A message to “anti-feminists”

To all anti-feminists who still support the idea of “equality” but hate feminism – you need to extract your heads from your asses and observe the material world as it is.

Feminism IS equality. It is more pro-equality then you will ever be. Feminists are closer to the median political views on equality held by most people in the West. They are closer to the median racial and gender composition of the Western world. Understand this. 

The idea that you will “take your rights back” is preposterous. You’ll be lucky if you only get sent to prison for your sites. Your cause is finished. Maybe not now, maybe not for another 10 years, but the final outcome is no longer in doubt.

Liberals stand on the side of feminism. They will take side against men. And political demographics assure that the Western world will ultimately be finished as a first world and the world will soon face the horrifying reality of a civilization run by feminist women and their mangina lapdogs who are in charge of the most powerful military arsenal the world has ever seen  – an arsenal created by non-feminist men handed to feminist women and their male servants through democracy. All that pro-equality, pro-women’s rights shit eating that you were doing – that is going to be used against YOU.

And you deserve every bit of it.

All of your opposition to “denial of women’s rights” against “right wing extremists”, all of your submission to women to avoid being “misogynists”, your failure to deal with feminists in proper way in your futile attempts to fight through institutions which hate you and will never budge an inch, your attempts to integrate moderate feminists….

You will pay a terrible, horrible price for all of this. And that price is feminist rule and domination over you. It’s what white South Africans learned.

The price is that you now have a permanent casus belli against you going by the name of “misogyny”.

You are a misogynist, Paul Elam. It doesn’t matter what you say, do or feel. YOU ARE A MISOGYNIST. Lies and slander against you are justified on these grounds. And in the future physical attacks and legal abuse against you will be justified with misogyny. This is arguably already happening.

White South Africans understand this. All the worshiping and ball licking of the bus bomber Nelson Mandela aside, it was ultimately white South Africans who voted to end Apartheid. And they have PAID, they have paid for this in blood and ruined lives.

And you are paying the price, the price being complete dispossession, because you didn’t put on your man-pants when it mattered. You were too busy hating your non-feminist brothers, first in Nazi Germany and then in the Soviet Union, to realize who your enemies are.

Your real enemies are and have always been fellow Westerners – feminists and their male cuckold allies. They are your most dangerous and your most foreign enemy. They are the prime source of your misfortune.

Your attitudes don’t exist, your concepts don’t exist,  your ideologies don’t exist  -they are a linguistic and psychological fiction. Feminist reaction after the Rodgers shooting proves that – today there aren’t no MRAs, PUAs, incels, MGTOWs or Red Pillers. There are men. All the old differences melted away because they are unimportant, they are ephemeral, they are transient. It is like the breeze, it is like wind, it comes and it goes but it is not the substance of the thing.  MRAs are PUAs, PUAs are MRAs,  PUAs are incels, incels are Red Pillers, Red Pillers are MGTOWs.

Feminists can not integrate into this because our differences are biological. There are no male feminists. There are males who support feminist hate ideology. Feminism is a female hate cult designed to exterminate all men.

Anti-feminists – your gender is your ideology, your chromosomes are your values. There is no equality, there are no misogynists.


13 thoughts on “A message to “anti-feminists”

  1. lol great pic of Paul Elam

    Actually it’ll be the rise of male sexuality, through mgtow game, pua & red pill, & mra which destroys feminism

    What we’re fighting today is the usurption of male sexuality & masculinity because of technology & increased wealth

    A sedentary society, which used the militancy of religion to enslave men, which has now turned into using women directly to enslave men

    It will be the death of the family, the death of marriage, the main form of violence used for the control of men

    That is the threat of not having any reproductive rights, unless he subjugates himself to an unfertile barren women

    A man only has access to the 5 years of fertility of a woman & 80 years of infertility of a woman

    Once 5% of men are free or forbidden from marriage, because of crazed radical feminists

    We’ll see the first REAL masculine movement, a real uprising of masculinity & male power

    It is only when the walls of prison called marriage , free’s enough men from being enslaved from women, will men finally have the freedom & resources to redirect their wealth to finance & fund MRA’s & mens rights lawyers & militants

