I did see was a boring frame of a blacked-out Baghdad. For 90s were a golden age of action films. I’d see shooting everywhere in fiction, yet there was no war in real life and it looked like there will never be again. It really did seem war itself was coming to an end and I yearned for some action. Yet it seemed the only place I’ll ever see it would be movies.

Yes, during those years actual war was really seen by me and many others as something exotic that will never ever happen again. Sure, now and then some embassy would be bombed, some hostages taken somewhere in the world and Bill Clinton would wage some bullshit Monica’s wars but it all seemed like a relaxing hunt after a successful end to a war. Yeltsin was a funny drunk, Russia on its knees, China known by its cheap low quality plastic products. Everything seemed like America won the game called The World.

America itself was already really disgusting internally – fat, stupid, ignorant, self-satisfied, narrow minded, full of retarded skaters, sorority sluts and other monstrosities, all the things that started in at least early 80s and in fact much before (all of it stemming from the most disastrous decision in the history of the country, a decision that doomed every society that made it, 19th Amendment). Cops were already extremely heavy handed, insane laws supported by a majority of utterly delusional population unworthy of life there. (What should also be mentioned is that it had been already internally weak by deindustrialization done in the 80s, which resulted in the bubblegum economy of the 90s).

Yet, there wasn’t this atmosphere of fear.

All of this came to and end on September 11, 2001. In one day the face of America had been changed forever. All the nasty traits and the utter stupidity Americans already exhibited now came out in full force, compounded by paranoia.


What changed after September 11 was also my idea that war is gone. Pax Americana, that seemed so natural when you’re basically born into it, was now beginning to fade. Though the invasion of Afghanistan was a relatively small scale operation what followed in March 2003 opened an entirely new can of worms.

While American military might kept the fighting contained to the countries it invaded once this army left Iraq it could no longer contain the consequences of what it did. At around the same time,  Libya, a stable country in the Mediterranean was also destroyed for profits.

By 2014, with the occurrence of ISIS, despite this group being somewhat overblown in terms of its strength due to its skills in marketing, it was obvious that the mess America created was out of hand. Also, in 2014 Russia stepped out into the big scene again, doing an unprecedented thing in Europe since 1945 by taking a part of another country’s territory and reigniting what is basically a new Cold War. All of these are obvious signs of America steeply declining.

Influx of refugees into Europe is a big topic these last months. The only frustration I feel about this is when watching the silly, misguided reactions of Neoreactionary movement.

I am simply amazed at the idea that most of those seemingly intelligent, rational people can be stupid enough to believe Islam is what is the problem.

But, let’s take one thing at a time. In order to understand why this is so one needs to explain some basic facts about Muslims and women.

Islam is a powerful, popular religion that never had all the four necessary prerequisites (those being monogamy, female premarital chastity, good religion and widely available prostitution). It had some of those, but not all, and could thus never achieve the kind of creativity and success most successful coalpha societies like Athens did.

There were two really successful Muslim empires, Ummayad/Abbasid Caliphates and Ottoman Empire. They both did very well at the time, and in terms of size basically equaled coalpha societies like Roman Republic or even 1500-1800 England and eclipsed those like Athens. In some aspects it could be said that scientific achievements of Abbasid Caliphate even eclipsed those of Roman Republic and Roman Empire, which is not surprising considering the militant nature of the former and the increasingly degenerate nature of the latter. It is interesting that Abbasid Caliphate did suffer from liberalism during its heyday, even having female judges. Ottoman Empire was a tough, strong state in its heyday but also didn’t reach the greatest heights a society is able to potentially reach.

Muslims and Arabs aren’t some stupid, uneducated brutes some of the alt right likes the present them. I am sure some of the liberals reading my blog believed I thought so as well. They are, as always, wrong. Muslims knew how to create strong, prosperous and civilized societies.

However, due to them not being coalpha societies their decline wasn’t exactly due to liberalism.

It is difficult to determine the causes of Abbasid decline but it seems they have a lot to do with foreign invasions by Crusaders and Mongols. I really don’t know enough about the changes within the Caliphate itself but what is noticeable is that there was significant fragmentation since 11th century, in  fact starting in as early as 8th century with an Ummayad descendant founding a dynasty in Spain. By the time of the first Crusader invasion there was already very severe fragmentation – for example, Jerusalem had been taken by one Arab faction in 1098, just one year before it fell to the Crusaders !

Yet, the area of former Caliphate found often found new lifelines in less civilized but strong and vital tribes like Seljuks and Ottomans.

The decline of Ottoman Empire is something I am somewhat more familiar. I found (though I am no expert) no significant liberal influences until way after the decline already started. So far I am chalking it up to technology and poorer organization after 18th century. when compared to Western nations. After all, it is Protestantism that I found to be that great change that moved the world forward and even the Catholic Habsburg Monarchy was much influenced by German Protestantism. Still, even up to its final dissolution after World War I Ottoman Empire was a so-so place to live.

Even after colonization of much of the Middle East, including the relatively short term colonization of parts of defunct Ottoman Empire, Arab countries like Syria, Libya or Iraq weren’t doing that badly, though they were obviously quite dysfunctional. All of this changed in March 2003, when Americans made the fatal first step towards destroying the stability of the region.

And this is where we could stop on this issue. All else is pretty much widely known.

Now we shall come to the West.

Western countries that won WW2 were still healthy, self confident societies. In fact, had the fertility rate of that period continued the numbers of population would be  several times higher today. In 1945, Hitler’s defeat didn’t seem like a tragedy it turns out to be today.

West continued a healthy does of self-confidence all throughout the Cold War period. And then, for a while, it really seemed to have won. The trashing America gave to Iraq in 1991 was the pinnacle of its military supremacy, all while the USSR was collapsing. Get used to Anglo-American supremacy for a long, long time, screamed many of the headlines at the time.

However, this was not to be. It turned out to be a short glimpse of eternal success, as the fatal disease had already been sown.

Year after year even since the 90s West had been in constant decline due to feminism and liberalism. Decent men could no longer find wives, women became degenerate sluts always looking for the next dirtbag to fuck.

Now let me talk about women. Women always want to mate with men who are most reproductively successful. In current Western societies it is retarded, irresponsible dirtbags who can create many more kids than what are actual alphas like leaders. How many kids do famous actors or sportsmen have? Quite often more than average, but a typical scumbag makes that many in an year.

This is why fatherhood and taking care of the kid by a male partner are now separate things – women are virtually outsourcing biological fatherhood in order to increase their chances of having sons with more chance of reproducing. 

And this isn’t because these women are inherently evil or anything like that. They’re just taking care of their best reproductive interests. If burn victims in wheelchairs were currently most successful they’d have their offspring. They don’t care. What matters are the results.

Modern Western men are either retarded thugs or completely degenerate pussified weaklings who are usually completely incel,

These women want no consent, respect, or any basic consideration. To them, men who show even the slightest hint of intelligence and morality are utter scum. They want to be crushed like old beer cans. They spend their days spreading their legs to the lowest of the low. And this is no wonder, since their local men who aren’t retarded thugs are degenerate morons.

I met Germans. Even a successful, handsome and wealthy ones like Takis Würger are in fact degenerate, simple minded morons doing corny pieces designed for the lowest common denominator – this denominator being 99 percent of population. And if you don’t have his status but have his beliefs you get left with a load of nothing. Imagine German kids. Fat, rude, degenerate and, most importantly, going away.  Germany now has the lowest birth rate in the world, surpassing even Japan despite the fact it’s men basically went to shit and gave up on women. Germany is dying. A nation that gave more more talented people than any other in the history of the world, from composers to scientists, soldiers, actors and politicians, a country that in fact most Americans came from to US, is now a nation of degenerate fools.That old barren hag Merkel, who will never have to worry about her own kids cares little for any of this.

