Alright, losers… Time to do some explaining

It’s incredible how accurate Franklin’s definition of modern society is. It is corrupt, fascist, rotten, brutal, bereft of empathy and utterly fake. There is absolutely no substance to any of it.

Feminism and liberalism have corrupted it to the point where people have utterly distorted definitions of various words. And for this I might give credit to The Atheist Cult. They’ve been working tirelessly for decades to bring poison into young minds, creating a generation of bloodthirsty maniacs bent on censoring and destroying any perceived enemies.

Do you even know what entitlement means? Entitlement is the fact of having a right to something.

Do you know what a right is? Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement; that is, rights are the fundamental normative rules about what is allowed of people or owed to people, according to some legal system, social convention, or ethical theory.

So, if I really thought that I’m entitled to women I’d pursue my right in a court of law.

What else did you say? Yeah, the Nice Guy thing. I agree that there are some whiny people who claim they’re nice too much. But in everything else it has lost its meaning and became a punching bag for feminist monsters. The fact that women of today choose the most immoral, stupid and irresponsible men has nothing to do with the Nice Guy sindrome. Their pounding of that term is just a justification for them to fuck the Rooshes of this world.

Had to be something more I can’t remember now… Right. My personality. It is really interesting how none of you assholes would explain my failed dates with what you do now if it weren’t for my idea to dox these monsters. But you seem to forget that my rejections happened before. Is your argument really so dumb as to say that women immediately recognize men capable of doing something before they do? Why are most rapes done by people a rape victim knows then? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

And, lastly, my feelings. Nobody cares about them. Why don’t you try being rejected 20 fucking times, and every single time after a date lasting for at least several hours? What can I change about myself to avoid that? Nothing at all. I always do my best and it always fails.

Anyway, most of you are worthless liberal scum worthy of places like Freethoughtblogs. Fuck you, readers, fuck you.

120 thoughts on “Alright, losers… Time to do some explaining

  1. Feel free to bust out the dictionary just so you can sway from the argument that you are “self-entitled.” Because you feel like you have a right to these women. And that they owe you something.

    So lets say you do find a relationship, then what? Is this going to cure all of your problems? It seems that you have a problem with yourself (as well as women, obviously.) You might disregard this as cheesy and campy, but you do have to love yourself first if you want any fucking chance of loving somebody else.

    You mentioned in comments about having special needs? Hopefully this special need isn’t a need to have somebody special. Those are two different things.

    I see so much hate in these postings and I do hope you can seek help and learn how to build a real relationship. I’m not talking about romantic. Friend, family, all of those are part of relationships. While I pretty much disagree with everything in this blog and you in general, I do wish you the best of luck.

  2. Kat,

    ffs, if I think I have a right to these women please tell me which court I should address in order to fulfill my right. I gave you morons a definition and you just wave it off.

    No, I never said that a relationship will solve all of my problems because relationships aren’t everything in life. On the other hand, they also aren’t nothing like you monsters want them to be for those who are struggling.

    And, yes, you are cheesy and campy. That’s fortune cookie bs.

    • If you think running a blog that is quite obviously anti-women is going to do you any favours, you’re sadly mistaken. Here’s an idea, coming from a woman who truly wishes nothing but the best for you: get off of the internet. Spend time alone, do things that make you happy, act with kindness and consideration, and good things will happen to you. I’ve no doubt that you are not a spiritual person by any definition, but my belief is that you will find a woman (or you will find eachother, rather) one day who you are literally destined to be with. These other women are not her. To harbour anger and vindictive thoughts towards women who do not wish to be in a relationship with you or to speak to you is completely childish – and to run this blog, again, with all the disgusting things you have said, is childish. The fact of the matter is that some people are not going to like your personality. Things about you will not mesh with things about another. And this is the case for EVERYBODY – not just you. Incel is a completely bogus term invented by men who believe they are broken or undesirable or worthless, yet turn around and act as though women are monsters and whores and arseholes for not wanting to be in a relationship of any sort with them.

      Long story short – get off of the internet, be a good person, and the woman you are meant to be with will be drawn to your energy.

      Again, I wish nothing but the best for you, but some of the stuff you post is literally bat shit crazy talk.

      Good luck.

      • What the fuck are you rambling about? How the fuck is this blog anti-women? Seriously…

        And then it gets worse. What the fuck is this shit? Be a kind person and good things will happen to you?! When has that ever worked? Which fairy tale are coming from?

        Incel has its own established definition, go and read it. It’s right here on my blog.

        My energy? What is this crap? What are you smoking?

      • Incels “established definition”, like I said, was thought up by men who have deep, personal issues with themselves yet blame women for their lack of relationship/sex. I am not smoking anything, nor am I coming from a fairytale. If you do good things in the world, good things happen to you, and it is that simple. Try it and you might see.

    • You really are a moron. This is ridiculous.

      1. Yeah, I had that idea and abandoned it. But that idea was never about entitlement to women, it simply provided incel men some dates. They could still fail on every one of those dates. Again, you have no idea what a an entitlement or a right mean. If they had right to getting women then there’s no possible failure, no ifs and buts.

      2. I asked members of that court to help me as individuals. That letter wasn’t a lawsuit or any formal address.

      3. I am not threatening women at all. I will start a blog on them once they reject me, without me telling them so beforehand at all.

      4. No, nothing I’ve written shows I think I have a right to a woman and your crap is debunked every single time. Moron.

    • LEGAL rights and general entitlement are two different things. You may not sue these women to get your way, but you act as if they owe you their attention or affection. They do not. It’s something you have to earn by being a stable, kind person. If you can’t earn it that way, move on. You sure as hell aren’t going to win any hearts with this incestuous, rapey blog.

