Why you’re (probably) a feminist or their useful idiot and a 12 step programme on how to stop being one

Many people claim they don’t like feminists and oppose feminism. However, it is my opinion that most of these people are actually nothing but feminists who don’t like the term, as they accept almost all crucial feminist lies and inventions. The thing is, feminists don’t really care about whether you call yourself a feminist or egalitarian as long as you’re in support of their crucial horrific nonsense. All these discussions on patriarchy, what it means to be a feminist or others are just them trying to win what little remaining unconquered ground is there left. But if you really want to oppose feminism and stir hatred of the feminists you must do the following things.

1. First thing’s first – start reading the right literature

You must read the following articles and books (not necessarily all of them but as many as you can find  to understand that everything modern culture has taught you is a bullshit lie. Don’t EVER trust a book written after 1960 – it is likely that the information in the book will have PC bias, which means it will be utterly worthless.


As for books


Once you have read as much as you out of these suggestions the rest should come easy, as you will recognize feminism for what it is – one the most crucial and serious symptoms of a declining culture. Babylonia and Rome both became more and more feminist as they declined.

2.  Now that you are educated recognize that vast differences between men and women make it impossible for them to be treated the same in almost anything – from the age of consent laws to them voting in the same elections. 

Not much to say. Men and women are nothing alike. Men have more in common with male chimpanzees than with women. To apply the same laws and rights when it comes to men and women on most issues is insane and could only be done by an insane culture.

3.  In relation to number 2- START OPPOSING WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE.

One cannot have any justice, democracy or fairness if men and women are voting in the same elections. Women can’t feel empathy for men and have no instinct for governing. Giving them a power to vote along with men means giving them a power to abuse men, as they’re unable to restrain their instinct for doing so. Read this brilliant post made by a commentator Franklin to understand this better and a comment in that thread explains it well too  Women should not be allowed to vote because of the practicality of the matter, in that it leads to disaster. If they are influenced by the men at the top, women will inevitably vote for them, so female voting just reinforces the ruling oligarchy. If left to their own devices, women will inevitably vote for a form of what we would call communism, where the power of the central government is extended to the greatest degree possible and used to transfer as much value to the women voters as possible, until the whole system collapses. Women are evolutionarily designed to be selfish parasites, and there is nothing wrong with this, until you base a system of government on it.

If you want equality you must reject women’s suffrage.  Modernist fools will tell not allowing women to subjugate men through the vote is considered subjugation of women. This logic is so twisted that a response is pointless. Recognize their insanity for what it is.

4. Support the idea of female premarital chastity.

All successful cultures demanded virgin brides. Men were expected to lose their virginity to prostitutes and they were allowed to use prostitutes in marriage for sexual variety if they wanted it so. The reason behind this was that sane cultures understood the enormous differences between men and women. Of course there is an asymmetry here because it isn’t acceptable for a wife to meet her needs with other men.  The reason for this is that women have a limited number of eggs, representing her reproductive capacity, while men have a virtually unlimited number of sperm, representing his reproductive capacity.  This is why men are not choosy in who they have sex with.  A man never considers the question of whether one woman or another is a better candidate for sex because he will generally want both.  But a woman always considers the comparative level of attraction when choosing a sexual partner.

Also, female premarital sex will increase the likelihood of female extramarital sex while this is not the case with men. There is even a concept of “sowing ones oats” which mean that it is best for men to get lust for variety out of their system before they get married.

5. Support the return of monogamy and strong penalties for adultery ( (like throwing out the wife and killing the other man).

All successful cultures severely punished adultery. It was rightly considered to be a similar or worse crime than rape. Any system other than monogamy isn’t the most optimal one either, as we can see in most Islamic countries which don’t have feminism but are still pretty messed up.

6. Reject alimony and child support

Both are concepts designed by liberal, feminist societies, which means societies in decline. There is no need for these in a moral monogamous society.

7. Reject the false historical narrative of female oppression.

This shouldn’t be hard to do if you read just a part of the recommended sources.

