Midnight musings on TFO

(note – this is not a big post I will do on this person, which will be a part of my Horror stories with women serial)

If you read any of the posts that talked about my life in greater detail you were bound to notice the term TFO. It is an abbreviation for The Fatal One.

Who is this person?

She is a girl I met in 2007, when I was 19 years old and she just 16. My experience with her was in many ways a crucial event of my life. In fact, it is so important that I always divide my life before and after this experience.

What was so crucial about her, then?

I’d like to emphasize the time that I met her first. It was just as I was finishing high school and ending by puberty – a crossroad like no other in life. Tragically, this crossroad led to a disastrous path. It was in 2008, right at the time that I was start to realize I will never get her back, that I started visiting places like incel communities online and introducing myself with the term. Of course, none of this would have happened had I been with her at the time.

While TFO was the first girl I had a successful date with and the first girl who liked me. In these she wasn’t the only girl ever. But she was the first and last person to actually, even for a short time, fall in love with me. In this she is absolutely unique.

She was also the first girl who I really had a long kissing session with and actually touched the way a man would a woman.

But even all that is irrelevant to what she actually was, or seemed like for a long time – a one true chance to find true love and escape incel hell.

Many idiots and haters have commented on her, almost always to point out the facts that they don’t understand and are simply unable to put in the correct context – like the fact that we’ve only been on four dates before things started going south or the fact that I spent a month in detention for a “crime” of threatening her, though no threat ever happened, since she never even saw the text I wrote about her nor was her name mentioned in it. No matter how much insane feminists and liberals want to scream about it, the fact was that I was arrested for my own goodness and kindness, for telling the insane cop hate machine the truth. They were very likely going to release me with no charges that very day. (btw, the facts mentioned here can easily be checked with the leadership of the forum in question).

But that is quite irrelevant.

What is relevant is that my initial mistakes with her, that were seen as disastrous for over 6 years, were actually quite small compared to mistakes I did with girls who did later end up with me. In fact, my actual mistakes with her happened later, though it is sadly the case that my initial mistakes brought me in a position where it was completely impossible to avoid my real mistakes – not at the age of 19 or many years after.

What is relevant is the way TFO showed the innate female insanity and cruelty all women by arranging four meetings she never appeared on, just to, with incredible cold bloodedness and lack of empathy, tell me these were tests to see how pathetic I will look. Bear in mind, this wasn’t some jaded older insane slut – this was a virginal 16 year-old girl who was the best in her school. What, then, could I have expected from older and more experienced women?

I’ve noticed some of the crazier haters believe that all of this happened in a very short time but the fact is that I was falling apart for over an year before I even wrote that.

For many years I justified these things but I no longer do. The way she treated me was abysmal and incredibly heartless. Of course, nobody sees that as women are seen as angels, and not cruel, sick beings they are.

She is no victim, just like those women I coerced for sex aren’t (one of them even became my girlfriend), just no like women who are actually raped today are, but adore their rapists. On the other hand, she brutally victimized me.

But the most crucial thing about TFO today, more than 7 years later, is what I said in the beginning – that life was never the same after her. She was the beginning of a nightmare that never ended. Everything that happened after her was bad. There were some good months and periods but ultimately it was, instead of end that seemed achieved when we started dating (though I don’t really consider her a relationship), a beginning of the end.

After all the frightening things that happened in my life after this monster it is only reasonable that I now regret not killing her. Of course, it is pointless to try to explain that to a liberal, who was brainwashed with extreme hate since he was 7 years old.

In this I am not being superficial and I acknowledge the deeper truth – that problems started earlier, as early as 15 years of age, when I was too shy to meet girls I’d met via SMS flerts in real life. This mistake might have been even more disastrous, though who knows?
Sadly, little over an year passed between my first date and meeting TFO, and less than an year before my first kiss and meeting her.

But the TFO disaster is much more thought about, since it actually includes somebody I meet in real life and actual success.

The scope of the trauma is magnificent. You thought that the Story of… article was long? An article on TFO will be a 70, 000 word tear jerker and by far the most disturbing thing I will ever write. The scope of the disaster and its importance is not just unsurpassed – it is forever unsurpassable. It is something that a liberal, with its slug brain filled only with hate and propaganda, unable to feel love toward anybody, can never understand.

And once I do I will publish her full dox- name, pictures, address, DOB, names of immediately family members, high school, college, everything.

Today TFO is an awful student, quite fat, slovenly, stupid and a slave to bad boy/seducer/omega cock. There is no longer any trace of that beautiful, developed and intelligent 16 year-old girl I met on 1 July 2007. Would she be different had we been together or would she become this anyway, especially with a weak, inefficient, kind, “blue pill” boyfriend I would have been in 2007? The answer seems quite clear.

However, in this sad moment, with no future ahead of me, I still like to remember our first date, those magical 6 hours that forever changed my life. At that moment everything seemed perfect.

But I still have nightmares about her at least once a week. She will never stop haunting me and I will never leave.

Do you still remember July 1, 2007, Sofija?

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