The gathering storm

Necessary read for understanding this post: Darkness

Story of your incel – an inconvenient truth

This summer I had been spending a warm August evening talking to a friend in his backyard. We had a few beers and were discussing different issues and common acquaintances. He knows about my problem and this blog but doesn’t follow it that regularly.

During this year we had less contact than previous years due to various circumstances so he wasn’t aware of the shift in my thinking I experienced this year.

Anyway, we somehow got to these topics and I told him what I think the actual reasons for my incel are and what I plan to do about this. I told him about what society really is, how women actually are and how I think I might attract a woman and for which activities (which, sadly, don’t include a relationship, since they’re not capable of understanding the concept).

As I was telling him the horrible truth about why incel happens and what women want he kept getting paler and paler, looking at me with terrified eyes. By the time I finished telling him about what disgusting men and sickening acts women today want and with which barbaric, incredibly cruel and vicious actions I plan to attract one, he froze and, despite being a healthy man in his 20s who was in no way drunk that evening nor acutely or chronically ill, literally threw up.

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  1. It will be nice to watch and rewatch your lethal injection online, after you’ve been convicted of mass murder and sentenced to death.

    caamib- hi, thanks for this comment, I’d love for that to happen were I ever to commit something like this but unfortunately Europe doesn’t have death penalty. Too bad, since I support death penalty, and with a much simpler process then what US has now. A death penalty without all the American legal chaos and hassle spanning for decades would have been glorious but living as an incel in solitary would be hell.

    Btw, does your gmail include guys like this idiot?

  2. I’m confused. Are you implying that your friend threw up because he was disgusted by your ideas, or because he agreed with them?

    • It wasn’t so much about ideas, though he was pretty shocked by them as well. He threw up when I told him what monstrous things I need to do to get a brutal, unprotected, unprepared sex with a slut.

      You know, the only thing a man can get in modern Western society, the only way he can get it, with the only kind of person to get it from if he’s straight.

      This is because my friend is a naive, lighthearted guy who’s an extreme Christian and was never in a relationship so he doesn’t understand facts.

      The entire modern society is based on lies. Lies like rape lol. You think men who actually get to fuck sluts even understand consent? No, of course not. That concept is way too complex for them. Anything but burping is.

      They just come and take and sluts worship them for it. Like ducks they fuck them ! They will just repeat “I like animals emptying themselves in me. Animals are my lords”

      That’s what apes do. They take. And don’t think for a second that a woman will respect you if you don’t squash her like a bug, no, not if you lack huge amounts of cretenism.

      And then come Amanda Marcotte or such people and they shame those who aren’t complete idiots into asking for consent and making themselves look like complete losers to women. Women are pathetic, sheeplike creatures always interested in keeping the status quo of whatever is most popular. It’s a horrible joke.

      And btw why the fuck would he throw up if he agreed with my ideas?

  3. What do you have to say about female incels? I’ve never had sex or been in a relationship, and this has not been a choice of mine. When I was a young girl (high school) I was conventionally attractive (though I didn’t recognize it at the time), but now I’m fat and almost 30 so I feel that I’m doomed to never have a relationship because I “missed the boat” when it comes to normal social experiences. I’m so far behind socially that I can’t appeal to any man, “thug” or not.

    What to do? I think my situation is more pathetic and hopeless than yours because people deny that a woman can be incapable of “getting a man” and thus completely negate my experiences.

    Also, on another topic, what are your feelings with regards to Eastern women? I’ve only seen you mention Western girls.

    • I think you’re despicable. That’s what I think about “incel women”. It’s good that you posted now. Stay around for a few days, there’s an article coming about this very topic.

      • Why am I despicable? I have absolutely no standards, and in fact I am attracted to overweight guys. Is there any hope for me?

        • Yes. You can fly here and I’ll not just fuck you but be your boyfriend. There you go. Now, refuse or not, you’re no longer incel.

          psssst, don’t tell anybody but you never were

          • I don’t believe you.

