Another victim of incel dies

I met this woman in August of this year after she sent me a long private message on Reddit, explaining what she thought of my then program and giving me some ideas to improve it. I’ve since abandoned the program but me and her still talk from time to time.

During our first talk she told me that she started being interested in the subject of incel after meeting a friend she’s been talking to almost every day for nearly 10 years. This friend was about 50 years old and love-shy. He was also on the verge of suicide, exhausted by what was life-long incel.

By November of this year he told her that he won’t be seeing the new year and this came true some days ago when he killed himself, finally ending his pain.

In retrospect I am very proud of how this woman handled it. She didn’t alert any authorities who would just torture this man who’s been through enough pain already with idiotic notions of “helping him” when there was no way to help him at all. For even if the society had some facilities for incels, which it doesn’t, this man was 50 and it was too late for him decades ago. Things being as they are, she decided not to dehumanize and molest him with idiots in white coats who were supposed to do what… “cure” a natural reaction to so many years of incel? Because it was a natural reaction. In normal people, enough years of incel result in death. Both suicide or murder suicide are normal, healthy reactions to incel. Such frustration has to be channeled in some destructive way. It is not normal for it to be channeled into anything good for incel itself is the worst kind of peril.

This woman knew this after almost 10 years of talking to him. But I fear that many liberal monsters wouldn’t realize that he was better off dead even after 100 years of talking to him. The cruel, sociopathic, monstrous nature of a liberal wrapped in false humanism which is really a blind adherence to dogmas can never accept incel as a source of pain, simply because that is not the part of a dogma. They want life for the sake of it, even if an incel has been suffering excruciating pain for decades. They are the true monsters and we must dedicate ourselves to wiping out liberalism.

This man is now rid of the pain. I hope he at least finds eternal peace, if not a better world or a next chance while being given a better hand. He won’t be counted in any statistics on incel victims as no such statistics exist. But I know that this is already a ninth person I’ve seen dying due to incel. The number of attempted suicides is much greater.

Will this ever end? Of course not. The society will just get dumber and more heartless with time.

What I can, do, however, is to raise some awareness by talking about this. My next articles will be about what this man suffered from, love-shyness

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  1. The poor bastard. I too am approaching fifty, and now I find myself in poor health – I have recently been diagnosed with heart failure. The only way I can now get sex, is either by committing rape, or paying for it. As I am not a rapist, the paid route is my only option. And I simply cannot raise the money to secure the services of an escort. So, my sex life is now over. I think I will probably end up taking my own life at some point. I hope I won’t – but I can’t see much point in going on, especially if this illness means that I am going to suffer. Better to end it peacefully at a time of my own choosing.

    • Hi Mikey, so sorry to hear that. Just remember you are not alone. Our numbers are large and growing, and many, many more men are going to lash out. I am ashamed to say that I cannot wait for that to happen, as I have a young niece as well, who I love very much, however, the silent torture we are being put through cannot stand, especially given the fact we are forced to contribute to this society via taxes. I am almost 40 and have been an incel my entire life.. I am celebrating my 40th Christmas without anyone.. The only thing keeping me going is the fact that knowing what I know about women, I ask myself if it is worth being with them.. Logically the answer is no, but I still want a lot of passionate sex.. Hard to come by with a hooker.. Holidays are the worst being the only one in your family who cannot find anyone.. Fortunetly, I can afford as much payed sex as my heart desires, but after a while thAt leaves you with an empty feeling more than Anything else… Keep in mind a rule I learned from someone who took sere school.. No matter how bad it gets, it has to end sometime..

      • rantsofanincel, I would call you and other incels here lemmings, but that would be unfair to lemmings. You see the idea that lemmings commit mass suicide is just a myth. The truth is that many lemmings die when they migrate, trying to find more promising grounds, and often crossing bodies of water and drowning in the process. If only incels were so ambitious. Instead incels just bide their time awaiting death.

        • Franklin, what does your comment have to do with anything? Your “argument” suffers from the fallacy of false analogy. Migration patterns are not at all the same as sexual frustration. You might consult an ethology textbook to inform yourself of the empirically evidenced pathology chronic sexual frustration can engender across many species, and particularly in social mammals. But beyond this, it doesn’t take much insight to observe that the sexually frustrated frequently, perhaps even usually, exhaustively search for solutions to their predicament, and while such solutions may not be forthcoming, these individuals often attempt to distract themselves in various endeavors that benefit society substantially–including community advocacy, volunteering, the arts, athletics, and a myriad other vocations.

          Judging from the tone of your comment, you don’t care about the evidence, though. You care about your gut feeling on the issue. That’s your prerogative, of course, but posting a purposely volatile comment in a community devoted to the very issue you’re ridiculing is transparently instigative and counter-productive.

          • My analogy was about how to deal with an untenable situation. I used lemmings because of their reputation. You perceived my analogy as false only because you didn’t understand it. My point is that incels today do not “exhaustively search for solutions to their predicament”. I have suggested possible solutions to many incels and have seen virtually no response. I don’t see how any comment can be counter-productive in a community generally dedicated to inaction.

            I just read your other post where you mentioned suicide. I am willing to help anyone who is willing to take action to help themselves, but I will not help the passive. If you are really willing to take action to improve your situation, then you can contact me and I will work with you. But if you are not willing to take action, then please don’t waste my time.

            • I am an incel. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Pastor’s home frustrated that all around me in middle school, high school, and college, Christian people were having sex either casually or in relationahips. I always wanted to simply have a girlfriend, and after discovering sex at age 13, i wanted to make love. I never could get any until I met an unattractive woman in her 30s who I took back to my college apartment from the bar to lose my virginity at age 22. After two passing but unsuccessful attempts at law school, being now 80 plus thousand dollars in student loan debt, and having an employment history with massive gaps and only one full time job to speak of in my early 20s, I am now 32 and cannot find a full time job with benefits. I drive uber and substitute teach. I live with my parents. I want a full time job, but get turned down after every interview. I need a full time job to move out on my own and have sex. I am trying, but I don’t know how.much longer I can go on. I want to help myself, but nowhere will hire me for a livable wage (30,000 a year or above). Not all incels are unwilling to help themselves. I want a job so that I can make money and date. Women have shown interest in me and told me I am attractive over the past year or so, but no booty without your own place living with Christian fundamentalists who even try at age 32 to tell you when you have to be home.

    • If you want to die at a time of your own choosing, that would be possible only in some countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Colombia, and in the U.S. states or Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Vermont.

      Even there, they still can say no. You have to do some research into their laws and medical ethics. If you do so, please tell us where you can get a “yes”.

  2. No mate. I’m simply too tired. I’m a fucking shadow of my former self. The only thing keeping me from doing it is my niece. She is the only female on this entire miserable rock who shows me some affection. Remember when I called for a ban on all female posters on How I was vilified for it? Women cannot and fucking WILL NOT understand the sheer anguish Incel causes. How the fucking hell can they? No woman, unless she is hideously deformed can EVER be Incel. They have NO FUCKING IDEA of the magnitude of pain, frustration, jealousy, anger, feelings of worthlessness, suicidal/homicidal urges sexual frustration produces in red blooded NORMAL men. I have lost all respect for the bitches. I see them now merely as sex objects. You give me one reason why I shouldn’t view them in this way dude. All I ever wanted from this shitty fucking life was to be LOVED. Am I so fucking repulsive I deserve this fucking sentence? Because make no mistake, that is PRECISELY what Incel is. And before any of you manginas and bitches start with your fucking shit remember this – ANOTHER MAN IS DEAD. KILLED BECAUSE OF INCEL. KILLED BECAUSE YOU FUCKING WOMEN WILL NOT GIVE DECENT MEN A CHANCE. HE COULD HAVE CHOSEN TO TAKE OUT HIS FRUSTRATIONS ON A GYM FULL OF WOMEN, BUT HE CHOSE NOT TO. HE CHOSE TO END IT QUIETLY. SO YOU CAN BE FUCKING WELL BE THANKFUL FOR THAT.



      I agree with this but it shouldn’t apply to women only. Evil men who did nothing to help incels are just as responsible and deserve to die too. And they will, I am sure of it. Sodini was just a beginning. The number of incels is growing and there will be more shootings. I look forward to these. This poor man chose to end his life only but he just as well might have chosen to end the lives of others. They deserved it.

      • I’m not saying I am gonna support it happening, because this will be used for fuel to generalize all men going through this shit, rather they are espousing any violence or not…. And not all incels will promote violence… Although I can relate to not having a drop of empathy for their “victims,” as what they gave their victims was easy compared to what their victims did to victimize them first. At least the incel shooters are giving them a quick and painless death, which is more than they gave him….

        But as the numbers of incel men grow, these “lone shooters” are gonna end up being a virtual incel jihad on western society. We’ve already seen Seung-Hui Cho blast off in full body armor as if he just rolled out of fallujah. James Holmes rigged his apartment with explosives which SWAT had to disable to enter his apartment. Eventually these folks are going to form an army. Again I have very mixed feelings about this, while I have no sympathy for the people they kill (because they clearly don’t have an ounce of empathy for us), I can see this coming back on peaceful incels (where we are automatically labeled as dangerous, because of what THEY did to us). I don’t wanna give them more ammo…. Just because I am not down for succumbing to violence though doesn’t mean I give a fuck about the lives of the chads and stacies.

        • Who’s Off? He might have tried and got rejected by her.

          Seriously, you have said in a few posts that you want to die, because being incel is so painful. So why are you telling other incels to fuck off?

      • I thought that our culture was already in a collective suicide pact. Dumbed-down schools; feminized militaries; mindless media distraction; declining birth-rates; high suicide rates; high rates of drug addiction; declining economic standards—LOL ironically it may be that the INCELs survive while the rest of you collapse!

    • I totally feel your pain and have homicidal wishes of my own but… not against women. Think of it, you’d only compound the problem for borderline incels by drastically reducing the pussy supply. I feel a lot more homicidal against the jocks who bullied me in high school and who steal more pussy from incels. I applaud the likes of the Columbine shooters. The world needs more heroes like that. I also wish we can eradicate feminazism, perhaps with sharia law or something like that.

      • Under sharia law, you’d find it more impossible -please don’t use this phrase, it’s forbidden- . And every woman who is someone’s second or third wife, a man has to do without. It’s simple arithmetic. To put it another way, the free pussy supply will be reduced.

        • Dean,

          1. Stop talking about incel as merely lack of sex.

          2. Stop using the demeaning phrase I just edited.

          3. Read the rules.

          I am giving you an honest warning.

          • Have you been friendzoned? That means that a woman tells a man that she’ll be friends with him, but hands to yourself. Of course she ends up not being that much of a friend either. It’s just patronzing bull****.

            You didn’t say how you feel about Sharia law.

  3. Gentlemen,
    I’m 46 and my good friend is 51. WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT.
    I intend to live to be 100!!! I know the terrible pain of social problems. But knowing that many people are slaves throughout the world, have limbs blown off from bombs, have excruciatingly painful diseases, etc. puts things in perspective. I then feel like a tough guy, a survivor, like the isolated man on the life-raft encircled by sharks in Winslow Homer’s 1899 painting The Gulf Stream.
    My sex drive is powerful, But I have “Rosie Palm” (my hand). You either laugh or you cry.
    I’ve thought deeply about sexuality, and conclude that it is only 2% of the human person.
    I’ve thereby dedicated my life to writing about social problems, feminism, sexuality, and the much more important issues of life. My website is

      • in all honesty I am confused, you claim to be against religion and have shamed Christians but then you defend Islam, you also claim to be anti-liberal but libs are the only ones I see supporting muslim invasion or sharia law….I myself am a incel/TFL/forever alone guy, so I agree with much of what is said here…. Personally though, I don’t get the Islam thing, I am personally against the institution of religion period, all religion…. And all ideologies.

        There is incel in muslim nations too, as someone pointed out before, every women who is someone’s 3rd or 4th wife means some men are forced to go it alone, hence why suicide bombers are lured in with the promise of virgins in the afterlife.

