Women were disgusted by me being employed

MODERATION NOTIFICATION: 1. If you, upon reading this post, go on to claim that I am saying I was rejected by women because I was employed or, even worse, simply still go on to shame me for not being employed because you’re too indoctrinated to even consider any facts I am permabanning you that very moment. I don’t want crazies and scum with IQs of grasshoppers here.

2. Please read the post I’ve linked to here to understand why women lose the desire for providers in more detail.

3. Any posts claiming that women still like men who work will be deleted and the poster banned – that’s not the point of this. Of course they like such men if they have sufficient immorality and stupidity. If you make posts like these you’re an idiot.

4. No, I haven’t told them I am financing feminism explicitly, you idiots – whoever says that will be banned as well. I told them this subconsciously by merely telling them I work.

Posts necessary for understanding this post:

The story of your incel – an inconvenient truth



The  answer to the challenge I previously presented is that women were extremely disgusted upon hearing I was employed.

Every other thing of those four rarely caused even mild reactions. The detention thing caused most of it after this one, simply because the circumstances of it (me suffering because of TFO for an year) revealed a man who can’t get women easily.

But simply no reaction can be compared to the hysterical hatred I’d get when women would hear I am employed.

Why were women so disgusted by it?

Well, first thing’s first – they were not disgusted because they would have liked me if I didn’t have a job. Whoever says that in the comment section, as stated above, will get an immediate permaban because they can’t read.

This post talks only about events that happened once I was already deemed insufficiently immoral and stupid to be attractive.

In order for them to be disgusted they first needed not to like me, and they didn’t like me because I lack immorality and stupidity sufficient for a modern slut. 

But still, that alone was not enough for me to be so disgusting for them.

No, the real deal was that…

They were disgusted because I was paying them not to like me. 

In fact, while women didn’t care when I told them I’m not employed I would get hysterical hatred when they heard I was employed. You know why?

Because I SUBCONSCIOUSLY (merely by telling them I work) told them I am financing feminism, aka their own rejection of me as a man who lacks sufficient immorality and stupidity (which men need to be successful with women in feminist societies).

When women heard this they would go insane.

They might have not been consciously aware of any of this but  subconsciously they are extremely aware of how feminism turned their preferences away from men who provide to retarded apes whose only intellectual activity is burping.

And, boy, are they disgusted by suckers paying for this.

In the past, a man knew he could get a woman merely by working. There was no need to use seduction, that tool which destroys men, women, children and societies.

Why was there no need for seduction?

Because women were tuned to choose men who actually provided something. There were no artifical policies which simply handed them the money.

Today a man needs to use seduction, which was historically used only by the most retarded scum.

If you want a simple proof of how right I am please ask somebody to guarantee you a partner if you become employed. You will be seen as completely crazy. Yet, today’s sluts are virtually guaranteed to a retarded ape who will smash them to pieces and tolerate them just long enough to brutally fuck them without any protection and impregnate them with feces – feral, brain damaged children.

And if you’re an incel working you’re financing those. All those omega morons who don’t work though they can get women, all those sluts on welfare, you’re financing that. You see, omegas have more than enough immorality and stupidity to find some slut to fuck brutally without any protection once in a while. But when they don’t work this is perfectly acceptable.

I have nothing at all and you want me to finance sluts who don’t work and apes who don’t work. Fschmidt explains this well enough when he’s replying to another poster’s idea that it might have been something else in my case.





And this is what women are.

Creatures so evil and petty that they are simply unable to even try to hide their utter disgust for those paying for the slut system. These are the things a large majority of male idiots believe deserve the vote.

The kind of attitude by women I just described isn’t, like some imbecile in the comments said, insanity. It is evil.

Women are much worse than dogs. They are dumber, less faithful and of much uglier nature.