            This is why: I think my problem is that I’m both socially and physically unappealing – I’ve tried online dating numerous times (and yes, I absolutely approached men) but nothing ever happened. The best I ever did was one of the few times a guy approached me, but it never went beyond that first date (not my choice!). I even tried to specifically approach unattractive, awkward men on dating sites but they were even less receptive than “average” guys! Very depressing.

            The one and only time I turned a person down was when I was a kid and thought the poor guy was mocking me so I was too afraid to accept his offer.

            I admit that I haven’t trolled bars for men, this is for a couple of reasons: I’m more interested in a relationship than I am in sex, and I fear the reactions that I’d inevitably provoke in doing something stupid like that (I mean the awkwardness the whole thing would cause, not violence or anything).

            I don’t know how many “undesirables” there are out there like me – maybe not many considering that tons of women that I consider (physically) grosser than me manage to get married – but I can’t be the only woman than no one wants.

            ((also, you know that it’s unreasonable to invite a person to make a trans-Atlantic flight to meet a stranger so it’s not an actual option – now if it was a car trip, that would be different.))

            • You’re being ridiculous.

              I actually can buy the idea that you’ve been unsuccessful with online dating for one reason – most American men are just shaved apes and their main intellectual activity is burping so no surprise they couldn’t even understand what the hell they want.

              However, I’m sure you’d have many more dates if you tried harder.

              Kinda similar with bars, if you’re primarily interested in a relationship. You never even tried. Is there a bar where more intelligent men gather? Have you tried that?

              Then there is You can find a bf there. Several women already have. The excuse that it’s “misogynistic” or something is bs.

              I wouldn’t recommend PUAHate unless you want a bunch of Elliot Rodger’s like 19 year-old with IQs of squirrels degenerates taking turns in your pussy.

              And, finally, you’re being unreasonable when it comes to me. Unless you can’t afford a flight or to stay for a week or so I don’t see a problem.

              Sure, we wouldn’t be in an actual relationship but I am a very polite person irl and not physically unattractive (just unable to use seduction) so losing your virginity to me is probably the best option you have right now. Then you can move on with more confidence back in US.
              People in key places for a tourist here speak English and I see American tourists here all the time.

              So, in short, your problems are all in your head.

              • That was surprisingly helpful and thoughtful – thank you 🙂

                (also, I totally don’t have the time or money to travel abroad – my job is only so-so)

                • In any case, you’re not incel.

                  Aka your incel is merely your involuntariness to act like the rest of American women and be a shameless stupid public urinal. I suggest you start acting like one if you can’t move because you’ll never get a good husband in America unless you join a good religion.

                  Would you try Amish or Mormons?

                  • Actually even if she had sex with you or did as you suggested by becoming a loose woman she still would be incel. Incel isn’t just about sex.

                    • She’d be semi-incel but this doesn’t stand for most American women (or men, for that matter) since they don’t understand the concept of a relationship.

                      For a long time I thought that people claim incel is just about sex because they don’t know that the word celibacy also included priests not getting married or something like that. What nonsense ! They just don’t know what a relationship even is, thanks to now almost 50 years of decline.

                    • So if she has a one time sexual encounter with a man that is not offering her any kind of long term relationship then she is semi-incel. Wouldn’t that also make you semi-incel? After all you have had a few women even if nothing went long term.

                    • Yes, but my last sexual encounter happened in May 2013, which means that a lot more time than 6 months have passed so I’ve been fully incel since Nov 2013.

                      Regarding the post you’re commenting on… My friend puked caused telling him that were I to ever go on dates again beating a woman to a bloody pulp and shitting in her mouth was among the least disgusting things I told him I need to do to attract a woman.

                    • Oh come on, you know I don’t agree. Are you sure he didn’t puke not because he was shocked by this new revelation, but because he is now wondering if the person whom he thought he knew might be insane?

