The paradox of incel in modern society

As I often claim, the entire mainstream modern Western society is a mixture of dogma, insanity and lies.

For example, I am often told that we incels only see women as fuckmeat. And in a sense I can understand those saying it, since it is important to remember that these monsters have no sense of what any relationship is – pumping and dumping is all their parents and friends knew. So it comes of little surprise that they are like this as well – they have no other concepts to even comprehend. When they hear about male-female relationships they hear sex, for nothing else exists to them. It is important to remember that.

Because seeing women as fuckmeat is exactly how thugs, the sacred group worshiped by women, sees them. A thug breeds a woman and then can’t stand her anymore so he goes on to breed the next woman – an optimal behavior in a feral, sick world where relationships are a concept as foreign as halberds or Aztec rituals.

If what these crazies were saying was true about incels they wouldn’t be incels !

So what is the truth?

Incels are often (but not always, there are also completely declined, modernist incels) those who make the mistake of offering women humane treatment, relationship and such things. Things that modern women no longer understand and are thus hated. It is like trying to put a wild animal in a cage. It won’t like the cage nor you. And liberalism is supporting this. Its telling incels that it is wrong to treat women like cattle and that it is good to treat women like they deserve respect. So what happens? Incels do so, fail and then get blamed and told they actually acted like they see women as cattle. But they didn’t! They acted just the way you told them – they treated women like entities worthy of respect. Had they treated them like cattle they’d be successful.

And onwards goes this crazy lie, repacked and sold over and over again, sadly to usually the same naive idiots.

It’s the same with another modernist myth, the idea that modern women don’t like rape.

The only “rapists” sent to prison are falsely accused men who women want to get rid of because they’re not immoral and stupid enough. That is a crime today, not rape. In fact, if you don’t actually rape your chances of being accused of rape are much, much higher.

Honestly, if you’re not able to recognize it by now maybe it is better that you don’t reproduce. I’d just recommend also not working so you don’t make even more men incel, but I fear even that is beyond the comprehension skills of such morons.

11 thoughts on “The paradox of incel in modern society

  1. I’ve been following this blog for a little while now. I can sympathize with your incel issue very much having gone through a long bout with it myself. Like you I was in and out of therapy for many years as well as on and off medication for years feeling like it was making no difference. I was lonely and miserable and had no idea why. At times I felt very misogynistic because I was constantly either turned down by women or, when I wasn’t, I never got a second date despite the first date seeming to go very well. I even occasionally fantasized about taking revenge on the women who rejected me for seemingly no good reason only to go out with assholes. I felt hopeless and frequently considered suicide.

    What finally pulled me out of my dry spell was actually learning there was something medically wrong with me. My condition, Asperger’s Syndrome, wasn’t very well known when I was a kid, so the doctors never had any idea what they were supposed to be treating, so it never got better. Once I learned I had it, it made an enormous difference in my behavior. since I saw all the strange things I was doing that were making people not want to be around me and was able to work on them. It then became much, much easier to interact with others and it made dating much easier.

    Like you’ve said on this blog many times, you hate people trying to diagnose you with mental health conditions. And if I was going to diagnose I would have to actually meet you and observe your behavior for a while to diagnose you and even that would only be from the point of view of a normal non-doctor person.

    Yet, the biggest reason I sympathize with you is because the situations you describe when it comes to interacting with others are very familiar to me. Your awkwardness in social situations reminds me of what I went through during my many years of incel. Based on the descriptions of your interactions with other people that you post on this blog, it appears that like there was with me, there is some kind of issue with you when it comes to interacting with other people. And like with me, it may be the case that you simply never discovered what the issue actually was, so your doctors had no idea what they were supposed to be treating, so of course it never gets better much like it never did with me. If you were to learn you have a medical condition that is the cause of your troubles when it comes to interacting with others, it could be what saves your life by finally pulling you out of your incel dry spell. This is because if you have a condition, it can be treated, which means you are fixable. Like me you can indeed be fixed to the point where you can enjoy normal dating and relationships. It is possible. I have done it.

    I’m telling you this because I have been down the path you’re on, and I promise you it is fixable. I don’t want you to harm yourself or anyone else. I would really like to see you not have to keep going through this self torture I also went through, and I would really like you not to end up like George Sodini or Elliot Rodger. They were fixable. So was I. So are you.

    • I do know what the issue is. It has nothing to do with any awkwardness. There wasn’t any awkwardness with women who I went as far to have sex with. They’re just ruined women who can’t have a relationship and want to be fucked by as many retarded men as possible.

      Men like Sodini and Rodger were fixable, yes, but not by staying in the West. And neither am I.

  2. I can’t understand why a man who says ALL women are immoral, rape-craving sluts finds it hard to get dates.

    banned for serious rule breaking later-caamib

    • Huh? ALL women? No. Modern Western women.

      “Dates”? I’ve been on over 50 dates in my lifetime, including some after I had these views. Do you somehow think I

      a) share these views with vermin like women?

      b) they have magical powers to see what I think and don’t like what I think?

      Nonsense. This is why you’re trash and a rape craving slut.

  3. -insults- would blame his failure to socialize … -some more bs-caamib

    Just remember folks, this is not how you can comment on this forum. If you can’t get basic things right and are too lazy to even skim posts that mention that I did socialize a lot and, much more importantly, that this is utterly irrelevant, don’t comment here.

    Also, no, I don’t have any standards you stupid retard lol. I’d be with a 12 year old girl or a 60 year old grandma.

  4. Scott,

    I have Asperger’s too. But fellow Asperger’s people have not been supportive whatsoever.

    caamib: I am now on the blue pill. I’ll give you updates and see if I can clean any insight into what does or does not happen.

    Have a nice day/evening.

  5. caamib,

    I’m back on the red pill, that fast. There’s nothing out there, women are monsters. Young man, please go on the red pill, at least for now. That decision doesn’t force you into that situation forever; you can switch back at any time.

    Even if you succeeded in finding somebody, you would be no doubt be fighting and bickering for the next 50 years.

    I wouldn’t lie, we just have to preserve our sanity. You are a highly talented person with a successful blog. And you have a powerful message for the world. We are alike in that respect.

    Women have become zombies and they smell. You either laugh or you cry, and we have to laugh and just blow it all off.

    Have a nice day/evening

    • caamib,

      Believe it or not, I’m back on the blue pill again. Yet this does not fully negate my general premise expressed on June 21st.

      I’m courting a woman who is highly interested in marriage and who apparently accepts my peculiarities and life situation. But here’s the catch: she is fat, over 40, and mentally handicapped. At my age I’ve decided that it is important to find somebody regardless, and overlook their differences, instead of being alone. Apparently those are my two options.

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  7. I was hoping all the thugs and sluts I see in the modern world might thrown into the pit of Hell when Jesus comes back. That’s all I can hope for now. Society has devolved into vicious animals.

    What you say about rape is right. I’m pretty sure most “successful” men are just date rapists, and girls are their willing victims with Stockholm Syndrome.

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