Modern monsters 2 – liberalism, feminism, cult of therapy, PC

We live in a culture that any other culture in the history of the world, even during the periods of their utmost decline, would simply point a finger at and laugh.

We live in a culture that actually believes female sexual freedom and women’s suffrage are good, necessary and a sign of progress. Of course, anybody knowing actual history can only laugh screamingly at such claims, for they are classic signs of a decline of any society. The only reason why other declining societies didn’t institute women’s suffrage was because they had no democracy by the time they decline. But since women have no empathy for men to allow women’s suffrage is to directly fight against any democracy or equality.

Any society where female sexuality is unrestrained and adultery not punished, even awarded, is a society which took a gun, aimed it at its head and pulled the trigger.

We live in a culture that celebrates incel men having their hard earned money taken away from them to finance women who didn’t want him, irresponsible sluts and their children, as well as feminist organization that hate them and want them destroyed. Any incel currently working is a mental patient. Unless his job earns him a high enough salary to stop being incel he is nothing but a cash dispenser for those same women who never wanted him, for irresponsible sluts and for feminist organizations that hate him and want to destroy him.

We live in a culture that believes in silly sociological concepts like rape culture, entitlement or patriarchy while being unable to recognize incel due to its man hating dogma. You thought that these concepts were silly? There are worse. This culture actually believes in men being raped by women, a concept so against any basic biology, anatomy or psychology that any biologist or a doctor before people were tained by modernist insanity would be shocked by somebody believing this could happen. Of course, the point of that isn’t to protect young men from what they need most – it’s to harm them. A good example of this are so called rapes of boys by their teachers. Feminists hate any woman who didn’t sleep with an immoral man and young boys have yet to prove their immorality so criminalizing this is is a vengeance against the woman who didn’t sleep with the right kind of male while also serving as a useful way to provide lip service to equality, something all feminists are in reality against.

I don’t know what is it with people believing that entire society suddenly got brains in 1960 and everything before was thugs beating each other with pitchforks. In fact, was is after 1960 that society started going insane. A simple proof of that is the insanity of feminists and liberals who lead this change.

Liberalism is the most intolerant fundamentalist religion to have ever existed. At no point were Christianity or Islam this violent. What liberals view as heresy they must destroy. Mine and articles by other reactionaries are seen as devil’s words. Reaction of the liberals to them is similar to how medieval Christians would react to saying that Jesus was a gay Pagan born after Mary’s fling with a Roman governor.

Therapy has become one of the most popular liberal cults. This has to do with the fact that most therapists are by now liberals who poison the minds of their patients. Psychiatry has become a convenient way to dispose of those those with unpopular ideas criminal laws can’t. It has nothing to do with actual treatment anymore and those same lunatics who worship it also mock it by diagnosing online. Doesn’t this remind you of some crazy, degenerate religion where people first kneel before god and then shit and puke on his statue? How would you feel about people doing that kind of “worship”?

Legions of walking robots, hate machines as young as 10-11, are roaming the Earth. Many of these young people are extremely scary, completely absolved of any notion of common sense or even the ability to make up their own thoughts, completely indoctrinated and relieved of any humanity. Their propensity for violence, censorship, bullying and intimidation was greater than of any religion in history.

This is who will inherit the Earth.

And this is who modern “people” are. This is why I call all sane people to abandon modern culture. There are no more people in it, just brainwashed hate machines.

21 thoughts on “Modern monsters 2 – liberalism, feminism, cult of therapy, PC

  1. Hey man. I found your blog just a few hours ago, so can’t really say I’ve taken it all in yet, but what I’ve read so far is just … Fascinating. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Some things you write just look plain crazy, some are deep and on point, some are sad, but they are all incredibly fucking interesting.

    I try not to pass judgement on something before I really understand, and to really understand someone I think you gotta do your best to see things from their perspective. So it’d be awesome to get your mail or skype or whatever, just to ask you some questions and try to see things from your perspective.

  2. Funny you mentioned therapy,As 30yo incel i was advised to go to therapy by my family members.I was 24 then and they were trying to prove my bad looks and shortness isn’t an issue.I guess it was a failure from the beginning because shrink was educated in a Freudian way of psychotherapy and his attempts to prove that root of my problems were basically because i want to sleep with my mother :)(Oedipus complex).He was very stubborn and eventually he gave up.

