A book on incel

Today something a bit different. A love-shy.com poster “alone99” has written a book on his experience as a 50 year-old incel and a virgin. The book was originally posted on the love-shy.com forums and I’m re-posting it here for more people to read.

I have not yet found time to read all of it but I will and I recommend you to read it.

Oh, and Timothy Draper isn’t his real name.

Virgin territory

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  1. A 50 yo virgin.I hope i will not follow his steps.But honestly after my last experience when i was rejected again i don’t feel so comfortable now.Shrink hasn’t helped me one bit.

  2. Well, no offence friend, but therapy is the biggest piss take going. I realise that you probably don’t want to hear a statement like that; I am truly sorry if it causes you distress.

    But when a guy reaches 50 without ever having sex, it’s time to start questioning the nature of so called ‘solutions’ there is out there. I am 49, and I have had some sexual experience. Nowhere near as much as I would like.

    The ONLY sure fire way of getting sex is to pay for it. I would not waste a single further moment of your time with quackery that simply DOES NOT, WILL NOT, WORK, AND HAS NEVER WORKED. Find a decent escort, and pay for it. Ignore what other people say about your choice. I am currently working on building up a business in order for me to be able to afford to do just that.

  3. For the younger guys, I would advise you to get yourself jacked, get some wigger clothes and start acting like a complete douchebag; you will get sex. Observe what women DO…NOT WHAT THE BITCHES SAY.

  4. Okay shit-fer-brains. Show me a ripped alpha guy who still claims to be a virgin, and I will show you either a liar or a fucking monk. Use your fucking eyes and stop being a mangina. don’t believe me? Check out a poster called Newhope. Or check out a guy called Victor Pride. The jacked guy gets the women, the weedy guy gets his right hand, women do not want weedy, nerdy socially retarded guys. They want alpha men. You can argue with me all you fucking like. Meanwhile, in the real world, jacked up guys are getting the girls. This is the fucking last time I am gonna play your fucking games.

  5. Right.

    I did intend not to answer you. But, you took the trouble to compose a reply to me, so I will give you the courtesy of replying to you.

    First off the bat. Let’s establish who you are hurling insults and idiotic comments at. You are talking to a guy who probably won’t make fifty. So, any misguided attempts at what you would call ‘self improvement’ are a bit of a waste of my fucking time. Have you ANY FUCKING IDEA, what it is like to be facing your own death? No?

    Secondly, If I had done what SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING ALL THOSE YEARS AGO, (a) I would not now be in the physical state I am in NOW, and (b) I would have had NO TROUBLE AT ALL IN GETTING WOMEN. Those things are (1) hitting the gym, lifting weights, martial arts training, getting myself ripped and into shape. By doing those things, I would NOT now be a Type II Diabetic, who has to inject twice a day, swallow more pills than your average healthy person does in a fucking MONTH, and who now has to face a VERY uncertain future with a damaged heart. The self confidence I would have gotten by being jacked up and able to defend myself would have allowed me to go through school without being bullied EVERY SINGLE STINKING DAY I WAS AT THAT SHITHOLE. That same self confidence would have allowed me to have a NORMAL DATING LIFE LIKE EVERY OTHER NORMAL KID DOES. (2) NOT listening to ANY DATING ADVICE FROM WOMEN, BECAUSE IT IS FUCKING WORTHLESS. IT IS FUCKING WORTHLESS BECAUSE UNLESS SHE IS HIDEOUSLY DEFORMED, NO WOMAN ON THE FACE OF THIS FUCKING EARTH HAS EVER BEEN, NOR EVER WILL BE INCEL.

    Women WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH A FAT OUT OF SHAPE, DYING, POOR MAN. UNLESS YOU PAY THEM TOO. They will, however, have sex with a jacked, healthy, alpha guy.


    I do not want to see ANY GUY endure what I have had to. NO MAN ALIVE DESERVES SUCH A FUCKING AWFUL, VILE, DEBILIATING FATE.


    The worst part about it, is I could have fixed the problem SO FUCKING EASILY. ALL I HAD TO DO IS GET OFF MY FAT ARSE, STOP LIVING IN A FANTASY LAND, AND GET ON THE FUCKING WEIGHTS. It really was that simple.

    So I tell ANY young Incel guy; fix your looks, get some gonads, get off your fucking XboX, AND START BEING A FUCKING MAN. You WILL GET LAID.

    The ONLY way out of my misery is death. But, while I am here, I will try to help any guy who is Incel.

    Of course what do I fucking know? I’m just the guy who has spent years on anti depressants, who saw his oneitis, a woman whom I fucking WORSHIPPED marry his fucking sister. THAT is what not taking action will ultimately get you; you will end up like ME.

