An announcement

We are using this account on the behalf of our national Police Department to announce an important recent development regarding the owner of this blog that we feel might make a lot of people feel less concerned.

He had been traced by our unit for months. His postings caused an enormous concern from the very start but at that time we still had no means of acting at our disposal. However, our concerns increased as his behavior grew more and more erratic and as his attitudes, such as opposition to women’s rights, became more and more hateful and radical.

Fortunately, we are now able to share some news we believe many people will find relieving.

After much deliberation, and in the light of recent tragedies, we have decided that more hesitation might result in innocent people being harmed by a potentially mentally unstable person.

He had been detained this morning and is now receiving all the necessary inpatient treatment at the disposal of the medical facility which he currently resides in, and where he will probably remain until serious pending charges of rape described on his blog, some of which describing events that took place as early as 2012, are brought before a Competency Assessment Board.

We would like to thank everybody who sent us reports which helped lead to this development.

8 thoughts on “An announcement

  1. I am sorry to say this but your national Police Department is a shame in its inefficiency. Other nations are much more progressive about eliminating hate speech. In France, this blog would have been taken down in a day or two. Just a little longer for Canada or Germany. Traitors to liberal ideals must be arrested and their hate speech eliminated. Your national Police Department has much room for improvement.

  2. Unfortunately this is poor timing.

    It just came to my attention that there are millions of women who are unable to have children, often due to having had a hysterectomy.

    This would be the best option for people like myself and caamib who don’t have good jobs and cannot afford the expense of children, unlike Franklin, who solved his incel problem by having a high paying job.

    So please relay this message to caamib in the prison or hospital where he is being currently held.

    By the way, if he gets the death penalty, will he get the electric chair? How much voltage would that be? Or will your security guards who turned gay because of the feminist agenda attack him in prison and thereby execute him with AIDS? Just curious.

  3. Bravo to this Police Dept for making this arrest. There’s no room in our society for hateful attitude or pro-rape agenda like this. I hope this criminal has learned his lesson.

  4. angelwanderer:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! Are you mocking the police by implying that this unbalanced young man is impersonating them? Since the announcement was so well written, how dare you deny police authorship!

    Police in the United States have now arrested K C Sunbeam; I as an officer, have taken control of his account. Various police departments in the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe are united in this cause. This is known as interpol (international police).

    That bombastic Sunbeam jerk thought he was something special. But after we got through with him, boy did that sissy howl in pain!

    And if you think this is a joke, just think about what we did with Bruce Jenner!

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