    • Get fucked you religious nutjob. When has religion ever been of any use or fucking value to the Incel man? SINCE FUCKING WHEN ASSHOLE? In fact, since when has religion been any good at anything other than causing misery on a jaw dropping scale?

      We don’t need ‘saving’ or ‘converting’, we need just TWO things; (a) The acknowledgement by the authorities that Incel is a SERIOUS problem, and (b) The implementation of REALISTIC measures to combat it. We need affordable, clean, safe, LEGALISED prostitution, or realistic female androids, or drugs to kill male sex drive, or quick, and PAINLESS methods of suicide. Nothing else is gonna cut it. We need women to be FORCED to face the consequences of their actions – for example facing legal action when they reject men in a cruel manner. Make the bitches PAY for their sadism.

      • thatincelblogger:
        I probably have so much “religious crap” because of socially ostracism by both women and men throughout life. I’m a nice person; my mental disability confuses people and causes rejection. Consequently, I feel that my one saving grace is believing in a higher being who loves me whereas others don’t. And I believe that this higher being has communicated His will through “religious crap” for whatever mysterious reason.

        I hear you and I empathize.
        However, religion takes much of the pain away from being incel. Anger, sadness, and frustration are still there, but shifting the focus helps greatly. I and a friend I used to have who was incel can attest to this.
        I don’t know whether to call myself incel, MGTOW, both, or neither. As far as prostitution, my experiences didn’t give me anywhere near as much pleasure and satisfaction as I expected. They made me feel robbed, magnified my alone-ness after the fleeting episode was over, and took away my dignity.
        I see Jesus of Nazareth as the ultimate MGTOW man. And he was no castrated eunuch, he was a regular man like you and I. We know this because he grew a full beard. Those who were eunuchs before puberty cannot grow a beard.

      • There are anti-androgen medications that can effectively kill sex drive. Cyproterone acetate, aka Androcur, aka cyprostate is the one that does not case feminization of a man’s body.

      • There are countries where prostitution is legal. Whether it works to men’s advntage is debatable. I was made fun of by prostitutes in Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District.

        As I said in some other posts, there are anti-androgen medications that effectively reduce sex drive. With my sex drive reduced, it felt good to no longer be at the mercy of manipulative women.

        As I said in other posts, there are countries where euthanasia is attainable.

    • Yes. Sex is overrated and over hyped, left over reptilian behavior. I hope porn , hookers, VR, robotics and designer drugs make sex as obsolete as our the tails of our reptilian ancestors.

  4. GGGF & Mikey:
    “An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.”—Dr. Viktor Frankl

    You guys must remember that the situation we are in is NOT a normal one. Thoughts of killing and suicide don’t occur to normal men in normal circumstances: they DO occur to normal men in abnormal circumstances.

    The same decayed culture would react with indifference if an INCEL man killed himself or others. There was a story a couple of years ago about a man named Thomas Ball who immolated himself in New Hampshire to draw attention to the sufferings of divorced fathers. Outside of MRA blogs, the mainstream media never even reported it. IOW, violence will not accomplish anything, either to oneself or others. As proof of this; suicide is now the leading cause of death among American males aged 15-24 and is nearly the highest in older age brackets. Do you hear American pundits even wondering why that is? No: they high-five each other and celebrate whenever a man dies. Suicide or killing just gives them what they want.

    The point being that the best way to fight these clowns is to deny their power and authority. If I were in Mikey’s case, for example, I wouldn’t feel ashamed of paying for sex: I’d brag about it and hold up the prostitutes as a better class of women—at least THEY aren’t shunning good men and throwing themselves at scumbags for no reason! Even when they are with scum, at least they have sense enough to get paid for it: can the average Ameroskank say as much?

      • Franklin:
        I don’t have a blog of my own—I do usually turn up on some MRA blogs. I’ve been on GGGF’s site since he started up, I think. I do like agree with a lot of your posts too.

      • Eric, in the rare case that I find someone I agree with, I want to discuss solutions with them. Are you interested in real practical solutions to the plague of feminism and liberalism? If yes, do you want to discuss this? Discussing this in blog comments isn’t the right place. I have 2 websites, Biblic Judaism and The CoAlpha Brotherhood, where we could discuss solutions. Or you could suggest a site.

    • I wish I could pay for sex. I just do not have the resources. I am seriously ill – to be honest I do not know whether I will be here in 12 months time. I have zero chance of getting paid employment now. So, barring a miracle, I am gonna die a virgin. I have been physically intimate with a woman ONCE, and all that involved was me sucking her tits and giving her oral. It was very nice, but I didn’t penetrate her. So that’s it. My life. The only thing keeping me even halfway sane is my niece. And as she is only 12…well you get the picture. When I hear such sad stories like the one we are currently discussing, my heart just fucking breaks. Because it’s just so fucking preventable. Would it have killed just ONE woman to offer this guy sex? I really don’t want to end up like this. But with a fucked up heart, and the very real possibility of dying real soon, I cannot see any other way out. Maybe if my health improves, I might feel differently about things. But at the moment I think every day I don’t have the fucking balls to do what is needed and take my life is another day I am putting off the inevitable. I can’t even get drunk. Don’t even have the money to get wasted. So I have to face this shit sober. Even my photography has suffered. The one thing I am truly accomplished in. So basically, I am a dead man walking.

      • Mikey:
        As a bit of constructive criticism here, it sounds like a lot of what you’re feeling is stress: IOW, you’re stressed out pretty badly. I think you’re internalizing the Anti-Male Shaming Language our culture heaps on us (with the specific intent of causing us to do things like commit suicide). Your age and past experiences don’t make you a ‘loser’ despite whatever the femihags want you to believe. Remember that there’s another side to this story; the media doesn’t tell us about things like this:

        All of us INCELS—regardless of health and economic situations are going to be alone this Holiday Season. It might be a good idea for you just to relax and de-stress for a bit. Remember that suicide is one thing you can’t change your mind about once you’ve done it! But I would advise instead—regardless of how much time you have to live—think about what you would like to do. And then make that your goal and set out to accomplish it. We men have a resilience that women don’t have—and they despise us for it.

        • You might have heard this song: “On a Sunday morning sidewalk, wish it Lord that I was stoned. / Cuz there’s something in a Sunday that makes a hert feel all alone…”

          Sunday mornings and New Years Day aren’t as bad as they were; they don’t fold up the streets the way they used to. Even Christmas day it’s easy enough to find grocery stores and other places that are open.

          But the Christmas Season, from Thanksgiving until January 8 can be a problem, because those you usually associate with are more preoccupied with shopping and other Christmas-related activities. I was once going to fix a friend’s computer; but one of his griends came from afar. That was more important to him than that computer. And I ended up eitting in my apartment alone.

  5. NO you stupid fuck! It means the only female on this fucking miserable rock who treats me like a human being is one I can’t have ANY meaningful relationship with. Are you people really this fucking stupid? If I was a fucking sexual predator, do you think I would have endured decade after fucking decade of sexual frustration?

    Somebody ought to get a fucking baseball bat and cave your worthless fucking skull in you cunt.

    This entire discussion is taking place because a man is dead. He is dead because he could no longer tolerate the terrible pain he was in. He is dead, because the same society that will go out of it’s way to protect the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, fucking he-she’s, feminists, and pricks like you, is perfectly happy to sit idly by as men who are in TERRIBLE emotional and psychological pain, take their own lives (in his case) and also the lives of others (in the case of George Sodini), and shrug it’s collective shoulders and say ”Shit happens”.

    You could have chosen to attack on the basis of other things I have said. But no. You pick out ONE SENTENCE and you point an accusing finger.

    This entire discussion is taking place because a man is dead. He is dead because he could no longer tolerate the terrible pain he was. I have a 12 year old niece who I love dearly. So the fact that she treats me like a person and not a piece of shit means I MUST be abusing her right? Because that’s what Incels do don’t they? Same as we go around stalking women and raping them. Same as we all want to go postal with an Uzi and go DAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA DIE YOU BITCHES down at our local gym.

    You people make me fucking sick. You really do. When someone raises VALID points concerning Incel, you are left without a fucking CLUE how to answer. Just take a look at some of the idiotic comments people leave on this blog. So you resort to character assassination.

    Well I got news for you shit-fer-brains. I have dealt with pricks like you MANY times before. This is one of the reasons I am glad that I am dying. So I won’t have to hear king dickshits like you with your filthy garbage.

    • If incel were a female problem, it would be all over every feminist talk show and news study out there. They would have services and hotlines all over trying to find women dates. Nobody cares about men, and it is all the fault of the manginas. Since 80 percent of women go after 20 percent if men, the majority of the left over 80 percent become manginas, since they will do anything to kiss female ass, to get/keep a female, as they know subconciously they are one rejection away from being incel and they fear that more than anything else. Incels rub their worse fear in their face, that is why society hates us. Human beings always hate what they fear.

  6. Franklin, we have had this conversation on other sites. I admire you for getting out of the femisphere. But not everyone can do it. In my case, I am seriously ill, with no prospect of getting paid employment, with absolutely no resources to call upon to even consider a foreign holiday, never mind seeking a wife abroad. I have failure of both the left and right sides of my heart. No employer will offer me a job. The only thing I excel at is photography, and even that has suffered recently. I almost died on October 15th. At one point – and I quote my cardiologist verbatim here – I was minutes from death. If you can think of a possible way for me to raise some cash, so that I can at least pay for an escort, then please, be my guest.

    • Mikey, you are the worst off of the incels here. I don’t know if you can find a solution, but if you really want to focus on solutions instead of complaining, I can try to help. This blog probably isn’t the best place. We can discuss things in the forum that we are both members of.

  7. OK You know which forum I am on. I’ll listen to what you have to say. But please, no talk of religion. I am an atheist, and I have no intention of changing that. So please, I would be obliged if you could respect that choice.

  8. I apologise for turning this discussion into a ‘Mikey VS The Manginas’ thread. I am truly sorry for this. I had no right to do this. Another man is dead, killed by Incel. have we seen ONE practical I apologise unreservedly for slewing this discussion into a ‘Mikey VS The Manginas’ thread. I had no right to do this.

    Fact is, every time I hear about a tragic case like his, I wonder how long is going to be before I am just another statistic. I am scared as hell. Part of me WANTS to die. But part of me wants to live.

    Let me tell you Incel is. It is a living hell. Women can never understand what it is like because (a) unless she is hideously deformed, no woman can ever be Incel. And (b), their sexual drives are 100% lower then male sexual drives.

    The combination of Incel, and being so fucking ill has made it particularly difficult to bear. I have accepted the fact that I will never have a girlfriend, and I had kinda made peace with that. Then something like this happens, and I am right back to square one. I am hoping to get myself back on my feet somehow. I am a talented photographer, and I have produced no new work of any quality for quite a while now. My motivation to do anything other than sleep, shit and eat is at an all time low.

    I am on a shitload of medication every day just to stay alive. Plus two self administered injections daily.

    I will be seeing my niece today, so that is something to look forward to.

    But what about our fallen brother?






  9. @rantsofanincel: If incel was a female problem, there would be a public outcry for sure…no suffering in silence for them. But, if we men dare bring it up, we are shamed for being ‘entitled’.

    It’s a sad thing indeed we lost another brother to suicide. I’m 34 and still a virgin.

  10. Incel has driven me to the point of utter and complete mental breakdown. And now I am faced with the very real prospect of dying without ever having full sexual intercourse with a woman.

    Angry? You bet I’m fucking angry. You give me one reason not to be.

    Astrosleuth – we are beyond sadness here. WAY beyond it. We are the other side of a black mirror.

    What we have here is NOTHING LESS than a crime being perpetrated by women against men. Just think what would happen if the situation were reversed. Imagine women being driven to suicide through sheer loneliness and sexual frustration. the authorities would move hell and fucking earth to find solutions. You know it and I know it.

    But because this poor bastard had the misfortune to be born male, and heterosexual, he was left to fucking rot.

    People think this is funny. they must be fucking sick. way sicker than me. can you tell me what part of a man taking his own life because he is so alone funny?

    I shouldn’t have to be writing stuff like this. I have enough to fucking contend with without this shit. how many more times can i say it? I am dying, got that? my condition is going to deteriorate and there is nothing that can be done.

