Modern monsters 1- stupidity

In this series, called “Modern monsters”, I will dissect why most modern people are worthless and insane.

We will first talk about their stupidity.

Back during my governmentsgetgirlfriends idea the program was laid out in a specific page here and was frequently linked to. It proposed nothing but government sponsored dating, with women being paid to go on dates with incels. They would have been free to reject anybody and would still be paid anyway. Katherine from Ecliped Moon explained this well .
Despite that at no point did any less than half of the people I communicated with believed that this program virtually snatched women off the streets and gave them as fucktoys to men.
Despite this never having been said at all, this is what more than half of people believed and no linking could have convinced them otherwise.

During my blogging and posting on Reddit I was able to find out amazing things about myself.

Some of it included that I attacked my mother for not sleeping with me, that sex with my fwb didn’t count or that I hate atheists.
This would all be very strange, if any of it were true. In fact I attacked both of my parents for severe child abuse (described here), I never said that sex with my fwb doesn’t count just because she is despicable or that I hate atheists – I am an atheist (who prefers to call himself a non-theist) and name The Atheist Cult is just a name I gave to liberal cultists.

I’ve also learned that I use an online translator to read other people’s posts, that I’ve been arrested for domestic terrorism and in jail for years, that my non-existent success with women stopped when I became a reactionary and many, many other fine things.

Oh, and I’ve also learned that I’m a rapist and have many diagnoses. I raped two women, one of who became my girlfriend a week later, and another who demanded that I buy her stuff so I could rape her and, all while still terribly traumatized from rape, joked and laughed with me in bed and contacted my other nickname on the dating site 3 days later.

Oh, and the diagnoses… I’ve learned that there’s this place called Internet full of psychologists and psychiatrists who are all able to diagnose people by simply reading their posts (or, in most cases, distorted versions of them). This was so great that I didn’t take their offer to see one irl – why would I, with so many of them available for free right in my room? Sure, many of the diagnoses were contradictory and had nothing to do with their symptoms but who was I to talk about that? I’m apparently the only person online who isn’t a shrink.

I also learned that the more logical fallacies and insane fabrications you are able to produce the more the smarter you are and the smarter you are the more right you have to shout at and insult other people.

There were people insane enough to claim that I am wrong about incel being a medical disorder weeks after my first post. The only problem was that I said I don’t think it is in that first post. There were people insane enough to compare deprivation x in time y to Martians. There are those who still claim I want to snatch women off the street despite abandoning a completely different program 6 months ago.

And this is who modern “people” are. This is why I call all sane people to abandon modern culture. There are no more people in it, just brainwashed hate machines.

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