On necessity of hate that an incel must have

This guy has the right idea
I’ll c/p the idea entirely

I was inspired by https://caamib.wordpress.com/ on doxing women who reject him. I have an idea to take it one step further. I am spending this thanksgiving holiday wiring my bedroom with cameras triggered by a signal from my phone (Since I am an incel, I have nothing but time and money to do things like this). The next time I find a girl who wants to sleep with me(been about 2 years without paying), I will record the sex. Depending on how badly she rejects me, I will wait a year and post the video along with her name, number, and address on the internet. Since the one talent I do have with women, is to be forgot about by them, and since today’s cunt, if she is single, goes through dozens of guys a year, it can be almost guaranteed that when she finds it, she will not even remember who I was, or where I live.. That way, the whole world will be able to see that sweet little Jenny, is nothing but a dirty, nasty, fuck slut. Other incel’s will then have another free porn video, to, as the feminists would tell them, use their right hand.

This actually makes a lot of sense. Though Franklin is absolutely right that one must first work to get out of the femisphere not all of us have this option. This is why we must resort to hate and hurting of all women who reject us. These women are not human beings. They are brainwashed feminist scum. They don’t deserve to breathe the same air decent people do.

I have already sent the link with a defamatory blog on her to all the friends of that monster I talked about in the previous post. I implore all the incels to take revenge, in any form possible, against all women who fuck them over. This is outright war, and we must be the ones who will win it. We must punish all these disgusting bitches. There’s no way back. Only hate will help. We must have hate to prevail and we cannot beat this vicious enemy without first learning how to hate him.

16 thoughts on “On necessity of hate that an incel must have

  1. If your house is infested with cockroaches, do you take revenge by torturing cockroaches? Or do you get the cockroaches out of your house by cleaning it up? Modern culture is like an infestation. Torturing individual members of modern culture is as pointless as torturing cockroaches. Modern culture is a plague that has infected billions of people, so attacking individuals has as much impact as spitting in the ocean.

    Hatred is a strong emotion that can be harnessed to produce positive action. That positive action is rejecting modern culture and supporting an alternative. Supporting an alternative is like cleaning up your house to get rid of the cockroaches.

    • The alternative is a good religion. All sound cultures were based on a sound religion. The Athenians, Romans, Chinese, and other successful societies all had sound religions. When they lost their commitment to their religion, their cultures decayed. Modern culture is no different. Western culture rose based on Calvinistic Protestantism from about 1600 to 1900. The honesty, altruism, and scientific inquiry that you mention all arose in Protestant cultures. Protestantism was destroyed in the Second and Third Great Awakenings. Modern Christianity is a despicable, worthless religion.

      Reasonable alternatives today include traditional Anabaptists, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, and Karaite Judaism. My ideal is Biblic Judaism.

  2. That alternative can only be a system that leads to a fair distribution of the good of female sexuality among the male population, as used to be the case, otherwise people’s natural instincts will lead women to share top men in their most fertile/attractive years. Only 40% of men who have ever lived managed to reproduce while 80% of women have, remember that!

  3. I agree with Franklin, and at the same time I disagree. I agree that nobody is entitled to anything, I am not entitled to sex, but at the same time, women are not entitled to my money. If I got a full refund on all duties payed over a lifetime, on my behalf, mandated by the guberment, I would gladly accept my fate and disappear, just like the feminists want me to. As long as I am forced to pay taxes, which directly support women, without any representation of my situation, that DOES make me entitled to women/sex… PERIOD.

    • I wish the word “should” and related words like “entitled” didn’t exist. There is so much injustice in the world that talking about what should be is like a sick joke. So yes, you should be entitled to women/sex, but so what? The more interesting question is what you can do to improve your life.

    • Take Responsibility:
      Hahahahaha—you can barely even walk on the same side of the street as a woman in the US without being labeled ‘a sex criminal’. It’s the most sex-negative country in the world outside of fundamentalist Moslem countries—the political correctness and sex hysteria over here is stifling to any kind of healthy relationship.


    • Of course I agree that people should pay taxes, FOR THE SERVICES THEY USE! I never went to public school, nor will I have any children that go to public schools, since I do not exist. Why should I pay for OTHER children to go to public school. If I had children that are going to public school, then I agree, I should be paying the tax for that. I do not believe in welfare to pay for other peoples babies, why should I pay, when I am institutionally prevented from having children myself, and there is absolutely no representation on my behalf in this area. Then there are all the wars and other crap that is the product of big guberment, and big guberment is the product of rampant feminism… I do not believe in paying for that either, but that is not the point of the argument.

  4. Dmitry:
    I somewhat agree with that, although GGGF has a point that predatory females—and there are a lot of them who hurt men just for the pleasure of doing it—ought to be punished as he describes. That being said, though, I think that the better option is to ignore the Bitches and leave them to the kinds of scumbags they all seem to want anyway—that will bring more punishment on them than any well-thought out plan ever could.

    The best thing to do, if possible, is associate with women from non-feminist cultures.

  5. I asked before, but I’m guessing that thread is defunct.

    What are you guys looking for in a
    relationship? What can you put into it,
    and what do you expect to get out of it?

    When you go to therapy are you looking
    to correct a sexual situation or a social

    • I’m looking for companionship, love, intimacy, good time and happiness. All of these things are much more important than sex to me. Sex is also an irreplaceable part of a relationship but not the most important one.

      I can put in my love, devotion, time, patience… a lot of things. I expect the same to be returned.

      When I go to therapy I primarily want to correct my own personal situation. It’s difficult to correct a social situation in therapy and I’m not visiting a sexologist to correct my sexual situation anyway.

      • “I’m looking for companionship,
        love, intimacy, good time and

        Okay, but these are the answers nearly everybody would give. I mean you specifically. What would a good companion be? What would you do for a good time with a girl. What kind of relationship would make you happy?

        “I can put in my love, devotion,
        time, patience… a lot of things. I
        expect the same to be returned.”

        Okay, but again, most people say this. What characterstic set do you have that makes you valuable to a certain kind of girl? Patient is a good start.

      • Also, I agree that you should not go looking for something in return for something, but I don’t think that’s what we meant. The qualities you mentioned are ones you’d like her to have. That’s reasonable.

        “When I go to therapy I primarily want to correct my own personal situation. It’s difficult to correct a social situation in therapy”

        What are the factors of your personal situation? You should identify them and try to learn how best to either manage them or get past them.

        Social therapy can be difficult. The therapist is removed from normal social situations.

        ” and I’m not visiting a sexologist to correct my sexual situation anyway.”

        Of course not. You do not seem to have any sexual dysfunction. Waste of time.

  6. “Hate doesn’t solve anything.”
    And what can love solve here? It can solve loneliness, ‘incidelity’, parentlessness, but not always. It is biased and selective, especially a woman’s love.
    It should be biased, there are few reasons to love another human.
    Hate causes revolutions and shit, and wars, leading to tech advance and societal changes.

    When it comes to solving shit, both a war and love can work in the favor of the bad, as well as the good, and ugly. In war, all love can do is donate a few bucks to charity. In love, all war can do is, well, more impactive.
    And while love is out there screwing the bad guy, there isn’t enough love to go around for the regular person at all.
    There will never be a time when love can really do much about a problem at all.

  7. Hatred doesn’t do a thing for you because you live with
    your own hatred 24/7.
    Didn’t Albert Camus say, the ultimate question of life is
    whether life is worth living? If it isn’t, there’s one way out.

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