Sane men would tie these things up to them financially and by knocking them up. You know why? Because they knew what women are. Psychopatic parasites who simply fuck the type of men who are most successful. They have no actual free will or freedom. Currently they just want to be inseminated by the largest possible number of most retarded men in shortest time because that’s the optimal strategy.

Cornfed explains this pretty well here

Many of us were conned into thinking that modern liberalism is about giving females the right to choose when they have sex. If they want to be sluts, that is their choice. If they want to be chaste until they are married and then remain faithful to their husbands, that is fine too. If at any given time they make bad choices, they can learn from their mistakes so in the end everyone is happy.

In fact, in practice nothing could be further from the truth. Liberalism in the context of modern society effectively imposes a wartime mass-rape situation on females, albeit by relatively subtle means.

Here is how the process works. Females derive virtually all their social status by virtue of their perceived sexual desirability. It follows that they will gain status by being associated with males of high sexual status and lose status by being associated with males of low sexual status. Therefore, over time, all females will gravitate to wanting to be sexually associated with a small percentage of males of high sexual status. As an aside, the males of high sexual status will largely be stupid assholes, given that they have high reproductive fitness in the context of modern society, as I explain in this thread.

It follows that every high status male will have several females pursuing him in order to derive social status by the interaction. Over time this means the males will feel inclined to demand immediate sex, since they will know that if one female doesn’t give it up, another will. They will then be inclined to up the ante even further, demanding the most degrading sex acts that the Internet can cause them to come up with. In order to have any sexual status at all, which is to say in order to have any status at all, the females will have to play along.

Now, it is not within the female psyche to willingly forgo status and become a social outcast. This is not an option to the overwhelming majority of them. Therefore, once this process is in motion, they are simply along for the ride. They might have planned to be a virgin bride. They might hate every minute of every sex act they consent to. But if they need to do it to fit in, they will.

Hence Western females find themselves in a similar position to German females in 1945, when dim-witted Russian peasants were going around raping everyone in sight (or perhaps they have it a bit worse, given the suggestibility of Internet porn and their complicity in the process). What heavy artillery achieved then, liberalism backed by the resources of the state has achieved now. Effectively the females are being raped, not so much by the dirtbags sticking their dicks and what have you into their various orifices, but by the system and the sadistic animals behind it.

Well done libtards. This is the future you have bequeathed your daughters. If they do not currently have NO CHOICE but to submit to sex acts the likes of which you have never even dreamed of being performed on them by shitbags with retard-level IQs, then that soon will be their situation. Your values in action.


And you know what else? Women were the first to thank them for treating them correctly – as psychopathic parasites.

Women can’t feel love for a man. They just need to be subjugated and only then can they respect a man.

If you’re an incel who works you pay taxes so the women could be raped by apes.

You know that imbecile football player that fucks a slut and can’t understand anything? He is being paid by you.

Few sane voices are realizing this. Eivind Berge has said

…To improve the overall situation of men, we have to assault feminism at its core. We must destroy the independence of women which permits them to be so choosy. Of course this means ending welfare and affirmative action, but serial monogamy, which is just as bad as polygamy and has led to a record number of childless men, must also somehow be discouraged by making divorce more difficult. Women will still be hypergamous and men will seek promiscuity, but a kind of sexual egalitarianism will have been brought back when no woman can afford to price herself out of the market. Another strategy is to improve the sex ratio, as Angry Harry is advocating, and that appeals to me even more than restoring monogamy. And why stop at 15%? Let us breed women like cattle! Meanwile, we do still have the option of foreign brides, and that is probably what I will resort to as soon as I can afford it.

This is just a prelude to a much larger post, which will be called A case against work.

Do you disagree with this?

Ok, allow me to propose you a little experiment.

I am willing to start working if anybody can guarantee me that I will attract a woman within 3 months. 

By guaranteeing I don’t mean spewing nonsense you’re not accountable for.

I want a guarantee of at least 10,000 dollars/euros. If you’re so assured put your money where your mouth is.

