Cutting off the head of psychiatry

This was initially supposed to be a long post about my experiences with psychiatry. However, I now deleted all of that and will make this a very short post, which be much better and interesting, plus have the added benefit of keeping the attention of more people who should read it, though they are unlikely to understand it.

Why is psychiatry useless for incels and why did I even ban mentioning it as a solution on this blog ?

Because it doesn’t solve the two main issues it should solve, which are

1. Finding a romantic/sexual partner

2. Unless nr.1 is possible, coping with this for a lifetime.

Regarding point 1, I’ve never seen a case where psychiatry helped with the first issue and I have no idea how it could at all. Current society is ruled by idiocy and irrationality. Even a man with advanced, severe paranoid schizophrenia is in a better position to attract a woman than a man who has any brains whatsoever. All the traits that will get you a woman, like seduction, stupidity or physical violence, are something you will not teach in any form of psychiatric treatment.

Also, the overall idea that something is wrong with “you” and not “them” is something that can at least not be proven, let alone parroted in the insane way it is now.

As for point 2, this point is just silly and doesn’t deserve much words. If you can cope with your incel you are not incel at all but either aromantic/asexual or a lunatic.

In order for a reasonable incel to try psychiatry he’d have to be convinced that at least one of these things is something psychiatry can solve. Sadly for the first point, and luckily for the second, there is simply no empiric or scientific proof I have ever seen of either.

So, why the incessant parroting of psychiatry as some kind of a solution by liberals?

For reasons mentioned even from my earliest posts and is my description of liberals I call “The Atheist Cult” (it’s not an actual cult) – because psychiatry is one of the most important tenets of liberal religion, and must never be questioned.

For that reason alone it would be senseless to describe my actual experiences with psychiatrists even if the key reasons I discuss here would somehow not be entirely correct ( but they are entirely correct) – there will always be morons who will actually analyze those senseless visits to psychiatrists and say the fault is, of course, not with simple facts stated here, or with therapists (a typical strawman idiots make, since this isn’t even claimed in the text), but with me, for rejecting a liberal God. Not to mention that these stories are boring.

So, yes, while I did ask my last shrink (who had many reactionary ideas like me, lest we wouldn’t get to this)  after an year of therapy to cut off a head of a feminist of his choosing and ditched him when he refused, this is completely irrelevant and was just written here to justify the title of the post.