    So you’ll fucking excuse me if I no longer have time for idiots. Instead of lining up to attack me, or the op, how about showing some goddam respect for a poor bastard who could take no more.

    Legalise prostitution. Make it affordable. Import women from poor countries. Develop effective drugs to neutralise male sex drives, so those that want to can live a peaceful life. Failing that, offer us a quick and painless method to end our fucking torment. All of this could be done. It could be done now. If I could get cheap, legal, clean women when I needed to, I would be fine. But I fucking can’t. the cheapest decent clean escort I can get is £200 for around two hours. and i have to play dodge the scumbag copper out to make an easy arrest. I have even looked into chemical castration. but to do that i need to get myself on the sex offenders register.

    It’s simply not fucking fair. why do men have to fucking endure this? Let me spell it out for you. just as the west never really took Islamic fundamentalism seriously until 9/11, one day am Incel man will do something just fucking awful. And instead of a few dozen women lying dead, we will be talking hundreds. I can see this happening within the next decade.

    Then what is gonna happen? Drone strikes on the homes of Incels? Camp x-ray for Incels? forced castration for Incels? Because that’s what the good old US of fucking A does best. Using a million dollar sledgehammer to crack a walnut.

    The answers are simple. Stop making Incels the butt of societies jokes and the punch bags of alpha jocks. Start making women fucking accountable for their actions. Give every man over the age of 18, the legal right to seek out sex workers at a price he can afford. Make brothels legal, safe, clean tax paying bone fide business’s – they provide a service for fucks sake.

    Imagine how much better things would be, if an Incel man could simply go along to his local brothel, and get his needs met. legally. affordably. You could even have girls there employed specially to deal with virgins.

    This problem could be cured. All it takes is compassion.

    • Mikey, I don’t know if you’re still participating on this blog, or if you’ll even see my comment, but I have a question for you. I’ve read your suggestion that brothels ought to be legal, that they provide a valuable service. What do you say of a scenario in which professional escorts in such legal brothels demand the right to choose whom they will provide services to? What do you say to a man who STILL cannot find sexual satisfaction–neither among the general population or among professional escorts? I anticipate you or others would say something like, “some women would be willing to provide service,” but what, please, solution do you offer for the man who is turned down utterly–even by professionals. And not because he is violent or unsanitary or emotionally abusive or even socially un-graced. But rather just because he happens to have physical attributes women nearly universally find unappealing–so much so that even significant sums of money cannot entice them to feign any enthusiasm.

      I’m sorry to ramble, but I’d really like to know your solution for such a man. Thanks in advance, if you find this comment and reply.

      By the way, if it matters, I plan to leave this world by the middle of next summer. I don’t know why I’m still here. OK, fear. But fear can no longer deter me, given my pain. It’s been nearly 20 years for me, and every day is harder than the last. I’ve tried everything–professional therapy, drugs,bilateral ECT, pop-psychology, religion (when I was younger), meditation, martial arts, working on behalf of my community, moving around the globe, and in every major region of the USA… I moved out of the city finally this month to an expansive, remote, isolated property in the mountains where I can wind down to the end. I’m doubting I can make it to next summer. I’d really, really appreciate your input regarding the hypothetical I asked about. Oh, and yes, I’ve tried professionals. LOTS of them over the past 5 years. Other than losing more than $40K (at one point I was trying every few nights, traveling from state to state to meet potentials), being treated universally like a POS, and feeling far worse after than before (frustration compounded by fruitless titillation), I got nothing from the long-term experiment.

        • Thanks for expressing some compassion, Blogger. But I can’t deal anymore. When I’m out I’m consumed with thoughts of intimacy provoked by others around me. When I’m alone I’m hounded by the same desires, embedded now in my memory. And then I read (Abraham Maslow) that sex isn’t just some privilege. It’s a biological need, and among the most fundamental to healthy psychological development. Anyhow, now in my 40s, it’s far, far too late. I existed before only to find someone to be with. Now that cannot happen, and yet the pain, decades in the growing, persists. And what’s worse, the general public HATES us. They think we’re entitled, spoiled brats. As if we’d say that of someone exhibiting consternation over a lack of food for months. I’ve concluded sex and intimacy are, like water and food, needs, not just luxuries some are privy to.

          As soon as I can acquire the best means (reliable, highly lethal, and relatively painless), I’m out of here. I never asked for any of this.

  11. dmitry, I deleted your post. Write somebody’s, anybody’s, supposed personal name again and you’re gone from this blog. It’s astounding that you think I’ll allow you to defame people on this blog. Read the rules or go away.

  12. It’s very simple; this site has RULES. If you CANNOT produce ANY valid counter argument to anything that I and other people say here, then simply go away and write your shit somewhere else. If I do anything that warrants a ban I will gladly accept it. I am just saying things that need saying. Nobody can bring back the dead. But If Incels like myself and thatincelblogger can get through to SOMEONE, a person with an IQ HIGHER than their shoe size, then MAYBE, another Incel suicide could be prevented.

    That man was somebody’s son. Or brother. Or uncle. Or friend. Think about that. Instead of ‘Oh fuck me side-sally – there goes another weirdo virgin’. For fuck;s SAKE have you fucking people ever heard of COMPASSION?

    I am not positing here because I like playing a fucking tune on my keyboard. I am posting here because I am heartbroken by news of this guys death. Because one day, it could be me.

    I hope I can find a way, ANY WAY to find peace. I want this fucking nightmare to end.

  13. I’m still trying to make some sense of this, so bear with me. Why are you guys incels, while I am not. What makes you different than me? What transformed you, but did not transform me?

    • Okay I’ll bite. (a)Five years living in abject poverty, with no gas OR electricity (b) Constant bullying at school, and not just by other pupils. (c) Never being given a fucking chance by ANY woman. (d) Carrying a torch for a bitch for TEN FUCKING YEARS – who went and married my sister. (e) Now finding myself with an illness that is 98% certainly going to be fatal. That enough for you miss smartass?

      • (a) I’ll give you that, I never lived in poverty. However, I was hardly wealthy either. (b) I was also bullied at school. I was also bullied by my teachers. (c) I used to think that as well, but in hindsight, I did have some chances that I opted not to take for various reasons. But I tended to glaze over those, and only focus on the girls I wanted but couldn’t get. (d) Carrying a torch for a girl for 10 years…that’s sort of on you…and if she married your sister, then I’m not sure what you wanted her to do. (e) For that I am sorry. But you’re not dead yet.

        Someone down below said that women are only interested in “Narcissistic sociopaths”. I can assure you that I am not a narcissistic sociopath. I don’t make six figures, and I have never had a lot of money. I’m not a particularly good looking guy. I’m losing my hair, I have some extra pounds. Somehow I don’t think that I am particularly different from you guys, so why is there a difference?

        • Justin, if a high school graduating class graduates 400 apparently socially and academically homogeneous students with straight A’s and perfect SAT scores, and there are 2 state colleges with a total of 100 seats available for incoming freshmen, what differentiates those successful at winning entrance from those who don’t? Even if the differences among the students appear trivial, the nature of competition creates winners and losers. No matter how much someone “works on [himself],” so long as there is sufficient competition, his chances of success are not as significantly a matter of his control as rationalists since Descartes have argued.

          And I don’t mean to seem rude, but telling someone else that having strong feelings for another human being, regardless of the circumstances, is “sort of on [him]” doesn’t change the individual’s feelings, and just as counter-constructive, doesn’t offer a solution to a potentially grave problem. Congratulations if you have greater control over your feelings–and how they impact the rest of your life–than many of us.

          Finally, there is empirical evidence that the effects of bullying during childhood are modified by the presence of certain gene variants, such that bullying that seems similar affects different children radically differently, enough so that the gene-environment combination is itself a significant predictor of life-long cognitive states and even suicidal ideation. Your circumstances, though they appear similar on the surface, don’t provide a viable model for the complex social dynamics many discuss here because other key aspects of your particular dynamics are likely remarkably different–and I do not mean merely possibly at a gene level. For instance, you mention you “did have some chances that [you] opted not to take.” At the least, this is evidence you’ve enjoyed the luxuries of opportunity and choice. For many, this is not the case, and hope chronically deferred, the medical and social science literature demonstrate, can be lethal through physiological channels intimately affiliated with individual psycho-social experience.

        • Explanations of why I am incel. It is a lot of grueling work digging through memories I am both extremely depressed and disgusted by I and am not mentally or physically healthy in the first place while I’m in the same stressed about things so this makes it even slower. Also, please note that one article won’t explain everything and you’ll probably be best off checking this blog once every few weeks if you’re interested in new stuff.

  14. The sense of it is quite simple. Women WILL NOT give decent men a chance. They prefer Narcissistic sociapaths. So, unless some women gives me sex, I am gonna die without ever having had full, penetrative sex. The reasons for me NOT to go fucking postal are almost zero.

    • Excuse my ignorance, but why does the lack of “full, penetrative sex” make you want to “go postal”? Do you see penetrative sex as something that is conducive to your mental wellbeing?

      • question, what you’re asking is almost an insult. If you can’t understand why any human being aside from those who are asexual would feel bad for never having sex you have serious problems.

        Also, please note that this doesn’t mean that incel is just about sex. Read my page on this.

        • I truly didn’t mean to insult you. I am genuinely curious about incel.

          The reason why I asked about sex was because so many of Mikey’s comments had to do with anger towards women for not “giving” incel men sex. I wasn’t trying to make him feel badly.

  15. Incel ISN’T just about sex. It’s about having no form of intimate physical contact, even if it’s just a fucking HUG with the opposite sex. It’s about being completely denied that you even EXIST by the opposite sex, save for the purposes of ridicule. It’s about human beings been allowed to suffer, and NOBODY NOWHERE will fucking help them, save for the fucking usual shite advice of ‘get jacked’ or ‘get out more’ or ‘having sex isn’t a big deal’ or ‘there’s someone for everyone’.

    And as per fucking usual, out from under their fucking rocks come the fucking idiots, the Noncels who wouldn’t cope for FIVE FUCKING SECONDS IF THEY HAD TO ENDURE INCEL. You think I got like this in a fortnight?t I WAS FORTY FUCKING SIX BEFORE I HAD ANY INTIMATE CONTACT WITH A WOMAN. How would YOU have coped with that? I will repeat I CANNOT go to a gym and get jacked. My heart condition would ensure that I would be dead in no time at all. I do NOT have the money to pay for sex workers. I am 48, in poor health and broke. Women see no value in me. I can do NOTHING to affect a solution. I would be better off dead, and I fully intend to end my life around my 50th birthday. I have a suicide note prepared.

    • I have a question for you, because I know of a man in a seemingly similar position. He suffered a stroke 20 years ago which left him paralyzed in the entire left half of his body. Seemingly as a result, he has been what you would call incel since then. He’s now approaching 60, and you had better believe that he is unhappy with the lack of sex in his life. Despite regularly seeking out romantic & sexual partners, he has not had any luck.

      The thing is, I know most of the incels on this blog would say this is a result of women not giving him a chance. Thing is, he’s gay–the sexual contact he’s been missing and seeking to no avail is with men. I am curious how a case like that fits in with the view that incel is a result of women not putting out at the right times.

      • Brony–bingo! I believe I see where you’re going, and I agree (if we’re seeing the same image). I’d argue the fundamental problem is not a particular gender, but instead competition. I am not a woman, nor am I a physiologist specializing in women issues, but as a physician I believe I have read, studied, and seen enough evidence to support the assertion that sexuality manifests significantly differently between men and women. There are strongly (relatively) sexual women, and weekly sexual men, but from the perspective of the genders, sex–the act and the meanings we ascribe to it–differ meaningfully based on gender. So your example of your bed-ridden gay friend who finds himself suffering comparably to heterosexual incels is apropos. Competition for a limited (and desirable) resource, satisfying sexual encounters, creates winners (those who get it to some degree) and losers (those who don’t/can’t).

        Thanks for that example. I found it critical to understanding, and hopefully solving, this life-destroying problem.