    • Simple. (a) I am over 40 (b) I am a type II diabetic (c) I have heart failiure of both left and right sides. So it can’t pump in, and it can’t pump blood out. (d) The upshot of which, is I have a RESTING heart rate of well over 90.

      You work it out.

    • Mikey, I am with you. Any incel who is pushed to the brink owes it to himself and society to -EDIT-. Get treated like a piece of shit human being, act like a piece of shit human being. One thing that incel teaches you is that we are nothing but animals. There is no afterlife, there is no justice, other than what you create. To society, the incel is powerless, that is why he is shamelessly disrespected. Anders brevik showed the world that the powerless are not so powerless. There is pleasure in revenge. Women need to learn that there are consequences for their actions, and if society will not hold them accountable, than those they wrong must seek justice via the sword. George sodini taught society a lesson and that is a start. A few more sodinis and a few hundred more dead females, and women may start to think twice before stealing hubby’s money In the next divorce, or pushing out the next incel.

      TIB: As much as my own comments policy allows what could be seen as incitement of violence WordPress Terms of Service don’t. Please don’t say that somebody owes society a massacre.

  6. Oh yeah? And what would you do?

    People like you make me fucking sick. No woman on earth is interested in me. I have zero prospects of decent employment, as no employer will touch me. The woman I want most in this entire fucking world is forever beyond my reach. All I have left is anger. With the dreaded V day coming up, there is a very real chance this year I will finally crack. If I do, I hope I make George Sodini look like a fucking amateur. THAT is what I leave in my wake.

  7. Because as people have already decided that I am an asshole, I might as well go out like one. I’m sick of being in pain, sick of being lonely, sexually frustrated, misquoted by fuckwits, abused by dickheads like you, sick of not knowing what the latest resuts from my latest medical is gonna show, an generally, sick of never being allowed to have a normal fucking life like every other bastard. What crime did I commit, that deserved a life witout intimacy? There are worse people than me out there. They still get laid. They still get a chance to have a normal life and have a family of their own. What the fuck did I do wrong?

    I’m not asking for anything else now except for the pain to stop. I hide it from my family, ‘coz they are no fucking help WHATSOEVER. The angrier I get, the more people like you line up to take the fucking piss. Wonder how well you’d do if you were facing me in the street and I had one of my swords or knives in my hand.

    You might think you are very clever. You might also be the cause of the next Incel massacre.

  8. Matchmaking sites? Oh yes? and what kind of profile do I write eh? ”NO MONEY. FAT. DYING.”

    Yeah, that’ll work.

    I’m too ill to get jacked up. I’m, too ill to work. I’m not sleeping properly. I am in a lot of pain most days. People like you make my blood boil. I used to able to take pictures, Dammn good ones. I used to be able to write short stories.

    Now, I am just a sick, lonely, hateful piece of shit and I know it. There. You happy now?
    Whether I choose to go out in syle, or shrivel up an die, makes no odds. Either way, I ain’t dying in a calm and peaceful way.

    I should have just laid there on October 15th and took it. But I was too fucking chicken to fucking DIE when I had the chance to do so.

    Have you ever, in all your life heard of such a fucking loser eh? I finally get a chance to be released from a life of unending pain and torment, and I am too much of a coward to seize the oppurtunity.

    I fucking hate myself for that.

  9. ”You might even make enough to get a nice Leica or whatever camera body you favour and get back in the game”

    Dude, I own a Pentax K7. Pentax cameras are more than a match for any DSLR. I also own a KR, a 35mm K1000, and a 35mm P30t. Equipment is not the problem. My photographic ability is not the problem. I have been a photographer for 30 years. I used produce stunning pieces of high art.

    USED to.

    That was until Incel decided it was time I suffered more.

    • Mikey, you say that only assholes and douchebags get laid, but you’re a huge asshole and a douchebag, and nobody’s fucking you. What gives?


    Wow. I bet you labored long on that epic putdown, didn’t ya bro?

    Tell you what though. I’m having trouble realigning the matter/antimater injectors on my warp engine. How about using some of that truly jaw droppin inttelect to help me sort it out, Eienstein?

  11. Over the years, when I’ve discussed appealing/unappealing traits with assorted partners and female friends, the one thing they generally say is that I’m a very good listener – by which they mean I don’t only treat them with respect by listening to what they have to say without selfishly interrupting to try to change the subject, but I also respond to it intelligently.

    Apparently this is quite a rare trait in a man, and I’m told that it’s a very attractive one indeed – but it’s really not that hard to develop. It’s certainly one hell of a lot easier than “getting jacked”, not least because you can do it at any age – and it’s far more likely to make you attractive to women who might actually be plausible long-term prospects.