                      I mean come on I know tons of people married people and people dating who have never done anything even remotely like that. I am dating a lovely man whom I wish to give my virginity to after we wed. He has never laid a hand on me or any other woman that I know of. We go out on dinner dates and he tells me that I am pretty. I tell him that he is handsome protector. He shows me his love by surprising me with little trinkets and I cook meals for him and clean to show him how much I care about him. This an ordinary and normal modern day romantic relationship in the USA. No violence, no ignorance just two people loving each other and beginning the journey to build our lives together!

                      I don’t see anyone (male or female!) saying, I wanna get beaten then pooped on, or anything I would consider in the same category. If someone did that to me I would call the police!

                    • Nope, he doesn’t think I’m insane and neither does anybody who knows me irl – and all of them are quite normal, successful people. In fact, he might be closer to that by some of his silly beliefs about faith.

                      You seem closer to insanity, little girl.

                      What you have is anything but “ordinary and normal modern day romantic relationship in the USA”.

                      It isn’t so because you want to keep your virginity, it isn’t so because if you read 99 percent of the comments I get you’ll see that modern scumbags have absolutely no conception of what any relationship is. Basically, it isn’t by any standard.

                      Of course affluent people still get married. Western females are selfish parasites. After years of whoring it up with omega scumbags a female will realize her looks are about to expire and her womb is growing cobwebs and so will look around for a rich, week willed man she can con into marriage and sponge off. Probably most of the females in your neighborhood are fucking dirtbags on the side whenever they get the chance and withholding intimacy from their husbands. If it became financially beneficial for them to divorce hubby, most would probably do so in a heartbeat, drive hubby to jail, bankruptcy and suicide if that would advance their cause and think nothing more of it than putting a dollar in a coke machine.

                      And, yes, of course women don’t want to get beaten and defecated upon. It’s much more pleasant to be seduced by a slimy scumbag.

                      But, tell me, which of the two I have more chance at being successful in? Were I to want a woman I’d have to show my immorality and stupidity somehow.

                      Jesus, you can live in your little bubble and think you’re somehow the norm but the only thing you’re a norm for is the American lack of comprehension of written text or world.

                  • If he isn’t worried about you then its very possible he just doesn’t see you as being the kind of person capable of the acts you described. Either that, or he is kind of off his rocker. There is no normal person who hears “gonna beat and then poop on my next date” and goes, darn didn’t know the dating scene was so hard these days!

                    How can you presume to know what is normal in the United States better then someone who lives there? I thought being rude to other countries was an American stereotype? I am not gonna say I know the norm in your area (wherever that is), I am just saying your ideas and concepts might not be as global as you think. If I am wrong and the world around me really is as terrible and broken as you make out to be. Then I would rather be wrong. After all I will someday be a mother and I would much rather raise my children to believe and live as I strive to, then to teach my baby boys to be scumballs and my baby girls sluts (as you so often say). I believe in my stances and my way of life. I want to see it passed on and my morals become that of the next generation.

                    Which of the two do I think you have the best chance of? Neither. I think you have good odds of landing up someones cellmate if you actually did one (violence), but honestly I can’t see you carrying off either. No one can anything other then what they are. After having read most of your blog I think, at your core you are a good guy. I think you just happen to have a way of seeing that world that is very different then everyone else and that has made life harder on you then people who happen to view world from a more mainstream perspective. Look I know we have never met, and I am not going to pretend to know your life story or diagnose you over the internet. After all I could be totally off basis and there is always the possibility that the person I am speaking to is entirely a made up persona, but that is what I think based off what I have. That you are someone who needs to find a way to locate someone else who wants to see the world through your lens or at least be wiling to share the world you live in with you. I don’t think you can accomplish that by either of those methods.

                    Also why do you call me “little girl”? Based on the timeline you give we are around the same age.

                    • Oh, he is worried, he just doesn’t consider me insane and understands that my current mental condition is a natural consequence of unbearable situation, of a catastrophic past and no future. He also understand that no sitting around or even confinement would ever change anything.