      How would you feel if a man started a defamatory blog about YOU for not returning his affection? That’s the problem: you lack empathy. Put yourself in the woman’s shoes and you’ll see just how creepy you truly are.

      Better yet, seek psychological help before you hurt someone.

      • Again, how do they owe me these things outside of law? You say it hasn’t got to do with the law. What does it have to do then? I won’t be defaming them because I feel they owe me anything but because they are picky and I hate them for being able to afford criteria.

        Kind and stable people are often incel. It doesn’t mean you will attract women.

        Move on where? If I can’t get women I won’t continue my life without them. If I can’t get them I am dead.

        A man won’t do that to me because I don’t go on dates with men. What you’re saying isn’t comparable. If a guy would do that to me though I am not gay at all he has to be a really rare kind of a person. On the other hand, many incels agree with my actions.

        I have sought psychological help. They gave me some lexapro and told me to approach women in fucking bars.

    • Well, you think you ought to have a legal right to a woman, right? Isn’t that the whole point of government-gets-gfs?

      But more to the point, the term “entitlement” in modern parlance doesn’t just refer to the existence of a legal right. It can also refer to “the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something” (see Merriam-Webster).

      Do you feel or believe that you deserve to be given a girlfriend?

  3. Friend,

    You are misguided and misogynistic. But staying online all day isn’t going to help you get women, ok? Social anxiety will not go away if you refuse to confront it. Work on building some charisma and stop treating women as though they are one mass of an enemy that exists solely to deprive you of sex or satisfaction. There are so many different kinds of girls out there, the same way there are so many different kinds of men. But treating women as though they are superficial, thoughtless sex objects is not how you go about earning the respect or admiration of one. Just a thought.

    • Calliope:
      In our misandryist culture, no man ever earns respect or admiration from women. The only males that women can relate to are precisely the ones who DO treat them like trash, because they’ve been educated to believe that ‘all men are pigs’.

      • My boyfriend literally saved three little girls from drowning, and he makes me breakfast every day. Explain how that is treating me like trash?

      • GGGF:
        It’s rather noteworthy that so few femihags and male feminists have offered much to say about the topic that ‘women want jerks and thugs’. That seems to be a bit difficult for them to refute (except to assert that such men aren’t as big of jerks as we are!) LOL

        • Eric, ‘women’ don’t like jerks. Some women prefer more agressive men, true, but to clump all members of a gender into a group of what they “like” is a sweeping generalization that should not be made. To speak personally, my husband is not an asshole. He treats me with respect and love, and I treat him the same way. We have a partnership fostered by a mutual admiration of one another. While it is true that SOME women do not respond to soft, gentle men, I think that the mentality of “being a nice guy” in order to receive sex or a relationship from a woman is ridiculous. “Nice guys” bemoan women “friend zoning” them sickens me. Women do not owe you sex or a relationship as a reward for being a decent human being. If that is the reason you do it, then it rings a little hollow, no?

      • Astrid:
        A better question would be how do you treat him? Good men are usually treated like trash while thugs and jerks are worshipped. It’s nice of him to make breakfast for you and everything—but don’t you think you ought to contribute something to the relationship? Is just being a grrrl supposed to be good enough?

      • Eric:

        First off, I’ll say that actually, when you’re refuting someone’s argument, the most important question is what to say that provides an effective counterexample and that is what I did: provided a counterexample to the idea that only assholes gain a woman’s respect and admiration. Now, since you ask, I buy a lot of the food, and talk him through issues with his family. I often make him dinner while he’s working and he credits my support with the significantly increased progress in school he’s made since we’ve been together. And, we both identify as feminist liberals.

  4. Generally when many different people dislike someone, it means there’s something wrong with the person. If 20+ people ignore/reject me, there’s a slim chance that I just met 20+ assholes, but the more realistic one is that there’s something about me that nobody likes that I need to find and change. And if you’re that desperate for sexual relations, try sex toys or craigslist or something.

    • Actually, the problem is with 90 percent of other people. You can see that by the lack of reading comprehension and civility on these comments. Your post is nothing but a stupid argumentum ad maiorem.

      • In the 1920s and 1940s most Germans didn’t like Jews. Most of the Southern Americans don’t like blacks. Is that because there’s something wrong with Jews and blacks? No, it’s because people were taught to hate—and today’s women are taught to hate men.

  5. The fact that you hate liberalism with a burning passion yet demand an unnecessary, tax funded government program to find you dates is just too great.

        • Your point is dumb. If you had any brains you’d know that

          1. This program isn’t unnecessary at all and that there have been suicides and even murder-suicides because of incel. Or are you gonna deny human nature like liberals do and say that it’s normal to be alone forever?

          2. Liberals hate incels more than anybody else. People who were most against my program and presented the worst arguments against it were all liberals.

  6. When I was in high school I had a really active sex life. I fucked because I was lonely, because I enjoyed sex, and because people asked me to. If you’d been on a date with me, I guarantee you would not be a virgin anymore. But, would you be happy?
    Sex feels great while you are doing it, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to feel any more fulfilled afterwards. You might even experience some unintended consequences. What will you do if you get an STD? What if the girl you’re with gets pregnant? What if she breaks up with you after sex? What if you’re unable to come? What if you’re still angry for whatever reason even though you got what you thought you wanted?
    People get rejected. People feel alone. People feel annoyed sometimes when their love is unrequited. But most people don’t write angry blogs anonymously trashy someone for not wanting a second date. There were plenty of guys that I only fucked once, and most of them were cool with that because I always told them I didn’t want a long term relationship. Some people don’t. I’m not entirely proud of myself for being the slutty girl back then, but I know I made those choices.

    • Oh god, THANK YOU.