    • I didn’t mean to offend you. I am just trying to understand your hostility. I have never been thrown into rages like you are displaying in your comments over sex. I’ve felt pain and anger with failed relationships, but never over the lack of physical sex.

      Why do your sexual behaviours shape your life so much? Why is sex so key to your identity? I have never defined myself or my hardships based on my interactions with women. I’m just curious to how you got to a point in your life, where sexual relations became so fundamental to your happiness.

      • Almost afraid to wander in here because I’m female and married, but I would like to respond to this. For many women, sex is a nice bonus to an intimate relationship. For many — not all, of course, but many — men, sex IS intimacy. They may enjoy the close emotional relationship that comes with an actual relationship, but the sex itself validates them not only as a sexual being but as a person. If I were to tell my husband no to sex, he may logically know it’s because I’m exhausted from caring for the children or sick with the flu or something, but in his heart, he’s still going to take that as a rejection of HIMSELF rather than just a rejection of sex. It doesn’t mean that I have to have sex with him if I really can’t or don’t want to, but it does mean that I need to be loving and gentle with him in whatever way I say no.

        The men here aren’t just angry about not having sexual outlets — unless I’m very much mistaken. They’re angry about both the lack of intimacy, the rejection of their very beings and the mockery their situation often engenders. And to be fair, society really doesn’t understand and probably cares even less.

        • All of this is correct, and I especially applaud you for saying that we are not just angry about lack of sexual encounters.

          Also, no need to be afraid. There were some married women here before who were very nice and caring. There were also some incel men who were banned.

          • I remember a situation that didn’t quite give me physical sex; but just seeing that a woman was genuinely attracted to me led to my looking on that weekend as a lost paradise.

            In most situations, however, if a woman doesn’t desire physical sex she is turned off by the man. Women could be extra careful to not let me see her inner thighs; but not as careful to keep other men from seeing her inner thighs. Even women who were drunk acted the same way.

            So, the things that some people say are nonsense. It’s not like women won’t have sex with you but theY’ll flirt with you and dance with you. NO NO!

        • Question and Anonymous Woman,

          Young men’s desire for sex is literally 1,000 times more powerful than young women’s, politically correct propaganda notwithstanding. This is not a choice, it is biology. This desire is as strong as the desire to eat. Now imagine if you went without eating for three days.
          My website:

  16. And here is my answer. First of all, I would like you to know that I feel desperately sorry for your friend. He is just as entitled to DSR (Dating, Sex and Relationships) as the next guy. And I do not think his pain is any less than that of myself or any other Incel.

    But the fact remains, this case notwithstanding, that Incel is almost OVERWHELMINGLY an issue that affects HETEROSEXUAL MEN. I am not saying that ALL Incel people are of the demographic that I have outlined. Just the same as breast cancer can affect both women AND men. The plain and simple fact of the matter, is that for every man you can find being treated for breast cancer, I can find you a dozen women being treated for it.

    You have tried to wrong foot me here. And you have failed miserably. Yes, I accept that in your friends case, women cannot be blamed for his predicament. So fucking what cupcake? This one case does not change the basic fucking facts. INCEL IS CAUSED, FOR THE MOST PART, BY WOMEN BEING SO FUCKING PICKY AND FUCKING UNREASONABLE. It’s a fact. Fucking DEAL with it. I use the phrase ‘for the most part’. Because it is also caused in part by a fucking shithole of a society that celebrates piss poor moral standards, and mocks intelligence and decency.

    Your friend is probably a very intelligent and decent man. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. You will NEVER get laid, gay or straight, by being a decent, intelligent and honest human being.

    So your fucking feeble attempt to score pints for the bitch/mangina lobby have failed. Now do society a favour, and go play on the nearest busy road.

    • I honestly don’t know why I’m shocked by the hostility of this response, but nonetheless I am.

      Mikey, generally in discussing and debating possible causes/paradigms, it’s typical to test these paradigms by seeing how well they accommadate new, seemingly contradictory information. But your response to me trying to civilly engage you has been to tell me to kill myself, essentially. I’m not sure how THAT fits in with the idea that all INCEL men are kind and decent, but there you go.

      I will say that out of people that I have met IRL who were INCEL, there was…always a pretty obvious reason, be it social hostility, speech impediment (in my brother’s case, I blame this), or shyness.

      In your case, the big question is whether women are ethically obligated to sleep with or date someone for whom they feel no romantic or sexual attraction. The answer of a lot of folks on this blog seems to be either “yes’, or that women need to change what they are attracted to. Unfortunately, everyone on this blog who says women are attracted to “thugs and sociopaths” seems to be much closer to that description than any of the men in relationships I know.

      • Brony, not that you have to care, but I was with you up until I read your comment:

        “I will say that out of people that I have met IRL who were INCEL, there was…always a pretty obvious reason, be it social hostility, speech impediment (in my brother’s case, I blame this), or shyness.”

        It seems like you’re arguing in part that incels suffer due to some deficiency in their emotional or cognitive constitution. Otherwise, why attempt to generalize from your limited survey–especially (apparently) not being incel yourself? Though until recently I hadn’t even heard of incels, I have spent the greater part of my career studying the physiological changes social stresses bring about. Remarkably, the sub-populations my groups have studied across the globe, and this is consistent with much of the published literature, are stigmatized largely not due to character issues (which we all exhibit), but due to physical attributes and other characteristics (like gender, orientation, ethnicity…) beyond the individuals’ control. Moreover, membership in multiple exclusion groups doesn’t have the anticipated additive effects, but a far greater factor association.

        While one would be hard-pressed to argue that others have a moral responsibility to exhibit affection for those they don’t feel affection for, I do not sense from the comments here in totality that that is what is being chiefly argued. People here seem to want what they perceive to be a serious problem recognized, and further, some viable solutions for their pain–such as legalized prostitution, medically and legally sound means to self deliverance, or chemical or surgical mitigation of biological urges. All three suggestions (which others have made) are possible today, as others have argued, but legally proscribed. And where the medical risks of the lattermost are concerned, it’s arguable that the current risks these individuals are chronically exposed to eclipse those of either temporary or permanent inhibition.

        I have much more to say on the matter, but doubt it would mean much to you. I will agree that you got a very sharp response above, and it’s not my place to apologize for that. But by your post above you seem to be vilifying rather than attempting to understand. It’s very disappointing. I’ll leave off here.

  17. This totally makes sense… if you’re you.

    You constantly 1. deny that incel causes much or even any pain – I am telling you it gets impossible to work if you’re incel

    2. strawman people, like with this idea that women turned us into monsters- believe me, you’ll see that it’s much more complicated, at least in my case

    3. you deny that incel anger is justified- you’re deal with consequences, not the cause. Mikey and me are bad but you are not bad for your strawmanning and insensitivity.

    • (Psst. When Eric and especially rantsofanincel talk about women on welfare having babies with criminal badboys and rejecting the advances of kind goodhearted men such as themselves, they are strawmanning.)

            • You’re right, I am using “strawman” to refer to a wider variety of fallacious generalizations than the term truly describes. What I had in mind here, however, was rantsofanincel’s idea of women on welfare refusing him sex while spending his tax dollars and sleeping with “badboys”. I still think this is a prime example, assuming that he feels that women using welfare dollars is somehow related to them denying him sex. However, without verifying that, it is more of a package-deal fallacy.

              • Well, that is not a strawman and these guys are absolutely right, though they don’t explain it in enough detail as Franklin does.

                This will be set right once feminists are massacred. Sane people have to wake up and do it. Feminism is the sickest idea in the history of the world.

                • Kind, decent people don’t wish “massacre” on those they disagree with. Eric, If all it takes to get women is behaving like a disturbed asshole, won’t women just flock to GGG if he explains to them how he wants liberals and feminists to be butchered en masse?

                  • You don’t seem to understand. I don’t want liberals and feminists massacred just because I disagree with them. I disagree with various other groups, like, say, libertarians or Christians on most issues as well, just like I agree with liberals on some issues (that homophobia is bad or that free market isn’t the solution to everything). Yet I don’t want libertarians or Christians dead. How funny is that?

                    However, the reason why liberals and feminists need to be murdered is because

                    1. They want to push society back into the stone age by destroying civilization.

                    2. They want to murder all the decent people through making them incel.

                    Wanting such monsters stopped doesn’t make me indecent. Are Allied soldiers in WW2 indecent because they killed Germans? And bear in mind, liberals and feminists are much more dangerous than Hitler. Hitler wanted certain segments of population gone but he never wanted to murder every single decent person alive.

  18. Hey how come I got left off that list?

    Maybe because I point out that women behave a lot more like sociopaths than men do; and these guys are speaking from their deep frustrations brought on by intentional female abusiveness.

  19. “bear in mind, liberals and feminists are much more dangerous than Hitler. Hitler wanted certain segments of population gone but he never wanted to murder every single decent person alive.”

    Oh come, on–surely even you don’t believe this. Even if killing every single decent person alive was the goal of of liberals and feminists–it obviously isn’t, but let’s pretend that was their goal and not just your paranoid delusion– they aren’t actively killing people. If Rachel Maddow was dragging guys who couldn’t get laid into concentration camps and gassing them to death, you’d have a point. But she isn’t, and you don’t. There’s not some global conspiracy that seeks to deny you pussy. You’re just bad with women. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not society’s fault, no matter how desperate you are to blame someone other than yourself for your romantic shortcomings.

    Seriously, what is to be gained from making sure the kindest, most decent people on earth (as incels are purported to be) cannot reproduce? How is it in anyone’s best interest? And like I asked before, doesn’t the contempt for most of humanity you wear like a badge qualify you to get noticed by all these women who allegedly want nothing more than a hateful man who doesn’t care about other people? According to you and Eric, your raging misanthrophy should be getting you laid constantly.

    That fact that you would equate your inability to get your dick wet with the holocaust is disturbing and offensive. Happy new year.

    • “Oh come, on–surely even you don’t believe this. Even if killing every single decent person alive was the goal of of liberals and feminists–it obviously isn’t, but let’s pretend that was their goal and not just your paranoid delusion– they aren’t actively killing people. If Rachel Maddow was dragging guys who couldn’t get laid into concentration camps and gassing them to death, you’d have a point. But she isn’t, and you don’t. There’s not some global conspiracy that seeks to deny you pussy.”

      The explanation for this is complex. Basically, while incel always existed to a certain, very small degree it was liberalism that created the welfare state and made women no longer dependent on providers. Historically, once patriarchal societies started and unstable, bloody (and I mean as being too primitive to construct a fucking totem and with a life expectation of 25) matriarchal societies vanished things like seduction and falling in love were shunned because there were much more important things like the survival of the human race.
      Now that women are free to chase whoever they want they chase assholes. This doesn’t mean that they are naturally predisposed to chasing assholes. Women are naturally predisposed to chase those men most other women chase. However, during the last decades they have begun chasing scumbags and more and more women turned to this. This is why incel is a growing problem now.

      The “holocaust” I’m describing is the destruction of decent men through incel. This destruction happens in two ways- 1. they are no longer able to breed 2. they suffer the devastating consequences of incel.
      I think being gassed to death is a better fate that living your entire life as an incel.

      It’s not an elaborate design. Liberals didn’t have their Wannsee Conference somewhere and decided to do this. It is a slow, unintentional process.

      “You’re just bad with women. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not society’s fault, no matter how desperate you are to blame someone other than yourself for your romantic shortcomings.”

      It is much more complicated than that. Read the article I just published on my experiences with love-shyness. My bullying and phobia weren’t my fault. Please don’t blame a 13 year-old boy for having problems he couldn’t handle.

      “Seriously, what is to be gained from making sure the kindest, most decent people on earth (as incels are purported to be) cannot reproduce? How is it in anyone’s best interest?”

      Well, I never said that all incels are all sugar and spice. Most of them live in a modern culture so they’re inclined to become scumbags, incel or not. But incel communities I frequent have a huge number of highly intelligent men and women.

      As for in whose interest is it… Like I said, it’s not a planned process. Most people don’t see it happening before their eyes. If you think that scumbags are actually decent people and actually decent people are scumbags you’ll be unable to understand what is really going on. And most people see that- they see scumbags as decent people and decent people as scum.