(a good comparison to solidify my point were contacts with Arabs I used to have while working with foreign customers – they were all extremely polite and much saner than any Western idiot)

For some bizarre reason most of the alt right doesn’t really acknowledge this basic fact about Western women, which stays contained on incel blogs and forums.

But once you are aware of this fact you can see that Muslims arriving in the West is an extremely good thing.

Current culture of places like Iraq or Syria is a pretty dysfunctional but vastly superior to those of Western thugs, whose culture in fact doesn’t even exist and consists of loitering and burping.  And those thugs are the fathers of current children in the West.

Muslims are different and now they’re luckily brought here to fertilize Western women.

  • Muslims have many kids, but Muslims tend to take care of their kids. Western thugs couldn’t care less about taking care of any kids and simply leave the care of the kids to cucks or the state. All the while decent men are rejected by fertile women.
  • Muslims crack down on sluts. Western sluts are why Western thugs even procreate.
  • Muslims usually make women dependent on husbands and don’t take away money from decent men to fund sluts.

What mustn’t be forgotten in this whole situation is that Muslims are one of the sacred classes liberals have. Like blacks or other minorities, in the eyes of the liberal a Muslim is a sacred creature that can do no wrong.

I will examine some of the alternatives, but they seem bleak as hell, since

  • As I stated previously, modern Christian women, while being much less worse than modern Western sluts, have several significant problems. They are focusing their religion around the worship of an nonexistent being and following the cooky expectation of male premarital chastity, which is sickening nonsense. And that is if they eventually don’t turn into…
  • This
  • Alternative right/neoreactionary/Dark Enlightenment movements are scattered and unable to change any policies. Any such attempts are bound to fail with 100 percent probability.
  • If you can’t change the dominant culture you can’t change women.

So, what are these anti-feminists, neoreactionaries and others doing by reacting so violently against Muslims? It is really baffling. I am trying to wrap my head around anybody who could think in such a way. Maybe some of you are just senile or haven’t seen the basic demographic data? Or maybe you’re unaware of the trends within the government?

All the ideological trends are going in a horrible direction. There is no future for the West. When you destroyed the social policies that made the West exceptionally wealthy, which had to do with monogamy, patriarchy and solid religion, you destroyed the West. When you empower sluts and destroy fathers you are applying the exact opposite of the formula that made West great before. That’s what’s made the West great, and it is now destroyed.

It is tempting to joke and call these anti-immigration idiots governments ops, SPLC employees or just data phobic. It would almost be comforting, since I am talking about people young enough not to have some kind of a brain degeneration. Sadly, they’re none of that. They’re just stupid.  I mean,I am talking about people who are not liberals. These are idiots who somehow want to push Muslims back to continue the cesspool that is the current West. But how many of them are actually against women’s suffrage or return of the patriarchal European values? What do they think would happen even if Muslims were to leave? Nothing, West would revert to state it was in  10,000 BC before the end of the century.

Women subconsciously know this and want to be bred by strong men like Muslims. Who would want a pussified Western idiot?

The entire nature of the bullshit white men are taught today makes them inadequate, as it goes against female nature.

Does consent exist in nature?


So who thinks about consent?

Losers think about consent.

Can women be fully lesbian?

No, they can’t.

So why do some women turn fully lesbian?

Because they’re disgusted by men.

Does contraception exist in nature?


So who uses contraception?

Losers use contraception.

(what must be remembered is that consent, contraception etc are useful and necessary, but in civilized societies where they are appreciated – these societies are now sadly largely lacking)

You’ll rarely see blacks, Muslims or such groups do any of this. Yet nobody’s accusing them of anything.

Men who are not inadequate do what they want with women and colonize them with pregnancies. Yet the society teaches men not to do that.
Inadequacy comes from applying the standards that go against human nature.

I just don’t see how can anybody with any glimmer of sanity oppose Muslims destroying the evil Western cultures corrupted by feminism.

What needs to happen is that Muslims need to destroy the evil Western society.  A society in which for example, you can’t even legally test your paternity in France. They should be welcomed with open arms by all ideologically aware people. The inevitable massacre of liberals by Muslims they worshiped like gods will probably be the most glorious event in the history of the world.

Men who can’t join an alternative group like Mikraite should at least expect to become dhimmis in a somewhat reasonable Muslim society. Extremists like ISIL won’t occupy the West since they’re militarily defeated. Demographics will, and, as I thoroughly explained here, Muslims can create solid societies.

Liberals have first enforced policies that made decent men incapable of having kids and decided they want no kids themselves. Muslim women bear many  Muslim children and now will many of the European women. History belongs to those who show up. It will be a far cry from what the West was when it was sane but much less dysfunctional than current West, a society demented and cruel enough to do what even ISIL would never even thought of – take away any ability for decent men to have any chance of having a partner and expect them to slave away for thugs and sluts. In feminist society a decent man can’t get anything. He will be tossed aside for any rapist. In a  Muslim society as a dhimmi or a convert you will have a wife and children. In the end, that’s what really matters. Even more than pork or beer.

Muslims must breed many European women and leave some to sane dhimmis who want to at live in at least some kind of a civilization. Everything else is a path to total destruction.

The West is dead. Refugees, welcome !


78 thoughts on “I support the islamization of Europe

  1. I completely disagree. Western Civilization is rooted and founded upon Natural Law. Islam and Sharia Law is not. I will always stand up strongly and firmly for liberty, justice, and equality rooted in the knowledge that all humanity are created equal endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.

  2. i agree, but as Conservative Christian twe have another option than Islamic State ruling, Russia too like Islamic country back to traditionnal values without need islam, so we need follow this model of Christian politics

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  4. Christianity is going backwards, is idolatrous and has no hope. Equality is not equal anymore and not complimentary equality. Islam is the way forwards. Natural law is God’s (Sharia) law and there are all sorts of fighs (interpretations). These rarely include the ridiculous Western concept that anatomical differences are in any way “equal”.

    You are completely right, demographics are going to win. Love this article. Has made me think more than anything I’ve read recently. I recommend you think on mrsperfectionism’s suggestion. I recently converted to Islam and am wonderfully in love with a Muslim girl in Morocco and highly recommend it. You get a faithful, modest, beautiful, young, clever, educated, intelligent and most of all SANE girl who wants to marry and have kids.

    Seems like a wildest dream come true for Western men (who aren’t thugs or morons) – and it is! Why did David Bowie marry a Muslim? Because he was clever and he wanted his kids and offspring to be healthy, sane and survive. It just takes a quick wash and a shahada and you’re in! You get some Arabic to learn and a load of (mostly healthy and hygenic) rules to follow admittedly but none bad. Who needs bacon and beer? Plus you get mosques full to the brim of brothers and sisters like churches were in the old days! I think your article misses the fact that Muslim women are also interested in clever Western men and hope you meet a nice one soon! My girlfriend has a couple of lovely sisters in Morocco – I could hook you up if you’re interested? 😉

  5. you should become muslim..it is easy
    start drinking camel urine
    rape 5 year old boys daily
    torture mutilate women daily
    soon the West will be bankrupt and the camel humpers will have turned the world to desert

  6. Caamib,

    I’m pleased to see your dissenting opinion, which opposes the Islamophobia of the cattle-like masses.

    And I’m surprised you had the guts to basically state that Hitler being defeated was a bad thing and publicly support Germany. Sieg Heil! We don’t need Hitler, but we need his National-Socialism, do we not?

    I’m also happy that Islam is encroaching upon Europe and America, so liberals get their asses kicked.

