Happy new year- if you’re celebrating it

I wonder if any incels or curious noncels congratulating incels for New Year’s ever, at least for a moment, ask themselves if there is any purpose to saying : I wish you a happy 2014 !

We can always congratulate each other individually and there is some sense in that because good wishes and hopes for at least partial success were never non-existent, even during the harshest times of one’s lives. Even if such times some people were winning lotteries, writing books, finishing their education and finding happiness. But to wish incels, as an entire group of people, a happy and successful new year seems somewhat cynical today, for even before it started poor 2014 is extremely burdened with events from past years which have already outlined and determined it so much that it would have been close to a miracle if it could go well for them. This a question of bare facts and has nothing to do with optimism or pessimism.

Before I declare myself an optimist or a pessimist regarding the next year I think it is necessary to explain a term like “future”.
Future, in the correct sense of the word, is an upcoming time which is yet to happen and which carries a potential of true novelty, of something different and unexpected. This means that futurologists are somewhat naive when trying to make a rational prognosis of the future because they are, by definition, unable to predict real future. What they can do is construct predictions of that which will continue happening based on today’s facts and tendencies. These predictions are based on their realizations of current reality.
All the while, the real future is that what is unexpected and incalculable, unpredictable.

The problem with the upcoming 2014 with incels is that there is a very narrow space for real future in it for them, for the kind of uncertainty that would potentially make optimists and pessimists argue. Our “future” is therefore mostly decided. It’s framework is horribly narrowed down by our unfortunate decisions and acts we did in the past.

Some like to point out that they’re neither optimists or pessimists but “realists”. However, that is not the point. Both optimism and pessimism have nothing to do with reality but are about a dimension in which it is impossible to calculate precisely what will happen. An optimist and a pessimist aren’t operating in an area of knowledge but an area of belief. An optimist believes that things will, within the space of real future as what is a possibility of novelty, somehow turn out in a good direction, while the pessimist believes in and expects the opposite. Our attitude towards future partially determines this future, as an optimistic worldview carries a potential of initial activity, but also carries with it a danger of disappointments and depression once things go south. It is different in the case of a pessimist. His reluctance and lack of belief in a better future will initially make his life more difficult but if things don’t turn out so bleak as he expected them to be his surprise will be a positive one and give him “fuel” to work on improving the situation.

Therefore it is not easy to say if it is better to be an optimists or a pessimist. One could only say that optimists believe that it is better to be an optimist and pessimists believe that it is better to be a pessimist.

Having said all that, as a staunch optimist I will make the following prediction – 2014 will be a horrible year for most incels. Their numbers, desperation and gloominess of their situation will increase. New suicides and murder suicides will happen.
Most people will still be callous, dumb hicks and the topic of incel will still be poorly respected.
Our enemies, liberals and feminists, will constantly find new ways to shame us and actively harm us.

But all of this has been predetermined during the last years so it’s merely about consequences of our past extending to a new year. A tiny bead of the real future, those events in 2014 that we are unable to foresee, will undoubtedly be great.

As for this blog, it will go on. In a slow pace as usual but it will go on. A huge breakthrough has been made by my last post on love-shyness. This is the kind of content you can expect in 2014 -serious and studious. It won’t just be about me but about various sides of incel.

The three kinds of topics that will be dealt here in the future will be included in a poll. The results of this poll won’t determine the kind of articles that will appear but will be a good indicator of what the readers here are interested in.

I will also start publishing YouTube content this year. YouTube is a huge platform which I haven’t used yet. I will probably not start with videos showing my face right away but it will eventually happen.

13 thoughts on “Happy new year- if you’re celebrating it

  1. Well. I am just emerging from a three week bout of depression which has been as bad as it could be. I don’t know about you, thatincelblogger, but around this time of year, I find my Incel especially difficult to bear. It’s been made much worse this year because of my illness.

    But in the coming months, I am going to try to rebuild my life. I’m not for one moment pretending that such efforts will cure my Incel. But if I can at least get some kind of business off the ground, I can at least pay for escorts.

    I hope 2014 will be the year you find peace.


    I would fucking LOVE to see how you fucktards would cope with Incel. I am not talking about a three month dry spell. I am talking about a fucking LIFETIME alone. I’d give you a month. By the end of it you would be bugfuck eye rolling, slavering, teeth gnashing fucking PANT-Y-WACO.

