Modern monsters 2 – liberalism, feminism, cult of therapy, PC

We live in a culture that any other culture in the history of the world, even during the periods of their utmost decline, would simply point a finger at and laugh.

We live in a culture that actually believes female sexual freedom and women’s suffrage are good, necessary and a sign of progress. Of course, anybody knowing actual history can only laugh screamingly at such claims, for they are classic signs of a decline of any society. The only reason why other declining societies didn’t institute women’s suffrage was because they had no democracy by the time they decline. But since women have no empathy for men to allow women’s suffrage is to directly fight against any democracy or equality.

Any society where female sexuality is unrestrained and adultery not punished, even awarded, is a society which took a gun, aimed it at its head and pulled the trigger.

We live in a culture that celebrates incel men having their hard earned money taken away from them to finance women who didn’t want him, irresponsible sluts and their children, as well as feminist organization that hate them and want them destroyed. Any incel currently working is a mental patient. Unless his job earns him a high enough salary to stop being incel he is nothing but a cash dispenser for those same women who never wanted him, for irresponsible sluts and for feminist organizations that hate him and want to destroy him.

We live in a culture that believes in silly sociological concepts like rape culture, entitlement or patriarchy while being unable to recognize incel due to its man hating dogma. You thought that these concepts were silly? There are worse. This culture actually believes in men being raped by women, a concept so against any basic biology, anatomy or psychology that any biologist or a doctor before people were tained by modernist insanity would be shocked by somebody believing this could happen. Of course, the point of that isn’t to protect young men from what they need most – it’s to harm them. A good example of this are so called rapes of boys by their teachers. Feminists hate any woman who didn’t sleep with an immoral man and young boys have yet to prove their immorality so criminalizing this is is a vengeance against the woman who didn’t sleep with the right kind of male while also serving as a useful way to provide lip service to equality, something all feminists are in reality against.

I don’t know what is it with people believing that entire society suddenly got brains in 1960 and everything before was thugs beating each other with pitchforks. In fact, was is after 1960 that society started going insane. A simple proof of that is the insanity of feminists and liberals who lead this change.

Liberalism is the most intolerant fundamentalist religion to have ever existed. At no point were Christianity or Islam this violent. What liberals view as heresy they must destroy. Mine and articles by other reactionaries are seen as devil’s words. Reaction of the liberals to them is similar to how medieval Christians would react to saying that Jesus was a gay Pagan born after Mary’s fling with a Roman governor.

Therapy has become one of the most popular liberal cults. This has to do with the fact that most therapists are by now liberals who poison the minds of their patients. Psychiatry has become a convenient way to dispose of those those with unpopular ideas criminal laws can’t. It has nothing to do with actual treatment anymore and those same lunatics who worship it also mock it by diagnosing online. Doesn’t this remind you of some crazy, degenerate religion where people first kneel before god and then shit and puke on his statue? How would you feel about people doing that kind of “worship”?

Legions of walking robots, hate machines as young as 10-11, are roaming the Earth. Many of these young people are extremely scary, completely absolved of any notion of common sense or even the ability to make up their own thoughts, completely indoctrinated and relieved of any humanity. Their propensity for violence, censorship, bullying and intimidation was greater than of any religion in history.

This is who will inherit the Earth.

And this is who modern “people” are. This is why I call all sane people to abandon modern culture. There are no more people in it, just brainwashed hate machines.

Modern monsters 1- stupidity

In this series, called “Modern monsters”, I will dissect why most modern people are worthless and insane.

We will first talk about their stupidity.

Back during my governmentsgetgirlfriends idea the program was laid out in a specific page here and was frequently linked to. It proposed nothing but government sponsored dating, with women being paid to go on dates with incels. They would have been free to reject anybody and would still be paid anyway. Katherine from Ecliped Moon explained this well .
Despite that at no point did any less than half of the people I communicated with believed that this program virtually snatched women off the streets and gave them as fucktoys to men.
Despite this never having been said at all, this is what more than half of people believed and no linking could have convinced them otherwise.

