Elliot Rodger and a note for new arrivals

It seems I am forced to break my silence, as the recent events have forced me to.  I will now publish posts and let sane sumbissions go through but know this

1. I will immediately delete any posts that say incel is about just sex – I usually don’t do that and warn people but since most of you are coming from shitholes like Daily Kos, which banned me after 6 short posts, despite my posts being extremely civil and reasonable, I won’t have any patience for that nonsense now. If you want to be published don’t be retarded. My long term commentators are one thing and a riff raff of morons who never gave a shit until they heard about this today another.

2. All of your threats, insults, strawmen and similar content are immediately deleted – they will never see the light of the day, so ask yourself does it take me longer to delete it or you to write that nonsense.

3. If you want to understand incel read all of the articles. I especially recommend the Feb 26, 2014 article named Darkness.

4. Don’t expect me to reply soon or often .- I am  a physically sick, broken man.

On Elliot Rodger himself, what can I say? I will quote a member of the Love-shy forums

That being said, this guy is hardly an incel poster boy. Good looking, rich, he could have had female attention most of us only dream of. But he chose to live in one of the most superficial narcissistic locales on the planet, perhaps second only to Sydney. And he reeked of degeneration and narcissism himself. That would hardly be a turn off to a lot of the Hollywood/model types he was undoubtedly pursuing, but if as some suggested he was Aspie or awkward about it then it might.

So, no, I don’t understand this  kid at all. He could have flown anywhere in the world with the money he had, there were places where he could have found a good non-feminist wife.  I have no idea why he didn’t try that.

The kid was scum, and so were those he killed. Spoiled, stupid brats. I have no pity for, as one commentator said “blonde sorority sisters in Isla Vista”. These girls were bad, immoral trash. And so was he.

He was stupid enough never to come to an idea that his money could make him look for anything he wanted in many cities abroad. Instead he remained among horrible people, and American women are the most horrible people on Earth, and ended his life in a horrific way.

What happened is a proof that incel murders people. Society that will claim incel didn’t cause his pain is a sick society which thinks males should be ok with this hell.  But don’t get me wrong, I don’t think many of you will be convinced.  Sane people already knew that and insane ones never will. If you think I believe I somehow convinced more than 1 percent of the readers here you are incredibly naive. Modern “people” are utter scum and there is no way in hell they’ll ever see reason. Anybody who believes that you will understand that it is incel which drove him to suicide is a fucking retard. Maybe 1 percent of intelligent people will understand this but others are just a waste of time.

What happened is punishment  for evil and violence of feminists and liberals. Any of you supporting atrocities like women’s suffrage, immodest clothing, child support/alimony, no ban on adultery, ban on prostitution and a lack of female premarital chastity, all the things that drove this young man to be unable to find a girlfriend, are disgusting , horrible people and you created a culture where this is possible. Renounce these horrors now. It is a decent thing to do. It will make you healthy and sane again. It will make the world healthy and sane again.

But you will not do that, will you? You will go on creating a horrible society, you will go on being horrible idiots. You will chalk it all up to mental illness and go on.

I understand your thinking patterns. I was once like that. I was once a liberal. But then I read the right books and understood the correct information and this made me see that there is no other way than to be a reactionary.

I doubt many of you will take this road. Even if some of you had the mental capabilities it is easier not to. But if you continue with you hatred and irrationality what happened here will be the least of your problems – entire Western civilization will collapse. You will either live in prehistoric conditions or you will be destroyed by a conquering healthy culture – Muslims, China and Russia are the great hopes of civilized world.

But the onus isn’t just on feminists and liberals. All of you MRAs who believe that you can negotiate with a system that wants to destroy all decent people, male and female, all of who who think that you can defeat feminism by writing articles about it, all of you who support core tenants of feminism while whining about it are also to blame. All of you conservatives, as conservatives are just milder liberals – you are just as bad as them.

This wasn’t one  person killing an x amount of people, it was a cry against a sick culture.  A culture in which you don’t have to kill people due to your involuntary celibacy to be mean – you have to be mean not be an involuntary celibate. This is a culture you are perpetuating.

All of this becomes even more obvious when you look at how I was treated. I am 3 years older than Elliot and was also a virgin at his age, yet I didn’t do what he did. But I had to things necessary for my survival – I had post a picture of an unstable woman who offered and retracted her offers of sex out of sheer sadism. I had to try to blackmail a slut who humiliated me on our date and slept with 50 men at the age 18. But I didn’t blackmail any of these women. First one offered me sex herself, and the second one demanded to be bought things to have sex with me. These women weren’t any victims. They laughed along with me in bed after we had sex. After those actions and after we slept together these women respected me more than they did before. One of them bought me a chocolate that same day and became my girlfriend a week later. Not only were these women no victims, they wanted it to be that way. Modern women are crazy, just like most modern people, and if you don’t adjust to their sheer insanity you will never be able to achieve even the slightest success with them.