  12. You know what? I actually agree with you. If I were a woman, the trait you outline above is one that I would value.

    Trouble is….there is a huge gulf between what women SAY and what they DO. You see, the problem is that most women are shallow bitches. Oh I know they will protest loudly that they are not. But the fact is, they are also liars. This is why I belive that hitting the gym and getting jacked is the single best thing an Incel/Loveshy man can do. By getting into shape, you will get female attention, which will in turn boost your self confidence. You haven’t got to end up like Arnold Schwarzenegger…just get yourself lean and toned. I’m only speaking from bitter experience here. I know what a sedentary lifestyle will ultimately lead to. I am 48 years old, I have less sexual expereince than your average 15 year old, and I am in very poor health. Belive me, having to take 11 tablets every single day, plus two self administered injections, having to make endless trips to hospital, having to go for blood tests all the time, is no fun. I could have averted most of if not all of this, by working out. This is my fault. I cannot blame anyone else but myself.

    By refusing to acknowledge that looks ARE a factor in Incel/Loveshynes, those affected by either or both are shooting themselves in both feet at point blank range. All I am saying, is do not overlook the obvious when searching for a solution. Fix your looks FIRST. Then see what response you get. I will admit, here and now, is the reason that women do not like me, primarily, is that I am a fat bastard. It is NOTHING to do with personality. My bitterness and cynicism has come about entirely through lack of intimacy, and it is not healthy.

    In an ideal world, looks simply would not matter. Unfortunately, we are not living in an ideal world.

    Another piece of advice I would give to Incel/Loveshy men, is DO NOT let the years role by with your virginity intact. Go see a hooker if you need to. It’s not some magical talisman. Women do not like virgin men.

    Above and beyond anything else…DO NOT END UP LIKE ME.

  13. Well my friend, I would not wish Incel ON MY WORST FUCKING ENEMY. The only consolotaion I have is that I have a niece who adores me. She is the most precious thing in the whole world to me.

    I have started to excercise this morning. I have managed, though the effort has almost killed me, to do five push ups.

  14. But listnen, thatincleblogger. You are an intelligent guy. Do you think a whole lifestyle coach would help guys like you and me? Someone who can mentor you on everytyhing from diet and excercise to increasing your employment prospects and your approach to women?

    • I have some thoughts on Mikey’s situation which probably neither he or people supporting him here will like. You guys don’t know some of the things I do. But I don’t care, some things need to be said. The thing is, I can’t do that now because I’m writing a post that further clarifies my situation. Dmitry, you’ll discover some new things.

  15. Just taken my medication – six tablets plus an injection. If ever there was an argument for getting yourself in shape, then this is it. Have to repeat this process twice a day.

  16. I do not know if I am still banned here or not. But I have a question that I would like to ask.

    You are saying that you are opposed to feminism because you believe that it creates incel. How so? I have asked my SO what she thinks feminism is, and her reply, simplified, is that feminism is about opportunity. Specifically, offering women opportunities for education and employment the same as men have had. Simplified version is that “feminism is the radical notion that women are people” or similar. Her take on it is that feminism allows women to attend college if they choose, take jobs if they choose, train for a career and otherwise live much as men have always lived.

    My question, if I am not banned, is how does this create incel?

    Thanks to TIB or anyone else who answers.

    • dar, you were never banned. You were on moderation for some time for replying to a serious post with nothing but a personal attack once but your posts were good enough for me to remove you from moderation.

      Anyway, as I’m still very sick and trying to finish an article, I would like Franklin to explain this if he sees the question. If he doesn’t I’ll do it in a day or two. I know you won’t agree though.

    • Feminism creates Incel in this way; it gives women an inflated sense of ego and massive entitlement issues. Your SO would defend it wouldn’t she? Contary to what you might belive about me, I have NEVER treated women with anything other than respect. Know where it got me? NOWHERE. Every bitch out there thinks she is entitled to a ‘hawt’ guy. Feminism teaches women to despise men. Feminism teaches women to be pick-pick picky mentally deranged BITCHES. .They get away with shit that a man CANNOT And whenever a guy calls them out on their bullshit, he is labeled as a misogynist.

      Womne have been the single biggest cause of misery in my whole life. Do you fucking WONDER why I am pissed off with them?

      Because of feminist influence in our educational institutions, our media, our politics, boys are leaving school either as jacked alpha dickheads – in which case they will get laid, or pussyified, feeble fucking Uber Wimps, in which case they will NEVER get laid.

      This is why hitting the gym and getting jacked up is the single best thing an Incel guy can do to help himself. Ignore, completely what women SAY, and instead, observe what they DO. Get yourslef jacked up into shape, and stop being a fucking wimp. Women will notice you.
      Feminism deserves to be consigned to the history books. It is a bad fucking joke.