    However, you really don’t think they’d solve the incel problem, now do you? Polygamy is the deadly poison within Islam that kills the effectiveness of their conservatism, is it not? What I’m saying is: rich men hog the women, so we get all these incels anyway. The 9/11 guys and suchlike had to be incels. Otherwise, why would happily married men throw away their lives like that? Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I’m right, I ask you to alter your position accordingly.

    And yes, “Christian” women have diverted their affections to a non-exist being. That is, a god they have made in their own image. May they repent and embrace the true God, who truly exists and desires the good for all His creatures.

  7. Another amazing article, keep up the good work!

    There are so many things I wanted to touch on.

    1) Women in the U.S. and U.K. are twice as likely as men to convert to Islam. I’m sure this is the same in many other Western countries. The idea that you convert to Islam and that there will be no women is absurd. In fact if you live in many Western countries, there are far more female converts. Although I would be a little suspicious of the born again slut picking up a new religion, the fact women join an unpopular, status-lowering religion (Islam is status lowering in the West) should be a good sign they maintain some degree on sanity.

    2) “Modern Western men are either retarded thugs or completely degenerate pussified weaklings who are usually completely incel,” Completely agree as an American. I think one of the big things is that I really love the work Clockwork Orange, a dystopian future where rape gangs run rampant. The only difference is that no one ever said that women in that story would worship the rapists as Gods, but then again the men took much greater offense in the book than the women.

    Most Western men live a Brave New World life of drugs, porn, video games, and endless distraction. The incel men that realized their situation and snap, killing many people in the process, were simply among the first to realize it. It’s not a coincidence that school shootings started in the mid-1990’s, feminism had become 100% entrenched in all of the media, movies, and culture.

    All the while the paranoia of babyboomers has created a 1984-edifice with doublethink on all sides. Ours truly has become one of the worst dystopias of all time for an educated, non-retarded man.

    3) Germany and most of Europe is fucked demographically thanks to feminism. Even when neoreactionaries point to countries like Japan as models for how an effective gov’t should be run, they forget themselves. Japan is dying as well, feminism is obviously becoming a bigger force there, by 2100 if trends continue Japan will have probably 1/3 of the people it has now, if not less.

    They have men who are painfully incel called herbivores. Whenever listening to news reports they always talk about how these men have “checked out” or how they “avoid the dating scene”. Don’t make me laugh, they’re not avoiding the dating scene, the dating scene is avoiding them. Just like incels in the West, they’re alone because they’re often times far too intelligent and moral for the modern day.

    4) By the time the idiot prole masses rise up against Islam in Europe it will be far too late. It’s better now to just accept Islam, hell maybe even move to an Islamic country, just get anywhere that’s not in the coming crossfire. The alt-right is a joke, they’ll always be hated, the Left would never let them win even if they did so democratically. Most Muslims I’ve met as well have been good, decent, moral people with a great attitude about life. Compare this to the multitudes of Western bitches and white knights who have everything and are 100% miserable all the time.

    These alt-rights types go to impressive lengths to defend white people who would never dream of defending them if the situation were reversed. They defend white culture, which is basically just feminist culture at this point, by basically claiming that it’s not as bad as the alternatives. For me I’m not so sure, I’m sure most men would much rather have a decent wife and a family instead of spending hours on stupid forums bragging about how “superior” you are. While at the same time Muslims are having families, breeding, making friends, and having a much better time with life.

    I used to be in the alt-right but their pants-on-head retardation of defending all white people and viewing them equally is preposterous. I remember a long time ago I went on Stormfront (a premiere white nationalist forum) a couple of times and found some type of “White Manifesto” they created. The third principle was ensuring the absolutely total legal and social equality between the genders, no wonder these people are so fucking lost.

    5) The Americas are two continents that I believe are totally fucked in the future. Totally dominated by either Protestantism or Catholicism, these embarrassing religions do little besides promote prog values on a massive scale. The American black is the epitome of everything wrong with modern society, with poor (and now middle class) whites trying to emulate that trash. Hispanics fare little better, often using Catholicism and “family values” as their shield against people calling them out for being promiscuous, irresponsible, and possessing little in the way of making a successful society. Although Latin America is clearly a lot of countries, I would say about 80% of them are fucked and North America is 99% fucked.

    The irresponsible behavior includes: Promiscuity, multiple partners (sex before marriage), feminism, loving of gangsters/thugs/rapists, enshrining of equality of the sexes, having little religion, relative sliding morals, and being rude

    The Americas are dead continents with no future at all.

    6) I do feel bad for communities like the Amish and Mormons, who have maintained Christian morality in face of everything, and have lots of kids. But the Amish and Mormons are not going to be enough to replace the entirety of the White race. Whites if they want anything in the future, need to adopt a new religion.

    • Jacob Ripley,

      I like what you have to say. However, I cannot see Mormons helping even one iota. I see them as only making things worse, since they insist that people swallow their giant turd (book of Mormon, with all its nonsense). That’s so far out it’s outside of Christianity.

      However, I see both Protestantism and Catholicism as being able to help greatly. Right now they’re terribly watered down and enamored with feminism. But if Islam kicks them into shape so to speak, they might go back to their original beneficial states, with their traditional values. Mormonism, however, started out with a crazy foundation. Mormonism should be wiped out entirely.

      And politically, I see National-Socialism as the solution. Unlike most segregationists, most of them still seem to oppose feminism.

      • “However, I see both Protestantism and Catholicism as being able to help greatly. Right now they’re terribly watered down and enamored with feminism. But if Islam kicks them into shape so to speak, they might go back to their original beneficial states”

        I mean I think that’s a nice thought but a bit of a stretch. I would honestly love for this to happen but I’m not getting my hopes up for it.

        “Mormonism, however, started out with a crazy foundation. Mormonism should be wiped out entirely.”

        That’s true and I agree that Mormonism is pretty crazy overall, but again I was making it a point from a White, Christian (but more like religious) standpoint. That yea even if Mormonism stays around, it’s at the end of the day a wacky religion. And also, I’ve been hearing recently that it’s been getting watered down more and more, so I have little faith in it. Hah.

        “And politically, I see National-Socialism as the solution. Unlike most segregationists, most of them still seem to oppose feminism.”

        Yea they oppose feminism but to what degree? I mean their main platform is obviously more intensely focused on race and nation than anything else. Which is fine, that’s what they want to believe. I just don’t see how it’s going to be viable. Again it would be much better than anything that exists today, but still it seems practically impossible. But hey, who knows, 10-15 years of economic ruin can change a lot of things.

        • Hi again JR,

          Yes, saying that Protestantism and Catholicism can greatly improve things may be wishful thinking. However, if a hot woman guaranteed that she would solve my incel problem (miserable though it is) if I became Islamic, Atheist, or something else, I wouldn’t do it. That’s not who I am. I am Christian.

          And if all regular church members were black, while a local Mormon temple was 100% white, I’d still go to a regular church. Maybe if I acquired severe brain damage I could turn Mormon.

          And just doing away with feminism wouldn’t cure incel. Patriarchy dominated throughout history while feminism was extremely rare. Yet many men were incel throughout history. They just didn’t complain about it much because they got their genitals hacked off to become eunuchs.

          Now race is paramount. Although there’s a highly commendable idea among incels and their supporters of creating a “Co-Alpha” society to restore old fashioned patriarchy and crush feminism, these gentlemen, who I respect highly, don’t seem to understand that it would completely fail if you tried to combine different races under one group. Different races of men would be battling for supremacy, causing many men to be screwed over.