Modern monsters claimed I raped both of these women. One of them is my best friend now and laughs at them. This is what modern monsters do – they will justify any evil and attack any sanity.

Monsters will read this post and hate. But remember, it is their hate that just this year led to deletion of articles on Involuntary celibacy, Love-shyness, Brian Gilmartin and  a current campaign to delete the last remaining article which even mentions it – an article on Denise Donelly, an author of the most famous study on involuntary celibacy, an article which existed since 2004 and whose deletion is pushed by hateful ideologues of all colors, not just feminists. I know that because I have talked to one of them outside of Wikipedia. This person was even a member of Love-shy.com, a troll who fished for personal information of people who are suffering immensely and told me that all the deletions were motivated due to his hate.

I know there will be calls to silence me again. Many monsters will do anything to destroy me, break any law in their hysterical hatred. But in the end this is what their monstrous acts cause – pain, suffering, death. It has always been like that. Violence creates more violence and nobody is more violent than modern scumbags. The kind of posts I had to delete now reflected true evil and insanity – they were a mixture of incorrect definitions and facts along with incredibly vile name calling and threats. Threats due to evil they themselves created and which manifested today.

So, what can you do?  I started this blog by proposing a solution that involved government organized dating services and help for shy men. None of these included any coercion and all participation was voluntary. After over an year of relentless attacks and strawmanning, which mostly included insane accusations that my plan uses force, I realized what a poster on my blog going under the nickname Franklin has told me – in a democracy leaders are a reflection of the electorate and the electorate are manure. You can’t expect manure to understand the usefulness of things that are actually useful. It was completely unrealistic to expect any recognition of our problems from a government of societies where 90 percent of “people” are manure.

But there is a solution which could work.

If you are a male, became a coalpha. Abandon the evil culture with evil monsters in it. Read J.D. Unwin’s book Sex and Culture and Roger Devlin’s paper Sexual utopia in power to understand why decent men have no chance in this culture and why you can only lose if you’re not extremely stupid and wicked in a world of stupidity and wickedness. No culture ever survived feminism, because feminism breaks the back of society.

Men, if you are reading this post and want to find a decent culture, remember – there is hope. There is a way. You can become coalpha men living in co-operation with other decent men. These men will help you and others like you find wives in non-feminist cultures. Give up on women in feminist cultures. They are not fit to be girlfriends, wives or mothers. They mate with horrible men and their children are horrible scum.  Men who are most successful in feminist cultures aren’t any evolutionary winners. Immoral and stupid men can never be that, since they will eventually destroy society. Would you call a man who impregnates a woman with feces instead of a baby successful in any way? No, most men successful with women today are utter scum.

The poster I mentioned, Franklin,  is currently in the process of finding a location for such a culture. Read his forum and read it well. http://www.coalpha.org/

If you are not from America form your own coalpha communities. The best place fo advice and  information on that is Franklin’s site. Coalpha communities must be formed everywhere and decent men need to resist. Unless we do so all decent people in the West will be simply removed from the gene pool. This will be a tragedy much greater than any World wars or Holocaust – all traits that form civilizations will simply disappear.

The problem, you see, isn’t with women. Women would have no power over men if men didn’t allow hand them this power. Handing it to them was a disaster, for they have no empathy for men and are unable to govern fairly. What destroyed society aren’t women, as women merely follow the dominant culture. It were bad men who did this and are doing it to this very day. Initially coalpha communities will be small but they will survive the impending death of modern culture and create a prosperous society. All the most successful societies in the world, like Ancient Athens, Rome, England 1500-1800 and early America were co-alpha societies.

There is no other way out. What happened is just a sing of things to come if the wicked are allowed to prosper. Join sane cultures, create sane cultures and be ready to be hated and resisted to the point of violence. I am a non-theist myself but I highly recommend these quotes for all who wish to find courage

John 15:18 The Hatred of the World
18“If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. 19“If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you

Proverbs 29:27
The righteous detest the dishonest; the wicked detest the upright.

Matthew 10:22
You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

Wake up, please. I think it is time.

 P.S. If you haven’t read the Comments policy and aren’t writing something that makes sense don’t even bother trying to comment. You have all of your disgusting shitholes to spread lies and slander but on this blog the standards of communication are extremely high – even mere stupidity isn’t tolerated. You are free to disagree but do so in a civilized and intelligent way.