      • I don’t question your anger. Your health problems are heartbreaking, and I am so very sorry that you have them.

        I do question the direction of your anger, however. If feminism makes women feel like they are entitled to a hot guy, why is my SO with me? I am scrawny, stoop-shouldered, and not to put too fine a point on it, I am ugly. I didn’t have a date until I was 22. She is not ugly. She’s actually rather attractive, but also quite intelligent. We met in graduate school. She, I suppose, could do better, but we’ve been together for almost 3 years and are talking about marriage.

        ” Feminism teaches women to despise men.” Has not been my experience. I was not born in the US, but have lived here most of my life. The UK may be different. I would like to visit one day, if I can find the money.

        “it gives women an inflated sense of ego and massive entitlement issues.” Again, not my experience, but if it has been yours, I am sorry.

        The buffed, “jacked” brawny sorts made my life a living hell in school. And cost me opportunities that I might have had, because in my insecure self, I actually gave a shit about what they thought about me. Stupid me. They are not the whole world, and the women who flocked to them, I have learned, do not matter. Women like my SO matter, and they are so much more common. And she is a feminist, inasmuch as she likes having opportunities. She loves her job and her education.

        My question remains; how does feminism create incel?

          • Questions? No. What I read was basically an MRM screed. Those are depressing and I try to stay away from them. The whole “blah blah alpha beta hypergamy 80/20 womenareevilamirite”crap that is meaningless.

            But I do thank you for your time.

            • Yes, like I said, I knew you weren’t going to agree.

              Regardless of me not quite buying the 80/20 theory, Franklin and myself have approximately the same idea- feminism made women less dependent on providers. This meant that the norm for the attractive man was no longer a stable beta provider but an alpha asshole, which made many men who would have no problem finding a gf in previous centuries incel today.

              I repeat once again – I’m aware that you disagree with that.

              • If I’m following you correctly, your argument is that women’s independence is a bad thing, and that’s why you oppose feminism. Also female suffrage? Are you saying that opportunities should be denied women?

                I do disagree about the whole alpha/beta/hypergamy thing. That’s MRA talk, which is rather sad. From what I’ve read they tend to be very unhappy people with distorted views of relationships and women in general.

                • I don’t understand what you mean by women’s independence. That could mean a lot of things,

                  I oppose female premarital sex (exception being prostitutes) and female suffrage, yes. But I don’t think that the solution is to violently impose this on women. That would, in any case, be impossible.
                  The solution will be a healthy culture that won’t be afraid to initially break the law and slaughter the liberals in order to change the culture. It’s not about coercion, it’s about a new culture – female suffrage was unknown through most of history and women didn’t demand it because such was the culture.

                  Would I start to believe this if I were never incel? I’d like to say that I would be convinced by the arguments. But me never being incel would have meant that I would almost certainly never come into contact with such arguments. Having mostly good opposed to bad experiences with women would mean I’d be even less likely to believe this.

                  I’m not saying that the argument franklin makes is wrong – I think it isn’t. I’m just saying that I might not have understood this under different circumstances. But that’s not where my life went and here we are.

                  • I oppose female premarital sex (exception being prostitutes) and female suffrage, yes. But I don’t think that the solution is to violently impose this on women. That would, in any case, be impossible.
                    The solution will be a healthy culture that won’t be afraid to initially break the law and slaughter the liberals in order to change the culture. It’s not about coercion, it’s about a new culture – female suffrage was unknown through most of history and women didn’t demand it because such was the culture.

                    What’s “healthy” about a culture that denies democratic representation to half its population? Why should an 18-year-old male college dropout with no prospects have more voting rights than a female surgeon three times his age who saves lives every day?

                    And while you’re right that “female suffrage was unknown through most of history”, you’re conveniently ignoring that until comparatively recently (two or three centuries, typically, if that), people of either sex were denied democratic rights pretty much everywhere unless they were effectively part of the ruling elite.

                    • “What’s “healthy” about a culture that denies democratic representation to half its population? Why should an 18-year-old male college dropout with no prospects have more voting rights than a female surgeon three times his age who saves lives every day?”

                      Here’s the explanation http://www.biblicjudaism.org/Against-Women-s-Suffrage-td11.html

                      “And while you’re right that “female suffrage was unknown through most of history”, you’re conveniently ignoring that until comparatively recently (two or three centuries, typically, if that), people of either sex were denied democratic rights pretty much everywhere unless they were effectively part of the ruling elite.”

                      I don’t very much believe or care about democracy anyway. I think it’s about counting heads rather than what’s in them.

                  • I don’t advocate anything like their revolution. I advocate a revolution where a moral religion with customs like The Sabbath will replace the liberal worship of psychopathy, where women’s suffrage will be repealed and female premarital chastity will be an expectation (men will lose their virginity with prostitutes).