One must learn to laugh at the idea that women were ever oppressed. They were always well protected and had special privileges. This nonsensical fabrication is one that feminists push for so much and is accepted by some many people who are otherwise intelligent but it is complete nonsense. It is men who had to work much harder than women and die. I adore history and know very well that it is essentially little more than a long line of killed men.

8. Get your definition of rape right

Rape has been turned from what was once a very serious crime often punished by death to a laughing stock of most of modern Western world due to ridiculous feminist expansion of the definition of rape to include more and more things that have nothing to do with it. It is as if we call everybody stealing a chewing gum murderers. And feminists are doing this purposefully and for good reasons – the more fear and ignorance they create more power will they have and more people (mostly women) will give money to their hate cult.

Eivind Berge has words of wisdom on this issue: “…This defines rape as sex coerced by violence or serious threats, which is a reasonable definition. Simple lack of consent does not make it rape and neither does a trivial threat. The woman needs to be made to fear for her life or health. This definition is also consistent with Common Law (“Carnal knowledge of a woman forcibly and against her will”) and even with evolutionary psychology (“Human copulation resisted by the victim to the best of her ability unless such resistance would probably result in death or serious injury to her or others she commonly protects” is the definition used by Thornhill & Palmer in A Natural History of Rape). If you dilute the definition to include lower levels of sexual coercion (such as threatening to break up a relationship or start a rumor about a woman), then “rape” ceases to be a heinous crime and pretending we are dealing with the same phenomenon is dishonest.”

Stop believing that rape can be done by anything else than a penis. Insertion of an inanimate object in a penis/vagina isn’t rape but a different kind of assault.

Also, stop claiming that consensual sex with people below the age of consent is rape. It is a different crime and describing it with a word rape is only further trivializing this word which means absolutely nothing today – it is so trivialized by femifascists that sane people are probably best off inventing a new word.

9. Fight against unreasonable ages of consent

Age of consent being 16 is already extremely unreasonable and the age of consent being 18 is just insane. Human bodies are designed to have sex much earlier and sex isn’t some kind of a psychological trauma. All of these insane inventions are supported by feminists, and it is feminists who argued for the age of consent reform in USA, a reform that makes a mockery of the idea that USA was once less free – it was more free in the past.

10. Reject the marital rape nonsense

A married couple has given sexual consent to each other for the duration of the marriage, so the idea of marital rape makes no sense -it is an oxymoron, just like “dry water” or “cold heat”. On the other hand, assault is always wrong and is just as much a crime when done within marriage as when done to a stranger. Therefore if a wife resists sex and the husband has to assault his wife in order to get sex, then the husband is guilty of assault and should be punished for that.

11. Reject the female sex offender charade

Probably the most successful of all feminist traps. What more proof of that statement do you need then to know that A Voice for Men, the most popular MRA site on the Internet, accepts it, even going as far to make a ludicrous, hilarious claim that boys are raped more than girls (!!!).

This imbecilic concept of women being able to rape men is so spread that even I once believed it. What opened my eyes were posts from a fantastic Norwegian MRA Eivind Berge, like this one, this one or this one.

After reading Eivind Berge I came to a conclusion that my idea that women can somehow rape men was just a consequence of me never pondering the issue for more than a few seconds – the concept is one the most laughable in the history of the world ! To believe that women can rape a man is deny basic biology, anatomy and psychology. It is an equivalent of to believe that being handed a thousand dollars is the same as being robbed of thousand dollars.

This feminist lie is one of the most dangerous ones as no other feminist lie pretends to care about male victims so much. The only problem is – there are no male victims in this case ! The real male victims here are those boys whose lovers have been taken away from them and put in prison because they were nice to them !!!

12. Acknowledge that violence against feminists is not out of the question and will likely be necessary.

Feminism is a brutal fascist hate movement that uses violence and breaks the law on a daily basis – (some examples of that).