9 thoughts on “Elliot Rodger and a note for new arrivals

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  3. Y’know, just looking in to the whole Incel thing, it seems at first glance that you guys have a very sympathetic problem. I read the definitions on a couple of sites (this one for instance, http://www.involuntarycelibacy.com/ for another, and a few others) and I think, yeah, that is a serious and heart wrenching problem to have. Who doesn’t want to be touched and loved in both the literal and figurative senses? How lonely would it be, what kind of psychological problems would it create or contribute to, depression and low self esteem and the like. Maybe it would be a good idea to provide confidence-boosting groups and classes for young men and women who are having trouble navigating the modern dating world.

    And then I read beyond the definitions to the rest of the sites. And, wow.

    You have ‘no pity’ for the girls who died? Because they were what… blonde? Living together in a house while they went to school in one area of the country? That’s all it takes for you to think their deaths were justified as ‘punishment’?

    You speak of haters, but it’s so clear that you hate so many people. Men. Women. Children. Anyone who is not like you. You call them scum, feces, trash. You don’t think women should have rights as human beings – not voting, not sexual freedom, not what men are allowed to do.

    You may assume that -I- hate you, just for writing this, but I don’t. I pity you. To live in so much hatred and rage, to despise and spit on so many people, you cannot be happy like this. No happy person says these things about other people’s dead children. You feel hurt. Your answer is to spread the hurt to others.

    My current boyfriend had two girlfriends before me, both of whom treated him terribly and took advantage of him. The first few months we were dating, he would often pause and say ‘wow, so THIS is what it’s like to be in a healthy relationship.’ I once told him I was proud of the way he didn’t let his bad experiences make him bitter or woman-hating. He just shrugged and said, ‘I decided a long time ago not to let the bad things other people do change what is good about me.’

    He – and every other person who has dusted themselves off or just kept going when the universe didn’t give them exactly what they wanted – is stronger than you, better than you. You don’t have to be defined by your anger and your pain. Let go of it. You don’t have to be this way.

  4. This article would be more effective if you stopped with the vicious insults of people who don’t think exactly like you. I understand the anger but with that type of rhetoric you’re just going to turn people against you. It’s one thing to tell people their ideas are horrible. Telling them that they are horrible people is another thing entirely. Then again perhaps you yourself are unable to distinguish between attacks on your own ideas and attacks on your person. Speaking of “narcissists”…

  5. In this article, you complain about the “lack of female premarital chastity.” But in your “the story of your incel” article, you criticize female Catholics that want to wait until marriage before having sex. Now I’m confused. Do you think that women should only have sex within marriage, or are you okay with premarital sex as long as it happens within a committed relationship?

    • In this article, you complain about the “lack of female premarital chastity.” But in your “the story of your incel” article, you criticize female Catholics that want to wait until marriage before having sex.

      I criticize female Catholics because they want their boyfriends to be chaste as well. That is puritan nonsense and no sane culture expected this. Boys lost their virginity to prostitutes and women were chaste until marriage.

      I know this seems jarring to modernist ears because it sets a double standard in a society obsessed with artificial equality but this obsession is one if the main aspects that will cause the downfall or civilization – all intelligent people knew that men and women are vastly different and applied double standards in pretty much everything.

      Do you think that women should only have sex within marriage, or are you okay with premarital sex as long as it happens within a committed relationship?

      Women should only have sex within marriage in an ideal society. In a society which hasn’t yet fully declined women can have sex in committed relationships and then stay happily married for the rest of their lives later. Unfortunately, once a society allows that it is slowly going towards a complete decline where relationships mean nothing.

      It’ as if I’m saying you can still run a marathon if you had vicious cancer for only 5 days. But after 5 years, unlikely.

  6. OK. Yes I know that this is a very old subject. But guys, let’s look at cold logical FACTS, as opposed to BULLSHIT.

    (1) He had money. I will say it AGAIN. He had MONEY.

    Now, just a reasonable drive to Nevada, would have put him within striking distance of some high quality LEGAL brothels, where he COULD have had his pick of some fucking RED HOT women. Now, why did he not do this? We can argue all fucking DAY along the lines of ‘Bbubububububub paid sex doesn’t mean anything’ YOUR DICK DOES NOT KNOW THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE.

    (2) He sought VALIDATION from WOMEN.

    Utter..total..complete..UNMITIGATED stupidity. You may as well go seek validation from PIGS.

    Women are the fucking BIGGEST waste of time and energy a man can EVER subject himself to. They did not used to be. They used to have MORALS. They used to be TRUSTWORTHY. They used to be NURTURING. WHEN they were fulfilling the roles that NATURE FUCKING WELL INTENDED THEM FOR.

    I am NOT a religious man. I DO however, believe in NATURE. This is why our so called ‘civilisation’ is up shit creek without a paddle. We have tried to fucking well re invent the wheel. And if such a view makes a misogynist, then a misogynist I am.

    These two factors proved too much for poor Elliot.

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