In the land of blind monsters

It’s horribly lonely here.

I am all alone.

There are thousands of monsters beneath me. If I come down they will eat me. You can see their comments everywhere I go.

There was one thing that I’d always find funny. Many of the haters call me stupid, while themselves often unable to understand what my former program was about despite everything written out for them. Many of my haters call me a sociopath while they gladly claim that all people who can’t get a partner should just shut up and make peace with it.
Many of my haters would call me crazy while they’d be perfectly ok with most bizarre explanations for events in my life, explanations that would not only be completely unprovable but unlikely to occur anywhere in nature.

Most people are morons and that’s about all they are. Vile, unruly mob of belching, screaming monsters.

You attacked me for my idea of defamation without ever bothering to understand how I feel. Not a single one of your suggestions made any sense. To seek therapy? That thing that doesn’t even acknowledge my problems and has done nothing to help me for 10 years?
To give up? Like I am some kind of a robot? Would you just give up on sex and relationships? On your spouse? How many of you would honestly do that?
To go on with my life? Where, to even more rejections?

Most of you are nothing but children. Cruel pigs who believe in fairy tales. These women that rejected me were “good” and I am “bad”. What does this all mean and why? There are no real explanations. None of you have met me irl to know what kind of a person I really am. None of you have witnessed the dates I had. You don’t know what these girls think of me. It’s so easy for you to accuse and throw dirt.

None of you ever tried to help me at all with anything but stupid fortune cookie advice. You never offered any real help at all. And here I am. Broken and angry.

You are the monsters here.

36 thoughts on “In the land of blind monsters

  1. You should seek therapy in the United States from someone who specializes in Autism/Aspergers.

    Nobody knows if the women who rejected you were “good,” but defamation — maliciously spreading lies about another person — is by definition “bad.” Most people would never consider defamation an appropriate response to any slight. And while that seems odd at first blush (after all, internet mobs have called for cat abusers to be burned alive), it makes sense when you consider that “good,” just outcomes usually depend upon the revelation of truth rather than the propagation of falsehoods. If this woman was truly cruel to you, some might advocate naming and shaming her for what she actually did. If you’re forced to invent lies about her, people will infer that whatever she did wasn’t actually that bad.

    • lerskates, your comment is quite ironic. I mean you people (blind Modernist monsters) constantly defame people like thatincelblogger and me for no other reason than that you disagree with us. Defamation of anyone whose views are politically incorrect is standard procedure in your culture. So for you to criticize thatincelblogger for wanting to publicly call out women who actually did something to him (rejected him) is the height of hypocrisy.

      • Isn’t there something inherently wrong with your method of criticism if you are using the actions of others in an imagined group to criticize someone, without pointing to instances of they themselves engaging in it?

      • “Take responsibility for your life”, I confess. I would rather converse with my pet dogs than with you.

        By the way, Astrid’s comment is crazy. So here is an IQ test for commentators here, what is wrong with Astrid’s comment? Your reward for getting the right answer is that I will respond to your comments since you will have proven yourself to have some ability to think.

      • Franklin,

        I want to respond to your post, but I’m having trouble interpreting some of your statements and wondering if there is a language barrier issue. When I say “defamation,” I’m using the term as I define it above and as it’s defined in the American legal system: i.e., defamation is maliciously lying about someone else in manner which damages that person’s reputation.

        I haven’t lied about, or even named, that incelblogger, so to suggest that I’ve somehow defamed him would be nonsensical assuming we are both proficient at English and familiar with the law. I haven’t criticized thatincelblogger for wanting to “call out” women who have rejected him — actually, I insinuated that calling them out truthfully might be defensible. But thatincelblogger didn’t propose calling people out truthfully. He proposed defaming them. Defamation is far from standard procedure in “my” culture, and is actually grounds for civil liability.

      • lerskates, I didn’t say that you personally defamed thatincelblogger. What I said is that members of your culture often defame those that they disagree with. And by “defame” I do mean maliciously lying.

      • So it’s “the height of hypocrisy” for…what…a contemporary American to condemn an act committed with any frequency by other contemporary Americans? Or is there something more specific you mean by “your culture”? I caught a reference to “Modernist monsters,” but the term “modernism” has been used to describe basically all Western culture following the industrial revolution. If modern Westerners refrained universally from condemning acts by other modern Westerners, the modern West would be a pretty lawless place.

