The party is over

I recently got an e-mail with several very detailed questions about my behavior on dates. Each question contained several shorter sub-questions. They asked if I am doing this or that on date, listing various behaviors stereotypically considered unattractive, which meant that not all of them were actually that to vermin like modern Western women. So these questions were an odd mixture of what is considered rude and obnoxious (and thus is actually attractive) and what actually is unattractive, all obviously put in the context of them being unattractive. This meant that the person asking them was quite, as they might say, Blue Pilled, but the tone itself was quite cordial so my reply was something like the following…

  • I don’t think all of the behaviors listed are unattractive
  • I used to do some of this but…
  • And this is what matters, it no longer actually matters I’ve stopped going on dates in about December 2013, going on what could possibly be considered one more in spring 2014. Heck, there was even a post about me saying I’m giving up women or something (which didn’t exactly happen the way I imagined at the time) during that time.
  • The reason I stopped on going dates is that I came to realize that they were a waste of time with my current approach. I no longer looked for any dates,

What happened later, after spring 2014? Well, basically, during the summer and autumn of 2014 I had what I now call The Awakening. Now that I finally had some free time some free time to stop and observe the world more I realized some very unpleasant truths about modern Western women. Some would include that

  • Their nature is so fickle and potentially vicious that they can be only be good under tight control in a patriarchal society.
  • That modern Western women are thus mostly completely incapable of relationships.
  • That modern Western like abuse and rape (I’ve since realized that they like much worse, like being shot and decapitated – even if the victims themselves will die other women will like it, and so will the shooting victim if she survives). They want to be squashed like bugs.

Nowadays I always laugh at those people who still call me “clingy” or whatever. Umm, have any of you idiots seen this article and the way I show how I treated cunts who messaged me there?

Yes, The Awakening is why I, for example, why I made such a sudden U-turn with somebody like JesslynNicole, regardless of whether she was genuine or not. In the past I’d actually want to meet these cunts. Now I knew the truth – that they were attention seeking rape worshiping scum. Hell, one of them even bore a rapist’s child.

But what was I to do next? I was never about to make peace with any of this.

My initial idea was to go on dates and use completely different tactics to the one I used previously, now employing psychological and even physical violence (up to a point of breaking women’s legs).

But after doing something else in late December – early January I dropped the dates idea completely.

See, after hanging out with my former friend-with-benefits during that time something just dawned on me.

I remembered how me and this girl met. I met her in 2013, the year when I made an ill-fated and senseless push into over 50 dates, trying to find a girlfriend due to not knowing what I know now.

I didn’t treat her any differently than I treated any of the other trash I met there yet in her case I had no problem sleeping with her on our third “date” (which was more of our third meeting, since the “date” consisted of meeting up and going to what was then my place). And it might have happened even sooner.

This was because this women was, which I didn’t know at the time but knew by then, a schizophrenic.

This was why she, ironically, was basically unable to contract the usual feminist disease of being disgusted by decent men. She still had all the other symptoms of the decline –  was stupid, a huge slut and completely divorced from reality, yet all those other girls usually had all these symptoms and found me unattractive. She didn’t.

Meeting her again after an year and a half made me remember her more starkly and consider all of this in a new light.

I was a loser for even going on dates. 

I have forgotten the old truth Cornfed stated in 2012

Western females are just public urinals being used by different dirtbags. The idea that it is possible to form a relationship with them is ridiculous. Similarly, dating is a thing of the past. This is because Western females are all sluts trying to increase their slut status among other sluts. Therefore they want to be f***ed by high status men. It follows that perceived high status men will have sluts constantly throwing themselves at them, so they won’t have to date to get sex – they can just take their chosen slut home or to a convenient location to f**k right away. Hence it follows that if you are asking for a date with a female then you are not of high status, so as far as the female is concerned you are a loser she wouldn’t want to date. The slutification of females has rendered dating obsolete as a cultural construct. The only way to score Western sluts is if you get across the message that your only interest in them is to perform the most degrading sex acts you can think of on them before severing all contact and that you don’t really care if they don’t want to because you can easily find some other slut who will.

So I dropped the dates idea and tried doing something else.

The actual specifics cannot really be mentioned (it will be obvious why when I do my post on some of the methods) but it has to do with many of the things my haters accused me of. I did all this and more. Every day was a new experience, a new challenge to see just how much modern Western sluts, these beings completely mad due abolishment of male authority over them, completely incapable of standing even the slightest sign of respect and politeness, could take. Of course, the answer (as was already known by my experiences with women even before that, experiences which I failed to grasp accurately up to that point) was – just about anything. Any indecency and barbarism was bearable to these animals.

The party was finally and thoroughly over and it won’t ever be repeated.

All of my life I was lied to about relationships, never being told that healthy relationships can only occur in a patriarchal society. I was told to date virtual sperm tankers with no lock on the tank door and so I suffered.

No more.

Right now my idea of a “girlfriend” in the West would be constant beatings and rapes, with no sort of other activity or even basic communication.  I’d virtually urinate and defecate on this slut. And I’d be liked for this. 

Right now I am even considering dates again, but, knowing what I know now, just to blow off some steam on a slut without any sexual connotations (since I now know they’d be rendered impossible by the fact we even went on a date), simply to hurt what I hate.

Right now I am aware that non-consensual sex is actually morally better in  modern Western society, as being able to procure consensual sex virtually guarantees you being a monster.

Simply put, the gig is up.

Modern Western women no longer want any respect, consent or to be treated as anything than dogshit.