  3. It’s proven even, bodybuilders, models & even mma fighters cant get laid, if they arent genuine assholes & players

    Bringing up the above facts, on places like PUAHate, only pisses off the extreme beta’s on that site

    It’s just another example of extreme white knighting for women

    What seperates incels from the anti-gaming retards, is the fact incels realise its a societal wide problem, & women are the root cause of the problem

    Anti-gamers just blame men

    They blame men, for not being good looking enough, not working out enough, or being famous enough for women …

    Its a bullshit blame men cult

    • Women are not the root cause of the problem. Men are, because it is the responsibility of men to organize a civilized society that provides proper guidance for women.

      • I didnt even mention women as the root cause of the problem

        It’s women who disrupt an organised society by selecting for assholes & thugs, instead of decent men

        Seriously why are you so quick to blame men? Self hate much? Or do you enjoy white knighting for women?

        • My bad i did mention women as the root of the problem lol …

          When women disrupt an organised society by selecting for assholes & thugs, instead of decent men, THAT makes women the root of the problem …

          Again Seriously why are you so quick to blame men? Self hate much? Or do you enjoy white knighting for women?

          • Blaming women is like blaming the bullet instead of the person who pulled the trigger for a murder. Women’s behavior is determined by the structure of society, and the structure of society is determined by men.

            The reason that I am so quick to blame men is because blaming women is totally useless and leads nowhere. Women cannot be changed by logical arguments or any sense of fairness. Women can only be changed by restructuring society, and this is entirely up to men.

            • How are men supposed to restructure society, when women control over 60-70% of the economy

              & over 70% of the women control the vote, not just for state votes, but on all local votes & majorities

              I dont think you realise the scale of the problem with women

              Even in 3rd world countries such as iraq & iran, women still control most of the economy as well as erect the exact same insane laws in 1st world countries

              The problem is society is designed to benefit women

              Even if you fixed the insane divorce laws, women’ll continue to screw over millions of men

              You’re basically underestimating the ability of women to screw over society on a massive scale

              Even if men drove the changes you wanted

              • The only thing of significance that women control is men. If men stopped obeying women, women would lose all power including the power to vote. So the problem isn’t women, the problem is the vast majority of moronic men.

                The solution is to withdraw from mainstream society and form alternative subcultures. This is most easily done through religion. Hasidic Judaism is a good example.

    • No contradiction. You think there is one because you think that men and women voting in the same election means equality. It doesn’t. It means subjugation of men, as women are unable to feel empathy for men.

      Why feminists oppose equality is well documented online.

  4. I’m curious. Did you say you were an atheist? Then why the
    Bible quotes? Also, the stuff you advocate WOULD come to pass
    if we went to a Biblical society:
    No sex outside of marriage, no adultry. Chasity etc..

  5. I’m confused. You’ve mentioned before that you lack money, and I get the feeling that you don’t find yourself to be particularly attractive in general. You also don’t indicate that you have a lot of power.

    In what way, then, do you think that you would be better suited by a society in which women are not permiscuous? If what you have to offer (and I don’t know you, so I’m only going based on the blog entries I’ve read so far) is, as you say, only evident after sex, after a woman gets to know you based on your personality and good traits, then a society in which women choose men based on their perceived ability to provide, because they have no opportunity to otherwise support themselves, seems like it might be detrimental to you in that you lack qualities that immediately demonstrate your ability to do that.

    Conversely, in a society in which women have some power, they also have the opportunity to choose men who are, using terminology that might work in this context, ‘non-alpha’. In fact, there has never been a better situation for men who lack power in the context of achieving satisfactory relationships, because women need not rely on the power of their mate when selecting suitable relationship partners.

    For example, I met my husband online. I was attracted to him not because he was attractive or because he held a high position, made a lot of money, was dominant, was good in bed, famous, an asshole or really even charming. I was attracted to him because we shared interests, ideas, philosophies and we could easily communicate with one another.

    In a situation where women had no power, I couldn’t have been with him for those reasons. We live in an age now where women are able to select partners because they are friends first and foremost, with other concerns becoming less important. A “hedonistic marriage” so to say. To me, as we change to allow for greater equality between genders (and I will say that we are not there, which to me forms the basis of the complaints from both MRA and feminists alike, although I acknowledge that you identify with neither) /everyone is better served in the context of finding workable partnerships./

    • I’d also like to say that I am both a feminist and an atheist. I am married, with two children. I’m highly educated. I’m not unattractive. I have had lots and lots and lots of sex, including with at least four male virgins, because I was interested in having a relationship with them. I have never cheated on my partner. And I have never gone after assholes.