    • Yes, there is no doubt that most of these shitheads who noncelsplain to us (I love this term- there is much to learn even from vile monsters like feminists) wouldn’t last a fucking month being incel.
      These people see nothing painful about having your life destroyed the way I had or living as an incel for 30 years like you have. But if they were incel for a month or so they’d be saying a different story.
      I am incredibly disgusted by the human race. There is some much evil, so much heartlessness, so much malice and idiocy in human race that I am convinced that it’s existence is a negative thing. If I had a button to end this world I fucking SMASH IT.

  3. I know I have only posted a few times but I always tried to encourage and support you. I suffered incel till I was older so I really feel for you and hope you find what you are looking for this year.

  4. I can’t in person help with your incel, we live in different countries and all, but if you ever need a friend or a sounding board or some to talk to please dont hesitate to email me. i really would like to be able to help in even in my small way.

  5. GGGF:
    Though it wasn’t in the poll, I kind of miss your old avatar with the blue boar’s head. Ever think of bringing it back?

  6. Well. I am starting to feel a little less like a hammered turd, now that Xmas is out the way. Fuck my old boots, I have never seen such a mindless, witless, lowest common denominator, worshipping, shit eating sycophantic bunch of fucking PEASANTS like the British public at Christmas time. TV was a fucking bore. Only two shows I wanted to watch was ‘Doctor Who; and ‘The Tractate Middoth’. Doctor Who was an effing let down, with quite possibly the most FEEBLE regeneration scene ever.

    And as usual, I got the gift that JUST KEEPS GIVING; INCEL, OR WAKING UP WITH BLUE BALLS EVERY GODDAM MORNING OF EVERY DAY OF YOUR MISERABLE LIFE. Yes siree. Whilst everyone else is fucking like an Iranian gerbil on Viagra, Yours truly woke up in a bed ALONE, as fucking ever, and not even a decent hang over to keep me amused.

    And so, I have decided, that somehow, some way, I am going to bet my antiques business off the ground. I want to make money. With money I can pay for escorts. Incel problem solved.

    That’s what I would advise every Incel guy to do; make money and pay for sex. I know it’s not easy. I know it’s not a substitute for ‘true’ love. But it’s an option. Don’t write it off because of some fucked up sense of morals; having morals does not get you laid, Taking action does.

    I wish every Incel guy a happy new year!

  7. Mate…no offence, but if a guy is getting sex, EVEN IF HE HAS TO PAY FOR IT, he is 100% better off than either you or I am. If I had the money to support regular banging of hot escorts, I would not fucking CARE if some cockwomble says ‘Bbububububub you have to pay to get laid’. Because my response would be this; ‘Oh yeah? And how much does your bitch charge you? New dress? New car? expensive foreign holiday? Expensive meal in a place that serves tiny portions of inedible food whilst the maître de insults you and tries to get into your ‘soul mate’s panities?

    In my book, Incels who use prostitutes are doing the SMART thing; they are getting their sexual needs met, WITHOUT having to put up with the 24 carat gold plated BULLSHIT that a guy has to put up with from a woman in order to get sex. I respect you. I respect your choices. But take it from ME, one of the ways OUT of Incel is a radical shift in attitude. I no longer consider women as perfect ethereal creatures in the way I once did. Now, I am not going to insult your intelligence and lie to you about it; I am NOT currently getting any action, other than use of my right hand. But I do have a plan. That plan involves making MONEY. For the simple reason that MONEY TALKS….BULLSHIT WALKS. That is a fact bud. SHOW ME A RICH MAN WHO CAN’T GET LAID, AND I WILL SHOW YOU A FUCKING LIAR OR A HUMUNGOUS DAYGLO FAGGOT.

    MONEY can get you sex. Travel. A fabulous lifestyle. A WIFE IF YOU SO DESIRE. Franklin did it. He put himself in a position where he was able to expand his horizons, so that he could meet a woman OUTSIDE the fucked up feminist shithole that America has now devolved into.

    So how about putting some of your obviously fierce intellect into making some bread dude? If I can make enough money I WILL SIMPLY FUCKING BUY WOMEN. But I will not. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT become something utterly at odds with who I am in the vain hope that I MIGHT get laid.

    They decdided that ol’ Mikey was too fat. Too poor. Too boring. Too inteligent. Not ‘alpha’ enough.

    Well fuck ’em. Seriously. They can keep their wigger bad boys. I have WAY more important things than them to occupy me now.

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