During my blogging and posting on Reddit I was able to find out amazing things about myself.

Some of it included that I attacked my mother for not sleeping with me, that sex with my fwb didn’t count or that I hate atheists.
This would all be very strange, if any of it were true. In fact I attacked both of my parents for severe child abuse (described here), I never said that sex with my fwb doesn’t count just because she is despicable or that I hate atheists – I am an atheist (who prefers to call himself a non-theist) and name The Atheist Cult is just a name I gave to liberal cultists.

I’ve also learned that I use an online translator to read other people’s posts, that I’ve been arrested for domestic terrorism and in jail for years, that my non-existent success with women stopped when I became a reactionary and many, many other fine things.

Oh, and I’ve also learned that I’m a rapist and have many diagnoses. I raped two women, one of who became my girlfriend a week later, and another who demanded that I buy her stuff so I could rape her and, all while still terribly traumatized from rape, joked and laughed with me in bed and contacted my other nickname on the dating site 3 days later.

Oh, and the diagnoses… I’ve learned that there’s this place called Internet full of psychologists and psychiatrists who are all able to diagnose people by simply reading their posts (or, in most cases, distorted versions of them). This was so great that I didn’t take their offer to see one irl – why would I, with so many of them available for free right in my room? Sure, many of the diagnoses were contradictory and had nothing to do with their symptoms but who was I to talk about that? I’m apparently the only person online who isn’t a shrink.

I also learned that the more logical fallacies and insane fabrications you are able to produce the more the smarter you are and the smarter you are the more right you have to shout at and insult other people.

There were people insane enough to claim that I am wrong about incel being a medical disorder weeks after my first post. The only problem was that I said I don’t think it is in that first post. There were people insane enough to compare deprivation x in time y to Martians. There are those who still claim I want to snatch women off the street despite abandoning a completely different program 6 months ago.

And this is who modern “people” are. This is why I call all sane people to abandon modern culture. There are no more people in it, just brainwashed hate machines.

I have seen the light !


I have seen the light !!! I have decided to change my ways !!

I was writing a disgusting, misogynistic, sexist blog ! I am changing my ways and becoming a feminist ally.

I can now finally see the huge error of my ways. Feminists were right. They’ve always been right. I was an evil, entitled, misogynistic man.

For example, this incel thing. How could I have been dumb enough to claim that a deprivation with x through a time period y could exist and not be a medical disorder? It’s obviously it can’t exist because it isn’t a medical disorder ! And I now see what incel really is. It is a consequence of my privilege. I thank all these smart, rational people for finally making me see that incel the way I defined it couldn’t exist because it was actually my privilege. I will be forever grateful to feminists for making me realize this.

LESSON 1:As a straight, white, cis male in a culture where women are privileged and living in a country where everybody is straight, white and cis I am a holder of many privileges.These privileges meant that my life has been a breeze and that despite me suffering horrendous tragedies, being in a hopeless painful situation and essentially half dead nothing I’ve ever experienced could be compared to what an average woman, gay, lesbian, trans person or a person of color experiences on a daily basis !

It was my privilege and entitlement that caused me to be bothered by being incel. It had nothing to do with my romantic or sexual desires. These desires were something I merely imagined due to my male entitlement and toxic masculinity, as well as society telling me both that I need to have a girlfriend and that men who fuck everything are studs and women who fuck everything are whores. Yuck ! What I thought were my natural desires was just pathology designed to validate myself to somebody at the expense of women, those beautiful angelic creatures that can do no wrong. It had nothing to do with human nature or biology. Human nature and biology are evil, misogynistic and sexist concepts. It is perfectly normal to be without relationships and sex for years and years, even your entire life. Whoever seems to be bothered by it even slightly is abnormal and should seek therapy !


Same for so called love-shyness. How could I have claimed that something like those three fears exists when it’s not a recognized medical condition?! That was as silly as to claim that bacteria existed in like 1348 ! Sooo obviously not real and just another product of my entitlement.