      “And like I asked before, doesn’t the contempt for most of humanity you wear like a badge qualify you to get noticed by all these women who allegedly want nothing more than a hateful man who doesn’t care about other people? According to you and Eric, your raging misanthrophy should be getting you laid constantly.”

      The problem is that I’m not displaying this image in real life. Displaying it here already sent a woman who wanted to travel here and fuck me my way.

      “Happy new year.”

      Happy new year to you too.

  20. “What you just said right there: read it over a few times to yourself. This is a particularly important phrase, because it is the most concise, succinct descriptor of why you are alone. That one quote tells the entire world this: you are a bad, horrible person.”

    No, this actually makes you a horrible person. You’re once again brushing off incel as if it is a cold. If people could make an informed (which is really important because they can’t unless they’ve been incel long enough) decision between being incel all of their lives and going to a gas chamber I am certain that 95 percent of them would choose the latter. But how can I prove that to you if you never lived as incel for decades?

    You are the bad person here, pal.

    “What makes you an even worse person is you will probably re-read your sentence and think “what’s so wrong about that?” That, my friend, is why you will be perpetually alone. You are a bad person.”

    I don’t need to re-read it. I know what I said. What I think about your post is simply that you will never gain any insight into incel problem. I could write a thousand complex 10,000 word articles, it won’t make a difference with you. You will run your mouth and I will censor more outrageous crap you say until you get tired of it. I have no idea why you’re wasting your time with me and this blog. I’d like to think that I’m not wasting it with you because I am writing this for other people but you… what’s your goal?

    “Actually, definitively speaking, that literally IS your fault. You have/had a “fault”, that is love-shyness, and you possess it. That literally makes it “your fault”.”

    Typically for you, it seems you have not read the article at all. It explicitly says I no longer have it. It even describes how it vanished.

    Anyway, no, I am not to blame for being bullied or having a fucking phobia nobody wanted to deal with. People get treated for their phobias while I got no treatment. That is murder.

    “I will give you a helpful piece of advice: you are being trolled.”

    That is just your opinion which might be true or might be not. I don’t know because I never really wanted to talk to that woman as the idea was impossible and ridiculous but you can’t know if she was being honest.

    “Thatincelblogger, you spend so much time and energy telling everybody else that they are scum worthy of death. ”

    Just another lie, dmitry. There are many posters here who aren’t the regular like minded crew and they’ve never been insulted. But when people say horrible things they should be insulted. This isn’t a 100 percent free speech zone, pal. I ban worse scumbags than you from this blog every day for saying even more outrageous shit than you do. Your posts are not even as bad as some shit I see so I keep most of them but if you think you can shit on incel and run your mouth without at least being called out for it- what the hell is wrong with you?

    “Tell me, what makes you a “decent person”? What qualities to you have that would benefit a relationship? Do you think you are a “decent person” at all?”

    I explained what I can offer in a relationship before and as for what decent means use a dictionary.

    Also, dmitry, I hope that post on my experiences with love-shyness did explain to you why you’re defending child molesters and murderers. Just kidding, I know it didn’t… What’s 10 years of incel? It’s nothing at all !

    • “Compared to being shuttled into a concentration camp, starved until you lose half your body weight, beaten regularly, seeing your family members slaughtered one by one, and finally succumbing to Zyklon B? Yeah, incel IS “a cold” compared to that, which would make your comparison to the Holocaust laughable if it weren’t so galling.”

      No, incel isn’t a cold compared to that for one crucial reason- it can last for decades while what you’re describing doesn’t. Incels who have suffered this hell for decades will tell you that they would pick a gas chamber any day before suffering this hell for decades.
      What you’re saying here amounts to what you’re saying all this time- that incel is nothing at all. Sure, I’m pretty sure you’d kill yourself if you’d live with it for an year but since you’re not incel you can say this horrendous stuff.

      “I double-dog-dare you to collect a hundred opinions from random people off the street and tally them up. I’ll give you this: if even one-third of them choose the gas chambers over incel, I will recant everything I’ve ever said to you and issue a formal apology. Are you willing to do this?”

      You’re obviously some kind of a mental patient. Have you read my previous post? The part about informed consent? How do you expect people taken off the streets, most if not all of whom will be noncel, to understand what they’ll be going through? Newsflash- almost all people are ignorant shitheads and it whoever thinks that they might be able to understand incel after just being picked off the street is a lunatic. Which you are.

      “Intellectual stimulation. I enjoy finding the weirdest, wing-nuttiest, most fring people out there and arguing their point of view with them. That’s why I often spend time chatting to religious fundies as well. I have to say though, you are about the fringiest I have thus far encountered, and that’s saying something.”

      Yeah, I thought it was something like that. Anyway, I can understand what you think about me but know that I have a much worse opinion on people like you. People like you are what I call The Atheist Cult- rabid, stupid, intolerant liberals unable to have any empathy. I see people like you all the time and you disgust me. I no longer see such people as people. I know you think you are smart, enlightened and realistic but you’re not. You’re a fanatic.

      “Actually, you did get treatment; you were told to go for psychiatric help”

      What the fuck is wrong with you? Read the article. Therapists knew nothing about my problems (NOT BECAUSE I HAVEN’T TOLD THEM ABOUT IT BUT BECAUSE THEY WERE UNABLE TO UNDERSTAND THEM) nor did they want to help me. This is like you saying “Well, you were thirsty and you were sent to a hair dresser, so you did get water”.

      “believe you spent time in jail (jail, or rehabilitation, is a kind of treatment on a societal scale).”

      I was in detention, which was in a jail. This is even less of a treatment. Why do you even think I got any help there? Nobody provided me with any help there, they just locked me in a cage. Not that they could have provided me with any but what your’re saying is just insane.

      “And no, that really, really isn’t murder, partly because you aren’t dead.”

      But I will be unless things change. If you read that article with enough reading comprehension and empathy to understand what I was saying you’d realize that it is too late for me and that I’m virtually a living dead.

      “Really? Every single dissenting opinion I have seen here has been met with at least “you are an idiot”. Prove me wrong, though.”

      Here, read what I said to TV. Proven wrong. And there are countless other examples. You’re the one making the claim here, boss. Unless you can provide sufficient evidence that I insulted everybody who disagreed with me here what are you talking about, exactly?

      “That’s a cop-out. List some genuine, personal qualities that you feel you possess, e.g. intelligence, compassion, etc. I would be very interested in seeing your self-image.”

      I already did. In any case, it is irrelevant. I’m trying hard to explain the causes of my incel and why this doesn’t matter at all.

      “I don’t think that at all. What I take exception to is your hilarious lack of a sense of scope. When you are met with a dissenting opinion, you tell that person you hope their wife gets raped. That’s like going to Starbucks and punching the barista in the teeth because he messed up your latte. You don’t seem to understand how to scale your responses to the context of the situation, you just open up with both barrels (incidentally, that is a very common trait of those on the autism spectrum; have you been diagnosed?)”

      No, the problem with your posts isn’t a dissenting opinion. It’s that you compare a situation nine people I know of have killed themselves because of with a lack of a fucking car. You’re a sick, heartless fuck and that is why I insult you.

      No, I’ve never been diagnosed with autism and there’s a very important reason (besides me not being autistic) – it is rarely diagnosed in this culture. When you see that something is rarely diagnosed because of culture you know that doctors in that field of medicine are usually just charlatans. And this is what they are. This is what you worship. These are your gods. You’re a worse religious fundie than any Christian. Think about it- are things like cancer dependent on the culture of a certain country? No? Why are therapists so worshiped then?

      “Fine, don’t take my word for it. But think of the odds for a minute: what are the chances somebody just offers to come to you for sex, just ’cause? If you think that’s probable, I know the brother of the King of Nigeria who wants to transfer you his inheritance but only needs $3000 from you in escrow…”

      She didn’t want to just come straight away. She asked questions and gave me an e-mail to talk to her. In any case, we’ll never know.

  21. thatincleblogger – mate, it’s not for me to tell you how to run your site. But do yourself an massive favour – BAN THIS DMITRY PRICK – he is just a fucking grade A arsewipe. Have a fucking cull on here. Ban me, if you think it will make you feel better – but get shut of this cunt.

    • I won’t ban him for now for one simple reason- I want that 1 percent of reasonable people to read what I’m saying to him. If it were just between him and me I’d quit talking to him long ago. He’s hopeless. However, like I said, him, me and you aren’t the only people reading this. The letters I get on e-mail and private messages I get on Reddit have shown me that there are sane, empathetic people. I am talking to him because of them. I have long given up trying to convince him of anything. He is just an ignorant, nasty liberal. If you were on fire this guy would piss gasoline on you.

  22. Well, that kind of makes sense. You have to forgive me mate. I had zero tolerance for cockwombles BEFORE I became ill. You can imagine what tolerance I have now. Coming so close to death kind of puts things into perspective. Pricks will always be pricks. One day they end up shooting their mouth off and end up on the end of a fucking bayonet.

  23. Isn’t it interesting how “normal” noncels are at once amazed that incels haven’t committed mass-murder thus far, and indignant about incels being upset at all? I mean when someone who is used to getting sex regularly enters a dry spell in activity, they act like they are being tortured to death, saying pitiful things like “I have needs” in order to justify their own whining, infidelity, etc., and yet these same people will scream platitudes at an incel like “You’re not entitled to sex!” if the incel dares to complain about his own situation. Need and entitlement have nothing to do with each other. Either the noncel doesn’t “need” sex anymore than the incel, regardless of marital or any other entitlement that the incel doesn’t have, or the incel also “needs” sex, regardless of not being entitled. Sorry noncels, but you can’t have it both ways.

    All and all, the typical noncel attitude stems from the delusion that they “earned” what they have in terms of intimate relationships and sex. They like to think that the incel is somehow getting what he deserves, and that his lot in life is of his own doing. Too bad that most of them will never have to find out otherwise, but at the very least, it would be nice if someone could figure out how to make them all shut their useless, pompous, ignorant mouths.

    • I enjoyed reading your post. “Either the noncel doesn’t “need” sex anymore than the incel, regardless of marital or any other entitlement that the incel doesn’t have, or the incel also “needs” sex, regardless of not being entitled. Sorry noncels, but you can’t have it both ways.” Very well said.

  24. Yep. I second that. I was 46 before I got some action. I would like to see a Noncel Wabbit get to that age before having sex.

    Yeah right.

  25. tib/Mikey: And replies to my December 29th comments (towards the top) are???

    For most, nothing is going to change until men band together to change the system. That’s how feminism succeeded: women banded together and spread their rhetoric.

    Right now, it is impossible to crush all feminists: 99.5% of people, men as much as women, are thoroughly brainwashed. Without a counter-movement, how could we possibly succeed?

    Or is the better strategy to forget about the counter-movement and slam religion instead? Am I missing something?

  26. Franklin:
    There’s no counter-movement because most incel and MGTOW men are too busy with their macho posturing and butting heads like the Three Stooges. They need to be more like women in that they form groups of tight-knit friends to form a counter-movement network.

    However, what I have achieved is get my own website where I attack feminism and attack the treatment of nice guys as social outcasts and the exalting of bad guys. I know that my pieces aren’t the best, but I’m still working on them. Now if this info spread throughout the globe, and people took it to heart, it would change the world.

    If I’m wrong-headed, how so?

    • K C Sunbeam,

      Feminism wasn’t the result of a cooperative movement by women. Feminism is the default condition for a decaying culture. All women have to do is express their natural selfishness which isn’t that hard and doesn’t require cooperation.

      Civilization is much more difficult because it requires men to cooperate. This isn’t done by making websites and spreading ideas, it is done by action on the ground. There are lots of websites attacking feminism, and they don’t really accomplish anything. I tried one approach with the CoAlpha Brotherhood but this didn’t work. I think religion is needed, so I am trying another approach with Biblic Judaism. In this case I am not starting from scratch since Karaite Judaism is close enough to serve as a starting point. If you have any ideas to start a real movement, meaning a group of men cooperating, I would be interested. If not, you might want to look at mine.

