Four common types of hilarious fallacies liberal lunatics use to attack me

Insane accusations against me, especially those made by immensely stubborn and mentally challenged haters, amount to roughly four things

1. Insane lies that have nothing to do with reality, like that I wanted the government to force women into sleeping when men with my former program was basically a dating service where everybody had the right to refuse everybody and this was plainly written (even by feminists). Or a lie I don’t believe mental illnesses exist or that I don’t believe in psychiatry at all. In fact, those acting like they don’t are the myriad of liberal lunatics who want to diagnose online despite them not being doctors and this, um, not being possible online in any  case, something any shrink would tell them. Ironically, these tools also claim therapy is a solution to any problem).

2.Claims I still have some problem because posts from said I did years ago. Like “He has penile insesitivity!” Umm, yeah, I had some when I just started having sex, jesus. Time goes by. Things change.

3. Claims that I am bad for having common sense ideas on things like consent. Ummm, you’re the bad ones here, willing to traumatize consenting kids with cops, lawyers and other vermin, while still believing you’re helping the poor child you’re traumatizing with your hostility towards sexuality of absolutely anybody but retarded sluts and sacred liberal groups like Muslims or blacks. Of course, a black or a Muslim raping a 2 month year-old is A-ok but a white guy sleeping with a willing 17 year-old girl is a criminal. Another example of this would be me considered bad for refusing to acknowledge that awful feminist trap of standing up for “victims of female-on-male rape”, when something like that can’t exist due to basic biology, namely sex being a female resource. Nonsense like the belief that women can rape men can only be created by over-socialization and indoctrination. It doesn’t exist in nature.

4. Interpretation of events that actually happened in light of liberal lunacy. A most common example of this is the claim I raped some women in 2012-2013 thought this never happened. In the first case it is a woman whose pic I posted on this blog in 2012 and who offered to have sex with me to take it down. Another is a woman who I told that I’ll call her in her home if she doesn’t have sex with me. This woman accepted only after asking to be given things. None of this is rape in my country or any country in the world. It is rape only in the demented minds of feminists, which would also mean some demented US/Canadian colleges or a portion of insane feminist prosecutors/judges. Nowhere else. One of these girls is laughing at my accusers, calling them mentally ill and calling me “her rapist” from time to time to mock these freaks. Insanity of this claim is even greater when we know women love to be beaten and raped and hate respect and consent. In patriarchy women want kisses. In feminism women want bullets. 

Hilarious. But so are the liberals. Mental patients wanting to put sane people in hospitals.

5 thoughts on “Four common types of hilarious fallacies liberal lunatics use to attack me

  1. Fifty years ago healthy societies shamed sluts and called gay men perverts, weirdos and losers. At the same time, people viewed male incels (a much smaller percentage of the population back then), to the extent that they even noticed them, as laggards who could probably become decent husbands and fathers if they could get a break with suitable women. At least they didn’t write them off incels as outcasts and expendables.

    Now the sluts and gays have become the cool kids with institutional support, while people calls the incels perverts, weirdos, losers and “misogynists,” and these guys get thrown to the wolves.

    How did this inversion of sensible values happen? And within my lifetime (I turn 56 next month)?

    People also don’t understand the real nature of the incels’ deprivation if they just focus on the sex. Involuntary celibacy deprives men of the experiences they need, starting at an appropriate age, for a very important kind of personal growth and development. The skills you acquire from these experiences with women don’t exist in isolation, but they play a key role in knowing how to deal with women in general. Ceteris paribus, women simply respect the sexually experienced and confident man a whole lot more than the man who lacks this experience and projects unease around women.

    Given the role of psychology and personal development ideologies in our society, with the emphasis on happiness, self-esteem, self-actualization, etc., you’d think that the need for sexual experience for personal growth would gain wider acceptance. For example, corporations invest resources into the development of men with management potential,. If a corporate trainer recognizes that a promising young manager lacks sexual experience, it would make sense for him to help this guy gain it to improve his ability to manage women on the job.

  2. I agree, I would also argue they basically strawman all of your actual arguments and go for cheap shots and ad hominem. Take away silly words like “creep”, “entitlement”, “rapey”, “loser”, “sexist”, “misogynist”, “seek help/therapy”, and “nice guy”, and then tell them to make a argument and there’s no way they could do it. I would be sufficiently impressed if someone actually had an argument that did not use any of these. It won’t happen, but a man can dream.