Of course, nobody is going to do this, as nobody actually belives that merely working is enough. It’s all merely empty talk given by either those who are living in the past and think this is still working or by those who are willingly trying to con you. I have no idea which is worse.

Would you call this “(self)- entitlement”? Of course, if you’re a fool.

The thing is, the guarantee was never, nor is it now, on paper. There was no legal document stipulating that men who work will get women. They just did, because it made them attractive. In the same way, there is no formal guarantee that retarded thugs can get women today. They just do, because they are attractive.

And that brings us to the main point of modern insanity – you see, if you work and want to be provided the kind of life all male generations before you were provided with, a wife and children, you are now entitled. You should just be a slave who works to pay for sluts to be filled.

Don’t work. Don’t pay for mass rape of women, which is what a slut system really is.



29 thoughts on “Women were disgusted by me being employed

  1. I know where you are coming from…
    I took a job in filthy rat infested foundry, and part of my reason for taking that job, was the fact that I thought – yes I know that I was stupid – that by showing I could earn a living, I might be able to persuade my former oneitis to give me a chance. It didn’t work. Obviously.

    So now, my failing health means that I cannot work. I am no longer of any interest to women whatsoever. And I will be honest – I no longer care.

    • “I took a job in filthy rat infested foundry”

      Yeah, but I didn’t have a job in any rat infested place. I worked some ok jobs that required good knowledge of English and being well read and polite.

      Women were sickeningly disgusted by this.

  2. i suffer from feminisms 2nd generation. I married an incel man who was still a virgin at the age of 25. we now have kids, he is a very caring husband and provides for the family. i happily fulfil my role as mother and wife “although” having obtained a phd in my late twentees. but i feel there is no more important place to be right now that at home with the kids. BUT… I get no help or support in that. both my mother as well as my mother in law are very “liberal” women who still, although they are old, persue their own aims…. they travel, work, meet girlfriends, look for new jobs…. and hardly ever see their grandchildren being “too busy”. When they come and visit us, they are lazy, my mother in law telling me she would only cook for survival….therefore unwilling to cook for her grandchildren. Since i have realized that I have cut ties.

    • I find it very interesting to meet a woman who married a virgin male. I am currently dating a man with an eye towards getting married who is also a virgin. I am sure you would have lots of good advice as an older woman! Are you religious at all? You mention he was a virgin were you? If so how did you manage that during dating? Sorry to be a pest I am just curious.

      • When we met he was still a virgin at the age of 25. We only married five years later. He was no longer a virgin then, for he had been incel before. I was not a virgin when we met, but that sexual imbalance did not affect our relationship in a bad way. I find sexually experienced men quite off-putting… As a sensitive person you feel it, that you are just one in many for them.

    • I don’t really understand what all of this has to do with my post but now that you mention this I have a question for you – what if somebody told you that you should start working but you have to give half of your pay and that half will be used to make you lose your kids, your husband lose any attraction for you, and for you to finance kids he has with another woman.

      Well, that’s exactly what modern society wants from me.

  3. “They have no actual free will or freedom.”

    “Women are much worse than dogs. They are dumber, less faithful and of much uglier nature.”

    If I as a woman have no free will, and no freedom how is it I and tons of other women are all virgins? How is it that not all women act the same way if this is true? I think you overstate your case quite a bit, but this one is kind of beyond even your usual line. Women make up just a hair more then half the population, we can’t be that fracking bad. Think about it even with the size advantage on guys side if women were as unhuman as you claim us to be there would literally be blood in the streets from our violent and crazed ways, there isn’t. I mean don’t get me wrong I disagree with a rough 99% of this post, but come on.