                      As for US, Americans are disrepectful to other nations because they don’t know them. I am disrespectful to Americans because I know them very well and understand they’re mostly idiots and scumbags.

                      As for how you see me, you’re also pretty wrong there. I was a relatively moderate liberal feminist until 2012 who saw the world much as others did. The problem was my lack of immorality and stupidity, which are the most important evolutionary traits today (read the July 22 article). There might be some weird exceptions like Christian women like you but in most of the Western world it is so.

                      It is entirely irrelevant whether a woman sees the world the way I do or not. My first gf had more in common with me then she’ll have with anybody she’ll ever meet but that wasn’t a problem when it came to leaving me. They don’t pick men based on that. They pick them based on best evolutionary traits, which are currently immorality and stupidity.

                      Women judge men by one criteria, how well they can attract other women. Any attitudes or shit like that are nonsense.

    • Incel girl, you certainly didn’t miss the boat.
      My boss is in his 60s, and so is his girlfriend. They just got married, after having dated for a couple years.

      There’s no such thing as being too late in general, you know. It can be hard to admit that you might have to change something about yourself, be it mannerism, physical appearance, or perceptions, but sometimes that’s required.

      If you feel self conscious about being fat, and you’re not suffering from some sort of disability, you can fix it. It’s hard, and you’ll want to quit many times over, but it’s certainly possible to get in better physical shape.

      • It’s not too late because she isn’t really incel at all.

        As for male incels, saying it’s “never too late” is just selling them snake oil. I’m 26 and it’s been too late for me for about 10 years, and that if there was ever a chance at all. If you read the Darkness article you’ll understand why.

        The boss thing is also silly since he likely never was incel at all, which is a completely different ballgame.

  4. Really disappointed.

    You stated in a former post that “Men who get women in today’s society are the actual losers” and yet you are actually craving for a woman’s attention.

    I even got to think you were a stoic whom I could look at and raise as an example for some of my -most probably- incel students.

    But now I realize you were hiding behind your high discourse and, after all, feel the pathetic need to attract a woman, levelling with those you call “omega” males. Maybe you despise them, but also you furiously envy them!

    Sad thing is I’ m running out of sane male figures ALIVE. My students say I can only quote dead people who don’t live in this century and maybe they’re right. I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.

    Take care of yourself.

    • “You stated in a former post that “Men who get women in today’s society are the actual losers” and yet you are actually craving for a woman’s attention.”

      Yes, but getting women doesn’t make them losers.

      They’re losers because of their general traits. They’d be losers with or without women.

      Franklin isn’t a loser because he’s married, nor was he one when he wasn’t.

      And lol, I don’t envy them, just like I don’t envy pigs who mate. The only characteristics of their I could adopt would be pure violence.

      And if you thought being a “stoic” would make me or your incel students sane or that I could be some sort of role model to your students or anybody… well, that’s pretty insane itself.

      Why would a need to attract a woman be pathetic? Was this ever a volcel blog? So what if omegas also want it? All men want to.

      Also, all of those dead people could have found wives in a heartbeat so I don’t know what they have to do with me.

      Kinda pathetic to imply what you did there about me when you write this much nonsense and can’t understand my points at all.

  5. You know, what makes me hate a man?
    It’s violence. Lies. Puffing up. No respect for me. Clinging on by all means.
    You want to know, what makes me love a man?
    Respecting me as an equal. Honesty. Trusting me in all his vulnerability, despite his fears.

    Loving someone is hard work. And most of all, it’s scary like hell.
    I used to hate all those monsters out there, whose only pleasure in life was to deliver pain to any normal person that dares to show up in their society. I committed suicide more than once to get out of this painful loneliness at last. They always “saved” me…

    One day, I met that guy who didn’t hurt me. Who really wanted to know who I am. Who actually listened. And I decided to open up one last time. Completely. It scared me senseless. But what scared me much, much more was, when he did the same. He gave me everything to destroy him in a wink. In my hands I hold the power to torture him so badly, he will never recover. And that he gave willingly, because he loves me.