  17. If I was getting regular sex, it would not concern me one fucking jot. Fact is, I am MALE with a NORMAL, HEALTHY SEX DRIVE. You want to try living as I and other Incels have to. And BEFORE, you start ripping into me, ask yourself this ONE question; IF INCEL WAS PREDOMINANTLY A FEMALE ISSUE, DO YOU THINK THAT SOCIETY AT LARGE AND FUCKWITS LIKE YOU WOULD TREAT IT IN SUCH A FUCKING CAVALIER ATTITUDE?

    Oh yeah. I fucking BET you would. If I could get sex with the fucking ease that your average jacked alpha dickhead does, DO YOU FUCKING THINK, THAT FOR ONE SECOND, I WOULD BE WASTING MY TIME AND ENERGY TRYING TO MAKE FUCKING CRETINS LIKE YOU UNDERSTAND WHERE I AND OTHER INCELS ARE COMING FROM?

    I do not want ANY MAN, to endure what I have had to endure. Now, we can argue about this until Gabriel blows the last trumpet, but it WON’T FUCKING ALTER THE FACT THAT THE MAJOR FACTOR IN DETERMINING WHETHER A GUYS IN INCEL IS LOOKS. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Loveshyness is a different matter alltogether.

    Getting regular sex makes for a healthy and balanced state of mind. We as a species are sexual beings. To be deinied sex, is to be denied the chance to be part of the human race.
    Yes I would like to be in a loving relationship. But as the woman I want most in the whole of creation is now married to my fucking SISTER, for me this is no longer an option. The only subsititute – poor as it is is SEX. Because of my looks and my status, I cannot get SEX. And yet I have a perfectly healthy sex drive. Masturbation does not cut it any more. Looking at porn does not cut it anymore. If I could ask my GP for a drug to shut my sex drive down, I would. I am in that much distress.

    • Are there other things in your life that make you happy, or that give your purpose other that the pursuit of sex? There are millions of people all over the world who aren’t having sex and who aren’t in relationships. Why aren’t they incel? Why don’t they have such aggressive needs for sex?

  18. Have you even read my reply? I CANNOT help the fact that I have a normal sex drive. I know this is a hard fact to swallow in today’s feminised world, BUT I REALLY CAN’T. Perhaps if we lived in a more chaste society – that is to say one in which the average red bloodied male, is not subjected to sexual imagery 24-7, then I might have a fighting chance. And I am not pursuing sex. I know that my only chance now is to use prostitutes I just get pissed off when people like you – who have absolutley NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE INCEL come onto sites like this and talk shit. If a person is fine with having no sex life, then I say good luck to them and I wish them well. I wish I could be like them. I really and truly do.

    As it stands, I am overweight, in poor health, over forty, and flat broke. So, other than comitting rape, I am NOT having sex anytime soon. And as I would rather fucking die than be a rapist, I am in for nothing but a life of unending misery and sexual frustration until I die, which, I hope, will be soon. If you can think of a solution, other than a bullet in my head, be my guest.

      • No. I have sexual needs and they are not being met. If I need to explain this to you, then you are beyond dumb pal. I have a Mars Bar and a bag of potato snacks to eat. So that, is simply that. SEX – I AM NOT GETTING ANY – THEREFORE I AM PISSED OFF – GOT THAT? Fine. Then I bid you goodnight.

  19. Well thank you. My photography has kept me (relatively) sane. I fully ackowledge that allowing Incel/loveshyness to rule you life is NOT healthy. But society must shoulder part of the blame for it.

  20. As a fellow American incel (have been semi-incel in the past), I have read your blog in recent weeks and would like to drop a few thoughts here.