      I’ve only been asked out when I hit college, but it’s true that nobody really tells you that anything can happen with sex. There are guys who get sore and couldn’t finish, there are guys who could only last 4 minutes. There are guys who get so nervous or fearful of hurting their partners, they couldn’t even get it up as soon as the clothes were off.

      I’ve only been with two guys. One of them would actually get so frustrated, he used to act snappish and cold when it didn’t go like what he imagined.
      And guess what, our relationship didn’t last. It went to the point where I was actually afraid to ask him for another round of sex because I didn’t want to be faced with an angry glare afterwards. When I should’ve just told him to loosen up, not act like an asshole, and just relax and actually enjoy the moment.

      Not a lot of guys realise this. And I think it’s one of the reasons why it’d be hard for this guy. He puts way too much value on just the act–and since he even admitted that he’s investing all his effort in trying to get in a relationship, what’ll be left for him when he has to lie awkwardly with a girl, unable to do anything else but have to talk about something?

      Especially if it turns out she’s a ‘liberal’.

      • You do understand that incel is about more than sex and that I’m not a virgin? That I have in fact slept with 4 women and have a fwb now? This crappy wall of text is nothing but a testament to liberal stupidity to me.

      • Then why do you want a relationship? We have so far heard no good qualities about any woman you have met. And what’s a ‘FWB’ anyway? Friend With Benefit? Then why claim you are currently frustrated from not having a relationship?

        Why even WANT to be in a relationship if our culture’s going down the toilet? This girl is clearly interpreting your blog exactly like everyone else here! If you can’t even write your actual message well enough for the rest of us to understand, then don’t blame these dozens of people.

        Also please state what makes a person ‘liberal’, ‘immoral’ or ‘irresponsible’. You’re starting to sound like Jack Chick.

  7. jesus fucking christ. your head’s so far up your ass you’re just impervious to logic. i get the impression that you fancy yourself rather intelligent. well, you’re not. you’re a fucking idiot. seriously. you have to be. there’s no way you could cram so many fallacies into a single post and not be incredibly fucking stupid. as i began reading this post i started deciding how to parse the fallacies to rebut them, but before i was halfway through i realized that it was going to take more time and effort than it would be worth since it’s clear to me now that there’s just no talking to you because you love your fucking blinkers. they give you license to think that you’re justified. you want what you want and you don’t want to feel wrong about it so you’re willing to be incredibly willfully deluded to justify it to yourself. but get this, you’re only fooling yourself – everyone else sees your bullshit for what it is.

  8. Take your Rush Limbaugh crap somewhere else mate. Everyone has been wishing you the best in your life as you try and regain some semblance of sanity. I, however, know that you couldn’t give a damn. So, no, I don’t wish you well — I hope you figure something out to fix your sad and lonely life.

    You need to stop blaming others for the poor choices you’ve made. I guarantee most of this is by your own hand — I used to be on a slippery slope towards becoming like you.

    You can’t blame everyone else all the time. It makes for a lonely bitter life. Of course no one can really stop you either — I just don’t think anyone should live their life spouting hatred and alienating those who try to reach out and communicate.

    Of course, again, your choice. I sincerely hope that you don’t die alone because of your intolerable filth.

  9. Did you ever stop to think that the reason why you’re being a loose butthole is because you are keeping a running tally on your failures? Not to solve your problems or anything. I am an internet doctor.

  10. Actually, I do have a few things: First and foremost, I still think that the initiative to place labels on GMO foods should have passed in Washington state… though I know that GMOs are sometimes just the breeding of specific traits in plants. Secondly, I want to give a shout out to all of my fellow high school teachers, colleagues, and my wonderful Language Arts students for being thoughtful, kind, and empathetic. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge my wonderful husband, who is a “Nice Guy,” a genuine “Nice Guy,” and that I am looking forward to all of the years and Venture Brothers seasons ahead of us.

    Catch you on the flipside, D-Bag. Oh wait, maybe I won’t. However, I think most people commenting on your opinions (I’m not even going to call it a blog as it basically reads as a manifesto/suicide note) would be more than happy to side with me. I hope I have given you something to be mad about for the next couple of hours.

      • Why does her husband have to be an omega asshole? He could be motherfucking Tom Hiddleston for all we know. HAHA, ARE YOU MRS. HIDDLESTON?!

      • Sometimes he can be an asshole, sometimes I can be an asshole. I guess he’s an omega in some ways. And in some ways, I am the omega. Like, I make more money than him, but he also makes better food than me and keeps the finances in order. He also pays the mortgage while my finances pay for the vehicles and their maintenance, luxuries that we both enjoy, and establishing a healthy savings account for emergencies. The dog and the cat also like him more than me.

        Also, if we are comparing human relationships to that of dog relationships (alpha, beta, omega, etc.) we as humans actually have a drastically distorted misconception of dog/wolf hierarchies. I actually suggest the book “Dog Sense” by John Bradshaw. Dogs do not have a hierarchy, let alone wolves. Most wolves in the wild live in harmonious family units that are based more so on risk-assessment than these made-up hierarchies that we’ve abstractly concocted over the years. Hence, it is not a good idea to “establish dominance” over your dog… because your dog will quite literally be confused by this. That being said, you should not try to “establish dominance” over other men/women because it is confusing and unintuitive to others.

        You see, wolves in captivity are forced into a situation where they must form packs with unfamiliar, non-family wolves creating dysfunction… but we perceive it as a hierarchy. If we were to draw parallels here, I would also say that humans are not harmonious when they try to place themselves into rigid social hierarchies. I think your problem is you are not doing enough risk-assessment.

      • “Because he got her by using seduction”

        Ohhhhh shit. Oh my god.

