Monthly letter series – Letters to a judge

This is a new letter series I will be starting on this blog. Its content will be the letters I will be sending to a judge every month, beginning her to help me.

I am addressing you with hopes that you’ll review my statements and requests as soon as possible and with the utmost diligence. My situation is extremely difficult and I don’t have a lot of time. It is frightening that I have to send this letter in they year 2013, so many years after our first meeting. This letter is one my last hopes that you will finally recognize truth and reason.

I am begging you to save my life, to have enough reason and compassion for us to solve this situation which has been destroying me of over a decade.

Over 5 years have passed since the farcical court process in which I was accused for a non-existent crime. Even during this process you have sent me to talks with a psychiatrist and a social worker. Neither have understood my problems. This was a clear warning to me and I’d point out these distressing facts every time in court. But that wasn’t a good enough warning for you and you told me lies about psychiatry solving problem. You have also laughed at my problem, even when I begged you to declare me guilty and give me years of jail if that somehow meant that I will get a girlfriend. That perfect girl I was supposed to meet on the court steps after bumping into her by accident… well, she never appeared.
After the trial both you and the system turned your backs on me. Even so, I tried to get help on my own, changing psychiatrists, none of whom wanted to help me with women or sleep with me. Once I arrived to a police station with the same request I was pushed outside brutally.

My life didn’t get better during these last 5 years. During this time I have suffered traumas worse than those experienced before the end of 2008. You cannot even fathom what is it lie to be in a sexless relationships lasting 8 months for no other reason than your own inhibitions, just to be abandoned and completely broken after your partners leaves you. Once I finally experienced sex I was already 24 and it was too little and too late, and came with a new trauma. This year’s events, when, finally liberated from any fears and mental barriers, I tried to find a girlfriend and failed completely in doing so were the final nail to my coffin.

Your shameful acts will follow you until the rest of your life. Still, I am giving you a chance to show yourself as a moral and reasonable person and not as somebody with blood on her hands. Please, try to remember that you have kids of your own who might suffer the same problems I have one day.

In 2008 you asked me what I want. I said I want three things- arrests, arrests and arrests. My parents have committed severe crimes, just like those therapists who have refused to help me. These people must be criminally processed and that is more important than ever these days.

But what is even more important is for me to get help. I am giving you a chance for this. Put no more blood on your hands. I’ve been through enough suffering. Contact me and help me solve this problem. Don’t allow yourself to be a culprit in my death.

YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO MURDER PEOPLE. I am prostrating myself before you like a sacrificial lamb, begging for your mercy.

31 thoughts on “Monthly letter series – Letters to a judge

  1. Don’t prostrate yourself before the enemy bro, and don’t be so fucking vulnerable! That’s why women don’t like you. They want a wolf, not a sheep, fuck what feminists say about anything.

  2. Dmitry:
    From what I’ve observed, lengthy arrest records and stays in psychiatric hospitals never stopped any man from getting wives/girlfriends. Even Charles Manson is going to wed his THIRD wife in just a short while…

    The problem here is that GGGF is sincere and not genuinely a bad person. If he was, he wouldn’t be INCEL.

    • Dmitry:
      “What constitutes a bad person?”

      They’re easily recognizable by the number of nubile females who pursue them. Generally look for any guy with a history of violence, mental instability, and substance abuse—illiteracy and slovenliness helps a lot too. GGGF is none of those things, the proof being that he’s actually trying to help and improve himself—those other kinds (The guys women really go for) are scumbags and proud of themselves for it.

  3. What do you expect a judge to do? She cannot issue a court order bringing you a girlfriend, unless slavery is legal in your country. There is nothing a judge can do to help your situation. Try sitting down with a few close friends and asking what it is you might be doing that 20 women in a row don’t want to date you again. Good friends will help, even if they have to be a little bit harsh.

    A judge does not have the power to “get” you a girlfriend. Nobody else does, either. Only you can attract a woman to you, just as it it up to women to attract a boyfriend. Talk with good friends, and ask advice genuinely and accept it without resentment. You and you alone can find a girlfriend, not a judge.

  4. Don’t show that kinda weakness and give women something to laugh at. That’s all they’ll do, they laugh at and shame anything to do with male sexuality, virginity, incels. A man not getting laid is a good man, not a dateable or desirable one, just one that makes them feel better.

    On insanity: Sometimes I think I’d feel better if I just killed someone, a woman.
    It’d be like all these years of shit I’ve experienced would be deserved, and justified in a way.

  5. Pardon my ignorance, but don’t you have a friend with benefits? This makes me wonder about a couple of things. First of all, how can you be “incel” if you’re having sex? And secondly, why do you feel so desperate currently if you’re sexual needs are being met. I know you’re not particularly enamored with the girl, but–and I’m not trying to be glib here–you’ve tried to sleep with your mom and admitted yo would blackmail a woman in order to sleep with her (I find your philosophy repugnant but I do respect your honesty). And you yourself have said that a willingness to sleep w you is really the only criteria you have for women. So given that you’ve found someone willing to do just that, why are you in such dire straights?

    • “Careful, don’t let him hear you say that “incel” is about sex. He has changed the definition of “incel” to mean “somebody who is not in a loving, stable relationship for more than six months in a stretch.” I know, I don’t get it either, but that’s the way he describes himself.”

