A new comments policy

I often hear that incel is actually natural selection of people unfit to reproduce. If we are to believe that this is true while simultaneously believing intelligence is one of positive human traits, which should be looked for when it comes to sexual selection, it seems that there is something very wrong with Mother Nature these days.

At least that is what I think when reading some of the comments I get.

When starting this blog I was enthusiastic about free speech I’d allow here, especially in contrast to so many online places where free speech is just an empty proclamation or is even explicitly forbidden (which has the benefit of being a more honest approach).

I soon learned that I was very naive. Imagine taking an enormous chalkboard and placing in a public place with the intention of allowing people to write everything they want to on it. Most people will scribble moderate content. A much smaller number will write brilliant texts. But there will also be those who will vomit and defecate on the chalkboard. As hundreds of posts that were nothing but vomit and shit had to be deleted from this blog I realized that free speech a double-edged-sword. While essentially a good thing  not only can it be deliberately abused but it can also create harm if idiots and lunatics use it, despite them lacking premeditation to do such harm.

Since my first comment policy was written before I started getting replies it couldn’t cover everything that was to happen once comments started rolling in and it soon became obsolete.

So, here is the new, re-written comments policy.

All these rules have already been enforced many months before but I owe my readers and commentators clearly written out rules.

As I’m sure you’ll notice, these rules prevent only the most rude, irrational and weaselly behavior while allowing for disagreement.  It doesn’t allow for things almost any site doesn’t and beyond that doesn’t allow dumbest TAC nonsense like denying that incel or love-shyness exist (which is impossible just according to their definitions).

If there are any suggestions I’d like to read them.

3 thoughts on “A new comments policy

  1. Intelligence is one of more than one positive human traits.
    Sexual selection is based on selecting partners for positive human traits.
    Intelligence was not selected.
    Therefore, sexual selection is false.

    This seems to be your argument. It’s using faulty reasoning, essentially the fallacy denying the antecedent, which is a formal fallacy. As you state yourself, there are multiple positive human traits and intelligence is merely one of those. Therefore, not selecting for intelligence does not disprove sexual selection, when in fact it’s likely that things more pertinent to long term relationships (ex compassion or empathy) are more favorably selected, since in a society where competition for resources is quite limited and survival nearly guaranteed even mediocre intelligence is perfectly acceptable. Intelligence is valued, but not necessarily for relationships.

    • Um, what does this have to do with a blog’s Comment policy?

      Anyway, no, you got this wrong. Sexual selection is always there, it can’t be false or invalid. It’s just that today’s sexual selection, thanks to liberalism and feminism, favors stupidity and psychopathy.

  2. Your opening paragraph seems to question the validity of sexual selection because it does not (as far as you have seen) favor intelligence. If it’s not that, then you’re just perhaps suggesting it’s functioning incorrectly (which is a pretty laughable notion). You suggest to Mother Nature that something is very wrong when in fact sexual selection is working just fine, even if it doesn’t seem to be working the way you want it to. There are multiple positive human traits, so intelligence does not necessarily need to be selected for, even if you wish it were.

    It’s interesting that you have blog posts decrying diagnosing people (including your updated rules) both because the people doing it are not professionals trained in the field and this is the internet, yet you so loosely use the term psychopath. Perhaps it’s because you’re not diagnosing a particular individual you don’t care, but it’s pretty much asking to be wrong to use the term all willy nilly.

    It’s also pretty silly to just write people off as stupid. Of course it certainly seems pretty normal to want to do so, but truthfully the word, despite being an adjective describing a lack of intelligence, is rarely used to describe intelligence. Far more often it is used to describe people who either lack knowledge the accuser believes is basic; because they have a differing opinion; or simply because they made a mistake. Intelligence is pretty hard to measure with any useful degree of accuracy simply by talking to someone, except in cases where massive gaps exists. I very much doubt you could readily identify someone who is 10 points higher or lower than you simply by speaking to them. Though gaps do result in differences in ability, they simply don’t show up clearly in conversation, unless, as I said, the gap is quite large.

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