        Seriously, I’m SO glad. I’m so glad–it’s like listening to a male version of Margaret White.
        Jesus christ~. You know about us girls who have boyfriends, who had us ‘by seduction’, all of us can make a huge list as to how our guys first interested us. I met my current SO by asking him for directions, I saw him in a D&D club and wound up asking him to show me how to play Magic the Gathering. He even asked about my interests and we hit it off about story-writing and reading.

        And, also the REALLY important part; he wasn’t all over me.
        Basically, his philosophy of flirting was, “Think of interacting with a person like wanting to pick up sand. If you grab it and squeeze your hand tight, sand starts escaping out immediately.
        But if you carefully, and nonchalantly, lift the sand up, it stays.”

        Not all of us were born gorgeous princesses that had boys salivating over us. A lot of us (including me) were kids who never really bloomed even at high school. I myself never had a guy glance at me twice until I was in my second year at college. But funny enough, that’s when I started meeting guys who think “Oh, a person with two X chromosomes, I’m going to stand so close I could almost step on her feet, and try to bullshit my way into her pants.” and so much more creepsters. I even had friends who were wall-flowers for most of their lives, and wound up scared out of their wits when they see guys actually FOLLOWING them home.

        We’re used to not getting attention, and as soon it happens, we’re not flattered. We go, “WOAH, calm the fuck down.”. We’re used to having to talk to boys like we’re the ignored gender, which means: talk like a frickin’ normal person–or like a guy, if you need me to help you understand.

        My SO didn’t bullshit his way into me. And I doubt Haha!’s did. The importance is social cues, and knowing how to pass on a flirt and see if a girl’s willing to play along is important. And if she doesn’t, power to her. The least you’d want is a pity fuck.

        That’s ‘seduction’ for us. At least Haha! knows the various ways she can enjoy her relationship, because clearly they share interests that they care about. Plus, we LIKE being ‘passed the ball’ in the relationship ‘playing field’. Don’t fling your attempts at us non-stop. Toss in the ball, see if we want to throw it back to your awaiting hands, and if not, don’t act like you’re offended.

        And oh, we DO want seduced. Not all of us think kissing or sex is filthy.

  11. You always talk about ohthatbadliberalsandwhatnot, so my question is: How do you think you would do in an non-liberal society like letssay Iran or India? Or in non-liberal societies like the Amish people or some ultra-conservative catholic country?

    • I am not sure how protective men of Iran or India are of their women. If they could date foreign men freely I think I’d do fine in both Iran and India. I’d do fine among Amish but can’t join them as I’m not anti-technology. There are no more truly conservative catholic countries, trust me. Christianity was once a solid moral religion but it no longer is.

      • Thank you so far for your answers, I might not have made that clear much enough I think (english is my 3rd language, sorry) as I actually meant “what if you would be born Iranian/Indian?” 🙂
        What expectations in a man do iranian/indian women have/what qualities and characters they have – from your point of view, that would make a relationship more likely as with women from your home country?
        I read up on wikipedia about Amish courting rituals and view on sex, how could have this particular part of amish culture benefit you as an incel man?
        Okay, lets play pretend then;) So letssay you live in past and be a Pilgrim boy or the son of a catholic irish family, how would have turned your life out (I hope you like history and historical things) in comparison to now in a liberal country? Especially your teenage years.
        Looking forward to read from you,
        A Question

      • Wait a second, which Christianity? ‘Cause there’s like…a lot and they all have different methods on how someone’s supposed to be pious.

  12. “My poor, tortured boner! I want someone to have sex with it, but I want it to be meaningful! Why doesn’t someone want to romantically touch my boner? Please government, I need vouchers to cash in for a woman that will genuinely love me!!” That, my friend, is a form of bizzaro, hyper-liberalism. And hey, one day you might get it. Like, in some Philip K. Dick universe where the government could issue you a love robot that is programmed to “be authentic” in its love for you. In the meanwhile, what might be best is to have a heartwarming conversation over the phone with someone who doesn’t think you’re a monster, while simultaneously masturbating. I suggest going to your Rolodex, finding a handful of close friends, and getting started.

    • haha, you have 24 hours to apologize for saying my program was about sex and retract the statement or to prove that it is. Unless you do so I will delete your posts. This chance is not something I usually offer as I’d immediately ban all who said that program is about sex. So, how is it about sex?

    • Please guberment come to my rescue. I just had my 5th baby with my 1265th badboy. He has no job and just left me. I need some more welfare for my babies, so what if much of it comes from incel men with jobs, who I would not give the time of day to.

      How does ggg’s request differ from this? If I pay taxes as an incel, much of that goes to women, then yes women/guberment owe me a girlfriend

  13. I mean, you could go back and fix that up to say “relationship AND/OR sex” then I technically would look like a moron. I will give you 24 hours to go back and make that adjustment before your argument is nullified. #flipmode *puts on sunglasses*

  14. “Waaah, I have problems meeting girls and I want other people to pay for it with their tax dollars!”
    Nope, sounds like a liberal to me.

  15. Incel is not the lack of a relationship and sex. Involuntary celibacy is a lack of voluntary intercourse. If you have a FWB, you are not incel. If you have had multiple sex partners and are under 30, you are not incel.

    You are a poor representative for those that are incel. If you can get voluntary sex (and that means without paying) from people you are attracted to, then you likely have good enough looks, or social skills, or what have you to do that (things that real incels lack.)

    If you have difficulty getting a relationship I suspect is your vitriolic personality that is turning women off.

  16. I would like to add a comment. Of the millions of Jews who were faced with the Holocaust, most went quietly to the gas chambers. Very few openly resisted. Unfortunately this seems to be human nature, that a dominant majority bullies a meek minority. What is happening now with Modernists/Liberals and decent men / incels is the same story being played out again. Instead of gas chambers, the minority here just faces extinction by failure to reproduce. And once again most meekly accept their fate.

