TAC fascists are prevented from censorship – at least when it comes to this blog … and something about the future of my writing

This is just a quick post on something I read today.

It seems that a WordPress employee is threatening to delete content which incites violence . This didn’t seem to worrying, as threats and incitements to violence are against WordPress Terms of Service. However, since the tweet itself was talking about Chateau Hartiste I went to his blog to check out if there was an article about it. There was.

However, I wasn’t planning to make a blog post on this subject, as none of the two articles seemed to indicate that this person was threatening to remove blogs he doesn’t like. And then I saw this


It’s right there in the first comment and it is frightening, especially after you see was the content of the blog was on his current site.

After reading that comment I took steps to back up all the important articles I made. I didn’t back up some of the personal stuff but everything else is safe now.

Though some Tumblr feminists are the only ones I know of who did try to shut down this blog I suspect that there were others too. In any case, this blog is hated by many, and specifically hated by TAC scum (as is everything that has to do with incel), and until now its termination would had resulted in loss of so much valuable material. This has now been prevented.

That being said, I often wonder about technical aspects of this blog. I am a poor, unemployed man living outside of USA. I can’t even pay to have a full website. I don’t know anything about running a website. I hardly manage this blog despite it being free. My only weapon is my writing. But there are more and more of us blogging about incel and related issues, as you can see by the blogs I’m following. Once we gain more strength I can see a website coming up. I myself will try to upload this blog to a site this year.

One thought on “TAC fascists are prevented from censorship – at least when it comes to this blog … and something about the future of my writing

  1. “If wordpress does kick you off THEIR site its not censorship its disassociation. WordPress has no obligation to you- you dont have a contract with them, you’re not paying any service fee and its not like any of the tax dollars you don’t pay are going to their operations. If they don’t want to host your hate writings than they don’t have any burden to continue providing you with a forum.”

    Dissociation from what? Where do their TOS mention hate speech?

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