    Some cold hard facts:
    — 1) Very few things in life are all good or all bad, all black or all white, all positive or negative. Perspective is key. Remember this, and keep a balanced mind.
    — 2) The world has changed a lot in recent years, but at the end of the day, not much has really changed at all. The game has always been tough. Especially the dating and mating game. Jocks and alpha guys have always gotten the girls. If you were born, it probably means that your dad was, even if for just a brief moment, showing some alpha signs. Yes, the world has become more liberal and feminist, but there are still decent people out there, both men and women.
    — 3) Socializing is a skill and always has been. Some people are naturally good at it, some people are naturally bad at it, but most people can learn. There are scientific, proven social dynamics that exist in human interaction. Since girls are very sociable creatures, it follows suit that you must learn to communicate with them if you want to have any kind of success.
    — 4) Sex usually happens when you’re having fun at life. You usually have fun when you feel good. Find out how to make yourself feel good. Find your comfort zone. This may require a dramatic personal transformation.
    — 5) What people say about not caring what others think, and just being yourself, is largely true advice, but figuring out how to apply it can be a tricky task.
    — 6) You need to be in relatively good health to be having sex and relationships. Nobody is perfect, but you can’t expect to be performing many reproduction activities if your health is poor.
    — 7) Consider the surface of things. By this I mean, if you have an incel blog, despite your best intentions, if you post about how angry and bitter you are and how it might lead you to violence, think about how an outsider might interpret this. On the surface it doesn’t sound too appealing does it? Now compare that with the surface of someone like Obama who talks a lot of hope and change and positive things. Is it any wonder he has a lot of supporters and followers? In conclusion, get outside of your head and look at things from a different perspective.
    — 8) Evaluate yourself realistically. Do you have any skills? Are you an artist, a musician, or an athlete? Are you out in public talking to a lot of people? We all have intrinsic value as people on this earth, but some people are able to express and communicate and demonstrate that value better than others.
    — 9) Women are known to be jealous, manipulative, lying, cheating creatures. Women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.
    — 10) Women are emotional creatures, so you do have to connect on some kind of emotional level with them. No one said this is easy. All the psychobabble thinking we do as incels is meaningless. How we feel and what our body language says is way more important. Are you able to relax, are you able to hold a regular conversation, are you able to smile genuinely.
    — 11) Liberalism is not all bad. It is the foundation of a lot of really good artwork, scientific research, music, and other avenues of human achievement. A good, strong society is also one that is liberal in its charity giving and helping the poor. Without any liberalism, you won’t have much growth in life, and you will cease to feel like a human being. Mother nature is an unforgiving liberal. If you can’t accept this, too bad.
    — 12) No one is entitled or deserving of a girlfriend or boyfriend, but if you cultivate the FEELING of being sex-worthy, you will begin to attract it into your life. This has more to do with self esteem.

    That’s all for now. I have a lot more thoughts but will only post more if you are interested in my opinion. Like I said, I am an incel, but I have had some sexual and semi sexual experiences. I have not been in ideal health in recent years, one primary reason being poor sleep and breathing due to a deviated septum which I am having fixed in a few weeks. My doctor also recently told me I may have a parathyroid issue which can cause fatigue, low sex drive, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, etc. I expect that once I get back to ideal physical health, I will be able to make a lot of physical gym gains and start socializing more, at which point I expect good things to happen.

    • Mother nature is a liberal. HAHAHAHAHAHA, that has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard, no wonder you are a liberal. Only a feminist could possibly say something that stupid.

      • Huh??? I’m a mid 20’s male incel. And I’m one of the most conservative, traditional, risk averse people I know. I mostly just stay in my expensive apartment and make money with my online business. The most liberal thing about me is that I have a creative and imaginative mind. Beyond that, I’m hardcore conservative and disgusted by feminism and mainstream liberalism. My comment about mother nature being a liberal is true. Mother nature is a slut. She favors the strongest genes. Look at evolution, it takes no prisoners. Nature moves forward whether you like it or not, it’s always changing, and if you don’t keep up with the change and adapt, you’re toast. I don’t like it any more than you, but it is the reality. Adapt or die.

  21. Also I want to add more thing to my post above. And that is, that life is what we make of it. It really is. If you don’t feel motivated or if you don’t feel life is worth it, just remember that one day you WILL die whether you want to or not. So your time on this earth, although life can feel very long, is actually very brief. You get one life on this planet, you can’t choose your genes or your parents or a lot of other factors. But there is a lot that we CAN choose. We carve out a little path with what we’ve been given, and do the best we can. Some people are born a cripple. Other people are born a midget. Yet others are born and get cancer at age 12. If you have generally good health and a brain on your shoulders, you are more capable than you realize. (This goes for you too, Mikey, so stop whining. If you have a sex drive at all then you are capable of finding a partner. Go to the grocery store right now, stop being a pussy and talk to a random woman).

      • And you are a cunt. You don’t get an antiques business off the ground by being LAZY…which is exactly what I’m doing at the moment. Dmitry, ain’t it about time you got some new material? You are a mangina, everybody KNOWS you are a mangina, and you’re a twat with it too. Cause and effect dude. People insult me and I insult them back. I do not need you or any other prick slagging me off every chance you get. I know my shortcomings. So why don’t you go pick a fight with somebody else, ‘coz I am sick of hearing your shit.

        • Mikey,

          The True Advice for incels: Play MGTOW videos; become MGTOW. Get spirituality. I still have pain, but 75% of it has vanished!!! And it will vanish for you.

          Free will proves spirituality, along with the dozen huge holes in Evolution that elephants could skateboard through.