    My parents survived the Holocaust because they didn’t accept their fate. They actively resisted, my mother in hiding and my father blowing up Nazi trains. I resist the Modernists just as my parents resisted the Nazis. And as my parents survived Nazism, I have survived Modernism and I expect my children to be another generation who will fight the evils of their world and triumph.

    I am glad to see thatincelblogger is also fighting the evils of Modernism. I wish him the best of luck, a good non-feminist wife, and many children.

    • I am genuinely stunned that you had the gall to compare you being so ugly, self entitled, ignorant and trash that no one wants anything to do with you to the holocaust, as if the two are remotely similar.

      You are a pathetic, disgusting bottomfeeder who deserves to stay at the bottom, and I sincerely offer my condolences to any women that you may have encountered in your lifetime. I guarantee you that the reason you’ve been rejected so many times in your life has to due with the fact that you are a gigantic man-child, and you probably lack any actual social or empathetic ability.

      • An what culture, pray tell, would that be in which you would find a wife? Are you even captable to fully support a family of your own financially by the way? …

        • A culture where women still value providers over seduction. So, probably Central Asia or some of the ex-Soviet countries. Unfortunately, I have a degree that isn’t really useful but I am ready to work to support a wife and family.

      • You would be cool with a dirt-poor woman, who just chooses you because you are a “rich european” (wich isn´t even the case with you) because you could provide for her and also her family back home (let´s be honest, this is the case why women from central asia often are pushed to marry “rich” european men even if they resent him personally) ?

        Don´t you want someone who loves you for yourself?

        Besides, shouldn´t you focus on building up a career so you actually could support a family with a woman who chooses a provider?
        You need to construct the house before your choose the furniture, dude ^^

        • You don’t seem to understand one thing. Just because a woman chooses a provider doesn’t mean she’s not attracted to him. Women don’t choose providers or seducers based on their genetic code. Women are agnostic about male behavior. Women choose the men are most successful in evolutionary terms. If providers are successful at breeding they will want providers.

          “Besides, shouldn´t you focus on building up a career so you actually could support a family with a woman who chooses a provider?
          You need to construct the house before your choose the furniture, dude ^^”.

          You don’t need a lot of money to be a provider, especially if the man is young. However, a bigger problem for me is moving out of Europe.

      • Hey waitwaitwait – I think we have a little loop here… So woman choose sucessful providers, yeh okay,I´m fully on your side at this, but how are you a sucessful provider or sucessful in evolutionary terms in the first place?
        Don´t get me wrong here, but you just said yourself you do have an somewhat useless degree (which one?) and I have been many times to Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam…) so I know a bit about the girls there and the provider types are often the older, settled ones with assets so the girl could be sure she could send home money for like sending 3 nephews to college or buying land and building a house for her parents, this are examples.
        I´m sorry to tell you that, but the girls who are choosing providers are not taking the young poor foreign guys, it wouldn´t make sense as they could just stick to their own race then (and believe me, this girls will ALWAYS hold their own people in greater honour).
        If you want a girl, who wants a provider herself, you ough´ta have to bring something to the table! And being a youg male actually is not enough, they have already plenty of young males there, even too much as many girls go to work abroad and start being the providers themselves or they marry well-off europeans until the house in her land is paid and then get rid of him to marry a fellow countryman (in many of this countries, a foreigner cannot have property and it´s all in the wife´s name), you get what I want to warn you about?
        Another thing with the moving there: Hey, you struck me as a “innocent” guy (not in a bad way, you just seem to be young and eager) so I really want to warn you about hastily packing your clothes and just moving there, thinking you are the king there by default. Many young and eager men before you did this and many ended beaten up or even dead in a back-ally after a couple of days or coming home with even less money and an STD – and I´d hate to read about you ending up like that, because believe me, you don´t want that…
        So you need to have a plan and you need to have money and some skills if you really want to move there…!
        Now that went to be a pretty long post, but I just felt the need to set your young and eager head straight a lil´, take an advice from an old dog like me 😉
        I hope you take this to your heart and don´t make any moves you might regret!

    • “Most incels on, for example, have STEM degrees. On the other hand, uneducated Guatemalans tend to have 9 kids.”

      Yeah, so what? How does that contradict with lol´s comment? A STEM degree in an western country, hold by someone who is just completely clueless and crippled socially, actually is complete wothless! This LS guys wouldn´t probably make it 2 fucking days in the streets or in the jungle.
      This guatemalian guy however, may not be college-educated, but he knows how to survive and how to deal with life sucessfully, making him way more valuabe to the human race. Another thing is that in nature, the weak and sick children die or being left to die, so humans needed to have many children to make sure only the strongest survive.

      And LS-type guys are the weak and sickly ones… you guys are just lucky, you live in an modern society where you have the internet to cuddle each other. By the Law of the Jungle, you all would be dead since a looong time!

      • “Yeah, so what? How does that contradict with lol´s comment? A STEM degree in an western country, hold by someone who is just completely clueless and crippled socially, actually is complete wothless! ”

        1. You are equating being incel with being cluless and crippled socially. That’s moronic. I am not socially anxious and many incel guys aren’t. Sure, there are also many who are and social anxiety is one of the leading causes of incel but not all of us are like that.

        2. I’ll tell you why a STEM degree is worthless. It’s worthless because providers are no longer appreciated and are seen as boring nerds. This is because the government hands out money to women so they no longer need men as providers.

        “This LS guys wouldn´t probably make it 2 fucking days in the streets or in the jungle.”

        Please educate yourself on difference between LS and incel. There is a page on this on my blog. Anyway, no, you don’t know that and I doubt many modern people would survive in a junge lol.