        Also, I disagree that defamation is the standard procedure in modern Western culture for dealing with “anyone whose views are politically incorrect.” More often, the lynch mob names and exposes the person while highlighting statements he has actually made. The target is ridiculed and ostracized not because people have been deceived about him, but because they’ve learned the truth.

      • lerskates, by “Modernist” I mean members of modern culture. Modern culture started in the 1920s but has evolved, continually getting worse.

        Condemning acts has nothing to do with defamation, so I don’t know why you brought this up. Modernists defame, or at least slander, anyone who they strongly disagree with. Modernists attack other people for their ideas, not their acts. And these attacks are generally lies. Modern culture is the world’s most intolerant and dishonest culture. You won’t find this kind of behavior on an Orthodox Jewish or Muslim forum, for example.

      • …what is crazy about pointing out your use of strawman arguments? You are in your original response to lerskates refusing to take the effort to refute his argument, instead pointing out the actions of others in a group he belongs to. So, tell me, does having “some ability to think” involve rejecting the idea of informal fallacies?

    • So “Modernist monsters” are people born after 1920 who are not orthodox adherents of Abrahamic religions?

      Modernists defame, or at least slander, anyone who they strongly disagree with. Modernists attack other people for their ideas, not their acts. And these attacks are generally lies. You won’t find this kind of behavior on an Orthodox Jewish or Muslim forum, for example.

      Well, it’s good to know that conservative Muslims never attack (or behead) anyone for their ideas. Also, if you’re dismissing me as a “monster” (lol) and hypocrite on account of my presumably modern beliefs, how are you any different?

      Finally, I’d be curious to hear an example of this slander/defamation you speak of, Are you referring to negative statements in mainstream media about beloved anti-modern groups such as the Taliban?

      • Whether someone is a Modernist doesn’t necessarily depend on their religion. Most Christians today are Modernists. Traditional Buddhists are not. All that really matters is whether they are members of modern culture.

        Obviously I haven’t (yet) dismissed you as a monster, which is why I am responding to your comments. I wouldn’t respond to most comments here. Not all Modernists are monsters, but most are.

        You failed the Astrid IQ test as to why I am not going to link to most examples of defamation. But there are plenty of examples even here, which thatincelblogger generally deletes. Just subscribe to the commends of a few active posts on this blog, and you will get plenty of examples of slander.

    • You failed the Astrid IQ test as to why I am not going to link to most examples of defamation.

      I have no idea what the “Astrid IQ test” is, but I did pretty well on Stanford-Binet. Nonetheless, I’ll stop short of demanding links. If the defamation to which you allude is “standard procedure” in modern Western culture and happens to everyone who is un-PC, it should be pretty easy to invoke a notorious example without hunting one down via Google. Offhand, Paula Deen and Larry Summers are just two examples of public figures who have been pilloried — in my view, unfairly — for expressing “offensive” views. I’d at first assumed you were referring to these types of incidents, and my point was (and remains) that these people weren’t ostracized because lies were spread about them. They were ostracized because the public, once aware of the statements they had actually made, wanted nothing to do with them.

      If some feminist created a website with OP’s name, photo and other identifying details along with excerpts of his writings, the same thing would probably happen. But he wouldn’t be a victim of defamation, because the factual assertions she made about him would be true.

      • “If some feminist created a website with OP’s name, photo and other identifying details along with excerpts of his writings, the same thing would probably happen. But he wouldn’t be a victim of defamation, because the factual assertions she made about him would be true.”

        Actually, she would be guilty of another crime for publishing my photo and information against my will.

        Anyway, I already have some defamatory blogs about a name trolls think is mine. So everything I’m doing to other people is well justified.

      • It breaks an article on vilification/shaming people. It’s not the same thing as defamation and I think that the penalties are somewhat lover than for defamation. Anyway, no, nobody can post any shit about me while using my name and pictures, even if 100 percent true, unless I consent to it. It is in the Penal Code but it goes through a private lawsuit and isn’t punishable by jail, one only needs to pay damages. But people who use what they believe is my name are all abroad and don’t even have my real anyway (just like not everything they say is true anyway) so this is irrelevant in their case.

      • Anyway, no, nobody can post any shit about me while using my name and pictures, even if 100 percent true, unless I consent to it. It is in the Penal Code but it goes through a private lawsuit and isn’t punishable by jail, one only needs to pay damages.