Whoever thinks he/she can fight this vicious, sick cult with tolerance is an imbecile. Your tolerance only benefits the intolerant ones – feminists. These monsters have so much money and political power that an idea of any peaceful resolution of the feminist problem is just a fantasy. Feminists hate all who resist the hate cult and use violence against all who resist the hate cult. You need to stop considering them humans altogether – they’ve given their humanity away long ago and became automatic hate machines. Being a pacifist around them only makes you a lamb for the slaughter. You must realize that you are, as an anti-feminist, in a war and become armed – with knowledge, ideas, supporters, recruits and arms. This is a war and we are not winning it. Take your part in a battle now and attack the enemy’s vital points -they need to be burned out with both words and deeds.

I am also making a poll on this

Replies to Tarnished’s questions

Blogger Tarnished has some questions. Thatincelblogger replies. I thought that these questions and the replies they will get deserve their own post since I rarely get such detailed questions. Some of these are directed at all incels and some just at me but I’ll try to reply all of them.

1. I’ve noticed that on many blogs/forums dealing with this topic, posters have stated that they are incels at very young ages, sometimes as young as 14. While this may adhere to the involuntarily *celibate* (aka no intercourse) segment of incel, it just strikes me as odd that some people seem to fully expect to have sex by such a young age. I’m not saying they aren’t incel…but not being a virgin at age 15 appears to be a lofty “goal”. Why is there this undercurrent in the incel/loveshy community that focuses on sharing ones virginity before age 18?

Well, I oppose kids as young as 14 calling themselves incel, though in theory anybody who hasn’t had a sex or a relationship for 6 months and wants them is one. However, I think it is extremely important to start having sex (in this age relationships aren’t yet that important) for boys as early as possible. Even a 13 or 14 year-old boy should be having sex. A late bloomer is largely a myth – most men who don’t get experience by the age of 18 are in big trouble and likely to remain incel until the end of their lives. Darkness article explains this very well. It gets even more difficult is one is love-shy.

2. What, if any, steps are currently being undertaken by the incel/loveshy community to ensure that the general media and/or psychological community accept these as real, treatable issues?

As for the general media I am not very optimistic. You see, the Western world has sunk deep into idiocracy and dogmatism. It has very little remaining capacity for empathy and dialogue. By now I’ve pretty much given up on the modern people altogether, and that includes the media. Incels who expect understanding and compassion from modern society are being unrealistic – it is too primitive, brutal and set in its own dogmas. Today’s people are just like European medieval peasantry in 1014, the difference being that their religion isn’t Christianity but liberalism. These people can’t comprehend complex concepts, have poor reading comprehension and are full of hate for those who think differently. Some good examples of that are the media coverage I got from liberal sites like Huffington post, which couldn’t even get the title right since incels aren’t necessarily socially anxious (not even love-shy incels have to be!) or Jezebel. Even a brief perusal of the comments will tell you that almost all of commentators are violent, dumb and intolerant.

As for the psychological community, the problem is that almost none of us know anybody in that field. However, I am skeptical here as well. Older people in the psychological community never experienced incel (none of my therapists could understand it) and almost all young people in those fields are poisoned by liberalism so they’re unable to understand incel for different reasons – liberal dogma doesn’t accept it and liberalism makes one unable to feel empathy. So I don’t feel much hope there. The idiotic idea that incel or love-shyness are nothing but social anxiety is extremely cretenic but it is what the cult believes and nobody is allowed to question the cult.

3. How has incel (either the lack of sex part or lack of intimacy part) affected your/others lives? Obviously there is depression, and a lack of motivation, but are there other problems that could be dealt with on an individual basis?

It’s not easy to reply to this question in short. Incel has affected virtually every part of my life and continued perpetuating itself, which I talked about here. I currently refuse to work due to incel because working is pointless if you’re incel – you aren’t supposed to be paying the taxes so that sluts get funded while you can’t even get a short term relationship. You’re not somebody’s slave.

4. To ThatIncel: I’m unsure of exactly which country you are from, but why do you not talk about events or organizations that can aid in reducing the impact of incel? Again, I’m an American, and can only speak of what I know in my own country, but we have things like cuddle parties, prostitution in parts of Nevada, support groups for severe social anxiety, groups that are working to legitimize sex work and make it safe, gaming groups specifically for kids/teens with autism or extreme shyness, massage therapists, and even a new organization (in NYC, I believe) where one of two women who own it will “snuggle” with their clients for up to 2 hours. Why do you not mention any of these types of organizations for your own readers?

