What women want

(the title of this post is done more for the effect- the post mostly talks about young women in feminist countries)

necessary reading to understand this post: https://caamib.wordpress.com/the-story-of-your-incel-an-inconvenient-truth/

Probably the most dangerous kind of propaganda for any incel male, or just basically any male who hasn’t seen reality yet, are the incessant hysterical last gasps of the establishment to demonize rape.

Now, to anybody who actually bothered to open his eyes and reject indoctrination these attempts as just hilarious, about as hilarious as a potential scenario of the media trying to make us believe we’re all ducks. It is obvious women like men who don’t care about consent.

However, aside from obvious hilarious aspect of this the effect of this on men who have not yet seen reality is horrible.

Anti-rape propaganda is selling gullible, indoctrinated young men a fantasy that they will get women if they just treat them humanely or if they learn how to seduce better. The first claim is obvious nonsense and the other one even worse, since it makes them apply extreme effort for skills that you pretty much either have or don’t. It’s as if a 5ft2 woman wanted to be 6ft tall. It won’t work. On the other hand, dumb football players and thugs rape and are successful in terms of reproduction and thus respected by women.

Teaching a dogma that rape is something women hate, which was last applicable in the West decades ago, makes young men here miss chances with women and wonder why they can’t be successful.

It is all really, really dangerous.

If I were to not oppose a reader of mine raping a woman this would be (and by now is) not for any reasons of punishing women, since they won’t feel punished. It would be merely to try to ensure that he has a fighting chance of breeding with a woman.

Since modern women don’t understand the concept of a relationship, children are now everybody’s due to state and cretenization of society getting worse by the day modern women don’t care how a man takes them. In fact, by not understanding consent he is proving he is stupid enough to be a good genetical find in terms of evolution.

Giving women “rights” means they vote providers out of the story since the only providers become very wealthy men. This turns their preference to seducers and in time rape becomes prevalent as a way of breeding.

For most women today rape is only unpleasant if they’re raped by an incel. But that is kinda beside the point since an incel simply asking them for a date brings about the same effect.

Supporting feminism always leads to men and women being unable to understand the concept of a relationship and fucking like animals. In such a “society” women are repulsed by men who have enough intelligence to understand consent, since this means they are genetic losers who lack sufficient stupidity. If you are a male that supports feminism you might as well go out and rape the first woman you see.

Nazi T-4 program eliminated retarded people through planned actions. On the other hand, feminism aims at eliminating intelligent people through a random, unplanned process of providers being weeded out.

I remember my experience with two forums I’ve seen. One was almost purely female dominated. Other was full of emasculated manginas. On the female forum most women openly said they’d like to be raped as long as they didn’t know that the male is incel. On the mangina forum none did so. They were much more ready to admit this when they feel like they’re not being watched my males who need to be kept in check so that they don’t join the rapist class. This is rational, as women need suckers to provide for them. How is a young man, in case he doesn’t use seduction, to reproduce if he believes the lie that modern women see rape as bad? So what he’ll do is that he’ll try to make himself more successful in other fields and thus pay more taxes and more money to slutdom. All of this won’t get him a girlfriend, but it will get money for slutdom.

Now, this part talks about rape so much because seduction isn’t what incels can use – else they wouldn’t be incel.

But how do things stand with seduction?

Women are turned on by psycho retarded men and turned off by decency, politeness and honesty.

The greatest insult to a modern woman is to treat her like a human being and express a desire for an intimate relationship with her. That is the greatest crime in the eyes of a woman, since it shows her you’re not the most successful type of man, aka a retarded dumbass who can’t comprehend a relationship, and this makes her disgusted to no end.

On the other hand, rapists and retarded football players are gods in the eyes of women.

It is true I treated women horribly in the past, but that wasn’t my fault. I didn’t know that anybody asking them for a serious relationship is much worse than any rapist to them. I was brainwashed by society telling me women want a relationship and not just to be brutally fucked and kicked out on the street.

Modern women can’t understand relationships because the most successful men in terms of reproduction also don’t !

Sure, there are exceptions to this. Women with marginal views like a commentator here Tarnished or basically completely feminist women who still follow some religious tenants, like Clear.

But if you think you’re gonna find something other than what I described here you probably won’t be that lucky.

Takis Würger article on incel

I haven’t posted this until now simply because I didn’t like the article and wanted to post it with a reply.

However, since I am too broken and depressed to do that now and time is racing by I’ll do it now, without the comment (which will come one day).

Anyway, this is an article on incel published in August 2014 issue of German magazine Der Spiegel, mostly centered around an interview I had with a journalist Takis Würger.

It is a corny, biased piece with a lot of nonsense like adding the 1981 Reagan shooter for some amazing reason but still better than you’d get from an American. I was gonna have my photo taken as well but gave up for reasons I will describe later.

Original article – https://magazin.spiegel.de/digital/index_SP.html#SP/2014/34/128743720

Translation to English – http://textuploader.com/osz3

Oh, and you can now find out my real name and location.

The Ferguson riots and American racial issue in a nutshell

The problem isn’t with the blacks or insane cuckold white liberal lunatics.

Blacks are what they are and will never change.

White liberal cuckolds are insane and there is no point in reasoning with them – if somebody could stop them from parroting few dozens of learned phrases they’d talk like they’re 3. They should be on the bottom of the sea, not given any attention.

The problem is with those stupid, blind white conservative morons who want to “Take America back” or some nonsense. Those idiots who would go to war today to keep the illusion of US whole even against secession of sane whites are the actual problem and are the type of people anybody with brains should actually most deservedly support getting killed. Had they had any sense they would have created their own country on ideological grounds decades ago, while they still had time, a sane country based on what made America great, like patriarchy, good religion, immigrants from basins of high quality people, extremely free markets and small government role.

Now that time has passed.

Well, they will get what they deserve and is coming to them, since this made them hated among both sane whites and liberal cuckolds and blacks, who could never love them or anybody else anyway.

I hope they enjoy the third world nation they’re becoming. No amount of guns will eventually save them.

Sayonara, suckers.