        “This guatemalian guy however, may not be college-educated, but he knows how to survive and how to deal with life sucessfully, making him way more valuabe to the human race. ”

        I don’t see what makes him so successful. He barely lives above subsistence level. He bred because he’s “sexy”, not because he’s some kind of a provider.

        “Another thing is that in nature, the weak and sick children die or being left to die, so humans needed to have many children to make sure only the strongest survive.”

        That might have been the case in the past but today it’s usually the dumb people who don’t use contraception and reproduce in greatest numbers.

        “And LS-type guys are the weak and sickly ones… you guys are just lucky, you live in an modern society where you have the internet to cuddle each other. By the Law of the Jungle, you all would be dead since a looong time!”

        Weak and sickly? Lol, most noncels would kill themselves after some weeks of becoming incel. They are strong and didn’t. Which jungle are you writing this nonsense from?

    • I am literally stunned that you believed the only way to survive the Holocaust was by fighting back.

      Thousands of the victims actually didn’t know they were in death camps until it was too late. Your parents clearly DID survive because they weren’t the first wave of death camp prisoners.

      It’s like believing that the citizens of Guernica only needed to ‘fight back’ to prevent the Blitzkrieg from happening to them. Except, the world had never seen such a thing happening before. And a bunch of peasant farmers wouldn’t be able to do so in the dark of night. Oh, and Franco was the kind of dictator to ‘think up’ of potential enemies, even if many of them haven’t even did anything and kept by the rules. He was just a paranoid fuck that even made Hitler publicly say to his generals, “I’d rather have four of my teeth pulled than talk to him.”
      To Hitler, Franco was an ignorant dog who had NO problems running his own country to the ground. And, Franco turned out to be the catalyst that turned my country into having the lowest numbers of graduates, the lowest number of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and inventors compared to the rest of europe (even after Germany was fucked over by the aftermath of war, and the constraining Soviet Union). But, today, it’s the one country that has the highest number of domestic-abuse deaths in all of Europe.

      Why? Because he fought modernism, and even tried to make people more unable to become intelligent on their own, just so it’s easier to ‘control’ them.

      Digression aside, I’m stating that you can’t force the jews, gays, ‘enemies of the state’, gypsies, and even the ‘unwanted’ from places such as Czechslovakia (which were the FIRST victims, since the League of Nations sold them right out), Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France into the gas chambers, just because they didn’t know that they shouldn’t have to ‘come quietly’. For Spain, Franco was already arresting people who could actually read and write–my grandparents even remember seeing their village school teachers getting shoved into the back of trucks. Before WWII even happened, people began to believe that the only way to survive was to ‘behave’ like a loyal soldier to the dictator–so some went as far as actually taking up their farm tools, and slaughtering whole orphanages because they’re potentially ‘the children of the enemy’. In the town I was born in, one children’s home was turned into a bloodbath (the nuns that tried to stop them were raped and torn apart)–and the townspeople were spooked by literally witnessing their neighbors, who’ve they’ve known for most of their lives, staggering out covered in blood and shouting that ‘God would sort them (ie. the orphans) out.’.

      Getting cornered and arrested by an invader isn’t the same as becoming an Incel.
      Walking out of your house one day and witnessing someone you’ve grown up with suddenly turn into a violent monster, isn’t the same as becoming an Incel.
      Even living in Poland, that had their own prison camps before (though people were able to come back home after 7-12 years) but were suddenly turned to death camps without the citizens’ knowledge, is not the same as becoming an Incel.

      I wasn’t able to ‘reproduce’ for a good two years. I was literally ignored by the whole male species for a while, but I didn’t chalk it up as it being their fault. Let alone SOCIETY’s fault. Seriously, how many women belong in your group? Because there are girls who are deemed untouchable by the ‘male desire’. I see them everyday, sometimes in the middle of the night in a 24/7 supermarket because some of them were actual burn victims. Sometimes they’re disabled, or even victims of endometriosis (an actual condition for only women) which actually stops them from being able to even have sex.
      I even knew a girl in high school who developed premature menopause. Her weight ballooned almost out of nowhere, she began turning ruddy and sweated so easily, she had to change shirts in the middle of the day, even when she wasn’t doing anything remotely physical. She stopped getting dates as soon as that happened, and was only something the guys ‘felt sorry for’.

      There’s very few medical cases that turn you guys undateable. It’s one of the reasons why I tried to look into the ‘Shy Love’ documentary, and almost wanted to turn it off because I kept remembering everyone else, the burn victims of my community, and the boys and girls with actual medical conditions that turn them into freaks or ‘pity cases’. Do you have Down syndrome? Were you autistic? Did you have Huntingdon’s Disease (which is actually common where I live right now). Did you have Aids, which would’ve been FUN when you were growing up–considering the vicious paranoia during the 90s? If not, then we have NO reason to cry about ‘society’ and the other gender.
      This was why I said NOTHING when I wasn’t getting the ‘D’ for two whole years. Sure, I got bullied during it, since that was in college, and many times I had to clean piss and trash off my front door because my neighbor’s boyfriends liked to pick on me for being a loser.
      Still didn’t blame society though. Because I don’t have a real reason to feel like the whole world doesn’t give a shit about me.

      • K@sey_yo, you seem to be intelligent but you are still a woman which means that you will never really be able to understand men. Of course the converse is true, that since I am a man, I will never fully understand women. Now I will address your points.

        My mother was on the boarding platform for Auschwitz but she didn’t like or trust the Germans, so she ran away. My father was at a German work camp and escaped and joined Serbian guerrilla fighters who blew up German trains. My parents were not passive people and neither am I. I am not saying that fighting back would have saved all Jews, but it would have saved many and would have made things much more difficult for the Nazis. The same applies now to incels. If incels actively fought back, they would have a good chance.

        I know very little about Franco, so I won’t comment on him. But I am curious, if he was against Modernism, what exactly was he for?