  4. Hello. Some time ago we have exchanged a few words by the article on the polish website Onet. Article was about incels and yourself. I have signed “Very successful woman”. And I would like to explain this signature. No not successful due to spreading my legs and making sort of “career” – that was your conclusion at the time. I am successful as a wife and mother, who applies very traditional values to our lives. I am successful because I have married a man, who gives me respect as for his wife and mother of his kids. And I am successful because I am an antifeminist. I do not agree with all your thoughts. I think you are overestimating female intellect (in most cases). Most of women are manipulated by the male and today’s world is effect of them thinking they have a freedom and they are equal to males. And this is my point – feminists do not like me because I dare tell them that we are not the same with men. Our role in life is different. I will not deny the need of knowledge for both sexes, but unfortunately men will do better use of their education than women. Our role is to be good housewives. Men are the providers. Fighting for equality brought decrease of the lifestyle of millions of western modern society families. If we (female) would like to stay at homes and follow the footsteps of our grandmothers – we would be more happy and satisfied. But men (weak ones) gave us all access to education, work, and life – we were not ready for. And it turns into the todays lifestyle. If those suffragists and feminists who started the movement a century ago would see the results… If they were intelligent maybe they would not wish for the same rights… That’s just a wish. They were not intelligent – typical hysterical female who wanted something so badly, that they did not calculate the risk. The effect we can see today. I did try to discuss with some feminists but nothing constructive came out from it. They do not understand how being a wife and a mother can satisfy someone who have done 2 Masters and several courses, who was on the path to make a career in the international corporation and dropped this for being a housewife. Finally it comes to the insults towards me… Well – if they do not understand – it is their problem, not mine, isn’t it?

    • Ha !

      You are being silly.

      For one, unlike her, I am not advocating lowering the number of men.

      Also, her ideas are basically a socialist, totalitarian nightmare of some state raising kids or whatever, with no marriage or nuclear family. It’s nonsense. The kind of coalpha society I advocate is based on completely opposite things.

  5. The problem with the “don’t work” argument is that your contribution to the system is like peeing in the ocean and measuring the water level change. It is insignificant. Everyone posting to this blog and places like it are insignificant. What we do doesn’t matter.

    I love Obama, Draghi, and Goldman Sachs and all the big banks. I love them because they are doing far more damage to the system than I could ever dream of doing. I believe that these people and institutions deserve our faith in their ability to bring down Western civilization.

    Given our insignificance, I think we should just worry about our own lives and not worry about the effects of our actions on broad culture. So work if it benefits you in some way, and don’t work if it doesn’t, and don’t worry about the effect on the world.

    • I can understand that. But I think the reason why most men shouldn’t work isn’t just the idea that they won’t fund feminism.

      Of course, if somebody can gain enough money to move abroad by working I fully support that.

      My stance on all of this will be explained better later. I probably jumped the gun with that last sentence of this article.

  6. You don’t need to be employed in order -watch out, I usually give an outright ban for this phrase, read the rules- caamib but if you seek marriage and a stable relationhip you will have to generate an income somehow. No matter how “feminist” women claim to be, at the end of the day you will be required to be the breadwinner of the house.

    I hope to be able to read your follow-up article soon, as well as other writings you announced months ago. What more are you planning to post?

    Please stay well, and post again soon. Whenever you are silent for a few days I worry if you have taken your own life. When you do, kindly inform us so your readers are not too worried.

    Stay strong… and hope for the best while expecting the worst.

    • “You don’t need to be employed in order -watch out, I usually give an outright ban for this phrase, read the rules- caamib but if you seek marriage and a stable relationhip you will have to generate an income somehow. No matter how “feminist” women claim to be, at the end of the day you will be required to be the breadwinner of the house.”

      This assertion is completely senseless.

      First of all, it is wrong. You can theoretically get married with no income if you’re an omega with sufficient immorality and stupidity, but here’s what matters.

      THE ONLY WAY TO GET MARRIED TO A MODERN WESTERN WOMAN IS TO BE HER MEAL CARD. Why the fuck would anybody want that? You see, those guys they are actually attracted to, omegas, they don’t care about marriage.