  27. ”They need to be more like women”

    Fucking PRICELESS…

    How DA FUQ do ya think we got into this fucking mess in the FIRST CASE Einstein?

    • Franklin:
      I’m shocked at your post.
      You say “Feminism wasn’t the result of a cooperative movement by women. All women must do is express their natural selfishness.”

      Now women have been naturally selfish for thousands or perhaps millions of years. Yet there was no problem. Why? Two reasons: Women didn’t rebel against men because they didn’t own private property (except for widows and brothel madams) and didn’t make a living wage (Dependency). Also, if women didn’t cooperate, men could physically coerce them to cooperate.

      Did women overturn the patriarchy by beating men up, shooting them, or physically destroying their means of support? NO They spread their IDEAS. These ideas infected the men in power, who then physically enforced “marital rape” laws, “no fault” divorce, women’s equal rights, and other things that destroy society and circumnavigate God’s plan for the human family. We need IDEAS and ACTION BOTH Either/or= we lose ground

      Your approach was probably a healthy working approach. But it might be impossible to unite diverse men for a counter-movement, multicultural propaganda notwithstanding. Diverse types of women united successfully, but tearing things down is easy.

      I say: Atheist & agnostic men need their own movement, Jewish men need their own movement, Christian men need a third movement, and perhaps a 4th, 5th, and 6th group. It looks like you’re starting a Jewish movement, but only 2% of the United States is Jewish. Different groups based on race would no doubt help too.

      YES, more like women, who tend not to waste their lives mesmerized by
      porn, become severe alcoholics or drug addicts, commit suicide or murder, take foolish risks, or sit back watching football all the time while the world goes to hell.
      Men are driven to these things, but they don’t have to get out of the car so to speak. We must shout to the driver: “Get me out of here!”

      • K C Sunbeam,

        Please study history. Feminism has been a part of virtually every declining culture in history.

        Regarding Biblic Judaism, I need to write a post “Who is a Jew”. One definition of Judaism is racial. I rejected this because the racism of modern Judaism violates the Torah. Any movement based on race is self-defeating since race is a stupid criteria to define a group by. Another definition of Judaism is religious which raises the question of the definition of religion. Christianity may focus on belief, but the real meaning of religion is a moral framework. The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) is about morality, not belief. There is no requirement in the Torah that one believe in God, so atheist and agnostic men can fit in fine. Please read my post Skepticism. The Hebrew Bible is the most anti-liberal, anti-Modernist book in existence, so it is the perfect basis of a movement against modern feminist culture.

        • Franklin:
          Okay, feminism has been part of virtually every decaying culture in history.

          That doesn’t answer my point on how they became feminist. Even degenerate men would want to be in charge. And since men are more physically powerful than women, they could’ve enforced it UNLESS they were brainwashed with IDEAS.

          I have great respect for your definition of “Who is a Jew.” Now you only have 10 million other people to convince who disagree with you.

          Race is a stupid criteria to define a group by? Race is encoded in every gene of every person upon this planet. It affects our thoughts and actions whether we acknowledge it or not.

          For Christians, Jesus said that we are commanded to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. And all Christians believe that Jesus was God incarnate. So we can never unite with atheists/agnostics or those who believe that believing that in God is irrelevant.

          Per the Hebrew Bible: I agree with some of what you say, but I have problems with it. You have Deborah in Judges 9 who portrays a super-feminist, among other contradictions. Or is your copy of the Hebrew Bible much different than mine?

          • Feminism is inevitable in a wealthy society suffering from moral decay. The explanation is too long to post here, but you can read my post on Human Evolution for an explanation.

            I don’t have to convince 10 million people of my definition of who is Jew. I only need to convince about 20 men since that would be enough to form a sane community of 20 families.

            Lots of things besides race affect thoughts and actions. Diet does. Education does. What movies one watches and what music one listens to does. Should we discriminate based on all these too? Or should we just discriminate on the end result, on the actions themselves. This is what the Hebrew Bible teaches, to discriminate based on actions, not on other factors. Jesus expresses this concept rather well when he says to judge a tree by its fruit.

            I agree that Christians can’t unite with other groups, which is too bad. Oh well.

            Deborah is in Judges 4, not 9. There is nothing feminist about Deborah. The view of the Hebrew Bible is very different than that of the New Testament. One of the key points of the Hebrew Bible is that people should not be passive, neither men nor women. Men and women both have an active role to play, but a different role. One of the roles of women is to inspire men to action, and this was the main role of Deborah.

            • Franklin:
              Per your Human Evolution article; I enjoyed some of it and agreed with most.

              But ancient feminism is not akin to today’s women marrying women, a majority being single mothers, millions of men deprived of sex, including married men, and suchlike. Your explanations are inadequate. We must look at 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Wave feminism from the late 19th and the 20th century. These women’s movements are undisputed major factors in overturning the patriarchy by their pernicious IDEAS which men lacked the guts to squash.

              You only need to convince 20 men? So will 20 men be enough to impact society or will they drop the ball? Good luck with that.

              Although many things affect thoughts and actions, race is a greater factor than all the commonly cited factors combined. One factor greater than race is your sex. Both your race and your sex are the result of your GENETICS. Your genetics=who you are!

              The Hebrew Bible certainly discriminates on race. It’s the story of only one race, the Jewish. All other races were slaughtered or enslaved. Show me one passage where someone not of Abrahamic lineage was considered part of the community based on their actions alone.
              Per the New Testament and early Church fathers, the Christian community is open to all races who should be treated fairly. However, separatism is preferable; it works much better.

              Nothing feminist about Deborah except TAKING A MAN’S ROLE twice! as both a military leader and a judge over men. Completely inconsistent with the rest of the Hebrew Bible. There is nothing whatever in the New Testament or early Church fathers that smacks of feminism; completely consistent.

              • K C Sunbeam,

                On what basis do you say ancient feminism is not akin to today’s women? To my knowledge, everything you mention occurred in the past. Just as one example, here is Procopius describing the Byzantine Empire in the mid-500s in “The Secret History”:

                The ladies of the court at this time were nearly all of abandoned morals. They ran no risk in being faithless to their husbands, as the sin brought no penalty: even if caught in the act, they were unpunished, for all they had to do was to go to the Empress, claim the charge was not proven, and start a countersuit against their husbands. The latter, defeated without a trial, had to pay a fine of twice the dower, and were usually whipped and sent to prison; and the next time they saw their adulterous wives again, the ladies would be daintily entertaining their lovers more openly than ever. Indeed, many of the latter gained promotion and pay for their amorous services. After one such experience, most men who suffered these outrages from their wives preferred thereafter to be complaisant instead of being whipped, and gave them every liberty rather than seem to be spying on their affairs.

                How is this different from today?

                I don’t want 20 men to impact society. Mainstream society can go to hell. 20 men can form the basis of a new society/culture.

                I disagree that race is the biggest factor for determining behavior. But at any rate you didn’t address my point which is that the best criteria is behavior itself.

                You misunderstand the Hebrew Bible regarding race, and unfortunately you aren’t alone in this. The concept of “descendants” in the Hebrew Bible does not mean genetic descendants. What it really means is cultural descendants. I can give numerous examples to show this, but I will pick one. Deuteronomy 23 says “An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter the assembly of the Lord; even the tenth generation shall never enter the assembly of the Lord.” Yet Ruth was a Moabite who became an Israelite, and King David and King Solomon were her descendants. This is only a contradiction if you think racially. But if you think culturally, Ruth ceased being a Moabite when she joined the Israelites, so Deuteronomy 23 no longer applied to her. There are many examples like this that make clear that the Hebrew Bible is based on culture, not race. Modern Judaism violates the Torah by being racist and defining Jews as a race. You asked “Show me one passage where someone not of Abrahamic lineage was considered part of the community based on their actions alone.” My answer is read Ruth.

                The problem with Christianity is that it isn’t separatist enough culturally (except the Amish). Islam is the religion that handles the race versus culture issue best.

                Deborah was not a military leader. Deborah asked Barak to lead, and that was entirely appropriate. Deborah also was not judge in the modern sense. She was an arbitrator, much like Judge Judy today. She only judged in cases that were brought to her, so it was up to men to decide if they wanted to be judged by a woman or not. I think this is fine.

                The New Testament emphasizes submission to authority for both men and women. The Hebrew Bible is the opposite in this regard, that the only acceptable submission is directly to God. No adult should submit to another person. Each person should fulfill their role with dignity, and if dignity is violated, they should rebel.

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  29. Franklin,
    Kudos to your History article. Today however, women marry women in lesbian marriage, technology is nullifying men’s strength advantage, and there’s artificial insemination. Before, women were still dependent on men; now they may not be. So I’m right; there’s a dramatic difference.

    Okay, to hell with mainstream society. But with 20 couples, and the women later decide to buck the rules, you can’t enforce them. You must either overthrow the government or form your own country. That’s why I favor MGTOW.

    Your point: the best criteria for determining behavior is behavior itself gets people murdered, raped, and robbed. Without knowing people, their race clues us in as to their likely behavior. This is proven.

    I concede; your expository on Hebrew scripture is right; modern Judaism distorts it. But Christianity was separatist until the 1960’s. The radical leftist hippie Jesus you may be familiar with is a complete distortion.

    Women should not be involved in the military or judge men, period. A Judge Judy with a big mouth is where all this crap starts.

    The New Testament does say to submit to authority. But not if the authority violates God’s law. And he shall rule over thee (woman). (Genesis 3:16). Women should fulfill their role with dignity, which role is submitting to men. Otherwise, we have the incel problem.

    • K C Sunbeam,

      Technology offers more options to both sexes. A real potential game-changer in men’s favor is paternity testing. The reason that technology is only used for women’s benefit is that we are in a declining culture.

      Women are always dependent on men, even if indirectly. They are dependent on the government which exploits men.

      Alternative cultures/religions do work even in feminist societies. For example the Amish and Hasidic Jews. The reason they work is that women are more strongly influenced by culture than by legal rules.

      Of course you are right that one can’t judge behavior by murder, rape, etc. This is why all successful religions have rituals which can be used to judge quickly. An example is the Sabbath which is in the Ten Commandments. I would bet that the rate for murder, rape, and robbery is lower among people who keep the Sabbath than it is in any race.

      I’m glad we agree that modern Judaism distorts the Hebrew Bible. I agree Christianity was culturally separatist. Christianity has gradually decayed since the late 1800s. It was a great religion and I especially admire the Puritans. I would love to see Christianity return to these kinds of values, but I have yet to meet any Christians who are seriously interested in this.

      I don’t really want to argue about the role of women since our differences are minor. You are worried that giving women some power is dangerous, but I have seen how Orthodox Judaism works up close, so I know that women can have certain powers without problems. The real key is that women should never be able to force their will on men, and I think we both agree on that.

      I looked through your site more and I see that you are Christian. As I said, I don’t think Christians can integrate well with other groups (like Jews and Atheists), but I wish you luck in trying to influence Christianity. One site you should check out is The Orthosphere.

  30. The real key is that women should never be able to force their will on men, and I think we both agree on that.

    And here it is. The central truth that all of the mangina’s.white knights and feminists are missing.

  31. Franklin,
    Technology helped both sexes by eliminating slavery. But it offers nothing for incels. For us, paternity testing is irrelevant.

    Although women are dependent on government, very few men are government workers. Women are ridding themselves of the great majority of men.

    Culture/religions among feminist societies may work, but are precarious; note the Breaking Amish TV show. Orthodox Judaism has its strengths, but the leading feminists (Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, etc.)had strict Jewish backgrounds; they rebelled.

    The rate for murder, rape, robbery, etc. is much lower among people who keep the Sabbath. But I’d say that it’s equally lower among people who go to Church every Sunday. But you can’t make people keep the Sabbath or go to Church in order to stop crime.
    white women=low testosterone=low crime rate
    white men=more testosterone=higher crime rate
    black men=even more testosterone & smaller frontal lobe in the brain,etc.=highest crime rate.
    (I’m simplifying it for this blog) Let’s not wait for bad behavior to predict future bad behavior; then we’re already victims. We must predict it beforehand.