        I agree that war and incel are different. War is short and intense, while incel is long and drawn out. Two years of incel is less serious than two years of war. Ten years of incel is about the same as two years of war.

        As a woman, you naturally assume that someone has to have an obvious defect to be incel. You are completely wrong. There is nothing wrong with thatincelblogger. I was more incel than thatincelblogger because I live in the world’s worst culture, America. The main cause of incel is failing to fit into an immoral culture that celebrates stupidity and ridicules intelligence.

        I suggest reading the following articles to get deeper insight:

        Sexual Utopia in Power
        Human Evolution

      • Franklin:

        In a certain sense, aren’t you also arguing that the millions who died in the Holocaust were in a certain sense to blame for their deaths, if you are indeed positing that had more “fought back”, there would have been a higher survival rate?

    • “1. You are equating being incel with being cluless and crippled socially. That’s moronic. I am not socially anxious and many incel guys aren’t. Sure, there are also many who are and social anxiety is one of the leading causes of incel but not all of us are like that.”

      You may not “anxious” maybe, but yes you are clueless about how stuff works and socially crippled and in addition, you are also a sick asshole. That´s why you do what you do. Simply as that.

      “2. I’ll tell you why a STEM degree is worthless. It’s worthless because providers are no longer appreciated and are seen as boring nerds. This is because the government hands out money to women so they no longer need men as providers.”

      See, that´s why you are clueless. Holding a STEM degree does NOT lead to a well-paid job and a high reputation in society automatically. Competition in that field is big and competition in society is even bigger and all the fuckwits, who whine about how they are “incel” and why they want to fuck their mom or drown in their own sweat by just standing next to a woman, are that ones who will lose the race. The vast mayority of women does not like boring nerds! Never happened, including “old times”- only in the heads of boring nerds! A woman may have gone for a rich boring nerd as a provider, but you can be sure as fuck she fucked the hot stable boy quite more often than her husband, who was still a boring nerd! The tale of the Prince Charming, handsome hero and the Casanova type is as old as humanity!

      “Please educate yourself on difference between LS and incel. There is a page on this on my blog. Anyway, no, you don’t know that and I doubt many modern people would survive in a junge lol.”

      Actually, I just don´t care!

      “I don’t see what makes him so successful. He barely lives above subsistence level. He bred because he’s “sexy”, not because he’s some kind of a provider.”

      Again, this just shows how complete clueless you are. Nature and evolution doesn´t measure success by the amout of degrees one holds given out by a modern, western education institute. It measures by how good you are at surviving. and the guatemalian guy is probably damn good at it as he could cope with the harsh enviroment. He has a wife and children, because he is not completely nuts and therefor found a mate.
      And of course he is a provider! Do you even know where Guatemala is?! What the people have to endure there to feed their children?! How much bribe did your parents have to hand out to get a completely dimwit like you through school?!

      “Weak and sickly? Lol, most noncels would kill themselves after some weeks of becoming incel. They are strong and didn’t. ”
      No, you are not strong – you are in fact quite weak and fucked up. That´s why women won´t mate with you, their primary instinct tells them you are a shitty-ass provider and chances are good, any offspring of yours would be completely fucked up too – so evolution will extinct you.
      Simple as that.

  17. Dear ThatIncelBlogger,

    It seems like we got off to a bad start. Upon reading your replies to numerous comments and the journal entries themselves, it would seem like you have a better understanding of this parallel universe that coincides simultaneously with the one that I and many of the other users seem to be experiencing. Which happens to a lot of people (ie. The Tea Party in the US) And by parallel universe I mean potential logical fallacy that make up a person’s reality aka what a person knows/perceives to be true.

    First and foremost, I want to say that this is a much bigger conversation than could even be conveyed in a comment box. Modernity is a huge wheel in this problem. You know, I will go ahead and look at incel as a legitimate issue that is an offshoot of modernity. Here is why: modernity is cold in both ideals and aesthetics, while also embracing social warmth; it is altruistic, while relying on a disconnected/competitive/ruthless economic system (capitalism) which is made even moreso merciless when you throw in computers designed to process inhuman amounts of data that thus shape the market before many of us have any time to react.

    Your incel is an offshoot of this desire for a time when gender roles were quite static. And it worked fairly well in that time period, but also had significant draw backs. (as a side question to you, what are your feelings about arranged marriage? Some of those drawbacks included leaving women in compromising situations; like when women became widows (you know, because their provider died.) We still have these issues nowadays, but have made some significant growth in rights/resources that allow a woman to bounce back and start over. This is one of the many “social warmth” aspects of modernity.

    Now for the coldest part, which in many ways we brought upon ourselves with advancements in technology and a complex global economy. And we love it, whether we like it or not, and we depend on it, whether we like it or not. Hence your desire to be in an Amish community, but hesitate to do so because of technological dependency. At least that is what I gather from what you have been saying. Correct me if I am wrong. And, I can see where one would want to do that. I’m sure there isn’t one person on here that doesn’t yearn for a simpler time, while being afforded the sweet, sweet, conveniences of modern living.

    Capitalism (but don’t say the word with too much stink, otherwise you’ll start to hear helicopters hovering over your house) is a humongous part of modernity. It has been the driving force in our advancements industrially, brought on by a sky rocketting literacy rates after the last 100-150 years. It has brought countries to their knees, and it will always be the elephant in the room of any conversation about current world problems. Your incel stems from this, not advancements in the rights of women and our ever-evolving and fine-tuning of gender roles. Because the world is so competitive, both women and men cannot afford to have 50% of the population not compete. This challenges recently held ideologies.

    Why do we need to compete fiercely now? Because we are, or are at least now notice that we are, competing with billions of people. Why do we need both men and women to have a shot at this? Because we still don’t know how to deal with poverty (aka people who are guilty of lacking capital) and the best methods of reentering a person in poverty into the economy.