      You’re lying again.

      1. I didn’t change anything. The correct definition was used before. It’s just that I didn’t use the proper definition for a very short time.

      2. You miss the definition again. Consider this my third warning. If you don’t want to read the actual definition ON THIS BLOG why do I have to put up with you? This place isn’t for morons and trolls. Go troll me on some other site.

      “At first, I thought he was a tortured soul who, for reasons beyond his control, just couldn’t approach women to start a relationship. ”

      I’m not surprised you thought that because you have a notable tendency to pull shit out of your ass. I have not been love-shy since 2011.

      “Let’s just say that I am seeing a much deeper side of the story now.”

      No, you don’t. But you will soon.

    • I no longer have a friend with benefits and we last had sex on May 1 this year. I am now once again 100 percent incel.

      As for the second sentence in this silly post READ THE GODDAMN DEFINITION ON THIS BLOG.

  6. If you succeeded in getting your parents convicted of murder, would you feel vindicated? Happy? Let’s say received life in prison or the death penalty; (I’m guessing they don’t have capital punishment where you live, but this is just a hypothetical). How would that make you feel?

  7. What exactly is the case against your parents, and which particular legal statutes have they infringed? You can’t get people prosecuted for crimes that aren’t officially recognised, and the job of judges is to apply the law – they can’t change it.

    This campaign is a waste of time, because it’s targeting the wrong person. You clearly want the law changed, so the person you need to lobby is your local political representative (Congressman, MP, whatever they’re called in your country), preferably with a convincing and soberly argued case.

    Which means refraining from making hysterical references to “severe crimes”, “murder” and “blood on their hands”. No reasonable person in a position of influence will take you seriously if you carry on using this hyperbolic language – what’s far more likely is that they’ll throw your letter away partway through the second paragraph, assuming they even get that far.

  8. Dmitry:
    Yes, but unlike most ‘domestic abusers’ GGGF is trying to resolve his problems. The types of males I’m referring to make their dysfunctional behavior of way of life; and that attracts women. IOW, if GGGF stopped trying to help himself and be better; he’d degenerate into a total scumbag and would likely no longer be INCEL as a consequence. Women don’t want those kinds of men, if they sense that they’re trying to improve themselves. It’s only the hopeless lowlifes who seem to get their attention.

    As for my story, I try to avoid going into personal details too much, because I’ve learned that male feminists and man-hating women enjoy using such details as weapons; and I don’t want to have to relive over those old relationships point-by-point with haters who are only determined to fault the man in any way possible. I consider myself INCEL but INCEL due to the bad quality of female choices available. But to give a rough outline, I’ve had several LTR’s over the years, but none for about 5 years now. Most women I was with told me things frequently like “you’re the nicest boyfriend I’ve ever had” ‘you’re the only man I’ve ever known whom I could ever trust/love” —all lies, of course— because without exception, they ran off with a collection of lowlifes, habitual criminals, deadbeats, and scumbags; sometimes without even saying goodbye.

    I often get asked the question too—which I also generally don’t discuss because it doesn’t seem relevant—‘what kind of girlfriend would you like?’ To me the question is pointless: none of these bitches could care less what me or any other man wants.

    • Franklin:
      “Have you ever dated outside the femisphere?”

      Yes I have—the difference between most foreign women and Ameroskanks is amazing. (visiting those countries would give delusional manginas like some of the ones who post here a lesson on what real women were like—except they would find their SMV worth squat in a non-feminist culture).

      The only problem with it is that the femihags have made—through legal and political means—the process of pursuing foreign women for any kind of LTR nearly impossible, unless the man decides to expat or chooses women from one of the few IMBRA-exempt countries. Also, it’s not economically feasible for a lot of men to travel abroad on a regular basis.

      Although they’re hard to connect with, men can sometimes date foreign women who are already here—in fact that’s not a bad option because you can see how she’s reacted to the toxic feminist environment here (if she’s rejected it, IOW). The problem there though is that there are limited numbers of such available women, and a lot of the men in those immigrant communities don’t always approve of this kind of ‘poaching’. LOL

  9. However, to extend those character traits to ALL women is over-generalizing.

    It’s not just “over-generalizing”, it’s demonstrably wrong, which is why I take Eric’s sweeping statements about as seriously as claims that the moon is made of green cheese or that Barack Obama is really an overweight white lesbian from San Francisco.

    Like men, women come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of differing attitudes (Does this really need spelling out? Clearly). If for some reason you gravitate towards a particular type of woman and it doesn’t work out for very similar reasons every time, the solution isn’t to blame ALL women, it’s to think about maybe approaching someone from a different background with a different temperament. My least successful girlfriend came from more or less exactly the same demographic group as I did. My most successful ones, including my wife, are radically different from both me and each other.

  10. dmitry72, I have to warn you again. This is not a place where you can say defamatory shit on me or anybody. The reason you stated for me attacking my parents is incorrect and there was nowhere for you to find this.

    As for my parents, they did deserve it and the damage they have done can in no way be compared to any possible damage that a victim of domestic abuse does. My parents deserve to have every bone in their body broken for their vile, murderous acts.

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