The truth

Necessary for understanding this post:

There was this one poster on the Love-shy forums who had a signature denoting that he ignores what people say but likes to watch what these same people do. At the time it seemed like a sort of a cliche, but lately I’ve been thinking about that sentence more and more, to the point of even developing a slight obsession.

It’s just that it applies so much to everything I see around me, including online spaces. So, what can be defined as a dissonance between the two in online spaces, where you only have words? What are the acts here?

Well, obviously, more words, in a specific context.

It is by now clear that liberals are an utterly insane bunch suffering from cognitive dissonance of the highest ranking. This is nothing new, and I’m more and more inclined to see a liberal as simply a chameleon to whatever’s popular.

So, how do liberals show that they don’t do what they say in writing? It’s usually by doing what they usually do – making asses out of themselves. I’ve seen these crazies write entire screeds of lies about how much I want nothing but sex, and how there are many men who want more (it’s just that I am not one of them for some bizzare reason they never explain, nor could they ever), just to finish by revealing their true colors and saying that all men with my problems just want sex.

This would be a very simple example of not doing what you’re indoctrinated to say and then finally succumbing to your own stupidity, just to reveal your true colors.

This would even be hilarious in some kind of a different world if the entire current world isn’t based on ramblings by these lunatics.

So, what is the truth ?

Why am I actually incel, why are so many other men this and why are so many good men incel?

The truth is in the word OBSOLESCENCE.

If you living in the Western feminist countries you were probably told lies about women wanting respect, empowerment and good men.

All of this is a lie.

Idea of relationships with them? Obsolete.

The idea of these women wanting good, intelligent, hardworking men? Obsolete.

Idea of these women even caring about consent to sex? Obsolete.

Liberals might not be aware of this consciously, since they are demented, but subconsciously they know this extremely well. Things like their hysterical struggle to demonize “nice guys” (ie, boring men following a model they want all men to follow) ?  Their stupid claims that no woman wants a jobless man when basic facts of reality deny this, while also stating that just being employed can’t and shouldn’t be enough (it had been for our grandfathers, and they weren’t “entitled” to anything, it’s just what got women)? Their insane attempts to vilify just anything a guy who has filled the “criteria” does, all in desperate attempts to find just one flaw that they can blame for anything, while men with 1000 flaws are getting sluts ?

This and many other hypocritical, imbecilic things they say are just their incredibly stupid and vile attempts to dislodge the obvious and very grim issue, which is that nothing that the mainstream society says is true seems to work in any way and that the only reason why somebody still believes these lies is because they’re stupid enough to be indoctrinated by them.

If you’re sane and reading this you know and those sane people benefiting from the current system know it just as well – it’s just that they have no interest in this being changed.

From the age of 12 I was told fairy tales about respecting women, not harassing women, not beating women, not raping women, fairy tales about consent, relationships and other things that no longer existed.

Some of those believing this were simply too dull to see that the world has changed, even if they did believe in some of the traits that made the old system feasible.

Many were, however, actively working to demolish the crux of society, a patriarchal system, and just simply wanted to believe that the remnants of the system they hated and helped destroy would still exist, simply because they liked some parts of it and believed that they can survive with their base being destroyed.

It was, of course, a silly dream.

The reality was that everything of the old collapsed, and virtually millions of young men were left to deal with a new system they did not understand while being told that parts of old system that was destroyed existed.

For this to be done all that had to be done was to reshuffle the history a bit.

1. Natural female attraction to providers in societies where they were sought after was now branded as attraction to seducer males that always existed because… ummm, it exists now? This was done to hide the fact that in the past women hated scumbags and liked “nerdy” men.

2. Rape was made out to be a crime that revolved around whims like women’s consent. This was done to hide the fact that in the past it had been in a property crime against a woman’s father or a husband  or a chaste woman and that this made women safer, as owners want to take care of their things and rape was seen as a grave crime.

3. All of this bullshit was coated in thick, heavy layers of false historical narrative about poor oppressed women and their masters who lay around all day burping and farting.

Nr. 1 resulted in millions of good men being told that they’re wrong, no matter what they do, and that the problem will always be them. It doesn’t matter if they do good or bad, they are always the problem.