    The by-product of this fierce competition is, in fact, technology… As it allows for us to connect to one another and send information back and forth at faster speeds, furthering our ability to compete or keep up. I am certainly a victim and an addict of this fast pace lifestyle as I find myself at times anxious and burnt out.

    Do you have social and emotional needs that you wish to be met? Absolutely. I feel the same way too. However, your blame on the advancement in liberalism as it relates to human rights is misappropriated. You really should be blaming capitalism, which begets competition, which begets the advancement in technology, which begets a society that does in fact base your social worth (how much emotional needs you are alotted) on how much money you can exchange in that economy. So, honestly, the very thing that you cling to, that keeps you from joining a community that operates like “old times,” is the very thing that is causing your incel: cold and inhuman technology born from merciless capitalism.


  18. In reply to your comment regarding the STEM degrees, I’ll be honest I was basing my assessment of incel men being genetically worthless mostly off of you, because you’re the first person I’ve ever met who refers to themselves as incel, and you are genetically worthless. Hey bright side: at least you don’t have to put up with raising nine kids.

  19. “I agree that war and incel are different. War is short and intense, while incel is long and drawn out. Two years of incel is less serious than two years of war. Ten years of incel is about the same as two years of war.”

    Oh hooray! I’m glad we have this incredibly stupid and subjective scale now! It is all making sense! It sounds to me that both you and thatincelblooger don’t actually have incel, but PTSD.

  20. Honestly Franklin, one of many problems with the links that you provided is that the articles give profound, sweeping generalizations with an occasional source… while also demonstrating a lack of certainty. This next gem, though toward the end as the author is rapping up his musings, is rooted in the original thesis (which is mostly about comparing animal mating rituals to that of humans)

    “Equality of the sexes makes men less attractive to women; it has probably contributed significantly to the decline in Western birthrates. It is time to put an end to it” (Devlin, 36).

    Welp! We’re not CERTAIN that it has contributed to low birth rates, but let’s just go ahead and try to make that generalization… maybe nobody will notice that we said “probably.” Seriously, dude, you gotta find some better sources or you’re not going to persuade anybody.

    • Not to even mention, that the availability of contraception to the vast mayority of the population leads to the simple thing, that people who are not so comfortable with raising a truckload of kids in a a shack now just *gasp* do not have to shoot out 16 babies and still can have sex!

      Actually, this whole part from Devlin(?) is just wrong and fucking stupid. First, the obvious:
      Declining birthrate in modern countries also go along with an heavy increase in the quality of life in general, child-raising and children´s education in specific and an heavy decline in infant and children mortality. So not a bad thing per default, actually it´s quite the opposite as the value of the individual human being increases therefor.
      Second, not only western countries have low birthrates, Iran and Japan, for example, are not superfeminist countries at all, still Iran has a birthrate at 1,7 per woman and Japan has the worst in any industrialized country at all! Scandinavian countries, on the other hand…
      And last: the whole argument of “women have no mo´babies, bec they are ebil feminists and sluts ya all!” is just about the “girlz have cooties” level… You losers have to decide: are the women superevil because they won´t shoot out babies on a Duggar speed with you – or are you not giving them your superspeshul juice, all the girls are *rofl* ahem *lol* ….begging for … (at least in your head)?

      Franklin has only 2 kids himself anyway.
      What´s up Franklin, you lazy ass?! Why don´t you have 16 kids – at least, you claim to be 22 years married and super-traditional, so that´s quite a low speed. Or have you been doghouse´d by your mamita a long time ago?

  21. Dou keep meeting women who express their distaste for you soon after meeting you (as is the case with the woman who blocked you on FB) and want nothing to do with you? If so (and it does seem to be so), then you might wish to consider what it might be about yourself that causes such quick dislike of you from women. The VAST majority of those who have read your blog have basically said this same thing: the common denominator is you. You repel woman after woman? Don’t blame women, rather, look at yourself to see what needs changing. That requires humility and courage, and I hope you have those tools within yourself or else you’ll spend years in the same foul space you are in currently.

    • Don’t bother to get through to him. He will maintain until the end that he’s a sociable guy and that his anger doesn’t come off in his body language, as if he’s that one human that controls every aspect of his body language. Your face and movements don’t lie. For instance, people can spot my social awkwardness pretty quickly despite attempts to hide it.

  22. “Atheist Cult”? If you really thought god existed, instead of being a figment of the human mind as it clearly is, you wouldn’t call that “conviction” Faith or belief; words that imply unlikeliness, a lack of confidence, and impossibility.

    Also, women probably reject you because you think so lowly of them and, as human beings who are(at the very least) your equal in intellectual and emotional faculties, they pick up on that through your behavior. “I have literally no standards”? I’m sure the women unfortunate enough to have sat across from find that so very flattering.

    And treating harassment as a viable solution to your loneliness, something that only bothers you because you have made the decision to obsess over it? Juvenile. Childish. Churlish. You act like a damn thug hoping to abuse women as a class into enduring you, and you have the gall to call those philosophically dedicated to freedom and equality scum? HA! You are a joke, Sir, though I only extend you that courtesy with the greatest irony.

  23. I think you are very courageous to post a viewpoint like this. As an anti-liberalism, anti-feminism woman living in California, I feel completely unsafe in discussing any issues either irl or online because every time I do, peers and “friends” (with the exception of a select few) attack me for having an opinion. I really do wish you luck in finding a suitable lady.

  24. Is it possible that, due to some of your behaviors, you’re unworthy of love and affection? Is there any part of your current condition that can ascribed to the way you act or is it all because of misandry? Not trying to be glib, just want to know what you think.

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