Could you imagine how stupid and irrational I was to say that incel can cause suicides or even murder suicides? All of that pain was easily solvable by some therapy and popping a few pills, even if you’re a 50 year-old who hasn’t had a partner in decades. These people were all psychopathic idiots who didn’t accept the unlimited power of therapy but accepted their toxic masculinity that told them they “need” to have girlfriends ! The fuck you needed to have a girlfriend, you entitled scumbags!

And then my insistence that incels who use prostitutes are still incels as they’re not getting a relationship or even psychological gratification of unpaid sex? How crazy was I about that?! I mean, we all know that men are simpletons and dumb animals who would be perfectly content with paying somebody for sex for their entire life.

Therapy is great. It’s a life saver. It is able to solve every problem every human ever had. How could I have been foolish enough to reject it??!! Sure, I did go to therapy for the better part of a decade, showing up at every meeting and taking my meds, but I didn’t embrace it ! I didn’t embrace it unquestioningly and completely as it’s a little baby Jesus dying on a bloody cross on Friday afternoon one fine day in 33AD and that’s why it didn’t work !!!
How foolish could I have been to think that immense problems that started in the mid 90s and are by now beyond my control and largely dependent on outside factors couldn’t have been solved by talking to somebody on a couch or taking some pills ?! What was I thinking ??!!
I have decided to find the most liberal American psychiatrist I can find, tell him that I want to rape women, kill people, rip eyes from little babies and burn kittens and then fall on my knees to beg this person to lock me up ! I mean, how was able to be blind enough not to recognize I’m insane? That I am, despite having a high IQ, good education and such irrelevant things, as crazy as a homeless man in front of 7/11? How could I have rejected such views by people simply because they lack any reading comprehension, consistency or intelligence? Well, I was wrong to reject their words on basis of these things. These things don’t matter at all when it comes to talking to people.

I mean, look at my initial idea, that Governmentsgetgirlfriends thing. It was so evil. I literally wanted unsuspecting women to be snatched off the street and given as fuckmeat to random men ! How could I have supported such an idea??!! I had to learn about women’s rights to finally understand how wrong that was. I discovered the concept yesterday and it’s great. So civilized !

Also, could you imagine how stupid that idea was? I mean, how could I have asked the government to help people with severe phobias or problems that caused them to miss important milestones finding partners when that is just so easy??!! What was I gonna ask next, to ask the government to wipe people’s asses? I mean, it’s literally that easy !
Also, liberals were right about pointing out that this would be excessive government spending – something they are always against.
I mean, don’t I know that government is always spending money the best way it can? Foreign wars, bailouts and corporate welfare, CIA coups, propping up of dictators, forcing companies to employ incompetent women, welfare queens, boondoggles -there are just so many better ways for government to spend its money !

LESSON 2: Women are people. They deserve all the same rights and none of the same obligations men do. We still didn’t get to this point because we are living in a patriarchal society but brave feminist women and men are fighting for this every day.

And the sexism… My sexism was just terrible. For example, could you believe that there isn’t a single post here discussing the enormous problem of female incels ! Can you believe that? So many women are incel, it’s a real epidemic. Yes, I believe that the problem of male incel can in no way be compared to the severity of female incel. All these women being approached by guys they don’t like, all these women not being able to make the assholes fucking them commit, all those horrible misogynistic people advising women to give a chance to those manipulative “nice guys”… Aren’t those terrible examples of incel? I think this blog will only be about women from now on.

Oh, yes, what was I talking about.. civilization. I realized that liberalism is the only civilized worldview. I can’t believe how ashamed I was for being hateful to liberals who treated me with nothing but civility, common sense and intellectual honesty all these years. I mean, can you believe how awful I was to these kind, enlightened, smart people? I made lists claiming their awesome characteristics are bad, I called them inhuman simply for calling out racist, misogynistic and sexist douche-bags like myself, I called them a cult for espousing super scientific concepts like entitlement, patriarchy or rape culture. I mean, how could anybody claim these don’t exist?! Not only are they so much better defined than nonsense like incel or love-shyness but have you looked around ?!
I am definitely becoming a liberal as well.