    I don’t want to depress you with that. But what I learned from him is, that the only chance to find love, not sex, is to give yourself wholly, to risk beeing hurt so deeply, you might never recover.
    And when a monster puts his or her knife deeply into your heart, recoil, weep, get mad. And then stand up and offer your heart again to someone else.

    I know, that sounds so easy… But you know, I tried to kill myself for the first time when I was twelve, knowing that never in my life, there would be someone to love me. I survived until I was 26 when I met that incredible person. It took me more than 10 years to recover from being shattered to pieces. Mostly. I will never heal completely. I will stay broken for the rest of my life and monsters will continue to hurt me untill then.
    But it’s totally worth it, now, that I was found by this penniless, everyday-man with this totally extraordinary big heart.

    Keep up. Open up. Your vulnerability is your greatest asset. And no, it’s not too late. Although your brain tells you so. As long as you feel the pain and the hatred, you feel. And as long as you feel you’re alive. And as long you’re alive, everything can happen. One day.
    Please don’t give up.

    • In fact, this reply simply shows your stupidity, misandry, brainwashing and fanaticism.

      You call me a liar for implying (which you were correct about) that women were disgusted by me being employed because they knew I was being a slave for the slut system (since they saw I lacked sufficient immorality and stupidity to be noncel).

      Yet you cry about this woman’s story.

      Well, guess what, dumbass? Her story isn’t about incel at all.

      It’s about her own, I hate the expression since liberal zealot scum used it incorrectly so many times but it is true- psychological problems. Knowing she won’t be loved at 12 lol?

      And this is serious and everything but it is not about incel.

      Incel is about not being able to get even the most brain damaged woman simply because you’re not scum. And this is just suffered by men.

      As for my chances, I have a question – how is one to feel if somebody told him that he’s gonna play baseball despite him not having hands? I can’t use seduction, aka I don’t have hands.

      And how am I to feel if somebody convinced me I’ll teach my goldfish to sing? You can’t be in relationships with modern Western women. They don’t understand the concept.

      • You’re an utter moron. It’s no wonder you’re incel (it’s another piece of your insanity that I don’t consider you it or that you don’t even know the definition).

        You make no arguments at all. Just stupid personal attacks.

        You’re not helping me or anybody. If you did you’d rise up against the slut system. You’d destroy the evil of seduction.

        Instead you praise the worst rape in history of women by a bunch of retarded apes.

        I will reply to this however…

        “Kid, I think you’re the one that’s a little iffy on the concept of a relationship. You talk like women are nothing more than wild dogs and the natural enemy of men but you swear you’re hurting for a lack of companionship. What kind of relationship can you have with someone if you think of them the same way as a household pet with a tendency to bite and if you view them with such contempt why obsess over having a relationship with them at all?”

        I love how you’re calling me a kid. If you’re really old enough to call me that while writing this much imbecility I feel really sorry for you.

        Anyway, because that’s how sane relationships work.

        Women are much worse than dogs. They are dumber, less faithful and of much uglier nature.

        Sane men would tie these things up to them financially and by knocking them up.

        You know why? Because they knew what women are. Psychopatic parasites.

        And you know what else? Women were the first to thank them for treating them correctly – as psychopathic parasites.

        All of your fairy tales are just that – fairy tales.

        “The key concept being opening the heart and letting people in.”

        No. You’re living in a fairy tale. Women can’t feel love for a man. They just need to be subjugated and only then can they respect a man.

        Also, do please tell me how my incel isn’t inflicted on me. What did I do wrong? Where is my fault?

        You know what my exes said? I wanted a relationship they could not provide. Why? Because no modern Western woman can.

        And btw, you were treated by dirt because you are dirt. Judging by your posts, you’re scum who pays to be incel. You pay taxes so the women could be raped by apes.

        You know that imbecile football player that fucks a slut and can’t understand anything? He is being paid by you.

        You probably support women’s suffrage and other feminist policies as well.

        And you don’t see this will make me, if not you, incel forever?