        This is not true in the U.S. and I don’t believe it’s true anywhere in the E.U, either. In some situations, you might be able to bring some claims — maybe copyright-based claims, if the photos are photos you took yourself; maybe false-light invasion of privacy claims, if context permits. But in its most basic form — stripped of any bells, whistles, harassment or threats — the simple act of doxxing someone is legal, and non-actionable, in pretty much every western democracy.

  2. GGGF:
    Basically the haters here fall into three types:
    1. The White Knights, manginas, and Game-guys who are in deep denial and want to stay that way. The truth makes them uncomfortable.

    2. The feminists who hate the truth for obvious reasons.

    3. The genuine blind haters. Actually they probably aren’t as common as the other two groups; but easily recognized by their overt sex-negativity and general hatred of life. They are all supporters of feminism for this reason.

  3. I don’t think that most people take exception with the idea of involuntary celibacy. We all recognize the devastating impact that a lack of interpersonal relationships (including intimate ones) can have on a person’s self-esteem and psychosocial development.

    On the other hand, when you express your frustration caustically rather than diplomatically people tend to lose your message in the delivery.

    It may seem unthinkable that a government would run a match-making service, for instance, but that’s precisely what the Soviet government did with housing: housing was an inalienable human right and so nobody was allowed to be homeless — the government could dictate who lived with who and could split homes into apartments, etc., for the purposes of ensuring people had a place to live.

    Would that work for intimate relationships? Probably not, because there’s a lot more emotions involved. But when you call your opponents monsters and liberals (regardless of their actual views) they tend not to listen to whatever else you have to say.

  4. GGGF:

    Are you aware of the word “sonder”? It means: the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. You seem so wounded by the comments you receive on this blog, and yet you don’t seem to understand how mean-spirited and cruel it is to call people who disagree with you “morons” or “manginas”. At that point, you cannot claim a moral high ground. To do that, you need to try to empathize with why people have the reactions to your writing that they do. Calling people “belching monsters” completely dehumanizes them–but of course anyone you consider a “TAC member” you are already comfortable dehumanizing.

  5. We don’t know you in real life; all we saw is what you posted…and what you posted showed a lack of maturity and respect for the humanity of women. Can’t blame others for believing what you say about yourself.

    • Even if we NEVER met in person, you are disregarding the potential for an online/video call/phone relationship entirely without keeping an open mind. I am NOT bashing you, but I believe a large part of your problem is that you have hard opinions and ideas about things and are not open to expanding your mind or thought process. Actually, I have visited six continents (over twenty countries!) and love to travel and learn about new cultures – but there is no way in hell I would consider such a trip without forming some type of bond or relationship first. Meeting people online and online dating is fine and dandy – but if you keep trying the same thing and achieving the same results, one would assume a good starting place to instigate change would be switching up your game, so to speak. How can that be done if you don’t possess the necessary skills or experiences? You CAN get out of this rut and enter a meaningful relationship, but something had to give. I hope you understand where I am coming from and what I am saying. I find you to be a fascinating man and think it’s a terrible shame that you feel you can continue with such an indifferent attitude and still somehow land this “dream woman” without doing anything to better yourself. I do wish you would reconsider, but I expect another excuse instead of you taking any steps to promote change.

  6. Obviously therapy doesn’t work. Obviously you can’t get your head around the fact that the universe does not revolve around you. Obviously you are a poisonous, vile, deluded psychopath, a danger to others and yourself. If you had one shred of actual humanity you would understand what a monster you are and you would end it. You’re not even good enough to do that.

  7. Interesting blog.

    It seems me that the problem since the sexual revolution is that society has returned to the state of the jungle in which some men find wild success in mating (and dominate multiple women’s fertile years) while other men get left with nothing. There was a recent figure released this week that showed 20% of french men over the age of 50 don’t have kids, while the figure for french women who don’t have kids is much lower.

    This state of affairs makes women arrogant and makes them reject good men.

    Today, women in their 20s can “date out of their league” while they are young and youthful. This allows the top 20% of men to dominate multiple women’s prime years, and these top men will date down to experience sexual variety.

    The overall affect is that the average man becomes more desperate, the average woman becomes more arrogant/dismissive. GGGF is entitled to love and companionship and society has done him a wrong in not providing it.

    • Sarah, there is no point in answering your questions. We will never see each other and that makes the whole thing pointless. Just give up.