          Also, you need a good economic system in place, which is what National-Socialism is, among other things. By eliminating feminism, but embracing Capitalism, you’re still going to have incels or married men who are so poor they’d rather be incel, because fat cats will be screwing them over. And let’s say that both feminism was eliminated, and incel got to where it was eliminated, yet we’re under Communism. What good what it do to have an attractive loving wife if the government then threw you into the Gulag in Siberia?

          Now Mr. Hitler specifically stated that part of his National-Socialist plan was to provide conditions that would allow all decent, hard-working kinsmen the opportunity to get married at a very early age (thus solving the incel problem). Now when did Capitalists or Communists ever address this problem? National-Socialism is the Third Option in opposition to both of these common systems, both of which are ZOG tactics.

          You need Socialism (which National-Socialism would provide) to help the downtrodden kinsfolk. You also need racial segregation (which National-Socialism would also provide). Otherwise, you would have *international* socialism (Marxism), which would bankrupt the system, because foreign races would be leeching off the system.

          Hey, some miracles may occur when most men finally get to the end of their rope.

          Have a nice day/evening.

  8. The so called “islamization of Europe” is just a right-wing conspiracy to get rid of left-wing liberal politicians and get in positions once again (i.e. European nationalists, traditionalists and other conservatives would like to acquire power once again, since they lost it after WWII). A bunch of immigrants are meant to distabilize the situation in Europe, raise the crime rate, so that conservatives may accuse liberals that started the pro-immgrant policy. Even if it was millions of them, Islamization would not happen so easily. We are too screwed to accept Islamic morals.

  9. I’ve been having some more ideas of responding to your post, which I’ve been thinking about a lot since it came out.

    1) I think that show that you might enjoy has a lot of the elements of the decaying society in the 1990’s. And funny enough this show is actually a comedy, it’s called Seinfeld. Seinfeld is actually a great case study in how all these tropes you write about became created. I’m becoming increasingly convinced that the writers of Seinfeld were more like prophetic geniuses the more I re-watch it.

    My main thesis is this: In the 1990’s it became much harder for a man of average abilities and looks to marry a decent woman, this is not disputed (One could look to rising divorce statistics for instance). However, it was still possible for a man of average to above average abilities to get women on dates, even though the process of dating had become an arduous mess by that point. This show has your pattern of people finding someone and then turning into scum, breaking hearts, and then moving on.

    One, Kramer is the perfect example of a PUA/Scammer, he’s an unemployed bum, always mooching off friends(namely Jerry), and yet has no problem getting many women all the time. Women basically throw themselves at him, he even manages to get with a lesbian (moving with the point that there’s no such thing as lesbianism, they just need a man with sufficient stupidity and immorality like Kramer). Kramer is at least amusing and enjoyable character whereas 99% of thugs and PUAs today are horrible people overall.

    Two, Elaine is the feminist wet dream of the city girl, working hard, toiling away (instead of having a family), and whoring it up with many male suitors. Many of them are elite men in the top 10% of the population as well as dating total dirtbags. She even at one time dates an unstable psychopath who in one episode physically attacked Kramer. She’s cynical, bitter, miserable, and unhappy thanks to feminism, she ruins her best years going through the corporate world.

    Three, George is the average man of average abilities, and slightly below average looks. He thinks he’s stupid when really he’s just average. Although he can’t find anyone good to marry, he’s still able to get dates, as Western women weren’t 100% indoctrinated by that point (Don’t get me wrong, they were pretty far gone, but would still give the guy a chance). At one point his fiance dies and he’s actually relieved, which I don’t blame him at all for, she was a total bitch and a worthless slut.

    Four, Jerry is supposed to be the wise character, which for all intents and purposes he is, but he fails to correctly view his own situation. He’s smart, charming, intelligent, and decently good-looking but at the end of the day he’s being taken advantage of all the time. And again he can find women to date but just can’t seem to find one that will stick around (again probably because the writers thought it would be more interesting that way), but in either case he can’t find anyone.

    2) My favorites lines are

    “But how many of them are actually against women’s suffrage or return of the patriarchal European values? What do they think would happen even if Muslims were to leave? Nothing, West would revert to state it was in 10,000 BC before the end of the century.”

    I thought this was so funny and poignant. A great criticism. In America already the only thing keeping people from being totally feral and doing witch-hunts daily is the older, more traditional edifice. I have no doubt in as little as one generation (or hell 5-10 years), that everything will start breaking down.

    Also my other favorite:

    “History belongs to those who show up. It will be a far cry from what the West was when it was sane but much less dysfunctional than current West, a society demented and cruel enough to do what even ISIL would never even thought of – take away any ability for decent men to have any chance of having a partner and expect them to slave away for thugs and sluts.”

    I never even thought of that way, but man that really hit me hard. Just thinking of how the American media constantly demonizes them but at the end of the day they have a much more functional and feasible moral code than us. At the end of the day their way of life is sustainable (meaning having over 2.1 children per couple) and our way of life is not.

  10. Jacob Ripley,

    I’m not sure whose post you are responding to, since you didn’t address them by name. But here are some comments:

    1) Seinfeld may be a perfect case study and excellent portrayal of the way things are. But it offers no solution on how to fix things. No doubt the producers had the intention of portraying the Seinfeld show as the way things actually should be. So I won’t bother watching it.

    2) I certainly agree with your main thesis. The solution should be for Western men to completely oppose feminism. But since they apparently don’t have the guts, Islamic men may do that for them. What we can do is find out which businesses are owned by women and take our business elsewhere. And don’t vote for Hillary!!!

    And yes, history belongs to those who show up.

    By the way, you might be interested in my website: http://www.wowedbytruth.com

  11. 1) Well yea I agree, it was after all a comedy show, not a hard hitting drama proposing solutions

    2) I doubt Western men at this stage in history have the capability to stand up to the feminist behemoth. I think really that material comfort also plays a big part, since things are generally so good now, they think that’s the way it always has been and will be. When you try and talk to so many of them, they’re simply inundated to the reality around them.

    Also the cultural and social brainwashing has reached an insane point. I think (as bad as it sounds) when I listened to a MGTOW, he actually made a good point, however cynical he was that his thesis was that peak oil will coincide with peak misandry. Of course I don’t believe in misandry, I believe in the hating of white males by the current culture. I had to agree with his thesis, I don’t see things getting better in the future though. At least maybe not for the next 100 years most definitely and the best off will be the ones with kids now.

      • caamib,

        I just opened those links. They’re from a lesbian blog with pictures of couples.

        It proves absolutely nothing. If there were women who were fully lesbian they’d be able to produce a baby without male sperm. Instead, there’s no physical difference between them and straight women. There is no third or fourth sex.

        Also, the symbol for feminism used to be two interlocking Venus symbols while the symbol for lesbianism was three interlocking Venus symbols. The meaning of the symbols simply reversed.

        The connection between lesbianism and feminism should be obvious.

    • Yeah, I opened these as well and they don’t prove anything at all. It’s just pictures. I could take a photo of myself kissing some other guy but I can assure you I’m straight. Even if these women are couples I know nothing about their previous histories and/or whether they’re completely lesbian.

  12. Because that’s what our cells and hormons tell us to do. OK.
    But the question was not about the attempt, it was about success.
    So if it’s natural that not all individuals of a certain species get to mate,
    then it is also natural in humans. And if it is natural in humans, then it has always been like this and is not an invention of modern times,
    let alone of feminism. So I guess the idea that in patriarchal societies every man found a wife is just wishful thinking.

    • You fail to understand some very basic things. Of course not every man found a wife in patriarchy, but this was due to death from things like illnesses or wars. But it was never due to women being vermin that can’t even stand consensual sex, let alone basic respect. You’re confusing those things. Let’s say a male kitten died in the litter. This happens once in a while. This doesn’t mean that grown-up male cats don’t get to mate.

