On necessity of hate that an incel must have

This guy has the right idea
I’ll c/p the idea entirely

I was inspired by https://caamib.wordpress.com/ on doxing women who reject him. I have an idea to take it one step further. I am spending this thanksgiving holiday wiring my bedroom with cameras triggered by a signal from my phone (Since I am an incel, I have nothing but time and money to do things like this). The next time I find a girl who wants to sleep with me(been about 2 years without paying), I will record the sex. Depending on how badly she rejects me, I will wait a year and post the video along with her name, number, and address on the internet. Since the one talent I do have with women, is to be forgot about by them, and since today’s cunt, if she is single, goes through dozens of guys a year, it can be almost guaranteed that when she finds it, she will not even remember who I was, or where I live.. That way, the whole world will be able to see that sweet little Jenny, is nothing but a dirty, nasty, fuck slut. Other incel’s will then have another free porn video, to, as the feminists would tell them, use their right hand.

This actually makes a lot of sense. Though Franklin is absolutely right that one must first work to get out of the femisphere not all of us have this option. This is why we must resort to hate and hurting of all women who reject us. These women are not human beings. They are brainwashed feminist scum. They don’t deserve to breathe the same air decent people do.

I have already sent the link with a defamatory blog on her to all the friends of that monster I talked about in the previous post. I implore all the incels to take revenge, in any form possible, against all women who fuck them over. This is outright war, and we must be the ones who will win it. We must punish all these disgusting bitches. There’s no way back. Only hate will help. We must have hate to prevail and we cannot beat this vicious enemy without first learning how to hate him.

I changed my mind on the doxxing – will only dox immoral, vile women

The idea to doxx all women who rejected me was wrong. These women at least gave a chance in real life. I had this idea after being angry for being rejected by a woman I met in real life. But that was a wrong approach. That woman or others who’d reject me in real life aren’t to blame for not being attracted to me.

But there are some women that are just vile, irresponsible scum.

I meet this girl online last week and on Friday we arrange to meet on Monday. She didn’t contact me entire weekend, despite all the messages I sent her, asking her to confirm the meeting we agreed on. She just wasn’t online. This meant that I didn’t even have her cell number before going to the arranged meeting. Still, I went there, only to freeze my ass for an hour while waiting for her. She never arrived.

I was finally able to contact her later during the night on that dating website and ask her what happened. She told me she had an exam on Monday and didn’t feel well during the weekend so she didn’t come online and simply forgot about the entire thing. She also said she’s sorry. I was like “Ok, I don’t mind, when can we see each other?”. I never got a response on the dating site and was blocked on Facebook about half an hour later.

I was freezing there for an hour just to experience her blocking me later. And, no, I’ve never told her about any of my views.

She deserves to have a defamatory blog made about her. She is scum.

In the land of blind monsters

It’s horribly lonely here.

I am all alone.

There are thousands of monsters beneath me. If I come down they will eat me. You can see their comments everywhere I go.

There was one thing that I’d always find funny. Many of the haters call me stupid, while themselves often unable to understand what my former program was about despite everything written out for them. Many of my haters call me a sociopath while they gladly claim that all people who can’t get a partner should just shut up and make peace with it.
Many of my haters would call me crazy while they’d be perfectly ok with most bizarre explanations for events in my life, explanations that would not only be completely unprovable but unlikely to occur anywhere in nature.

Most people are morons and that’s about all they are. Vile, unruly mob of belching, screaming monsters.

You attacked me for my idea of defamation without ever bothering to understand how I feel. Not a single one of your suggestions made any sense. To seek therapy? That thing that doesn’t even acknowledge my problems and has done nothing to help me for 10 years?
To give up? Like I am some kind of a robot? Would you just give up on sex and relationships? On your spouse? How many of you would honestly do that?
To go on with my life? Where, to even more rejections?

Most of you are nothing but children. Cruel pigs who believe in fairy tales. These women that rejected me were “good” and I am “bad”. What does this all mean and why? There are no real explanations. None of you have met me irl to know what kind of a person I really am. None of you have witnessed the dates I had. You don’t know what these girls think of me. It’s so easy for you to accuse and throw dirt.

None of you ever tried to help me at all with anything but stupid fortune cookie advice. You never offered any real help at all. And here I am. Broken and angry.

You are the monsters here.

Alright, losers… Time to do some explaining

It’s incredible how accurate Franklin’s definition of modern society is. It is corrupt, fascist, rotten, brutal, bereft of empathy and utterly fake. There is absolutely no substance to any of it.

Feminism and liberalism have corrupted it to the point where people have utterly distorted definitions of various words. And for this I might give credit to The Atheist Cult. They’ve been working tirelessly for decades to bring poison into young minds, creating a generation of bloodthirsty maniacs bent on censoring and destroying any perceived enemies.

Do you even know what entitlement means? Entitlement is the fact of having a right to something.

Do you know what a right is? Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement; that is, rights are the fundamental normative rules about what is allowed of people or owed to people, according to some legal system, social convention, or ethical theory.

So, if I really thought that I’m entitled to women I’d pursue my right in a court of law.

What else did you say? Yeah, the Nice Guy thing. I agree that there are some whiny people who claim they’re nice too much. But in everything else it has lost its meaning and became a punching bag for feminist monsters. The fact that women of today choose the most immoral, stupid and irresponsible men has nothing to do with the Nice Guy sindrome. Their pounding of that term is just a justification for them to fuck the Rooshes of this world.

Had to be something more I can’t remember now… Right. My personality. It is really interesting how none of you assholes would explain my failed dates with what you do now if it weren’t for my idea to dox these monsters. But you seem to forget that my rejections happened before. Is your argument really so dumb as to say that women immediately recognize men capable of doing something before they do? Why are most rapes done by people a rape victim knows then? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

And, lastly, my feelings. Nobody cares about them. Why don’t you try being rejected 20 fucking times, and every single time after a date lasting for at least several hours? What can I change about myself to avoid that? Nothing at all. I always do my best and it always fails.

Anyway, most of you are worthless liberal scum worthy of places like Freethoughtblogs. Fuck you, readers, fuck you.