    To confront feminists & the wealthy white women behind the feminists

    The vaginas who have stolen the wealth & power of men

    Our true enemy arent the feminists

    It’s the Christians & Traditionalists & Catholics who are the real enemies

    It was they who weakened & watered down society, allowing feminists & liberals to take hold in the first place

    It’s the Christians & Traditionalists & Catholics, who created the roots & origins of feminism

    It’s the Christians & Traditionalists & Catholics who’ve attacked men for 1000’s of years longer then feminism

    We have to use radical feminism to create a controlled attack against Christians & Traditionalists & Catholics

    & free men so we can be free from the gynocracy of Christians & Traditionalists & Catholics, a hundred times worse & brutal then modern feminism

    It is the oppression of gynocracy which gave feminism to rise to power

    It is gynocracy we have to aim

    We have to use radical feminism to create a controlled blow against gynocracy

    In the same way feminism caused the rise of mgtow, game, pua & mra

    We have to use radical feminism to create the next wave of attack against gynocracy

    We have to use the crossfire of radical feminism & the hatred of men by traditional women, tactically

  2. I know this is off topic, but I can’t find an on-topic place to put it, but, have you ever smoked marijuana? And if you have, what did you think of it?

  3. -don’t post insults- tibThere’s a whole world of good things to do out there, why sit home sulking because women don’t like you? Intellectualise it as much as you like, you’re just lonely I think. As for you comment writers, get with the program – the world is changing rapidly and you might discover some of the more positive developments if you didn’t waste precious time trying to express what is basically unhappiness or lonliness as some kind of ideology. Yes, the world is awash with horrible people, of both genders and always has been – have you only just realized?

    Also, you seem to have a sense of entitlement, seem put out that the world is changing and people are developing new values and slightly different ways of living. But the world does change, it never stops. So change with it.

    If you are incel, as I am for years at a time, and am at the moment, you need to find positive ways of dealing with it, not brewing up this ill informed, poorly expessed philosophy of hatred. -insults-

    Celebrate life. If you’re lonely, celebrate that as well. Don’t waste your life in anger and hatred, especially if your philosophy is as blighted as this page suggests. I’m sorry you feel rejected, but you need to take reponsibility for what is, after all, your life.

    Again, the world changes, it doesn’t wait for people to develop in a uniform manner. ‘Adapt or die’ has always been the reality. I’m thoroughly disheartened by this woman hating, and you don’t have to tell me that women can be heartless and cruel and abusive. It’s not something new, and you seem to think it is. A bitch is, and always has been, a bitch.

    Anger, rejection, betrayal – these feelings are raw male energy, a force without a form. Utilize them, don’t wallow in them. Look what became of that balloon-lipped gimp who saw fit to shoot up all the people who he felt rejected him (I make reference to the film directors son who went on a killing spree, posting video about his hatred online). He was more popular than he thought, but entirely consumed with negative maculinity. As a woman hater, he is your poster boy, or would be if he was still alive. Doesn’t this make you think about where youre going with all this? Hatred has never overcome hatred.

    Consider – if a good woman (of whom there are still billions on the planet) offered you love, acceptence and potential intimacy right now, what would your answer be? Why direct hatred towards the thing you desire more than any other?

    tib- Hi, sorry for the delay. I think you mean well but stop insulting people and mentioning nonsense like Playboy as a solution

  4. I fear for a world in which “all heterosexual sex is rape” is considered a reasonable opinion.

    • I don’t think it will ever go that far. In fact, I think, no offense to you, but people expressing such concerns are actually valuable to feminists cause they allow them to mock all concerned about feminism with stuff like “These conspiracy theorists think something that crazy”.

  5. I’m probably going to be e-tarred and feathered for this..

    Fuck it.

    I want to say that I’ve been reading your blog, and a few others that are somewhat similar. Amazingly, what you have to say hits home. I think that you are a brilliant individual, and your points are excellent. If the fact that I am female and empathize with your struggle, causes a few stones to be thrown in my direction..I’ll gladly pin a target on my ass so they don’t miss.

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