    Yes, “Christianity” is a mess. But Jesus didn’t create the mess, He cleaned it up. But people reverted to corruption.

    No religious texts are perfect since they were all written by imperfect men. I even deny that Christian texts are God-authored. However, I view Christian texts as the best standard.

    • K C Sunbeam,

      You said: “But you can’t make people keep the Sabbath or go to Church in order to stop crime.” Moses had a simple solution. According to the Torah, those who do not keep the Sabbath should be cut off from Israel. In other words, throw them out. This is how you create a truly select group. Not by race, but by judging people by their actions. Those who don’t follow the basic rules should be tossed out. Those who remain will be superior to any race.

      If Jews only listened to Moses, all jewish problems would have been prevented. If Jews threw out those who don’t keep the Sabbath, then all those feminist bitches who had Jewish parents wouldn’t be considered jewish and wouldn’t be associated with Judaism. The Holocaust could have been prevented in the same way, by throwing out those liberal Jews who irritated Hitler and who didn’t keep the Sabbath. Jews suffer immensely because of Jewish racism, meaning the racism of Jews. Others should learn the lesson and not be racist like Judaism is, but rather follow the wisdom of Moses.

      I do like what Jesus has to say quite a lot, but I am not at all fond of modern Christianity. Do you see any branch of Christianity today that has hope? I have chosen Karaite Judaism as the most promising religion and I plan to join them soon.

      I don’t watch TV, but someone mentioned the Breaking Amish TV show, so I researched it and the whole thing appears to be a fraud. That shouldn’t be surprising. I personally won’t comment on the Amish since I believe that only direct experience counts and I don’t have much direct experience with the Amish. But I do have direct experience with Hasidic Jews, so I know for a fact that Hasidic Judaism does work.

  32. Franklin,
    Correct; following Moses would solve the problem. But by tossing dissenters out today, they could sue him for discrimination. Today, even bakers who won’t bake a gay wedding cake get sued. Your 20 couple scenario needs the law behind them. If they lived on a deserted island, it might work.

    Jewish racism (apartheid) is wrong and it hurt them, but total race-mixing would wipe Jewish culture off the planet. My third option is correct; racial separatism. Some races don’t mix; you can’t put lipstick on a pig and get a beauty queen. You can’t enforce standards on those who aren’t genetically predisposed to these standards. Dr. David Duke has spent his whole life proving this, an issue you seem to be skirting.

    You ask: “Do you see any branch of Christianity today that has hope?” I don’t know how to answer that; it could mean a hundred different things. A handful of groups follow original Christianity more or less. Besides the excellent example of the Amish (thanks for the good news that the anti-Amish show is fake), there are the Mennonites as a whole. The Amish are one branch of the Mennonites. Then there’s the Ante-Nicene Christian Fellowship headquartered in Knoxville, TN. There’s another group I forgot the name of.

    But if your primary focus is finding a wife, all groups are hopeless, including Hasidic Jewry and Karaite Jewry. If not, why are you incel? Women being given in marriage and obeying their husbands by law is the original Judeo-Christian tradition. Without this, everyone perverts the original construct.

    I understand why you’re trying to defend the Hebrew Bible as a perfect or best standard; it’s a part of your culture no doubt. But some things, such as passages on animal sacrifice, render the Hebrew scriptures obsolete or at least lacking; it begs for a fulfillment. If not, why not?

    Please contact me through my website to continue our important dialogue before the blog thread runs out.

    • K C Sunbeam,

      Religions are mostly exempted from anti-discrimination law. And shunning is practiced in several religions. So I think Moses’s approach would be legal.

      You can’t put lipstick on a pig and get a beauty queen, but there is no reason to ban pigs from beauty contests. If they enter, they just won’t win.

      I did some research on Mennonites in general and they vary quite a bit. For example, the First Mennonite Church of San Francisco belongs to the Brethren-Mennonite Council for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Interests. I have nothing against gays and the gender-confused, but advocating their interests doesn’t seem like traditional Christianity. Only a few Mennonite sects are really traditional.

      I tried to find the Ante-Nicene Christian Fellowship. Their website is down. I am pretty good with Google and they don’t seem active now.

      I am not incel or looking for a wife. I have been happily married for 23 years.

      I was raised atheist, so I had no cultural bias toward any religion. (I am ethnically Jewish, but I consider that irrelevant.) Much of the Hebrew Bible was specific to the time and never claimed otherwise. But all of it has valid principles behind it. In the case of animal sacrifices, they made a tasty meal for the priests and the principle behind it is to support your religious leaders which I think is still valid today.

      I see an email address on your website, but I would rather keep this discussion public in case anyone else is interested. If you add some discussion software to your website, I would be glad to continue there.

  33. Franklin,
    I’m very surprised that you’re married; you gave no clue; you’re on an incel blog and very anti-feminist. Hmmmm, that’s different. I was legally married for three months, no children.

    Religions are still exempted from certain things, but maybe not for long; society is changing rapidly. Shunning might be ineffective today; it’s now considered cool to be disassociated from organized religion.

    Your comeback with the pig and lipstick scenario was pretty amusing. But if the pigs entering the contests are razorbacks, we must segregate them to avoid getting hurt.

    I’m sorry to hear about the Modernism among Mennonites; however, most are probably conservative. The Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church is very large and widespread. I believe they are very conservative and sound across the board.

    Again, that viewpoint is open to interpretation. For incels and others, all religious groups are hopeless: they cannot find a wife therein. But if we forget the marriage issue, then many groups are hopeful.

    I completely oppose the gay lifestyle. In my chapter on homosexuality, I start off sounding like I support it. But that is to compassionately pull people in so they read it and can be helped. It’s such a sensitive, personal issue, it may require walking on eggshells.

    I find Jewish atheism very shocking. Talk about a deviation from the original. My Hebrew Bible is the King James “Old Testament”; I don’t know how much different your Tanakh is. God is mentioned over 30 times in the first chapter of Genesis alone. The first of the ten commandments is: I am the LORD thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before me (a strange god could be anything we put before the Creator, including self). Moreover, God is omnipresent throughout the Hebrew Bible; there’s not a whiff of Evolution anywhere in it. (God forming man from previous elements in Genesis is nothing akin to neo-Darwinism). I’m flabbergasted.

    Yes, I’d be happy for others to read our dialogue. But when this blog thread runs out, where should we continue?

    • K C Sunbeam,

      I was incel for ten years, so I have some understanding of the problem. My wife is from Mexico.

      One can only worry about the present because the future is unpredictable. If one can organize a sane religious community in America and the situation changed and became intolerable, then this community could move to another country. At present, America has a fair degree of religious tolerance, more than places like China or France.

      I agree that incels can’t find a wife in religious groups. Incels should look for a wife in non-feminist countries. But if they bring a wife into a feminist culture then they are taking a risk. The solution is to introduce the wife to a sane religious community.

      I am not sure how you define atheism and God. I believe in evolution and I consider God to be a force of nature, not a supernatural being. I realize that this is incompatible with Christianity, but it is not incompatible with the Hebrew Bible. If you are interested in understanding my viewpoint, you can read Human Evolution and Skepticism. The main point is that I am not a Christian and not an atheist, but that I strongly support the Hebrew Bible from a different perspective.

      I think thatincelblogger will let us post here as long as we like. If you want help adding a forum to your website, let me know. I am a computer programmer. Also, you may be interested in another conversation that I am currently having with a Christian: The Scriptures & The Sexes

  34. Franklin,
    Correct, the future is unpredictable, but assuming the worst is a safety mechanism.

    If America became intolerable for a Christian religious community, I see no hope; the rest of the world is going the same way.

    Incels should seek a wife in non-feminist countries? In the Middle East they are Islamic; in Mexico and South America they have big families and speak Spanish; I’m an only child and speak only English. Asia?: I’m not physically attracted to Asians. And do you think I want Indian children instead of having pride in and wanting to preserve my precious heritage?

    A SANE religious community? Good luck with that. How about settling for an insane one?

    I married a Ukrainian; maybe next time a fat Ukrainian; less competition.

    I will herein define myself, not others. I believe in a PERSONAL God. I reject the Big Bang and neo-Darwinian Evolution as unscientific. I also reject the Genesis account as unscientific. I am a Creationist, but accept some micro-evolution.

    I went through your Skepticism piece. You do a fine job of explaining your interpretation of the Hebrew Bible and belief in an impersonal God. But I view God as a LOVER.
    Now my body is designed to be attracted to women. But in the afterlife, I believe it will be transformed so it’s no longer a man’s body, but a body designed to be intimate with God physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    If the afterlife consists merely of a physical paradise Earth, are women going to forced to be attracted to the unattractive as programmed robots? Will be given a treasure trove to pay for their company and balance things out? If there is no PERSONAL God, then I and all single men are losers. If not, why not?

    • K C Sunbeam,

      I learned Spanish to date in Mexico. I think it’s worth the effort. Spanish is fairly easy. (I’m learning Hebrew now and that is much harder.)

      Most religious communities (churches or synagogues) are somewhere between sane and insane. Of the synagogues, my choice is Karaite. Of the churches I visited, the Eastern Orthodox churches seemed fairly sane. You said you married a Ukrainian. Did you bring her to church regularly? She was probably Eastern Orthodox.

      I understand Christian beliefs, and of course Christians believe in a personal God. That’s fine. I am not Christian and I just wanted you to understand my view.

      My Human Evolution article explains why the type of man that women are attracted to varies depending on culture. I am completely unattractive to women in feminist countries, but I am attractive to women in non-feminist countries.

      Given my view of an impersonal God, yes, men who fail to reproduce are losers. Sorry but this directly follows from evolution. So I hope you try again and look for another wife. I suggest a religious wife rather than a fat wife.

  35. Franklin,
    I understand that your particulars with women worked for you. But it doesn’t work for others. A man from church married a Mexican woman and had a child. Shortly thereafter she fled back to Mexico with the child; he never heard from or saw them ever again.

    I’m just joking around with some ideas; for now I’m MGTOW. That may change or it may not.
    For many, nothing works. Not religion (check out those hot nuns!), not exotic foreign women (our relationship was great until she cannibalized my johnson), not psychiatry (we both got matching lobotomies) NOTHING.

    In your article, the correct god gives the best advice, namely, Be fruitful and multiply. That’s terrible advice for many. Instead, ACHIEVEMENT is what truly determines who is a winner or loser instead of reproduction. Those who reproduce are only winners if they are goal-oriented, and they teach their children to make the world a better place. If not, they are losers, no better than caterpillars who consume endlessly. If not, why not?

    Macro-evolution? Right now, I see over a dozen holes in that, each one of which is big enough for an elephant to walk through. (see my newly updated chapter 4.Monkey Business) Anyone who promotes macro-evolution has the job of filling those holes, not just saying that it sounds right.

    And if there was nothing beyond the physical, genocidal dictators who fathered many would be winners and their victims would be forever losers. In your system, evil trumps good. If not, why not? Thankfully there’s the supernatural (3.Do Black Holes Rule?, 8.Ghosts 101,etc.)

    Thanks for being willing to help me add a blog device. But right now, I’ve just learned how to edit my chapters. I’m way behind.

    • K C Sunbeam,

      Sorry about the guy who lost his Mexican wife. How long did he know her before they married? Which church did he go to? And did he speak Spanish? My advice is to learn Spanish, date for a while before marrying, and attend a traditional church.

      All the MGTOW sites have banned me, so I have no sympathy for MGTOW. They are a closed-minded bunch.

      It’s silly to argue about evolution. I can certainly defend it, but so what? You can just consider evolution to be part of my religion and then we can avoid the argument.

      According to evolution, winning is simply increasing one’s descendants. If the population of cockroaches increases faster than the population of nobel prize winners, then cockroaches are beating nobel prize winners. Other accomplishments mean nothing in this game. You may not believe in evolution, but this is what the theory says.

      My article on Human Evolution explains in detail why good beats evil in the long run. The basic idea is that good people can trust each other, so they can cooperate, and cooperation gives them the strength to beat evil.

  36. Franklin,
    I never knew the details about that man’s situation, just the basics. That was maybe 15 years ago; I lost contact.