  13. Dead men don’t find wives. Dead men. Dead individuals don’t procreate.
    You’re not selling this as an argument, are you?

    • Watcher, are you trolling me? I told you why not all men procreated even in healthy patriarchies. What does you comment have to do with anything? Btw, as we know each other from before and you’ve admitted to trolling me before know I won’t stand for it. Either reply seriously, admit you can’t or stop replying.

      • As far as I remember I admitted to “sounding trollish”, not to trolling itself.
        Anyhow, maybe I misunderstood you. Did you mean the men couldn’t find wives because there weren’t enough of them left after a war/epidemic? The example with the kitten confused me, I thought you were speaking of men.

        • No, what I was saying is that the reason some men didn’t reproduce was due to wars and epidemics, not feminism. And it’s the last thing I, or you, will say on this if you go on making dumb arguments, for they will just be deleted from now.

  14. Watcher of life,

    caamib is understandably frustrated with your comments because it sounds very confusing, However, being an older man I know what you’re trying to say. I’ll address it now:

    First, what is quote unquote “natural” in nature does not mean it is actually “natural” and therefore right. Many, like myself, believe that originally, all animals were at peace and in harmony. Therefore things were fair.

    Secondly, and regardless of the first point, we are a unique form of animal with far superior brainpower than all other species. Therefore we should be held to a far higher standard.

    For example, many old animals starve to death because their teeth wore out and they can no longer eat properly. But we don’t allow our elderly to starve because of missing or bad teeth or whatever. We take care of them. Some male turtles battle over a female. The loser gets flipped over, cannot aright himself, and thereby starves. But if another human has fallen down down and can’t get back up, he doesn’t lie there indefinitely. An ambulance comes and takes him away. As for animals who do get to mate, like a black widow spider, the female black widow eats him after sex.

    So yes, looking to nature for answers is very helpful. But you must remember that we are not only a part of nature, we are stewards of nature. Our superior brainpower and ability gives us the responsibility to enact socialist policies to create fairness for our brothers who have already taken responsibility to do for themselves but failed despite that.

    No, I vehemently oppose the idea of international socialism, which is Marxism. That destroys society by trying to provide for every group of people and thereby bankrupting the system. It also fails by providing for lazy and criminal people. It also has a huge government that crushes the people.

    National-Socialism however enacts socialist policies for every hardworking and upstanding man, all of one and the same race and nationality. Its duty is to provide all men with good jobs and opposes feminism: Women are to be wives and mothers. Under that system the incel problem should be curtailed to a large extent. It is the Third Alternative, instead of Capitalism or Communism. Although it may be insufficient to solve all the incel problems, I’m sure it would be better than Franklin’s idea of a “co-Alpha brotherhood” (no offense Franklin, I give you credit for trying to find a solution) because as I understand it he was trying to amalgamate different races and nationalities of men together. If I’m wrong about that caamib, feel free to correct me.

    Finally, if a man’s sex drive bothers him every day that it won’t leave him alone, what is that part of nature saying? Did God make a mistake in designing every man with a penis and testicles, while some men who are supposed to be incel should’ve had a simple tube to urinate out of instead? (rhetorical question) NO, the ugly head of feminism rose up, which bedevils many men today.

  15. Somehow I knew you would show up. So hi KC.
    Caamib is busy so I’ll reply to you first.

    It wasn’t me to start using those “nature” arguments, Caamib did.
    And personally I don’t find them helpful to explain human relationships, the choices we make or what we are attracted to.
    It’s just too easy to blame women for everything. But that’s nothing new.

    Also, as an “older woman” I really don’t understand how you can be
    so goddam condescending when talking to me. I’ m not 12.

    Btw I have seen your videos on YT. Sigh. Not saying you’re ugly or repulsive, but hey, I can assure you it’s not feminism that makes you incel. Sorry. Are you like this on dates?

    And leave me alone with this National-Socialism crap. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Hi again Watcher,

      Thanks for responding. I shall respond to your contentions point by point, so please bear with me.

      1) WL: “I didn’t start those nature arguments. I don’t find them helpful.”
      KC: Okay, but you continued with the argument. If you didn’t think that Caamib’s line of reasoning was valid, why did you continue in that vein, instead of changing the course of the conversation?

      2) WL: “It’s just too easy to blame women for everything.”
      KC: As for me, I certainly don’t blame women for everything, which should be understood after reading my book/website (wowedbytruth.com) Yes, I may blame women a lot more than I blame men, but NOT because men are any better. Hardly! I simply expect a lot more from women because I’m straight. My best friend, who identifies as gay, seems to blame men for everything. BTW I didn’t realize you were female when I posted to you. I only read the last couple posts.

      3) WL: “As an older woman I don’t understand how you can be so condescending when talking to me. I’m not 12.”
      KC: Unfortunately, many people think I’m being condescending. However, I’m not, and they are being judgmental. I haven’t typed to you in a manner that’s any different than I type to anyone else. My tone, manner, and format is the same for everyone. I don’t know what you mean by older woman. I’m 48 and live with my parents, both of whom are 74. (You’re not older than that, are you??) They are both strong personalities. My mother is a retired schoolteacher with a Master’s degree and my father is a retired successful businessman, a macho type of guy. They’re both very intelligent. Yet I freely talk about these issues with them all the time. I even lecture from time to time. They take no offense, because they know that I’ve dedicated my life to gathering information about all the important issues of our day. And I would never even bother talking to a 12 year old about philosophy. 12 year olds cannot properly understand philosophy.

      4) WL: “I’ve seen your videos on YouTube. Are you like this on dates?”
      KC: I’m surprised that you saw my videos. How did you find out about them? NO, I’m absolutely not like this on dates. When someone is watching my YouTube videos, am I on a date with the person? Does that format even resemble a date? (rhetorical question). A famous politician explained that you must be hot-blooded and bombastic to influence the people.

      5) WL: “It’s not feminism that makes you incel.”
      KC: I agree that it’s not feminism alone or chiefly feminism that makes me incel. The biggest problem is my being born with a mental handicap that prevents me from holding a good job and socializing properly. No woman wants a man who lives with his parents and collects a mental disability check. This is beyond my control. However, for most men, their problem with women DO chiefly stem from feminism.

      6) WL: “Sorry………………..”
      KC: Don’t be sorry. If you don’t like my videos or book, give me some thumbs down and blast the crap out of me with comments. I can take it. Hostile communication is better than no communication.

      7) WL: “Leave me alone with this National-Socialism crap. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
      KC: Then in fairness you must leave people alone with the Capitalism or Communism “crap,” whatever your preference is. I’m not aware of a 4th option. And I challenge anyone to show that Capitalism or Communism is better than NS. Under both C systems mega-millions of people were murdered. That’s bullshit. I believe I know what I’m talking about and challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

      Have a nice day/evening

  16. Actually I live in Berlin and the ones who are having any problems with the refugees and Muslim invasion are Western men. A small minority of German cunts date and fuck these Turks & Arabs. The biggest problem is the cunts they bring from these foreign countries who get easy entry into the country buy marrying Muslim men who are already second or 3rd generation. These worthless burka wearing cunts are very much in line with their reason for being here, they are shitting out 2 or 3 pups a year faithfully.

    • Yes, but the point of this post was that Western men are worse than any Muslims. I find German men to be effeminate, feminist and worthless and German women feminist trash. So I’d support a Caliphate where Germany once stood if it could make the remaining Germans behave, but now as dhimmis. This is all you deserve. If Germany would reject liberalism and feminism and abolish all of its nonsense then I’d say great, let’s eject the Muslims. But that will not happen so Germany has to be destroyed.