          I’ve been slugging it out with Dmitry, who is trying to disprove spirituality and religion. There’s an ocean of complicated nonsense to attempt to drown the truth of Christ. On the surface, it makes Christianity look fake, but Jesus said seek and ye shall find the truth.

          I’m sorry that my strong feminine side offends you. But there are many Christian men and many MGTOW men who are so macho they make John Wayne look sissy (pardon my melodramatic exaggeration).

          I was legally married for three months -edited-. Generous with sex, but worth it? NO! Good riddance.

          My website: http://www.wowedbytruth.com.

          Hang in there brother.

  22. Just want to wish to well, thatincelblogger. I know today is the shittiest day of the year for Incels. I feel your pain bro. And these dipshits who keep posting here, will NEVER understand the magnitude of pain we have been through. That is what makes all their insults so fucking ridiculous.

  23. There isn’t a reply function on your latest response, so I’m posting this here.

    What causes your odd obsession with prostitutes?

        • I am not obsessed with prostitutes and have never used one.

          I mention prostitutes when talking about two things

          1. That my parents should have set me up with one as described in that article on love-shyness, look it up

          2. As you might have read, Franklin and myself are for female premarital chastity but not for male premarital chastity. In such a society men would fuck prostitutes before marriage and in marriage if their wife agrees.

  24. “You realize that that’s never, ever going to happen, right? Not in your wildest dreams would one half of the population be able to disenfranchise the other half.”

    Of course it will happen but not in the way that men disenfranchise the women. It will happen because the West is collapsing due to female suffrage. In 100 years in will be so weak that the Taliban will conquer it with no problem.

    “As for a society based on a “moral religion”: those existed before. Such societies had their day in the sun, and now they are nearly extinct. Why? Because people aren’t moral; people chafe under the bonds of a rigidly-enforced morality, due to the reality that morality changes over time. Every time, and I mean every time, a society has tried to arrest progress of morality by locking into a strict, unchanging system, it has ended in bloodshed.”

    Some morality changes but some rules are always there. What you’re describing happened because such rules collapsed.

    “Your ideal world could never work, and I largely suspect that it is because you don’t understand people.”

    I understand people very well. You’re the one who doesn’t. Anybody posting from a liberal perspective doesn’t understand people or history. For example, if you believe that female suffrage is irreversible you’re already a fool.

    • “You can’t refute his statement simply by saying “No you’re the own who XXX”. Further the entire existence of this blog is based off the fact that you don’t understand people.”

      Ok, I will give an example then. Dmitry doesn’t understand why an incel would refuse to work. Anybody understanding basic human nature would understand that something like incel could make you totally unmotivated to work. To claim that this is impossible is to not understand human nature.

      “You’re against women’s rights”

      That’s a gross oversimplification. What do you mean by women’s rights? I am against female suffrage and for female premarital chastity, yes, but not against women working the same amount for the same pay or abortion, for example.
      In any case, the reasons for my attitudes were well explained by Franklin. Do you want me to link you his site?

      “think the only time woman should have sex out of wedlock is when they’re deflowering teenage boys”

      I never said that. I said that my parents should have gotten me one and explained why in the first article on LS. I am for female premarital chastity but that’s another thing altogether.

      “or a genocidal dictator”

      I am not hiding that I believe feminists deserve to be removed from society. Again, do I need to link you the texts explaining why?

      “yet you believe the only reason you’ve had trouble with relationships/sex is because women/society discriminate against you because you’re a decent man”

      Saying this when a huge, 10,000 word article explaining why I became incel is sitting here for months is just fucking outrageous. You should be ashamed of yourself !

      • “Nobody cares how “unmotivated” you are. Do you think that you could just walk into a grocery store and take whatever you like? What would you do when management tries to stop you? “But, officer, you see, I really don’t feel like working. I’m very sad because nobody has sex with me, so therefore I don’t wanna work.” Here’s a lesson my father told me long ago (and I suspect your father never did the same for you): “If you want something, you gotta work for it.” You don’t want to work, so you shouldn’t reap the benefits of a welfare state.”

        How does a single fucking letter in this part have anything to do with my point? I mean, at all?

        “Nope. Wrong. Women’s suffrage was sorted out over a hundred years ago. If fearmongers like you were right, that giving women the vote was the death of society, we’d all be trying to light fires with two sticks in cave huts by now. Nor is the West “collapsing” in any meaningful way. People like you cry “morality!” as a counter, but never get much more specific than that.”

        You’re a fool. All the Western countries have absolutely no future and are drowning in debt. As for the female suffrage, of course it can’t destroy society that quickly but it has already done a great job and will finish it pretty soon.

        “Spoken like a teenage American who learns his history from Call of Duty. Don’t make me laugh by elaborating on this weird statement, please.”

