Takis Würger article on incel

I haven’t posted this until now simply because I didn’t like the article and wanted to post it with a reply.

However, since I am too broken and depressed to do that now and time is racing by I’ll do it now, without the comment (which will come one day).

Anyway, this is an article on incel published in August 2014 issue of German magazine Der Spiegel, mostly centered around an interview I had with a journalist Takis Würger.

It is a corny, biased piece with a lot of nonsense like adding the 1981 Reagan shooter for some amazing reason but still better than you’d get from an American. I was gonna have my photo taken as well but gave up for reasons I will describe later.

Original article – https://magazin.spiegel.de/digital/index_SP.html#SP/2014/34/128743720

Translation to English – http://textuploader.com/osz3

Oh, and you can now find out my real name and location.

4 thoughts on “Takis Würger article on incel

  1. why are you depressed?
    Why did you want to make your name public?

    I have a question. What is your opinion on nofap movement?

  2. I am also pretty depressed and nofap has helped me significantly.
    I think that when the brain has less minerals and vitamins and substances to work proprely (due to masturbation), a person is more prone to depression.
    I hope you will be better soon.

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