You managed to cram a lot of different things together. Incels who use prostitutes are still considered incels since the sexual aspect of incel is reduced to unpaid sex. Social anxiety or autism aren’t always connected. As for other things you mention they don’t exist in my country so I didn’t know about them but I will look into it. I’d appreciate you giving me sources for that.

.4. To ThatIncel: I don’t really know if you need therapy for it (or even if there *is* a therapy for such a mindset), but you seem to pedestalize women in some of your writings. This is especially evident where you talk about the Fatal One…you say that she is/was a goddess and you admit that you turned her into an idol in your mind. Leaving aside the fact that this feeling is so strong you would have committed the grave crime of murder (I’m accepting of suicide if that’s truly the person’s choice, but cannot condone taking someone else’s life as it’s not something you have a right to), why do you think you feel this way?

The answer to this question is trivial – I don’t pedestalize women at all, not even TFO. My assessment of their value to me is 100 percent realistic. It’s been well explained why TFO was indeed a lottery winning ticket. My life actually stopped in 2007. Everything else, including my first relationship, loss of virginity and other things were just situations I couldn’t affect or change at all. If you understand that post correctly you could see that this 2007 event was the last time during which something could have changed. Everything else was impossible to change and could have only been worse, not better – there was no way for me to fuck my first girlfriend under those circumstances or for the girl I lost my virginity to not to dumb me as cruelly as she did.

5. To ThatIncel: What was your mother’s reaction to asking to have sex with her? Was she appalled? Mocking? Did she laugh it off, or take it seriously? If you’ve touched on this before, I’m sorry for missing it.

I don’t even remember. I think she just rolled her eyes and went on with her life. That whole thing is ridiculously overblown because modern people are imbecilic pigs. What is really important is that my parents are extremely brutal child abusers who belong in prison for reasons explained in this post. This is an extremely serious issue people don’t discuss at all.

6. There seems to be a correlation between children who begin masturbating and/or noticing the opposite sex at an early age with some level of loveshyness during their teens. Do you have any thoughts on this matter? I myself began masturbating at age 5 or 6, and have always had a great deal of trouble understanding girls and later women. However, since I’m physically female this was never seen as a dire issue and my “tomboyism” (actually gender dysphoria) was somewhat accepted while I was growing up. I don’t think I’d be incel if I was a cis male since I’m bisexual, but I do wonder if I’d have been loveshy with women.

Yes, Gilmartin talks about that. Read his book here. Don’t know what to say about this. It’s just a trait.

7. To ThatIncel: Why did you give up your government girlfriends program? You touch on it a little bit, but I’d like to know more.

This post by Franklin pretty much covers it
GGGF, I hope your discussion on Cracked.com helps you understand a few key points. First, that members of modern culture are utterly worthless and that they are too stupid and closed-minded to be reasoned with. Since democratically elected governments are chosen by these people, your ideas about governments getting girlfriends, or doing anything else useful, are an impractical fantasy. If I have a fantasy, for example that the average IQ was 50 points higher, I am not going to start a website to promote it because I know that it is impossible. Trying to defeat modern culture is also a waste of time. It will self-destruct as all decedent cultures have done in history. What all decent people should do is to turn their back on modern culture and find an alternative, which generally means a religion. A good strong religion can provide for people’s basic needs, including arranging dates.

Basically, after participating in this discussion on Cracked I came to realize that almost all modern “people” are worthless scum who all need to be eradicated. Arguing with them is pointless. I describe this here

I am still absolutely convinced that my program would help a lot of people and there are some individuals who told me so but it can’t be implemented in modern society. These people will never vote for anything useful.