    • “Burka wearing cunts”

      I suppose that’s why our East German superhero neonazi dumbasses
      preferably beat up pregnant asylum-seeking women.
      For your info: women do not ” shit out pups three times a year”
      Learn some anatomy and physiology!
      edited- caamib

        • ….also… 🙂
          Well, perhaps, but what do you expect?
          I’m a woman, “incapable of independent thought”, thus can’t be reasoned with anyway. Lol.
          And what is your excuse?

  17. Whoa whoa here! First, Watcher of Life:

    Am-Erik-An could be right IF the women give birth to twins or triplets. It’s now popular to take fertility drugs to create multiple births, such as Octomom (octuplets). Yes, it would be impossible if they only had one at a time, but he didn’t say that and it looks like you’re trying to find fault.

    Secondly, you’re claiming that German men are beating up pregnant women. As one who is half German, I ask: where’s your documentation for that offensive behavior? And if you do have documentation, where is your documentation that it’s only Germans who are doing that?

    Now, neo-Nazi. What’s that about? Is that a slur for today’s National-Socialists? If so, you need to prove that they’re worse than any other group (such as Capitalists and Communists, who are responsible for 100 million murders, at least).

    Now, CAAMIB: I tend to agree with your May 9th post. However, it seems extremely one-sided. Yes, American and European men are going down the toilet. They’re effeminate, fags, and so forth. But why did you single out Germany? Germany has to be destroyed? What’s all that about???????????????? Germany is actually better than some other European countries. I challenge anyone to show otherwise.

  18. Hi KC,

    1. Yes, I was trying to find fault. Wasn’t too hard.

    2. I apologize to your German half, I didn’t mean to offend you.
    As I am German myself I talk shit about Germans all the time, so
    that’s nothing to get upset about. The incident I’m referring to
    happened last autumn somewhere in former East Germany,
    where three teenagers beat up an 8-month pregnant woman from
    Somalia. I can’t prove it as I never archive anything.
    But why would I have to prove that it’s only Germans doing it?

    Sadly I have to assume that men all over the world beat their
    women, pregnant or not. But assaulting female refugees in the
    street is a different thing.

    3. Neo-Nazis. Yes, that’s what they are called over here. And I don’t
    have to prove shit. If you are so fond of fascism, go and make it
    great again in your own country. Shudder.

  19. Hi Watcher,

    I’m not offended or upset about people picking on Germans. I simply feel obligated to stand up for my people. Now:

    WOL: “Why must I prove that only Germans are doing it?” “I must assume that men all over the world beat their women.”

    SUN: That’s because it looks like ***card stacking*** here. Card-stacking is displaying cases that support one’s position and ignoring all contrary cases. Yes, Germans and men around the world beat women. HOWEVER: there are men around the world who are very respectful to women, there are women around the world who beat children, there are cases of women who killed their children, and there are even cases of women beating men. That gives an *entirely* different picture.

    WOL: “Neo-Nazis: I don’t have to prove shit. If you’re so fond of fascism, go make it great in your own country. Shudder.”

    SUN: Here, you’re definitely card-stacking. Again, let’s go over the options: A) Communism: 75 million murdered and tortured under this system. B) Capitalism: 100 million+ murdered under this system ( all slavery and organized crime is also a form of capitalism). C) Anarchy: Without any system of law and order, mega-millions of lives would be destroyed. There’s one more option: National-Socialism. Since the other options make me shudder far worse, and there’s no 5th option (can you come up with one?) then National-Socialism must be the solution by default.

    Yes, I’m trying to make fascism great again in my own country. There are numerous facets of National-Socialism. I discuss two of them in my videos: Democracy? and Sword of Justice? (YouTube channel: K C Sunbeam). More videos to come!

  20. i agree. i support the islamization of europe.. i’m asian muslim woman and know more about islam than you. so i can’t wait europe became muslim and 300-500 years later, we, ASIAN will invade you and make you slave (hello, slavic) one more time. islam will bring you destruction because it banned philosophy at abbasid caliphate about 11-century, the time when islam broke down (without education and philosophy you will end up being idiot, and i also can list 100 reason why islam would bring you destruction) and 500 years later after you feel the taste of losing, we asian will took over and became the central of civilization (more and more asian muslim became atheist secretely and chasing education & moral to be smart). asian are patient, we can wait for hundred years. come europe islamization, come. can’t wait for your destruction.

    • Are you Yellow or Brown? Brown people have never defeated Whites and Yellows in the long run. They lack the intelligence. And Yellow people won’t have anything to do with Islam (outside of oddballs).

      Either way, we’ll see what happens when Islam keeps pissing off Whites who have nuclear weapons.

      • I think we will evacuate from the West once China and North Korea have sane governments.

        Are you fine with us setting up Silicon Valley 2.0 for white, Indian and Middle Eastern programmers in our land if you institute an absolute whites-only policy in the West?

    • Where are you from? Kazakhstan? Indonesia? Malaysia? Afghanistan?
      Pakistan? Bangladesh? Iran? Or somewhere else?

      I’m racially Northeast Asian and I support the alt-right.

      We don’t care about racial separation which isn’t going to do us any harm anyway. We don’t worry about anti-miscegnation laws which are good for NE Asian incels. We don’t care about calls for extermination of NE Asians which is very rare among the alt-right because we have nukes and can easily devastate the entire world (regardless of who are the perpetrators) if we believe that we are about to be exterminated. We like free competition because we know that we aren’t going to lose in free competition.

    • I am sorry but I no longer believe that. I’d ask you how you think our sacred Patriarchy can be restored but the truth is that I am not even really interested in your answer. Not because I don’t respect you or anything, I just think it isn’t realistic.

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    • You know, very superficially this might make sense. But then you think a bit more deeply and… Well, this is like saying that Germanic tribes weren’t strong people because they didn’t just stay in 5th century AD Germania and tried to conquer all of that. If you’re a tribe from a underdeveloped location of course you want to reach a more developed area. And the time when you get to do that is when the habitants of this area how become weak and degenerate. What happened with 5th century Romans is now happening with Westerners and what Germanic tribes did then is what Muslims are doing now. Many Muslim men see no reason to be fighting in bloody and pointless wars in their own countries when they see a chance to gain the richer infrastructure of the West along with Western women that pathetic Western men are handing over to them. This behavior exhibited by Muslims isn’t weakness but strength.

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  24. I’m a 23 year old white-male & a convert to Islam. I started learning about it after realizing that liberalism/Christianity wasn’t satisfying the empty void in my heart, I wanted a new way of life, so I embraced Islam and never been happier with my decision. With its emphasis on strong family structure, self-discipline and pure monotheism it brought me tranquility and direction; got me to throw away the booze and clean myself up. Personally, I think that a developed Western world with Islamic values is not something anyone needs to be afraid of and could bring a new golden age for Europe, making us all better off. I’d ask for everyone to carry on with an open mind and consider looking into Islam.

    • “With its emphasis on strong family structure, self-discipline and pure monotheism”

      This is something that strict adherence to Christianity and the Bible doesn’t have?

      • Christianity has long fallen astray with no hope and in a few years will be supplanted by Islam as the worlds largest religion – demographics are the future. For me, Islam had everything that I wanted Christianity to be and more, with much more clarity and tranquility. It simply means submission to God, the natural religion, which has changed my life for the best.

        Also in practice, Christianity has long been abandoned in favor of radical liberalism and is rapidly receding in relevance, reduced to a hollow and largely ceremonial religion. I highly recommend that you read the Quran and take an objective look into Islam.