        Call of Duty doesn’t teach history and I want you to make me laugh by trying to explain why things aren’t as I said.

        “No, you! That fellow who posted after me hit the nail on the head: this entire blog is a testament to your social impediments. How could you possibly begin to say that you understand people at all? If you did, you wouldn’t be a jobless misanthrope with no money, no future and no friends.”

        You’re somehow imply that somebody who is this and that (which you, btw, misjudge – I never said I don’t have money or friends) is that because he doesn’t understand people. Why? Why should he not be able to understand people if he’s that?

        On the other hand, I made a clear example of why you don’t understand people and will make another one now – anybody who claims that incel is the same as the lack of a car doesn’t understand people at all and thinks they’re machines.

        Do you have anything to say about both of these examples?

        I deleted your last part, I’m not in mood for bad jokes and if you repeat it you’re back on moderation.

  25. Heartbreaking book. Thank you for posting it. I am a lurker for now but I was actually thinking to write one myself if, for nothing else, the abysmal lack of reading material on the subject.
    In many parts I recognize myself. The only minor fault is that it is too long (I managed to read half of it) and he could have made some descriptions of events a little shorter…

    Interestingly, he tried many, many things that I did not try but he also made mistakes that I managed (narrowly) to avoid. He also did not try several things I did try.

    I am thinking that I will write something similar but only if I am able to write a happy ending.

    I only hope, in time, the reading resources on the subject will grow.

    • Hey, thanks for the comment. My question is- you said you read half of it. Did you stop reading in the middle or did you skip some parts?

      “I only hope, in time, the reading resources on the subject will grow.”

      That’s why I’m here.

      • I am still reading it and I did not skip any part. I just took a break and felt like adding a comment to encourage others to read it. In fact I am very curious how it ends. He should probably try to self publish it on Amazon. Very few readers will truly understand the pain, 99% of comments will be to blame him for his misfortunes but at least the title will be there for whomever wants to search the subject.

        Cause I tell you…at times I don’t know what actually hurts the most: the problem itself or the attitude of 90% of humanity as though it does not really exist.

        • Oh, I see. Shouldn’t make assumptions, lol.

          ” the problem itself or the attitude of 90% of humanity as though it does not really exist.”

          Humanity is a pigsty. This blog is created for a small number of people. The rest will read and not understand anything.

  26. I found this to be informative, compelling and tragic. More, I found this surprising…as someone that has been in the entertainment industry for decades, I wasn’t aware that there were men that faced these challenges in such a typically inclusive community. Obviously, most in this industry (especially artists) are damaged. Therefore I had assumed all in the industry were more accustomed and open to “odd” people.

    I have been fascinated with this subject for a short while…incel and love shy have been an interest of mine since I was aware of the documentary short “Shy Boys”. I have read the love-shy open forum and others to gather as much information as I can. This subject would be fantastic for a scripted format (scripted because I am not sure that is in the best interest of incel and love shy men/women to be “outed”)

    Please let the author know (if you still communicate with him) that his story touched me deeply.

  27. If anyone out there is still listening, I’m in a position to
    understand Mikes plight.
    The only thing more tragic then a 50 year old virgin with no
    experiece is a 56 year old one-me!
    In all my trolls of the net, I’ve only seen one post by a 56 year old
    virgin, an Englishman asking for help.
    The oldest male virgin I read about was a 67 year old man.
    This is such a bazzare and freakish position to be in, that I must
    attribute it to God’s will.
    There was an old “Motown” song by the “Four Tops” called
    “Standing In The Shadows Of Love.” The vocalist says:
    “Crying about it ain’t gonna help me now.”
    That’s how I feel. Crying won’t solve the situation. It will make
    it even worse.
    It’s small consolation, but our lives are governed by FAITH.
    It is up to God to give us the faith to carry on.
    If Christ NEVER was then it won’t matter if you’ve had sex
    1,000s of times. We’re all doomed to go into a dark void of
    no return. But if God is REAL we must remember that He
    doesn’t subject us to anything He didn’t undergo Himself.
    Christ died a virgin. That’s pretty good company to be in.

  28. I’m reading this at the moment and it’s quite interesting and darkly/excrutiatingly at times funny, I’m reading it as a man whowas a TOTAL incel until 23, (it’s now nine years ans 3 kids with 3 different, unbelieveably, good looking women later). I recommend it and would like to contact the author someday and that he and every incel gets as I did because total inceldom sucks, I understand swallowing the red pill and I’m trying to patronise but I’m a particularly feeble (especially now) 5″4 and now balding average looking guy and luck struck me (perhaps I was the 40000000000 – 1) but all 3 mums of my kids were younger, 8-9 out of 10ers AND they all approached me, I’ve never ONCE asked a woman out and I hope you guys strike lucky too.

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