Where am I after two years?

Today is the second anniversary of me starting this blog.

It initially started as a blog which demanded government intervention to incel problem by using non-coercive, voluntary programs.

During that time, in summer 2012, barely a few months have passed since my loss of virginity. I was still in education and thought there is hope. Hence the sentence where I said I’d only  date a moderate feminist – it showed an unrealistic amount of completely unfounded hope ( of course I’d date the most radical feminist in the world now if I could).

When I first started this blog I had absolutely no idea where to go and was, like always, crippled by depression. So I just wrote about whatever came to my mind. During early autumn of 2012 I found my second girlfriend, in what was to be my only relationship that was, at least nominally, both romantic and sexual. This post mentions some of it, just like the one that follows chronologically (and which I won’t link to) mentions its end


2013 was a pretty turbulent year for me. After almost dying due to depression and exhaustion in late 2012 I was determined to give finding a girlfriend the utmost priority.

It was a disaster. I had over 30 dates, of which the only results were a short-term friendship with benefits I had with a woman who was severely problematic and unattractive and a single sexual experience with a slut I initially tried to blackmail but who then agreed for an exchange of sex for me buying her some crap.

I was rejected by all kinds of women, from high school seniors to older girls who already finished college, from girls who barely finished tenth grade to girls who were working on their PhD.

After one of these dates, which was very specific in ways which I’ll write about in a specific post, I almost died. After another I decided to dox all women who will reject me but after another woman did something bad I decided to dox just those that acted horribly.

I won’t link to some of these posts. Not because I’m ashamed of what I thought there but because I was too dumb to realize the truth at that point.

During 2013 I also gave up on the idea of government ever helping incels. It is unrealistic for just so many reasons. The idea itself is good, but there is nobody there to implement it.


And by early 2014 I was beginning to understand. It took a lot of reading and investigation but I finally realized what the problem was.

The problem was and always has been in men. Men, being physically stronger than women, can create any type of society they want to. If horrible societies exist it is because of men.

The post I made as a reaction to Elliot Rodger tragedy did mention some of my new findings but it was post The story of your incel- an inconvinient truth which finally synthesized the truth.

The problem with me going on dates was that I ever even went on a single one of them!

The only type of men who can be successful on dates are omegas, men who use seduction (and alphas, but they don’t need dates at all). Me going on dates was like a fish trying to swim in the desert – nonsense.

The infamous Feb 26, 2014 post Darkness, which reveals the horrible tragedy and trauma which has been my life, is merely a post about somebody who tried to live in a world of moronic seducers and their sluts while not being one of them.

I now finally understand the depth of idiocy and sexism of modern society which reflected in reactions to it. All the betrayals, all the heartless and horrific behavior by women toward somebody who did his best in every relationship he had in his life were seen as my failure.

This is hate. This is what a generation of feces created by thugs and their sluts creates. The thin veneer of quasi-intellectual PC and phrases can’t hide the barbarism and hatred of those whose disgusting fathers could stand their even more disgusting mothers just long enough to breed them.

These monsters have killed hundreds of million by now, simply exterminating them because they are decent. There is no other criteria – if you use your brain and common sense you need to be destroyed in every way. Only the dogma and violence can remain.

I will, as long as I’m alive, will be grateful to a brilliant man I met on Love-shy.forums, Franklin/fschmidt, who founded a virtual (for now) coalpha society and introduced me to the right literature.

What made me see the way more than anything else was a crucial J. D. Unwin’s book Sex and Culture and a study by Devlin called Sexual Utopia in Power.

I once again call upon all decent men to join the CoAlpha forums.

In conclusion, in a few days time I will be changing my nickname for the third time.

I will now be called CoAlphaAntiModernistIncelBlogger.

CoAlpha part will reflect my ideas on CoAlphas.

AntiModernist will reflect my opposition to modern thinking (NOT MODERN TECHNOLOGY !)

And the incelblogger part will just be a continuation of my current nickname.

So look that up. I’ll try to find a plug-in that will make all the links I left to my blog change to my new address.

dcurbanmom discussion

This is a just a link to a relatively old discussion I had on dcurbanmom forums.

Quite a lot of places linked to my blog after Elliot Rodger shooting but since some banned me (that DailyKos trash), others demanded workplace e-mail, some were just too crazy (FTB), some wanted my real name or in cases of some I didn’t have enough time (Salon) this was the one I participated in most.

It’s a forum of… um, DC urban moms?

Anyway, it follows a typical scenario of me being attacked by retarded liberal scum who wouldn’t make an argument if their lives depended on it, but it’s interesting to note that it was done by American women who are somewhat older so it’s a good indicator of how declined America is.