        Instead of all that foolishness, my priorities are now to get married (currently engaged to an amazing Muslim girl) and have a big family. Certainly beats being a thug or drunk.

        • Andreas_Z: Appealing to popularity is unwise. If all 7 billion people on Earth embraced a UFO cult, it would still be nonsense. Old fashioned values are also considered to be debunked, but they are still the truth.

          I would like to get married too, and I would be willing to marry a Muslim girl. But if everyone embraced Islam, then billions of men would be forced to be single/incel because of Islam’s polygamy, where some men hog all the women.

          • K C Sunbeam: Pardon my late reply.

            It doesn’t work like that. Islam allows a Man to have up to four wives, and there are rules and responsibilities on how that is arranged. Even then, the number of Muslim polygamous marriages isn’t that large; the problem that you describe is simply not a factor for most people. Polygamy was also a Biblical value until it was corrupted/abolished by humans. Ironically, monogamy was a concept adopted from the pagans (Romans).

            Unlike Christianity and other religions, Islam doesn’t comprise nor change its values, there’s simply no way to do that.

            • Andreas Z: Greetings.

              So Islam doesn’t rob a large number of men of women, only a small number. And that makes it okay? NO, polygamy was NOT a biblical value; it was merely tolerated. And that Old Testament is not my authority per my Positive Christianity which you call a cult while having no information about it whatsoever. So a 49 year old man with a genius level IQ who studies logic and quantum physics would be involved in a cult? Son, I recommend you do a lot more thinking than you have been.

              Now what in the world makes you think that Islam is not vulnerable to change/corruption????????? What about gay Muslims who try to justify themselves via the Koran? What about Muslim professor Hassan Hanafi, who said “The Koran is a supermarket, where you can find whatever you’re looking for.” ??? Hmmmmmm

    • Hi caamib, hope you’re doing well.

      **Andreas_Z**: There is another interesting and viable option that you may not realize exists. Please type: Positive Christianity on Wikipedia and tell me what you think. Good day.

  25. Lol
    You think the blacks coming Africa are going to take over Europe and make it some Islamic paradise? HAHA HAHA

    What’s going to happen, it’ll take a long time, but the blacks will be rounded up and put in gas chambers, machine gunned and drowned much like the Jews. The west is waking up to the fuckery of African ethnic’s. Lazy, low IQ and often inbred. Poor and diseased. Beastiality and pedophilia. That’s Islam. Afghani men are known to like to fuck little boys, thats Islam. Pakistani communities around the world have an average IQ of under 80, and is inbred, that’s Islam. Iranian and Iraq is famous for their solider fucking each other, goats and donkey’s, that’s Islam. Blacks throughout Africa live in the dirt and can’t organise themselves to shit in a letrine instead of market places and the streets, starve because they won’t plant crops, eat each other because they think it’ll cure Aid’s – wrong, you got aids from fucking a monkey – this is all islam.

    Islam is like the down syndrome brother of Christianity that wear’s the super man shirt and thinks it’s a super hero because so.

    The blacks coming from Africa may very well find coal burners to mate with and have children with, forcefully or not. But those children will be burned just like the adults.

    The AfD being voted in in Germany is the start of this. Poland saying not white, not right shows us this. Brexit, Trump, Australia closing it’s door to the unskilled – all indicator’s of the left’s slipping foothold. And when the liberals are in the minority, all it will take is a brave, mustache touting wild eyed facsit to kick of the great purge once again.

    It might be 10, 20, 40 years from now. Primitives like yourself are going to be taken and tortured for worshipping your pig fucker, Mohummad.

    Allah Snack Bar.

    • I would separate blacks and Middle Easterners.

      The Middle East had two periods of great civilizations. There is no reason to believe that they won’t enter another period of glory. I agree that Islam in its current form is problematic and Middle Easterners should not move to Europe en masse. However it is not true that Middle Easterners are incapable of having a civilization. They need to solve their problems but they will do fine (if not necessarily exceptionally awesome) in the long run.

      Blacks on the other hand are a separate group. I’m not convinced that the majority of them have learned or even appreciate any civilization, be it Western, East Slavic, Sinic, Indian or Islamic. Their ability to waste resources is surprisingly high. Their libido and birth rates are absurdly high. Their ability to store food and resources is fairly low. I’m strongly against any violence. However we do need to think about and implement peaceful means to integrate them into human civilizations and curb their overpopulation (condoms, free, safe and voluntary sterilization of those who have had lots of kids in exchange for food, etc).

      P.S. Are you fine with us Northeast Asians existing and prospering if we agree to (in fact we will regardless of whether there is an agreement) leave the West within 50 years? We just need to have sane governments in China and North Korea that actually care about their own people. 🙂

    • Well, I thank you for this comment. The idiots that believe I censor everybody would think I would delete and not publish this but in fact this comment is in line with all the rules, since insults are paired with some arguments. The problem is that your arguments don’t stand so well.

      “You think the blacks coming Africa are going to take over Europe and make it some Islamic paradise? HAHA HAHA”

      You’re equating blacks and Middle Easterners, as Rationalist already told you. Huge parts of Africa are Christian as well. I agree that blacks are of poor IQ and basically animals but guess what? 1) I place more stock in Middle Easterners 2) poor IQ and basically animals is what the Westerners are becoming as well.

      “Islam is like the down syndrome brother of Christianity that wear’s the super man shirt and thinks it’s a super hero because so.”

      Dude, please ! If you think Christianity is in any way more functional than Islam right now look at the state of young people in the current Western world, who are worthless trash. Their women are all skanks and whores, young men degenerate idiots. I prefer Islam to a culture where the same man can’t breed a woman and take care of a child – and this is the current Western culture.

      “The blacks coming from Africa may very well find coal burners to mate with and have children with, forcefully or not. But those children will be burned just like the adults.”

      No. What you don’t understand is that these children are no less valuable than white children produced by seduction. And if your reply’s gonna be something like “But you wanna enslave wimmen because ya can’t get laid you stupid jew” to a person who had girlfriends and sex you will just prove my point. Seducers shouldn’t be allowed to have kids and kids of white seducers are worse than any black kids of black non-seducers. This is the crucial thing you’re missing.

      “The AfD being voted in in Germany is the start of this. Poland saying not white, not right shows us this. Brexit, Trump, Australia closing it’s door to the unskilled – all indicator’s of the left’s slipping foothold. And when the liberals are in the minority, all it will take is a brave, mustache touting wild eyed facsit to kick of the great purge once again.”

      Let me school you on some of this

      1) AfD is voted into the Parliament. It is nowhere near power and no other party wants to go into a coalition with it.

      2) Poland? Oh you mean the hyperfundie place where you can’t get an abortion if raped by one of these blacks you rail about? Well, guess what- none of this means dick to what I’m saying. Polish women are still pieces of shit and Roosh’s experiences in places like Warsaw said they’re worse than women in small backward American towns. Imagine how awful they are then ! Poland has an extremely right wing government now but this does nothing to curb seduction or annul so called “women’s rights”, just like Trump’s victory didn’t make American women better. It’s all just your misconceptions in which you believe “right wing government = good society” without taking any real factors into consideration. If Poland repeals women’s suffrage, which no successful society can have, then one could take them seriously. Up to that point it’s all a joke.

      3) I touched on Trump. Brexit and Australia? Again, do you know what this essay says? It says that even if Muslims are left out the West will collapse on its own. I am not calling for Muslims because the West is functional. I am calling for them because the West remaining is a worse option.

      “And when the liberals are in the minority, all it will take is a brave, mustache touting wild eyed facsit to kick of the great purge once again.”