Please, stop taking any of their “will” into consideration. They are just sperm tankers with no locks on the tank door.

If you believe you can have a “relationship” with them you will suffer and deservedly so.

It is time for intelligent men of the West to see them for what they are and to have no business with them, using only prostitutes, until they can leave the West. Or, should they be forced to stay in the West, to treat them as savagely as they can. In no way should you see them as anything resembling equal human beings.  Everything else will make them hate you.

I am in no way advocating the unnatural, crazy ideas of the current mainstream MGTOW movement. In no way should you give up on women the way these losers want you to.

My proposal is different.

Their “rejection”, “consent”, “will” or other nonsensical, outdated concepts should mean nothing to you – they are gone, lost, no longer applicable. Don’t even ask. Using concepts like female will is obsolete. You cannot be rejected and you should not be wanted. You should just use the women as a public good, similarly as water.  You can no longer allow yourself to think in a manner of what a woman “wants”. She is not supposed to want or not want you. 

Sane young men must know what the rules of the game are now, thanks to feminism, which devoured women’s minds and turned them into mush.

The party is truly and well over.

17 thoughts on “The party is over

  1. Hey Caamib,

    Sort of unrelated, but I’m curious if you have any opinions of lesbians? They have to date Western women much like men, and they have a smaller dating pool (something like 2% of the population). They can’t really rape and use violence the same way a man can in seduction so it seems pretty easy for them to end up incel.

    At the same time, gay stuff is typically considered “immoral” in non-western places like saudi, and you seem pretty big on morality. Do you sympathize with lesbians or are they immoral as well?

  2. caamib – Go insult and make false claims somewhere else, you filthy trash. I had just 50 dates in 2013, for example. You claim I had one. All coated with a shower of insults and nonsense. You ramble about some looks when I went on 50 dates with women of various looks and never mentioned looks at all. You’re just showing how stupid, lazy, misinformed and delusional 99 percent of my “critics” are. This blog allows sensible criticism, but you’re out of your mind and going on completely wrong info on everything and you’re simply unable to back up anything you say. Ffs, please read some of the articles here before you make 100 crazy, false claims about my life. They’re just in your head. I won’t deal with your own hallucinations.

      • Because you clearly have no understanding of your role in a relationship and the role of a women, I honestly think you’re lying when you say you have been with women on a sexual level and you seem far to anti-social to ever be with someone on an emotional one. you are a provide and leader side, that is your role in a relationship and you do neither of these, I again think you are lying when you say you earn 6 figure as I have never heard of someone earn this amount and still be single, plus you have in the past whined like a child over your mum not wanting to have sex (which is still vile btw) with you meaning you most likely still live with her. You clearly lack to confidence of a leader and as such no women should follow. I honestly find it hilarious you complain about western ‘degeneracy’ while you think acting like this is totally normal. This isn’t come from some PC libtard either, I’m alter right.

        • Look, given that you claim to be alt right there could be some hope for you so I’ll let this slide but know some things 1. Saying me or anybody else here is lying here is against the rules of this blog. I describe several sexual experiences with women. It’s a bit of a stretch to say these are lies. 2. Oh, I’m too anti-social to be with somebody? Funny, given that libtards often claim I’m soppy and too emotional. 3. I NEVER SAID I EARN 6 FIGURES LOL. I’m unemployed. 4. The post you’re talking about is from 2013 and I’d never go through with it. 5. As for the confidence/provider whatever please read the Story of your incel post. It describes why women no longer need providers.

  3. As a woman in a stable relationship, you are fucking nuts. Go put an ad on Craigslist for a slave or something, you will probably get better results there,

    If not and you end up raping a woman and being caught and sentenced to prison, I hope you like the rape you will receive there. It won’t have your consent so I’m sure you will love it.

    • I’ve fucked some of you women in “stable relationships” even before I experienced The Awakening that made me realize women crave rape.

      You know as well as I do that you claiming to be in a “stable relationship” means everybody can still fuck you and you know as well as I do that you do not care about consent.

      • As a woman in an actual stable relationship, the women you slept with were cheaters and were lying about being in stable relationships.

        • Yes, I agree they weren’t in stable relationships. Yet, their friends, family and society thought they were. Such is the nature of modern “stable relationships”.

            • I thought so with some of them some of the time, mostly because I bought into your nonsense. But even then it was pretty obvious in some cases that it was just a joke, but it thought of it as an exception, not a rule.

              Your second post was so stunningly idiotic that it didn’t pass review, sorry.

  4. Caamib, I’ve lived all my life deeply buried in inceldom. I’ve wandered looking for the truth through r9k, wizard chan, puahate, sluthate and lookism, plus many other boards and blogs. I am getting convinced that you are the most enlightened being alive. You are getting closer and closer to truth about sluts and society in general. Please don’t let retards put you down, even if they are 99% of everybody. We incels need your leadership. Respect.

    • Umm, not sure if serious but I don’t want to be any leader nor am I the most enlightened person around. Plus your nickname kinda works against you being serious but ok. Thanks, I guess?

  5. Hi caamib!

    caamib- Hi. thanks for your advice but please don’t mention this here. I will keep you on moderation for now in case you do again. No hard feelings, just don’t think it’s wise to mention it here.

  6. Mweli’s comments are now removed, aside from the one about Islamic immigration. Why? This person had 4, not 1, 2 or 3, but 4 CHANCES to pay attention to my explanation of why their already trollish and stupid idea is just that. Instead they started breaking the rules.

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