      So why would I marry, to be a slave to a slut and her children fathered by omegas? Plus, to a slut who won’t even give me sex? C’mon.

      And, yes, there are women who aren’t like that, like clear, but even they, as you might have seen, have plenty of delusions and problems.

      “Whenever you are silent for a few days I worry if you have taken your own life. When you do, kindly inform us so your readers are not too worried.”

      Oh, don’t worry about that. I’d never give those liberal monsters the pleasure, not without it being a part of a bloody battle against them.

      • Actually I think in modern times when women can earn their own income you are less of a meal ticket then you used to be. After all women in the past literally relied on their husband for their daily bread. Many marriages were for reasons far removed from romantic love. You advocate a return to being a meal ticket, not a departure from it. Also why are you assuming that your wife is going to be unfaithful? Shouldn’t the kids be yours?

        Problems and delusions? Yeah I got’em. Makes me no different from anyone else I suppose. At least mine make m happy.

        • You are still delusional as fuck, I see.

          A man who takes care of his own kids and a loyal wife isn’t a meal ticket. It would mean that most men during history were nothing but. But a man who takes care of a cheating slut and cuckolded kids that aren’t his is a meal ticket indeed.

          You are the one who advocates this, despite you not being aware of this, because you advocate policies like women’s suffrage, which will result in this, regardless of you accepting this to be true or not.

          Besides, in such a society which gives single mothers welfare I am a meal ticket merely by paying taxes since the government has a way to give my money directly to sluts.

          As for why the women won’t be faithful or why the kids wouldn’t be mine, read the Story of your incel article. It’s all there. You said you read it. Well, if you did you should know this by now.

          Women in the current culture are repulsed by decent, provider men and will only marry them if they could benefit from them financially. And since women are heartless scum that just wants to maximize the reproductive potential of its offspring it isn’t a rare event for a woman to kill a child fathered by a beta provider, just so she could stay pregnant with an omega scumbag instead.

          Falling in love? Lol ! No such thing for women.

          This is just another version of women wanting to bring a police state on all men who aren’t complete imbeciles or cuckolded serving manginas. In any case all who aren’t retarded enough must die in their eyes, unless they’re worker bees for their slutdom. All other women support these murders, since they don’t want to see a member of the sisterhood lose her genetic reproductive potential by giving births to kids who aren’t stupid and immoral enough.

          You might not be like that yourself but you support all the policies which create it, since you have a silly belief that women are capable of having any agency or responsibility.

          The funniest part of your post – “I think” part. Loool. I am really scared of how your world would look like, I’d be something even worse than the current one. Never thought it could be possible.

          I mean, you’re so wrong about everything you believe in. You’re basically a purital who advocates feminism remaining but that women somehow have more sense. How can they, if you don’t even have it as a Christian woman?

          • Maybe because your idea of common sense is agreeing that women are mindless zombie trolls and I see no evidence that this is true or even a logical idea. I think men and women both have free will and moral agency. I bring that same standard to bare against women (making good choices, obeying the commandments of the Lord their God, and keeping the promises they make) as I do against the men in my life. I don’t advocate that women should be freed from the basic standard. Woman are capable of love, fidelity, an loyalty and it should be demanded of us. I choose to keep the vows I make because I made them.

            Why is it so hard to comprehend the fact that you should marry someone that wants to be married to you? That they should be faithful not because you are the only option that doesn’t include destitute starvation, but because they have chosen to love you above all others? That they are a human being and not a rabid dog to be held in bondage. You say you aren’t a meal ticket if your wife is giving you children and sex, I argue if she only does this because she has no other way to make her daily bread and there is no love then she is basically just earning her living in your bedroom, she is as loyal to you as the guy working the register at McDonalds.

            I don’t accept the idea that all men are irrational rapist pigs either, why should I accept that one gender has free will while the other does not? I have read the story of your incel, I tell you time and time again, reading is not agreeing. Would you agree if I said that men are unfeeling swine incapable of love or virtue? I have some good examples of guys being rear ends I could through in.