      I’d have no problem with that, as long as that fascist does the right steps in terms of banning women’s suffrage and all forms of feminism. Otherwise everything will remain the same. I will be the first to fight alongside such a man if he can get “women’s rights” to a 1750 AD level.

      “It might be 10, 20, 40 years from now. Primitives like yourself are going to be taken and tortured for worshipping your pig fucker, Mohummad.”

      Again, you’re missing the point of this essay. The point is that I believe there is no better alternative than Islam. Your post did nothing to say why the current West, with all the faults of it my essay lists, is a better alternative.

      Btw, another problem is that you have no idea how strong what you’re fighting against is. These are people who would have their own female children, wives and sisters raped by Muslims at any age but hate you for being straight and white and these people have enormous power. See how the America looks like today. There’s more witch-hunts against men than ever, under a Republican administration. I’d wager it is still much more likely that they will win and then hand power to Muslims, who will destroy them to the man.

      • I think people need to have a long view of history.

        In the long run there will be no Muslim problem because either they adapt or be replaced by those who do. There will still be Middle Easterners who will be at least moderately rich with or without Islam.

        On the other hand, the Savanna problem is much worse.

        • I think most people including most of the alt-right are too polite to talk about Africa. The current global norm of nominal egalitarianism is incompatible with the fact that Sub-Saharan African blacks get so much aid but still absurdly do not develop. Not even HBD can predict that happening. For example Qatar supposedly have low IQ, yet it is much more functional than Equatorial Guinea, a black African oil rich state to the point that Qatar is a legit regional power.

          The black African population is going to be higher and higher over time. They depend on aid. They are flooding Europe and the Middle East. They will be flooding Europe and the Middle East more in the future. What are we going to do about it?

          One absurd fact is that 60% of the unused arable land on this planet are in Africa. What does that mean? It means that many black Africans don’t even properly care for their fields or store their surplus grain (Yes, I’m serious). Well from both white and NE Asian sources I have observed that when white farms are taken over by Zimbabwean and South African blacks productivity rapidly drops. On the other hand once Chinese farmers show up in abandoned arable lands that blacks claim to be completely infertile vegetables “magically” showed up. In fact there are so many vegetables that some are even sold to the Middle East! Hence I think it is clear what messes up Africa. The problem is not the land (why was Rhodesia a breadbasket?) Instead the problem is with the people and their Savanna culture. Africa could have been a global breadbasket. Why are Sub-Saharan Africans hungry? Well, why don’t they get some fertilizers such as manure and store their food? Africa can certainly be well-fed without aid. But things are still fucked up.

          • It’s the climate in Africa. They didn’t have to store their food like the Anglo-Saxon and Asians in colder climate’s to survive winter. The lack of ability to store and organize food and not just over endugle in the now is called “deferal of gratification”. Warmer climates gave those primitive’s the ability to just go get food if they were hungry. No need to plan. 1680 the Dutch arrived in what is now South Africa… they didn’t have a permanent structure, hadn’t discovered the wheel and some of those animal’s didn’t even know how to make fire. Small pox and the flu should have killed them off. Then Africa would be the bread basket you talk off. South Africa is currently stealing the land from the white farmers … just like Rhodesia did. Looking forward to seeing them starve. Funny how history repeats itself.

            • I agree. Thanks for the nice history of South Africa!

              In fact I knew the basic ideas before due to the fact that I’m an HBDer. However I still wanted to ask these rhetorical questions to get normies to think about them.

              The humid and hot conditions in the African Savanna are evolutionarily degenerate. The modern welfare state is basically Savanna 2.0. A Savanna people tend to suffer from Savanna degeneracy: laziness, violence, rape, adultery, etc. In fully Savanna societies men are often unbelievably lazy economically while their female relatives work to feed them. The continent on which the Savanna is located doesn’t really matter. For example the Philippines and Indonesia are as degenerate as Sub-Saharan Africa.

              We can partly measure Savanna degeneracy by measuring how many marriages are determined by male sexual attractiveness instead of providership. We can also measure the degree of Savanna degeneracy by…..dried and pickled food. The more pickled and intentionally dried food a culture consumes the less degenerate it is. While sauerkraut is evidence of German civilization lack of native pickles in a humid area often tend to indicate extremely high levels of Savanna degeneracy. Of course the degree of Savanna degeneracy is also partly measured by uncultivated arable lands if there are enough people to actually work on the land if they want to. Areas where there is no need to actually work on certain lands because everyone is already well fed don’t count. Apply all three to Sub-Saharan Africa and everything is simply clear.

      • Well we agree on the suffrage of women. The current state of the west has feminism to blame. The rampant sluttery of women, single motherhood, race mixing and all the other degenerate shit that is so anti Christian in value stems from the 60”s free love movement. All purposfully pushed by the Jewish lefts anti Christian rhetoric.

        Islam taking over will end in what every single Muslim state now looks like. Dirt, incest and blacks.

        I see no distinction between any of the mud races. As far as I am concerned there is Anglo-Saxon’s and Asians. Jews and every variety of black is subhuman on a lower tier of humanity.

        I’m about to fly so have to wrap this up … read up about what the black’s do as far as raising their kids. Your rebuttal on the state of their children is retraded. Nigger children are so much more likely to act like Nigger’s than their fathers because of their fathers absence. This is all Nigger’s – not just African blacks but Muslims and Christian blacks alike.

        Society that you enjoy – electricity in the light bulbs in your home, milled timber that build the house you live in, the farmed food you eat, the cotton spun into the clothes you wear, the immunizations keeping you healthy, the Internet keeping you computer connected, the tax dollars keeping your government functioning to keep all this working was invented by either an Anglo-Saxon or an Asian. Nothing else matter’s. White man is the future of the west. If it’s not, it’ll look like the sewer Africa is.
        And I understand what I’m fighting against. I’m currently liquidating my life to move my family to a gated white christian community in Texas. Laugh if you will – lowest teen pregnancy, lowest crime rate, highest income county for the state. High rate of graduation for high school – not white not welcome is what I was told when we were screened to move there. Almost no drugs and no crime… funny how that works.

        Typos and misplaced Grammer is the POS phone I’m using. Let’s continue this later on, got a plane to catch – thanks, Wright brothers.

      • I’m ok with 99% you say but Abortion is mainly FEMINIST bloody murder.

        They use them the fetuses to make women’s cosmetics. And it’s no joke.

        Some time ago I made a contribution to a alt-right blog, I think it was the thread of the “children’s trafick” or the “organs” I don’t remember.

        And I put enough data on U. S. Parenthood dedicated to extracting abortions from women with advanced pregnancies. Videos and stuff.

        Pharmaceuticals demand embryos/fetuses in their entirety.

        So the abortions they do, it’s to get the fetus out of the buttocks to preserve the body better than if it were taken out of the head. A forbidden practice or something.

        Sometimes the order for pharmaceuticals is on a piece by piece basis. And a worker who ended up having psychological problems with working there told us that they had to remove the organs while the fetus was still moving and so on. The brain through the nostrils, etc.

        Some are therefore for drug analysis. Instead of using mouse organs, baby organs are highly prized.

        Others are for cosmetic production.

  26. With gun control, men are not real men. I think the great problem is the herd, conformist mentality of most people on this world. People are afraid to think in a different way, they are afraid of losing their job, are afraid of social rejection. They dont want to face society. I’m south american, there’s gun control here too, and that’s why is a very violent place. The good thing is that civilization does not work without white man being engineers etc white men failing in life because of muslins criminals means no more scientist, engineer, etcno more techinal jobs etc this means no more civilization, there will be a point where everything will be ruins, Evola said about it, Varg Vikernes etc the west will fall. My english is weak.

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