The Ferguson riots and American racial issue in a nutshell

The problem isn’t with the blacks or insane cuckold white liberal lunatics.

Blacks are what they are and will never change.

White liberal cuckolds are insane and there is no point in reasoning with them – if somebody could stop them from parroting few dozens of learned phrases they’d talk like they’re 3. They should be on the bottom of the sea, not given any attention.

The problem is with those stupid, blind white conservative morons who want to “Take America back” or some nonsense. Those idiots who would go to war today to keep the illusion of US whole even against secession of sane whites are the actual problem and are the type of people anybody with brains should actually most deservedly support getting killed. Had they had any sense they would have created their own country on ideological grounds decades ago, while they still had time, a sane country based on what made America great, like patriarchy, good religion, immigrants from basins of high quality people, extremely free markets and small government role.

Now that time has passed.

Well, they will get what they deserve and is coming to them, since this made them hated among both sane whites and liberal cuckolds and blacks, who could never love them or anybody else anyway.

I hope they enjoy the third world nation they’re becoming. No amount of guns will eventually save them.

Sayonara, suckers.

4 thoughts on “The Ferguson riots and American racial issue in a nutshell

  1. caamib, Excellent; you are covering another issue instead of the same one all the time.

    We agree on the issue of race (per 33-34.Race Wars part 1 and 2 on That’s great.

    However, I always advocate a peaceful solution if at all possible.

    Also, this interracial garbage has also begun to infest European countries such as France.

    And I wouldn’t say free markets, which can engender globalization. Rather, I advocate ***fair*** markets.

    Have a nice day/evening

    • I’d like to advocate a peaceful secession of whites and expulsion of blacks and mestizos to be done through peaceful resettlement as well.

      As for the economy… Eh, that’s a complex subject. It seems to be that the more governments interfere in them by trying to make them “fairer” the less fair they get.

  2. caamib, Per your paragraph on race here, I agree 100%. Again, inter-racialism is spreading, and will eventually overtake your country too unless people wise up. It’s also another cause of incel for the white man.

    Per your free market, I understand what you’re getting at. We don’t want corrupt governments sticking their hands in there. But with totally free markets people are free to take their business to cheap overseas slave labor. This causes companies to go out of business, people lose their jobs, and jobs go overseas. We need to block that, and also reserve the right to dismantle monopolies. If we were free to have unrestricted monopolies, many people would be bankrupted as in the game Monopoly.

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