        Want to know why you’re incel? Because you’re a fool who pays for sluts to fuck even dumber scum than yourself. That’s all.

        In a sane world there wouldn’t be any of this nonsense. Men would be married at 18 and goodbye.

        So understand that you’re a fool.

        “You wouldn’t be alone if you didn’t shove people away for not being exactly what you want and burning the bridge behind you.”

        YOU ARE A FOOL.


        I say “would have” because I finally woke up and realized women have no concept of being with somebody today. They just want to be inseminated by the largest possible number of most retarded men in shortest time.

        How we deal with them is up to us?

        It’s idiots like who who have been telling men that they’re bad if they hit a woman or bash her brains. You prevented us from mimicking stupidity and immorality.

        You claim to be incel yet you’re telling me what I should do? I will tell you what to do now, “kid” – understand that women are retarded scum fucked by apes who break their legs, spine, teeth, everything. Everything needs to go if you want to breed a slut.

  6. “When I accused you of thinking of women as animals you claimed I was basing that off nothing and making things up. Then you went and said pretty explicitly women were worse than dogs and needed to be broken in. Typically you’re supposed to refute what people say when you call them liars, not prove them right.”

    And you’re still not right. Animals have no real malice but women are naturally rotten and sadistic.

    So what have you proven? Nothing.

    You said the only “sane” way to treat someone when you’re in a relationship is like a caged animal and yet you have the gall to compare yourself to a slave and act the injured party.”

    And this is where you’ll be leaving this blog. I told you I can’t stand stupidity.

    I am a slave because imbeciles like you want to me to pay for my own incel. This makes me a slave, yes. You are even more retarded than that actually, since you are incel yourself – you are like a Jew sending money to Hitler in 1942.

    I am an injured party because treating women like human beings brought unprecented disasters for me.

    And what the hell do my views have to do with my experiences? Whatever I think now, what does that have to do with what I’m saying here?

    No, sorry, you can’t go on.

    You can say I censored you for disagreeing with me but if I wanted to censor you I’d just delete the entire comment. I am simply banning you cause you are stupid, you make shit up out of thin air and you make silly accusations. I’m leaving the part of this comment and the rest that were already published.

    I have enough dealings with idiots already.

    It’s ok. Almost all Americans are idiots.


    • CAAMIB-

      What is with the hate for American’s today? I don’t even remember him saying he was from the US…even if his code says that is his current location for all you know he could have immigrated from France last year. Also you claim all the people around you are idiots and you aren’t in America, so I doubt most the people you dated or live by are American.

      Also as possibly the sole woman who reads this blog regularly you know what I think of your claim that me and all the rest of my kind are faithless unloving scum. I am no more or less capable of being faithful or loving then any man. I may be the weaker vessel, but not in those regards. I think we all need to realize that we are all capable of being the scum of the earth, just as we are all capable of being the best of men and women. Its all in what you chose to do with it.

  7. @notbuyingit: thank you. 🙂

    When i was 12, I never thought of love as in a (sexual) relationship between grownups. That’s right. I thought of love in general. Kindness, care and acceptance. Or at least acknowledgement as a human being. With thoughts and feelings, dreams and desperate needs.

    You compare us females to dogs, why?
    Most women I know have more similarities with rabbits.
    Woman actually do want love and companionship. The problem for a lot of them is, they shy away the moment they are scared. And if opening up and becoming all vulnerable is the price, then -everything- is scary. Its so much easier to bite and run…

    Maybe you should ignore all the “dogs” and invest all your strength and patience into taming a scared “rabbit”? They die when they’re broken though….

    And you know, ignoring facts makes life so much easier to bear.
    You’re in so much pain. You are so scared of the rest of the world. You are so fed up with the “facts” that hurt you. Ignoring them from time to time, like a child, might give you short but precious happy moments from time to time. They might not be real, but why care? They will be yours none the less. 🙂

    • “When i was 12, I never thought of love as in a (sexual) relationship between grownups. That’s right. I thought of love in general. Kindness, care and acceptance. Or at least acknowledgement as a human being. With thoughts and feelings, dreams and desperate needs.”

