God is dead but the music is still playing

One huge reason why I haven’t been writing lately is, aside from my usual depression and complete brokenness, a sense of shame in a way.

I am ashamed and frightened of reactions I would get for moving much further away from any position “officially” held by modern society. Reactions would more likely amount to shock and disbelief than anger.

I have tried to explain that there is no woman who would like me for reasons that have nothing to do with any of my choices in my huge mangum opus The story of your incel.

Even if I would gain some sympathy from a woman it would all be short lived and manufactured, just like giving white blood cells to somebody with advanced leukemia? A woman would soon see I am a coalpha and be disgusted.

But how am I to explain there is no woman I’d be as cruel to as to such a woman, who would express manufactured sympathy?

To put it more simply, if a woman wanted me, even for a short while, I’d consider myself, even more than her, evil scum. 

How am I to explain that such a woman would be facing violence to the point of basically being given a death sentence?

How am I to tell men, most of whom are also completely irrecoverable, that Western women are no longer to be treated as any sentient beings? That they are literally game to be hunted.

Hence the title. God is indeed dead, but the music is still playing. People still believe old concepts of relationship, marriage and consent that no longer exist and are merely rearranging the chairs on Titanic.

In a society which claims to fight for even more equality, respect and civility each day these things are now completely gone and unwanted – just look at any film from the 40s or 50s and see how women were treated in what is now laughably called a  more misogynistic society.

Modern Western women want disrespect, rape and violence more than ever. At the same time we are being told that these things have been partially stopped and that there is a struggle for these things to stopped even more. Though all the trends are going in a catastrophic direction we are being told they are going in an exactly opposite direction.

World that once was is gone but its shabby old photo is very much alive and is considered a reality. .

Why is that?

The answer to this is trivial.

Modern progressive liberalism is an aberrant form of Christianity. It retained horrible values of it stemming from the New Testament like universalism while violently rejecting the supernatural and patriarchal parts.

God is dead but the music is still playing.

7 thoughts on “God is dead but the music is still playing

  1. Hi caamib,

    I agree that modern progressive liberalism is often an aberrant form of Christianity.

    And this type of modern progressive liberalism does retain some New Testament ideas while rejecting the supernatural and patriarchal parts.

    ***Here’s where you lost me***: It retained horrible values of the NT like universalism????????? Just in case you’re saying that the NT teaches universalism (which many people think), that would be totally false in most senses.

    The only type of “universalism” that the KJV NT teaches is that everyone should be of the Christian religion. It does not teach that everyone will be saved; quite the contrary. It does not teach that every ethnicity should combine into some type of New World Order. It does not teach race mixing. It does not teach that all men are created equal. Nowhere does not teach international socialism. That would be impossible anyway due to the lack of modern transportation.

    Any clarification? Have a nice day/evening.

    • Hi KC,
      …..it does not teach that all men are created equal…
      You know what I liked about the 2004 tsunami?
      After a couple of days you couldn’t even tell whether you found the mortal remains of a European/American tourist or a Thai or some other Asian or a man or a woman…if you still don’t get it , read Gal.3,26-29

      • Hi Watcher of life,

        Thanks for your response. Gal. 3:26-29 teaches equality in that everyone has access to salvation in Christ, with the same plan of salvation. Considering that, I’d also grant that all human spirits have equal value.

        However, humans are very UNequal biologically. As long as we’re alive, this inequality is paramount. For example, the passage you just cited says there is neither male nor female. We know we shouldn’t take that literally and consider everyone asexual. It’s hyperbole to emphasize equality in Christ, to counteract the Jew’s insistence that they were the only spiritual heirs.

        This is probably the most common passage that liberals misuse to portray all humans as biologically equal (cultural Marxism).

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