A new rule

Proposing therapy to me or anybody else on this forum is now explicitly forbidden. And I don’t mean proposing therapy in the context of denying the incel problem/situation (for example “incel isn’t your problem, you just need therapy”), since that was already forbidden.



Three reasons…

1. It doesn’t work for incels- it doesn’t help us find a partner, it doesn’t help with our depression/frustration.

2. It can be very dangerous, especially in the Anglosphere, where most of my commentators/readers are – most therapists there are liberal scum. They see illiberal attitudes as mental illness. They’re all noncel and, like almost all modern hate machines,  lack empathy towards just about anybody so they’ll think the pain of incel comes from another source.   In fact, I’ve actually seen therapists and future therapists online diagnosing people, which means they don’t know anything about their jobs at all.

And such people have the power to affect your employment opportunities and social standing, just like they can lock you up. This is especially dangerous in an insane society like USA.

Simply put, somebody taking this advice is much more likely to be in danger than to just achieve nothing, let alone be helped.

3. It is usually proposed by extreme liberals (since it is basically one of the most celebrated liberal dogmas) who will eventually start breaking the rules by commenting here. Out of 100 liberals 99 will be complete fools, dangerous, obnoxious and insane. I want to be able to weed out these people soon.

If you propose therapy once you’ll be edited and warned. Keep it up and you’re banned. 

I will make a long final post on psychiatry soon and would like to thank all the obnoxious, hateful scum worshiping psychiatry while being in dire need of it themselves for me making this decision.

(EDIT – it is still allowed to recommend psychiatry  for problems other than incel, were these to be discussed on this blog)

14 thoughts on “A new rule

  1. One of the smartest editorial decision you have ever made mate. Therapy. Yeah right. Top notch advice….’get some therapy’.

    Psychology has to be the biggest pile of bullshit walking. Along with Astrology, I consider psychology to be so fucking suspect, I personally think that they are both example of pseudo-science.

    Physics is science. It can be tested under laboratory conditions, time and again. Even Quantum physics can be verified.

    But Psychology?…….give me a fucking break. We did not put a man on the moon with psychology. We did not invent the jet engine with psychology. We will not develop warp drive, with psychology.

    So why the fuck do peckerheads think it will help a man who has his most BASIC needs, unfulfilled?

    • You know the same could be said about most biology, when you interact with something as complex as the human body your never going to get 100% repeatable results. The way we treat MI is mostly observation and the result of trail and error over many many years on many many people, and we are still getting better. If you had a heart attack would you want a doctor or physicist?

    • Mikey, I don’t think psychiatry is entirely useless. It can help in cases of some problems.

      But in case of this blog and what it deals with it is better if it is not mentioned for reasons I mentioned.

      A brief perusal of what the kind of people that want see it as a religion stand for is more than enough for anybody reasonable, and I’m talking about their attitude towards incel – they completely lack any understanding of it or empathy for us.

  2. “When you only have a hammer, every problem seems nails”.
    What tools does society to address such a grave problem? Apparently, none. Do it doesn’t matter if the problem requires a precision tool or a complex use of various tools. It only has a hammer to try to fit you into the hole made for you.

    I see this every year, with kids who sometimes need psychiatric assistance, but many times have other problems that will only get worse with it.

    • This is, of course, true, but it’s even worse than that.

      Psychiatry has become a literal god for liberals. For extremely religious people god is infallible. So is therapy. If it didn’t help you the problem is that you didn’t find the right therapist or that you didn’t want to be helped. The therapy itself is infallible.

      This is because modern progressive liberalism is essentially what I’ve claimed for years – an intolerant, brutal religion that makes ISIS look like kids in the playground.

    • While not going that far in my impressions about therapy and psychiatry, I see an excess of pathologization.
      I’ll try to explain myself better: Sometimes a kid is diagnosed with this-and-the-other syndrome, while he’s simply being a teenager, and most parents seem to have forgotten how they were and felt at his age.

      In other cases, like anorexic girls or more severe cases, psychiatric surveillance is really needed, for her life is in danger short to middle term.

      • Lucas, please forgive me for looking up your IP but I had to cause it’s related to what I’m about to say.

        I had an inkling about where you might not be from and was right.

        You simply have no idea how things work in America. 99 percent of Americans are insane slugs and what I said stands for America. It is less crazy outside of Anglosphere. Hell, it’s even less crazy in the UK. But Americans are by themselves mostly completely insane.

        • I agree to a certain point, but also the influence of social media and american pop culture in my students worries me. I see them.copying attitudes and behaviours because they feel “it’s cool”.
          There’s no european initiative to counter this really unhealthy values.

  3. I have a certain philosophy towards life, brought about by coming close to exiting it last year. And it is this; I have faith in shit that works. Hence I use Linux instead of Windows. Because it WORKS, and Windows doesn’t. Hence I shave with a safety razor and razor blades, because this system WORKS.

    Psychology DOES not work. Not as caamib so rightly says, in the case of Incel. SEX works in helping you overcome Incel. Being validated by a woman works in helping you overcome Incel.

    This society of ours is filled to the gunnel’s, with shit that just DOES NOT WORK. About time it was pointed out.

    • Psychiatry can help keep Bipolar patients alive! Do you know before the advent of mood stabilizers the condition had a 50-75% mortality rate because when they became so manic that it wasn’t safe to be around them they would take them out of town and tie them to a tree? They would die like dogs caught up their chains.

      Psychiatry helps quite the voices of schizophrenics! Do you know that thanks to the advent of anti-psychotics about 1 in 4 of these people, people we used to lock up in “mad houses’ can now actually work a job and some of them even have families.

      Psychiatry helps reduce the mortality of depression! The lifetime risk for suicide with major depression untreated is about 20%! True on this one we are still working it out, but any time less people kill themselves its progress.

      So yes it does work, not 100% of the time, not as fast as people want, but for many many people it literally saves their life.

      • You are making a common mistake; Psychiatry, is NOT the same thing as Psychology. Psychiatry actually involves the prescribing of medication that has a direct effect upon the brain; this is hard, TESTABLE science. Psychology, on the other hand, is based upon VERY suspect principles. Therefore it is bullshit.

        • Sorry…. I am in school to become a psychiatrist….so I am very proud of my field and what we can do to help our patients…I tend to get a tiny bit overzealous when defending it. Many people think that psychiatry is sitting on a sofa talking about your mom and its really really not.

          Do you consider therapy part of psychology? DBT has been proven to help patients with Borderline Personality therapy and Response Therapy (usually combined with meds) has been shown to help people with OCD. Some therapies also help kids with autism lead more normal lives.

  4. I’m curious, how do you feel about therapy for reasons other than incel? I have a legit problem that I go to therapy for because I don’t want to take drugs. Do you believe in modern psychology/psychotherapy at all?

    • Yes, I do believe in it but I think its power is somewhat limited.

      As for you, I don’t anything about your problem or how you deal with it but I think you should try therapy if you think it might help. Just don’t get your hopes too high up.

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