  7. Clear, I really don’t see a point of all of this. Not only has all of this been explained before but it had been explained several times before.

    So here’s a question for you – how could I make myself attractive to women?

    Obviously working won’t do. Seduction won’t do because I can’t use it (I don’t know how and can’t learn). Getting rich is a dream.
    Merely going on dates and being myself resulted in disasters.

    So what am I to do?

    I won’t even go into anything else, like why supporting women’s suffrage means you’re supporting rape as well. I know you won’t agree.

  8. >But simply no reaction can be compared to the hysterical hatred I’d get when women would hear I am employed.

    Could you please give an example of this?

    • Their insane reactions would range from laughter at my naivety or just outright manifestations of how much they despised somebody voluntarily being a slave. In latter cases, I am guessing it was the kind of reactions Romans or Nazis would have toward voluntary slaves or voluntary slave labor. They told me to simply move to a factory so these sluts can fuck their insane thug boyfriends.

      Women might not be completely aware of how feminism gives them everything but their instict knows more than they conciously do.

        • That is an example. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. I described their reactions. You didn’t initially say you want any quotes. One of them told me that I am completely disposable and should go work in a factory, not sell mobile phones, since that would mean I am even more productive. She also said I should never think about any women, reducing me to a worker drone.
          This insane whore fucked retarded thugs and wanted me to finance that.
          Another woman told me that attractive men (check my Story of post to see what these men are and they were the same men she was attracted to) make children and men like me pay for it, as if this was always the case in history (it wasn’t).
          A third woman told me that she thinks no woman would be attracted to me because I am boring but it’s good that men like me pay into the system.

          It is a sick society in which being a dumb ape who rapes and maims women would mean I could become more attractive to women than being employed, since I can’t use seduction.

          • So what the first woman said isn’t hatred that you were employed. It was hatred for the field you were working in.

            Are you serious that she was having sex with other men and requesting you pay for it somehow?

            • No, she had no hatred for my field. Why would some spoiled Western slut who constantly types on her phone hate somebody selling them? She just said that working in a factory would be even more lucrative for the general economy than my then current job.

              Are you serious that she was having sex with other men and requesting you pay for it somehow?

              Am I serious? You think this a joke, you idiot?

              All of them did but you have to understand what I meant by that. She wasn’t fucking anybody at the time we went on a date nor did she expect me do hand her personally money. My taxes were going to her so she may choose seducer scum and not good provider men. Why this happens is explained in the Story article.

              Btw I know you are a banned troll from SA, that’s why you’re on constant moderation. And I know you’re too stupid to understand any of this but as long as you’re not breaking any rules I’ll publish you for sane people to understand my views. I have no hope you’ll understand anything yourself but you’re a useful idiot for anybody who actually has a brain and wants to understand these harsh truths about women.

                • I said you’re banned here but coming from SA. It’s things like these that make me call you a useful idiot. Will you reply to my actual or should I just start deleting you?

                  Have you managed to realize by now why men like men would have more incentive to maim and rape women than work? We can’t seduce, just working isn’t enough thanks to women’s suffrage.

                  • My side of life doesn’t matte . I’m not asking you questions so I can persuade you or change your min . You bbelieve what you believe and that’s it. I’m just trying to get your story straight.

                    • So ask me about it. I made a reply to you and you’ve made two pointless posts that have nothing to do with my reply, one of them based on your poor comprehension of text.

                      I mentioned that you were somebody coming from SA not to insult you but to explain my readers why I’m even replying to a somebody I’ve banned before.

                      I am giving you one more chance to reply to the last post that was actually on the subject, the one where I start by telling she didn’t hate the line of work I was in.
                      So far you have failed to do this in two of your previous posts.

                      If you don’t actually address it in your next post I’ll just delete that next post you make and every other. Debate my points or stop wasting my time.

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