    I know nothing about MGTOW men, I never met one. Maybe they’re close-minded. But I’m wondering if you didn’t offend them in insisting that they’re wrong for being MGTOW. Finding a woman is not for every man; for many, seeking a woman simply causes an enormous amount of pain and aggravation.

    Besides, there are approximately 102 men for every 100 women living on Earth due to genocide; baby girls are killed because they’re less efficient for manual labor. This PROVES that some men should go their own way and forget women.

    There are zero good women existing on the planet (and zero good men). Human nature is fallen; this often manifests in perpetually shunning or mistreating those who are different.

    I’ll never ban you as long as we have a healthy constructive dialogue.

    It’s silly to argue, but debating is imperative; it is one of the best ways of discovering truth. Say there’s a table full of what seem to be diamonds. Now I’m about to take a hammer and beat them to weed out the fakes (real diamonds are harder than steel, and will suffer no damage). The jeweler suddenly hollers “Stop, don’t smash my diamonds!”

    Should we respect him? No, he’s a crook selling fake diamonds. Likewise, any religious or philosophical position that cannot stand up to the hammer of logical debate should be disposed of and replaced by a solid position.

    As far as successfully multiplying cockroaches go, if Nobel prize winners who failed to mate called the pest control men, they would be the victors.

    • K C Sunbeam,

      I never criticized MGTOW for their choices, it is the MGTOW who condemned me for my choice. In general, MGTOW cannot tolerate either religion or marriage, and they condemn me for supporting both.

      If you say that there are zero good people, then you are setting your standards too high. Lower your standards until some people qualify as good.

      The reason that I feel that debating evolution versus creationism is pointless is because both stand up to scrutiny. Which one chooses to believe is a personal choice. It is like arguing about whether pizza or burgers taste better. If you want to take a hammer to my beliefs, feel free. But I assure you that I can defend my beliefs.

      Yes calling the exterminator is how humans beat cockroaches. The Old Testament suggests the same approach to having the Israelites beat/slaughter immoral cultures. I support this and I have faith that eventually members of Modern culture will be slaughtered, as they deserve to be. This should answer your earlier question of how good beats evil.

      But to clarify, from an evolutionary point of view, any group that doesn’t have children are losers no matter what else they do.

  37. Franklin,
    Why would men condemn other men for choosing marriage? Then they’d have to condemn their own parents. Maybe they simply choose not to dialogue with married men to avoid pain and consternation. I personally do not socialize with any married person or one with a child in everyday life; I avoid them all; it suits me.

    Maybe MGTOWs cannot tolerate religion because religion condemns their person-hood. By supporting crazy texts which say that people are married with children because God blessed them and singles are cursed, we’ll get nowhere.

    Jesus Christ said that there were zero good people long ago; it doesn’t matter what I think.

    Arguing over Evolution/Creation and for or against the existence of a personal God has nothing to do with preferring either burgers or pizza. SHAME! There’s either a personal creator God or there’s not. Can half of Him exist while the other half does not exist? Can He only exist on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays? Having Him exist in some people’s minds while being nonexistent on other people’s minds is just as bleeping crazy.

    Any whole group that doesn’t have any children would be losers in that they would die out; agreed. But also keep in mind that any whole group that continually has children with other races would also be losers; they would go out of existence there too.

    If I inspire young men to support their heritage through racially pure reproduction, then I am a biological winner. But me personally hooking up with a woman so that I can be victimized? No thanks.

  38. Come by my blog. Incel. I just learned what this meant. You do not have to be. And this is one of the saddest posts I have ever read. Like ever. It is very non-clear to me how the Incel thing started, or what it has become? Feel free to leave thoughts. I’ll answer. Also? I have books for you at my place.

    • Dude you’ve obviously got no fucking clue wtf you are talking about, I went and googled your retarded blog. You read up on Elliot Rogers and this is how you heard of incel, but then you somehow assume incels are “saving themselves for the right person,” no dickhead, it’s more like nobody will give them a fair chance. Incel= Involuntarily celibate. You’d know this if you took 5 minutes to research this shit before opening your big stupid mouth.

      You go on:

      “In fact, twice in my life I did a favor for guys who were just like Elliot. That’s right. They weren’t good looking, and they were so scared to have sex somebody had to help them over that hump.”

      No, incels are not “scared of sex,” incels would very much love to have sex if someone would allow them to.

      And then there is this:

      “How I lost my virginity. I was 19, but don’t think it wasn’t something I wanted to keep. My best friend lost hers at 14, and she was called the school slut.”

      I don’t rightly care how you lost your virginity, it wasn’t a life altering struggle for you. Reason why women get slut shamed where men don’t is because women get sex a helluva lot easier than men do. She can’t walk 10 minutes up the street without some guy hitting on her… Men have to jump through flaming hoops or live up to some cartoon fantasy carricature just to get options. I don’t think she was a “slut” for losing her virginity at 14 because that seems normal enough, but to presume women are actually getting the shit in of the stick is absurd, especially as PC as society is today with slut shaming and slut walks and shit from the feminists, they don’t wanna split courting/approaching 50/50 down the middle so they wanna maintain all the power and pick, and yet, still not be slut shamed for being on the cock carousel either… Sorry it can’t go both ways. Sounds like some gynocenrtic bullshit… Also, actually take the time to listen to Elliot’s videos idiot, he didn’t want to keep his virginity, he was forced to. It’s like you literally do NO research before running your mouth, and then, THEN you wanna tell us about your “books” you wrote (wow, entire novels of talking out your ass with no basis of research, I’ll bet that’s an eyebrow raiser)

      • oh my bad, I just realized you are a female. That explains a lot actually, why you don’t get this, and why you run your mouth without knowing what your even talking about.

  39. To those experiencing incel, has anyone found any solution–even temporary? I don’t want to whine since I know that only makes other people–whether they empathize or not–angry eventually. But I read on another blog (Healing Tao USA) on the subject that advising sexually frustrated people to live with sexual frustration is akin to advising starving people to abide unsatisfied hunger. Seems to me that most of the information out there on sexual frustration concerns couples–people who have a regular sexual partner but with whom sex isn’t as they’d otherwise like it to be. I’m asking if anyone has any tested advice on how to deal with chronic (in my case, mid-40s, it’s been about 15 years) sexual frustration among those who have been exhausting social venues–online dating, meet-ups & other group venues both in- and out of state, one’s own network of friends, community chance meetings…

    I don’t believe I suffer from any major social awkwardness. I’m very comfortable speaking with others; have enough varied interests that I can usually find common ground with people I meet either at planned events or randomly; am not narrow-minded politically, ideologically, or intellectually; am well liked by most in my various communities, get out regularly (work, classes/workshops at local colleges and professional associations, watching and participating in athletics…); and despite the many years of involuntary celibacy, continue to try meeting partners with what past therapists (for this issue) have called a “characteristically bright, enthusiastic mood.”

    Sorry for the long question, and sorry for ending on an ugly note, but I’m quite confident that if I cannot find a solution before July 2015 (end of minimum waiting period for my life insurance policy for my beneficiary), I will leave the world. Life without intimacy for me (I stress that this is a deeply personal value-assessment) is simply not worth living, despite the many other things that bring me some pleasure–like my work with some organizations I value substantially, and my relationship with my much younger brother whom I love as wholly as if he’d been my own son. Thanks, everyone, for your patience, your courtesy in replying, and for offering any quasi-objective potential solutions. And thanks to this website’s creator for offering an important virtual public forum on some of the effects of incel.

      • Before New Years Day of 1990, when AIDS became a danger to the general population, I did exactly what you just said. I went abroad to where prostitutes were cheap and plentiful. If euthanasia were available here, as it now is in some countries, I would have continued to cavort with prostitutes, and que sera sera. The libido-reducing medications were available, but I was afraid to take them.

    • If you’re so bothered with sex (I don’t see you talking about much else in this post) hire a prostitute. It won’t make you even semi-noncel but you will at least get some sex. You don’t seem to talk about gratification of unpaid sex either here.

      • I don’t know if your reply is to my post, but I’ve tried professionals for over 6 years, and have invested tens of thousands of dollars at various rate levels only to find that professionals are extremely picky about whom they take on as clients. Many have told me they consider themselves free businesswomen–free to choose from among the clients most *gratifying* to them. The result has been that trying to see a professional is even more work than and as unsatisfying as playing the nightclub game. After 6 years of that, I refuse to waste $600-$3000 on another person who won’t provide physical intimacy beyond mere hugging. And yes, I’ve been willing to travel outside my state and even to bordering countries.

      • One thing about going to prostitutes is that I still envied the men who had women at their side who really wanted to be there. Especially when the woman couldn’t keep her hands off of him.

  40. And another incel will die soon. (this one)
    We are despised so much that even on a suicide chat where I have been a regular member for several years I can no longer return because I made a comment that wasn’t feminazi-correct.
    I’m pretty sure other male members there are often incels too but they seem to be of the liberal, mangina type. One dude I thought was a friend and with whom I have even voice talked before over skype just had to play White Knight and rescue a damsel in distress when I asserted that I’m sure a lot of rapes happen because of male sexual frustration and she jumped at my throat about males not being entitled to sex and how nothing justifies rape. I wasn’t even justifying it, just acknowledging the fact that it happens and lecturing males about morals won’t prevent some of these rapes. And that dude just rubbished my post publicly as “stupid BS”. Now I feel even lonelier than before as the only thing I share with most other suicidal people is my depression but not the cause and definitely not our core beliefs so chatting there is no longer an option. I’m fed up with always having to swallow it in when they make pro-left, pro-feminazi comments.

    • Okay mate. I don’t know your form Adam. And I do not know what I am about to say will be of any use to you. But please acknowledge that I am trying in my way to help. First of all, do not even countenance the possibility of having a rational conversation with a feminazi or a white knight. It is not happening dude. I don’t doubt that some rapes are down to pure sexual frustration taking over. But you can NEVER voice that. Not in THIS society. Just as you cannot EVER blame a woman for her piss poor choice in sexual partners. It is NEVER their fault. Women are like big fucking boo-hooing babies. They are NEVER called to account for their sluttish behaviour, and are NEVER made to atone for their crimes against decent men. Except for when a guy goes apeshit with a gun, and gives the bitches a lesson in PAIN, they go through life without EVER having to work at getting attention from the opposite sex.

      Now, I wish I could offer you advice that would get you laid. I can’t. What I can say to you, is that if you can raise the money, go see an escort. A nice clean one who will offer GFE sex. Use the mental and physical high you get from that to take a long hard look at your life. Then take a leaf out of my book. You need to do three things;

      (1) Stop treating women with respect. Unless they show you some first, they do not deserve respect from YOU.
      (2) Drop the ‘Nice Guy’ persona. Women do not like ‘Nice Guys’.
      (3) Get yourself onto a DECENT forum. One does exist, and I can put in a word for you there.

      If you want to talk in private my email is

  41. hi and thanks for you attempt at helping me.
    I already dropped the nice guy behaviour and all that shit after visiting PUA sites for a while. Initially, PUA had a few beneficial effects on me, such as becoming more aware of what girls find attractive and dropping behaviour that was counter-productive.
    OTH, I stopped improving any more than that as the whole faking confidence thing, the routines, the NLP BS etc don’t work for me.
    I think a man can’t learn “charm” as it is something innate. Clearly a badass Latino guy is more attractive to girls than, say, an Irish accountant wearing glasses and losing his hair. Trying to look badass just doesn’t look right on me. I’m not an accountant btw as I’m unemployed and have been so for years, but I’m very nerdy. Which leads me to how desperate my situation really is: I’m too socially awkward and unemployable to be able to get a gf or even an escort. I could perhaps afford one just once but what’s the point if I’m not guaranteed of regular intimacy after that?
    So, I’m clearly at the end of my rope and it’s time for me to die using a peaceful method. I’m nevertheless curious about the forum you mentioned, as I’ve got nothing to lose.

  42. This is is so stupid and unfounded that I’ll leave you 24 hours to try and actually defend the position that social conservatives refused to create technology.

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