And the worst thing was that I started hanging around these awful regressive, reactionary creeps like fschmidt. No surprise he remained incel all of his life. Could you believe that idiot? I mean, every time he talks to a smart, progressive liberal like us you can just see how uneducated, stupid and ignorant he is. Those guys from or CoAlpha are all just reactionary thugs trying to revert time and bring us back to fucking Middle Ages, man ! I mean, fuck you guys, go live in 852 AD if you want it so much and leave the rest of us non-dogmatic, enlightened, polite, progressive, wise and women respecting people to go on creating a better, fairer and happier world ! And it’s getting there with every year that passes !

LESSON 3: History teaches us that everything before 1960 was an even worse patriarchy than the one we have now, one where women did all the cooking and cleaning while men just lay on their back, farting and belching, and occasionally fought among themselves because they are psychopaths who both enjoyed violence and wanted to hurt women by raping slaves or other farting, belching kings in the process. This is the sole activity of men throughout history.

I now finally see how wrong all these brutes like Franklin were !
Modernity is great. It enabled women to sleep with whoever they want whenever they want, just like they should have during all of history and it enabled all men to have sex just by being non-misogynistic and nice guys- but really nice, but not nice guys ™ !

And that women’s suffrage thing? How could I have been so clueless ! I now understand that all societies in the past collapsed because they didn’t give women any rights ! I mean, c’mon, it’s so obvious ! All these societies like Athens, Roman or British empires and others always remained the same patriarchies they were in the beginning and eventually collapsed because of that. Our society gave women’s rights and didn’t collapse but is prosperous and free of debt, civil rights restrictions, welfare entitlements or any other nonsense !

I even went as far to listen to such horrible criminals like Eivind Berge, guys who was arrested for violently threatening the cops ! How could I believe anything such a person would say, let alone something as stupid as that 16 year-old boys fucking their beautiful teachers weren’t victims of horrible, horrible rapes?

Did I mention rape? And now I have to look at my most heinous actions. I raped two women ! These women, all beautiful angels who did nothing to cause it, were coerced to have sex with me so much that one of them called me on the phone to offer it and other one demanded to be given things for it. I think both that and those raped boys are cases worse than murder, worse than death of all living things simultaneously and at least as bad as getting thrown on the floor and brutally fucked against your own will with possible severe injuries and often accompanied by bone breaking beatings.
It both saddens me and frightens me to see that one of these women started a relationship with me after I raped her and is now my best female friend. It just shows how much internalized misogyny many women have ! It’s just horrible ! She is a rape victim, no doubt about that.

I have thrown myself at the feet of both of these women today, crying and begging for their forgiveness. After that I went to the nearest police station and reported myself to the police for double rape. The police immediately sentenced me to 15 years in jail for these most heinous crimes.
I am writing this from prison. I know I deserve to be here and will appeal to ask for a longer sentence. I was a danger to all women and have to pay for that.

What will happen to me once I get out? I am optimistic. I think people have realized how repentant I am and so far I’ve received offers to move my blog to Freethoughtblogs, as well as to be a writer for Jezebel and Feministing ! I am extremely thankful to people running those sites for being able to forgive my previous misconceptions and giving me an opportunity to promote feminism and women’s rights !
I am determined to serve at least 30 years in prison and, of course, get some great therapy while I’m in it. The kind of therapy I will embrace like embracing a long lost father I haven’t seen in 40 years. Freethoughtblogs has already ensured me that I will be able to write from prison and my account is due to be opened there any moment now. I also hope to experience male love in prison as heterosexuality is just so regressive and outdated.

I know it won’t happen overnight but I am determined to become a new man- a new feminist, liberal, progressive, enlightened, non -misogynistic man. A man aware of his vast privileges but being able to check on them at any time. A real man.

I know this might surprise many of my readers but I am 100 percent serious serious. Franklin, KC Sunbeam, Eric and the rest of you misogynistic fuckwits, consider yourself banned from now on.

That’s the kind of man I want to be and I will do everything to achieve that. So much for this post and remember