      So romantic love is just a sexual relationship? And you’re so different from the other pigs called women because…? You do understand I am not an idiot like that moron who gave you his retarded support and is by now banned for his idiocy?

      “That’s right. I thought of love in general. Kindness, care and acceptance. Or at least acknowledgement as a human being. With thoughts and feelings, dreams and desperate needs.”

      That’s not what this blog is about and reflects a more general type of feeling. Also, things you mention here are the last thing modern Western women want.

      “You compare us females to dogs, why?”

      Because you’re of similar intelligence and can provide some companionship, but you’re much less loyal.

      “Most women I know have more similarities with rabbits.”

      I have no idea which cloud cuckoo land you’re living in. And by land I don’t mean your geographic location. All the women I knew were shameless and disgusting, resembling pigs more than rabbits.

      “Woman actually do want love and companionship. The problem for a lot of them is, they shy away the moment they are scared. And if opening up and becoming all vulnerable is the price, then -everything- is scary. Its so much easier to bite and run…”

      Why doesn’t anybody I know of, even the dumbest liberal, see this?

      “Maybe you should ignore all the “dogs” and invest all your strength and patience into taming a scared “rabbit”? ”

      I never met any.

      “And you know, ignoring facts makes life so much easier to bear.”

      Maybe, but I never ignored them at all, I just wasn’t familiar with them enough. I have never ignored them once they were clear.

      “You are so scared of the rest of the world.”

      Only in so much that the Western world is a violent medieval society where Christianity is simply replaced by liberalism. I am afraid for my life and safety in a cultist society, yes.

      “You are so fed up with the “facts” that hurt you. Ignoring them from time to time, like a child, might give you short but precious happy moments from time to time. They might not be real, but why care? They will be yours none the less.”

      So they’re not facts? What hurts me then?

  8. Romantic love is so much more than just sex. If it were only sex, you wouldn’t have any problems, right?

    My point is, you men are all individuals, you differ from each other. Women do that too. We aren’t all the same.
    You had bad luck meeting only those who brought you pain. And from what I got from your blog, you never knew many women. How many have you ever really talked to, without wantig a relationship with them? More than once? Some might surprise you…

    It’s not the facts that hurt you. It’s people. Other people or you yourself. You know best who.
    The nice thing with people is, you can leave them. You can move on untill you find someone you like. Leave those that hurt you behind.
    They’re just not worth to spend so much time and energy on!
    You waste your precious time thinking of bad people when you could do something nice instead.

    You are worthy of good feelings,memories and thoughts. Treat yourself and concentrate on those. If you don’t have good memories, go and create them. Small things can carry you far.

    This is what I mean with “ignore the facts”. Sure, it is not advisable to do that all the time and go living in fairyland. That would be stupid. But where is the problem in having a little holiday from life from time to time?

    • “Romantic love is so much more than just sex.”

      That is not what your previous comment said.

      “If it were only sex, you wouldn’t have any problems, right?”

      Nope, I’d still have some problems. Hell, even if it were just about getting a prostitute I’d have problems. But you are too ignorant and stupid to know this.

      “My point is, you men are all individuals, you differ from each other. Women do that too. We aren’t all the same.”

      Nope. Women have no self-awareness and a herd mentality.

      “You had bad luck meeting only those who brought you pain.”

      I had bad luck being born in a society where only such monsters exist. There isn’t a creature alive that could have brought me happiness.

      “And from what I got from your blog, you never knew many women. ”

      You’re an idiot.

      “How many have you ever really talked to, without wantig a relationship with them? More than once? Some might surprise you…”

      A complete idiot.

      “The nice thing with people is, you can leave them. You can move on untill you find someone you like. Leave those that hurt you behind.”

      In order to have nice experiences and good things you need to have good people. You can’t have them with vermin which are modern ex-people.

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