    In this day and age I would say if you haven’t had your first sexual experiences around the age of 12-13. Perhaps in the past it was more like 15-16, but by that time it is way too late for most people. After all studies are showing that with better nutrition we actually go through puberty even faster, the age of 12 now is about physically the same as age 16 in the past. At age 12-13 this is when you need to prove your sufficient stupidity and immorality, many women even at that age will deny you (Although I will agree younger women are less horrific than older ones in terms of demanding stupidity and immorality).

    If you don’t then just hope that you go to a school where you can get a fresh start to show off your omega skills or prepare to be blown out even more. Increasingly men are dropping out and male suicide around the ages of 18-25, and the media seems to have no idea what’s going on in these poor men’s minds. I have an idea, loneliness, despair, virginity, and the idea that they’re far too intelligent and moral to prosper in the modern era.

    You either become a misanthrope(1), go insane and go on a shooting spree(2), become a reactionary(3), commit suicide(4), or become a stupid/immoral scumbag(5).

    1) This one is obvious, you can see misanthropes (namely white knights) who subconsciously blame their own predicament on patriarchy and monogamy. Ironically their lack of support for these subjects is what got them there in the first place. This group is also on high alert for suicide watch, as years of white-knighting will get you nowhere, as women would greatly prefer a man who beats them than a white knight. Once white knights realize that all of their years of effort have not only been in vain, they will become deeply depressed. Many domestic cases of “abuse” are never prosecuted and the media tells us this is because of the fear of the victim. Hah! I’ve never heard of such a hilarious lie, the truth is that they love the abuser. They love the black-eyes, broken arms, slaps, punches, and busted-lips.

    2) The portion that represents shooters is an extremely tiny portion of society, I certainly would not recommend this to anyone. Not one of these shooters has satisfying and loving relationships, they are responding like a caged animal. Caamib talked about a Jew in a labor camp finding a handgun and shooting at their captors, I think this is an apt analogy.

    3) This number is also small, but those who seek reactionaries will hopefully find the right ones before they become in categories 1, 2, 4, or 5. We are growing so that’s a positive sign, there is a lot more information now than 10-20 years ago. I have cautious optimism that we will continue to slowly grow.

    4) This is increasingly common and the statistics lay bare the gravity of the situation. Almost all men who commit suicide are either lonely their whole lives, or break-up with a human scumbag (known commonly as a Western skank) who ends up ruining their life. People say there is a mental health epidemic in America, I agree wholeheartedly and would submit the solution is to bring back patriarchy, legalize prostitution, and send liberals/feminists to insane asylums. Suicide was basically unheard of decades ago, now it is the norm. If you are an incel and on this website then you’ve found the best resource on the internet.

    I was suicidal as were many incels and the thing I need to tell you is that feeling suicidal in the face of incel is normal. That no you’re not the crazy one, almost everyone else. Avoid therapy like the plague, I made that mistake before as well. Therapists are exclusively disgusting liberals who hate men and believe the answer to your problems is more progressivism. Of course this will only drive you deeper in as they try and convince you that you are a monster.

    5) This is becoming more common with PUA and redpill stuff now starting to become mainstream. We all know how disgusting and immoral these PUAs are but for a lonely guy he can pretend to be good with women. All the while not understanding why thugs and football players get all the women even while never reading a single page about how to get girls, where he reads whole bizarre screeds of canned lines. Of course this will not work if you are incel, what works is being stupid, immoral, and selfish. If you cannot become those three traits than fake all of them. If you can’t do that than enjoy being single.

    PUAs play on the desperation of innocent men who want meaningful relationships with the opposite sex. They care little if their programs succeed and for the most part they will fail if they don’t give sufficient stupidity and immorality training. But go ahead and throw away thousands of dollars in meet-ups and hundreds in books to end up learning how to try and become a scumbag.

  3. Are you referring to toddlers being raped in Africa because the perpetrators believe fucking virgins could cure their AIDS? Silly superstitious Africans! Virginity is totally overestimated in underdevelopped cultures.
    (sorry, totally uncalled-for)

    • In fact, yeah, I’m referring to that since what’s going on there isn’t common in the West. However, the point remains the same – some groups are beyond approach for liberals. Their current geographic location doesn’t matter.

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