Comments now allowed everywhere

I am very sorry, for there has been a mistake. I was simply unaware that comments weren’t allowed on my last two articles until today. You can now comment on them.

16 thoughts on “Comments now allowed everywhere

  1. How about a change of heart? We are what we eat.
    Also, what we think. Did you ever hear the song
    “I’ve Got A New Attitude?” The girls at an Eckart Tolle
    confrence are every bit as pretty as the girls at a singles
    bar, more self reliant too.

  2. Can I ask questions?

    I have four.

    One: when’s your newest article going to be uploaded and what will it be about?

    Two: what isn your coping strategy for the shit hand you’ve been dealt in life?

    Three: if your “way out” is death, will you only take your own life or others as well?

    Four: have you ever considered joining the navy, the foreign legion or getting a teaching degree in English and relocating to South East Asia? These are relatively foolproof and often used escape routs out of the Westernized world.

  3. Hi, I followed a lot the Elliot Rodgers tragedy and I’ve been doing some research about that subculture of incels that is actually driving me crazy. I wanted to add my voice about this, I studied evolutionnary psychology for some time and I wanted to add my voice to this forum (I wished to do this in Elliot’s article, but I didn’t manage to do so). It’s about female behaviors, please allow me my free speech.

    Elliot (and I assume many of those suffering from involuntary celibacy) was ashamed of his lack of romantic life and therefore developed anger and frustration towards women in general, stating they go for ‘jerks’ rather than ‘nice guys’. Here’s what I want to add:

    1- For every mammal specie on this planet, there is one absolute truth: it is the female who’s carying to baby during the entire pregnancy (9 months for humans, 2 years for elephants, etc..). Not the male. So here’s what you need to know: the cost of sex is FAR HIGHER for females than it is for males. Think about it. Sex for males is cum… and it’s over, you can get your next mate. Sex for females is cum, plus potential pregnancy, plus 9 months, plus potentially a child to raise. So females are much more choosier of their mates than males. These are instincts received of thousands of years of natural selection and animal behaviors. Which brings me to:

    2- Since females are choosier, males have to fight to get them. In many species, the dominant male (the one who killed the others), get the female. Hopefully, humans are social animals. They only managed to survive by living in groups. Yet, females look for good traits for their offsprings: physical dominance (usually women prefer taller guys because taller means better at providing goods and safety), intelligence (same reasons), confidence, humor, facial symmetry (notice how it not close it is to being the only matter). It all sums up to this: men’s physical instinct regarding women is: ”will she give me good babies?” (which is why we look at face and youth and health when choosing women) while women’s instincts are: ”will he be a good father” (notice the difference).

    3-Third thing I want to add regards dominance. In species were the role of the father isn’t essential to the survival of the offspring, only the dominant male get the woman (ie, the lions. We need to make DNA tests to determine who is the father of who). A male lion is far bigger than a female. Once againg, this is evolutionnary psycholgie from thousands of years of selection. Now, on the other side, in species where role of the father is essential to survival (here, the penguins), it is nearly impossible to determine a male from a female. Where does this lead ? Humans. where are we ? We’re not lions, and neither are we penguins. We’re in between. And women want both dominance and sweetness. This explains why some women goes for ‘jerks’. While ‘jerks’ are ‘jerks’, they display signs of confidence and self-assuredness that are attractive to the women, signs that my friend Elliot was lacking (he was insecure and lacking a personnality).

    I felt like I wanted to add this. It’s good to understand female behaviors before going in a misogynistic rampage. There’s a blog on the internet somewhere called ‘The Dating Specialist’ by a guy called Nick that can be very good to build self-esteem (I consider myself a very attractive and succesful guy, yet I visit it nearly every day). I lost my virginity I was 21 years old (I have no shame towards it, I feel great), so I do empathise with those suffering from involuntary celibacy. Many lack ressouces (competent ressources), but I’m sure having a better understanding of the differences between male and female behaviors can only help.

    Good luck with your fight. Some causes are worth the fight.

    A thousand miles journey begins with a single step…

    Cheers !

    Guillaume (english isn’t my first language, sorry for the mistakes)

  4. Well the media gives people a sense of entitlement.
    Men on T.V. have no problem getting girls.
    REAL LIFE is unfair, and we don’t like to think about “losers,”
    or admit we are one.
    To be deprived of (please read the comment rules regarding definitions of incel- tib) (Which is the only thing that many life for)
    is one of the great heartaches of life.

  5. tib- Ok, I’ve fucking had it with you not listening my warnings. You’re now on moderation and will be there for a long time. You will be published in case you say something that isn’t just boring repetition of your usual crap. Which means you’re probably banned for all intents and purposes.

    I know you probably have some problems with your mind and shit but what am I to do about it?

  6. Hi, first time caller here.
    I have two questions for you.
    Firstly, why do you think women aren’t attracted to you?

    And secondly, how do you combat involuntary celibacy?

  7. Hi, I’ve been following some of your online activity (mostly your blog and reddit posts) and was hoping to ask you some questions, as lately I’ve been fascinated by the “incel community”. Now, to be upfront I dramatically disagree with pretty much all of your views but am curious about how and why you hold them. I was wondering if you had a preferred avenue for some type of informal “interview-type” Q&A? Preferably not like an AMA on reddit, as I don’t really want other people distracting you from my questions. This is not an attempt to mock or deride you, while I believe that many of your views are deserving of derision that is not the same as believing you should be derided, but more to understand a bit more maybe. I’ve set this comment to e-mail me when follow up comments are posted but if you’d like you can just e-mail me directly at

      • Well I’m no one in particular, just an interested person trying to understand something I don’t. If you don’t have time, that’s fine or if there’s another way you’d like to do it that’s cool too. Maybe something more informal? Like just some e-mail correspondence.

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