Nr. 2. resulted in a natural declining interest for new victims of rape, who were often sluts and intensely unlikable public goods, and attempts to mitigate this decline by Slut Walks and other travesties.

Consequences of nr. 3 could be summed up as general ignorance of any social history and just another step further to feralization of humanity.

It is hilarious how the rape hysteria in the West is ever increasing as this once serious crime is becoming more and more an obvious joke. Every slightest form of perceived fraud or coercion is now rape, yet dumb jocks and football players are raping at will.

The facts are that consent is now a criminal act in the West, since men who get women are all dumb thugs who never ask for it. Thus, women see this works and reject men with other approaches.

Consent is a criminal act in the West.

A date is a criminal act in the West.

Wanting a relationship is a criminal act in the West.

Any humane treatment of women is a criminal act in the West.

That’s what feminism and liberalism brought us. Nothing but people devolving into beasts, under the guise of some extreme sensitivity and political correctness.

If you want to “date” a modern Western slut every move you do is immediately wrong. You can’t date them.

However, myself and men like me were told none of that.  We’ve been told a paradigm that last existed decades ago.

We’ve been told that we could play Skyrim (have the lives our ancestors did) using Commodore 64 (old, outdated methods and ways).

So, what happened?

Many of us failed at the first step and never got any experience at all.

From a today’s perspective I’d say these were the luckier ones.

What many of us who did have some slight attractive features, like good looks, had was much worse. We’ve been subjected to playing a game we could never, ever, ever win. Going from one trauma to another, all because we were told that the game is winnable.

Of course, the game was never winnable at all. In order for it to be winnable we’d have to have no expectation but sex and act in a way we never could have. We were supposed to be somebody else to successfully exist in this time. When we weren’t able to do that we were called failures and said we should have acted exactly the way we did in fact act. When we said it’s bs we were called entitled and sent to be slave labor, expected to never have anything but pay taxes.

I now see how obvious it was that just the mere hints of acting like an aloof asshole gained significant results. This is seen in examples like

– the fact that the infamous TFO was even more attracted to me after I told her I met another girl at about the same time and even kissed her

– that the fact that I simply chose to ignore my future first gf for 3 full months, not seeing any point in hanging out with her as I didn’t initially find her attractive and was too shy anyway, made her create plans to stalk me and send me messages openly offering a relationship

-the fact that my second gf wanted to meet me irl only after I told her I had sex with another woman

– the fact that merely putting a picture of my second gf on this blog, after her admitted attempted torture of me, made her immediately consent to sex and want a relationship after this

– that coercing a certain woman into sex in 2013 was much more successful than initially checking if we’re compatible for a potential relationship, which turned out to be laughable, since the girl was a ditzy sluts incapable of dating anybody, wrecking marriages at the age of 18. But coercing her made her respect me more and we even shared laughs after it happened.

I failed to interpret this the way it was meant to be interpreted – that even the whiff of savage behavior is enough to create some attraction, but that this attraction can never result in any relationships, since modern Western women are incapable of them.

I was burnt by trying to enter relationships with animals who were never meant to be in a relationship anyway. Their lives prove it extremely well, as both of my ex-gfs wrecked all of their subsequent “relationships” as well.

A way out would have been to teach me to abuse and mutilate women at the ages of 13-14, just to get some sexual experience, and to be prepared to leave the West at around 20 at the latest. It is dead, with no future at all. This somewhat more violent approach than seducers have would be necessitated by the fact that I lacked any seduction skills, not being an omega monster.

Yet, none of this happened. Instead many people are actually shocked about these revelations I had to make myself, at enormous costs, and way, way too late.

There was never any chance of me having a girlfriend here. Every move I’d make was immediately wrong, as the game had been rigged before I started growing teeth.

And I was hated, hated to the max for simply expressing my pain and refusing to fund the feminist system which destroyed any sanity. I was predestined for jail, where all who oppose the system and women are disgusted with go. Some barbaric measures postponed this, but they didn’t make me feel better. My type was meant to be a father and a husband in a world where such men are seen as scum.

So what does this leave somebody like me with at this late hour? A broken man who doesn’t even try to go on dates, seeing them as criminal acts in the eyes of modern Western women. A man who thinks and acts like an animal, because he rightly sees the world as feral.