      It’s very strange, because while I can immediately identify with the pain in your early blog posts from 2012, I find your most recent blog posts almost incomprehensible. You form so many good points early on about what it’s like to be involuntarily celibate, and I can absolutely empathize (not sympathize, mind you) with being love shy. But I am lost as to the reasoning that led you to the path where you seem to believe that women as a whole are uncaring and heartless ‘sluts’ who are here only to control and use men.

      If it’s possible, it would be nice to see a post reflecting on the nature of your change from 2012 to now. For example, you stated in an earlier blog post, maybe your first, that you were looking for a girlfriend and would accept a sex-positive feminist. But in your recent blog posts, you decry female sexual promiscuity, which seems kind of an incomprehensible leap from the realm of love shy behavior, where it seems like female promiscuity, or the power of women to “make the first move” could actually be in contrast a very positive force in addressing love-shyness?

    • chibbity, I will not reply to this question now. This is due to two reasons 1. An answer to your questions is extremely complex. 2. I will make a huge post explaining all of this soon and I don’t wanna write twice.

      I see you started following this blog so I hope you won’t miss it. I’ll reply to your second question now, though.

  6. “Any of you supporting atrocities like women’s suffrage, immodest clothing, child support/alimony, no ban on adultery, ban on prostitution and a lack of female premarital chastity, all the things that drove this young man to be unable to find a girlfriend”

    So pretty much you want to live in the Middle East under Sharia Law Islam or in the middle ages because they have all those things you want. Human society has statistically become BETTER as time has progressed. We have more social services, less dictators, more democracy, violent crime is down, but media reporting it has increased dramatically. We have medicine to help fight viruses. Antibiotics save people from death over basic small injuries that once killed people. 50% of the human population, the women, are gaining more rights after having been brutally oppressed for all of human history by physically stronger men and oppressive cultures. Yet you equate taking away women’s rights and treating them like cattle for you and other men to date as a good thing for the world. And that woman have the same basic rights as the other 50% of the population is a bad thing for everyone. Why should men get to vote and women not? We are biologically 99% the same with a couple tiny DNA chromosome differences.

    I used to be very shy and unable to get with girls and oddly enough, I’m a pretty attractive guy too. I didn’t kiss or have sex with a girl until I was 20. I was an total incel though I didn’t know the term back then. But you know what I never did? I never blamed the girls, or blamed society, the entire time I knew it was because I was inept. I had the courage and confidence within myself to accept this fact and realize I had to develop real social skills. I’m a very kind, empathetic person who likes to be pleasant and treat others with respect so I just needed experience talking with girls and hanging out casually. And above all I’m a man that actually really likes women.

    Too man guys are so insecure that they can’t self reflect and see what they need to improve about themselves so they just get agree at the women instead. A lot of these guys are just shy assholes too. They get angry at the loud jocky assholes, but they themselves as just quiet assholes. Then they all get together online and talk shit about women to make themselves feel better.

    Eventually I fixed myself through practice and as much internet dating as I could get. I made myself into a confident good man that genuinely loves women (as I always did.) I wouldn’t dream of trying to crush the rights of my spouse, my mom, cousins, niece, and all the great people out there because I actually love them. And I never would have even when I was alone, horny, and longing for love. Yet based on this whole blog it appears you feel that is the only way for you to get any action/company.

    I ended up dating many women and having as much sex as I ever desired, and not just some humping, but full on porno style sex as much as I desired because i turned myself into a woman pleasing sex machine that left girls hungry for me. I read online what women wanted, what the liked guys doing in bed and what they wanted more of and then I applied that knowledge. As far as I can tell most guys are horrible in bed and just hump until they cum.

    The best girls don’t just date dumb assholes club guys despite what incells, mra, pua guys want to convince themselves of. Girls are just people, billions of people, with all kinds of different tastes. But generally women want a guy who is confident. Aggressive assholes come across as confident because they don’t care what anyone thinks, they just trample around and get what they want. Their jerk personality is straightforward too, unlike a lot of ‘Nice Guy Jerks’ that hide because fake niceness.

    I’m in a happy five year relationship and we plan to have children. My life is freaking awesome and I love actually women, unlike so many of these incel, mra, pua, whatever they each call themselves guys that are pretty much just the shy woman hating jerks instead of the loudmouth jock woman hating jerk.

    • 1. First part of your post talks about technology. But technology isn’t the issue at all. In fact, much of what started the rapid expansion of technology started in moral, patriarchal Protestantism.

      2. You come from a modernist perspective that men and women voting in the same elections means equality and that taking that away from women is somehow setting them back. But that perspective is wrong. Women’s suffrage is just abuse of men

      3. I don’t know enough about your history to comment on it.

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