The mad feminist tea party

This post is a parody of this video, inspired by this parody. It involves “Alice” engaged in a conversation with four feminists, later joined by another anti-feminist character.


A very merry Women’s day to me!

To you!

To me?

Oh you!

A very merry Women’s day to you!

To me?

That’s who !

-Pardon me, but on Women’s day, what’s up?

It’s what we have to celebrate now that we’ve beat those anti-feminist fundamentalists ! 

-Well that doesn’t sound like much fun at all. 

– Ahh, so you must be one of those MRAs !

-MRAs? I don’t associate with that circus, or the manosphere.

– Nonsense! Anyone who makes ground up arguments against feminism is an Men’s Rights Activist ! 

-It makes us feel better to think that. 

– Well, I suppose you can categorize as you like. So, is this some kind of counter tea party?

– Yes. TIS! “Tax  incel slaves” !

–  Oh… So this is a feminist party?

-Yes, but we’re atheists. That means we’re smart ! 

– On my hatred that you’re paying for !

– But feminism is what led to Elliot Rodger by removing the women’s incentive to be attracted by provider men, particularly in affluent areas like Santa Barbara. So the natural reaction of pain and frustration to being denied the most important single factors for human happiness and well-being, relationships and sex, predictably and not for the first or last time, led to a massacre. 

– Providers?! Provideers ??!! No, leave me alone, no providers ! No, no, no ! Exploitation, chattel, kitchens,  patriarchy, leave me alone, no providers, no providers !

– Get wehuntedthemammoth, quick, get wehuntedthemammoth!

– I do say, instead of getting all worked up, shouldn’t we be going into more depth of these on complex issues?

-We prefer just to shout empty phrases and dogmas angrily ! Like in a scene where men shout angrily !

– But you can’t come to any semblance of truth like that? 

-The majority has spoken !

– I don’t think that’s a good standard for truth either.

– Social proof !


-Male nature, selfish and violent! 

-So what is it that you actually do? 

-We make signs! 

– Signs?

-Signs ! Signs!  We love signs! Look at our signs ! 


– But that’s not what most people mean by women’s dignity.

– She’s a misogynist ! 

-I am not a misogynist. I am just saying that by that standard of empowerment you could claim anything.

Misogynist ! Stark raving misogynist ! Quick, dress like a schoolteacher and tell us we’re progressive thinkers.

-You’re progressive thinkers who aren’t just rehashing disastrous ideas that brought civilizations down before?

-Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, oh god yes thank you.

– I’m late, so very, very late, for a very important debate.  

-Why this research is just a bunch of evopsych bullshit ! 

-What do you mean? At what point does my reasoning go wrong? 

-Well, it’s full of facts, and anyone can assemble  large amounts of facts ! 

-Well, that’s true, and that’s why you need to sit down and reason things through and understand the relevance of each fact. 

-We don’t have time for that ! Things are bad. Clearly we’re living in a patriarchal society and sexism, male self-entitlement and a lack of therapy are the problem ! 

-Actually, the amount of emasculation of men and boys, absolutely religious cult of an enormous mental health industry coupled with big pharmaceuticals and aggressive medication for normal behavior that even targets 7 year-olds, brainwashed feminist males and chastisement  of men has increased astronomically and every time there’s a disaster feminists call for more oppression, promising it will end the crisis.

– Well, clearly it’s not enough ! More psychiatry and shaming ! 

-You know, I do think I’m going to be on my way. 

-You can leave our immediate presence but you still have to pay for whatever we want because we have more votes than the anti-feminists. Here, scroll down to see who we picked to roll over you…






















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