8. 8. I saw from a comment mentioning it that certain commenters here are against female suffrage. Why is that? I’m obviously for it since I’m physically a woman and take great pride in having a voice in my local, state, and federal government, but I’m also of the opinion that you should have to pass a bi-yearly exam about current politics and election policies before being allowed to vote. Too many Americans just vote according to feelings and party loyalty, and don’t take the time to actually find out what the platforms are.

I am staunchly against female suffrage and consider it the greatest tragedy in the history of the world. The reasons for this were well explained by Franklin here.
Women can’t feel any empathy for men and have no instinct for governing so giving them a right to vote with men means that they are given a free hand to abuse men. Ideally men and women would form their own governments but since that is vastly impractical it is best for women to be governed my men, who can feel empathy for all members of society and have an instinct for governing.

9. I also noticed that certain people here are against female premarital sex but for male premarital sex. Again, I’m obviously not for it because I’m physically a woman but do not desire marriage and am very happy with what I have with my Friend with Benefits. But I’m curious as to how this would even work? If all women had to remain virgins til marriage and then presumably only have sex with their husbands…who would be left to have premarital sex with the men? Or would women be able to have sex with whomever they wanted once they were married?

Young men would lose their virginity to prostitutes and marry virgins. All successful cultures functioned that way. Also, an additional benefit of prostitutes is that they can provide more sexual variety for married men, but only if the wife agrees.

10. Are there any incels who have used extreme measures (such as either chemical or surgical castration) to combat their desire for sex? I’d imagine not, since they’d still want other intimacy, but I’m just curious.

I haven’t heard about that but I saw some men expressing this desire, which says a lot about how great their pain is. I oppose it and think nobody should become a sterile working bee to pay for a society of morons and sluts. Violence is much more preferable to that.

11. 11. Before I met my FwB and he retaught me how to be okay with some touch, I had very severe touch phobia of humans. Obviously I still had a need for it though, so I cuddled a lot with my pets. As I’m still not comfortable with much more than a handshake from people I don’t know well, I rely on my pets even today. Is this something that incels/loveshy people do too? I’ve yet to find any meaningful information about substituting animal touch for human touch, but perhaps I’m not looking in the right places, or it’s not talked about?

I doubt there is much info on substituting animal touch for human touch but there are some studies on loneliness, for example

12. For men such as Mikey, what do relatives say or do about your prolonged virginity? I personally don’t care if someone is a virgin, unless it is causing them mental or emotional pain. Has there been any attempts from family to assist in this problem? I can’t imagine that they are incapable of seeing a loved ones pain, but I do know that a number of people seem to lack any empathy for others.

I guess Mikey can reply to the beginning of this question better but I never received any help from my family and this makes them child abusers and murderers. My parents aren’t liberals but politically neutral so the reason for this is their stupidity and them being set in the old ways more than a lack of empathy. No liberal can feel any empathy to anybody, not even members of their own cult. Liberals aren’t human beings but hate machines.

But it was never about incels !

Lately I got several questions on my bad treatment of some other incels, both on this blog and elsewhere online.

My reply to that is short and sweet – such questions are stupid.

Being incel doesn’t make you intelligent, decent, polite or fair. There are virtually hundreds of incel douchebags of various stripes I met, just like there I met so many good people who are noncel. There are incels whose suffering fills me with nothing but utmost joy, incels I’d ban from any incel community, whose blogs I wouldn’t link to unless they paid me a million dollars.  I will never engage in some primitive identity politics so common for the Anglosphere, especially US. No, I am a civilized person.

See, the problem with idiocracy and the rise of incel is that while incel does tend to hit a disproportionate amount of decent people female pickness and their desire to sleep with only the most popular men tends to leave a good number of scumbags without relationships and sex as well. There are just not enough women and too many men to entirely fulfill the void left by crazy female entitlement. This is a good sign of how serious the problem is – if being immoral, stupid and backstabbing, all of which are huge advantages in today’s culture, isn’t enough to help you find a partner what chance do decent people have?

So, no, as my title says – my blogging was never about all incels ! It was about giving a helping hand, a place of sane ideas and support for decent people, most of whom will be incels. And it will remain so – incels who are scum will be insulted or banned and decent noncels praised and allowed to post.