      What is the point of me replying to your questions when we will never even see each other? Just leave me alone.

    • Your problem is that you have unrealistic expectations. Since “you and I most likely won’t see each other” you immediately decide not to bother opening up communication and thinking “maybe this could be a learning experience.” You refuse to even engage in conversation or flirtation and immediately reject the idea. My cousin wound up marrying a man half a world a way who she met online – and not on a dating service. Stranger things have happened. Didn’t you consider the possibility of learning new things, broadening your mind, or at least sharpening up on flirting skills, which you could then use and apply when the next person comes around? I really wish you would take an honest look at the situation and reconsider your decision. You’re lonely and you don’t have to be. Sometimes you have to just jump right in and not look down or you will miss all the fun.

      • Sarah, that’s all fine and well, but I still don’t see how we could meet even once. I surely can’t go to US. Would you go to Europe to meet somebody in a country where you don’t know the language, customs or anything?

  8. GGG, I have a couple questions for you. I know you have a lot of people to reply to, and this may have been something you’ve answered before, if so I apologize.

    Do you believe that good hearted women exist? And do you think a woman has ever chosen a man who is “moral, empathic and intelligent”? Or has that simply never happened?

      • GGGF:
        “…everybody likes Omegas.”

        Excellent observation. Feminism has so poisoned the public mind against real men and masculinity that the so-called ‘omega’ and ‘zeta’ archetypes are held up as the ‘real men’, In reality, of course, those types of men are groveling, dependent weaklings who couldn’t last a week without female enablement—but that’s why the modern woman likes them because it boosts her ego because such males are easy to despise as inferiors.

  9. Oh, one more thing–do you really think you can call yourself empathic and moral when there are entire groups of people you would be pleased to see die and talk about posting defamatory blogs and personal information of women who you believe did you wrong?

    I’m not going to say they did or didn’t do you wrong. That’s not what I’m getting at. But you can’t be a moral person if you actively try to hurt people, whether they hurt you or not. I know you see it as tit for tat, but cruelty toward others isn’t moral, even if you feel they hurt you first. And how can you call yourself empathetic when you dismiss anyone who doesn’t agree with you as stupid or a waste of life? Can’t you just chalk it up to different philosophies? This isn’t about their behavior and I’m not calling you a bad person. But dismissiveness of others isn’t empathic and actively trying to hurt others isn’t morally sound.

  10. Since I appear to be no longer banned, I will post a comment. Ban me again if you like. Your blog, your choice.

    You are getting worse. You shun therapy, that is your choice. This is advice from a nobody on another continent whom you will never meet. Take it as you will, just as the rest of the comments on your blog.

    Take a break. Stop chasing women for a time. Not forever, no. But a month or so. Spare yourself. Do you like to spend time with the desperate and horribly depressed? No? Few people do. You are setting yourself up for failure as you now are. That may seem good right now, but it is not. You have friends. Spend time with them. Spend time on things you enjoy doing. Stop asking strangers on the Internet to help fix your life. They/we cannot. Spend time doing hobbies, reading history, perhaps write a few essays on the history of your country. Take a short break from your obsession with finding a girlfriend until you feel a little easier in yourself. Talk to your friends. Spend time with friends, they are the best things in the world. But for your own sake, leave off dating women for a month or so until you get more of a grip on life. All you are doing now is becoming more depressed, and that will lead to more failures in dating.

    Take this as you will.

    • You were never banned, just on moderation (sometimes your posts weren’t published for a long time as I didn’t want to deal with the blog).. Anyway, I did all this throughout the summer. I felt better but knew I’ll have to get back to internet dating in the autumn and so I did. It didn’t take me long to become really fucked up again. I don’t understand what would a point of making another pause be.

  11. Hellucifer:
    It’s actually creeps like you—who actually LIKE and flourish inthe cesspool that modern society now is—who are the real threats to society.

  12. It is interesting how the first response was to seek for therapy.As i already done that,i can tell you it doesn’t work.If a therapist had incel problem maybe it can work.Second thing by doing this in your condition you will only get memories in front of you from the darkest corners of your mind,you are feeding your condition,giving power to it.You have to do quite the opposite,not bringing it up front but to live your life incel or not.And i dont want to even talk about the pills,useless in this situation.

  13. What are you looking for in a relationship? What can you put into it, and what do you expect to get out of it?

    When you go to therapy are you looking to correct a sexual situation or a social situation?

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