I have dropped the cause of this blog and will no longer blog about any governmental programs

This is just a short post to announce some huge news.

I have decided to abandon the governments get girlfriends idea. Not the blog itself or maybe even the name (I am still pondering it, some advice from readers would be appreciated), just the idea that governments should find people girlfriends the way my program proposes. Or in any way whatsoever.

Let me start by saying why I didn’t drop this idea. I didn’t do this because I found a girlfriend, because there is a small number of incels or because of trolls who tried to dox me. I am still single, number of incels is huge (in fact growing every day) and those trolls have neither harmed me nor will they change their mind (if anything, they will like my next posts even less than my previous material). It’s also not about the funding of the program or the process of the program like I presented it. It is possible to fund such a program as it is possible to fund anything the government wants to fund. The process itself is ok, though I might have explained some details better. It might have helped… if this was a decent culture and incels were just men who had some problems during their lives and weren’t doing some things right. Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated.

Two things have recently happened that have opened my eyes

1.discussion on Cracked
2. I started sharing my ideas on domestic forums and basically got the same kind of obnoxious, retarded replies I get everywhere else

Franklin, a commentator on my blog, more widely known under a nickname fschmidt is right. A sick culture will never understand incel. It was stupid from me to believe in this cause. From now on I will no longer blog or post about the program anywhere else as it is a utopia. My pages on the program or even questions commentators here asked will be deleted (of course, those commentators will not be banned or censored in any other way). I have recently read all of Franklin’s material and I found out that he was right all along.

During my blogging and posting on other sites, mostly reddit I have encountered thousands of negative comments and barely a dozen positive ones. Common sense would dictate that it means that people would never implement this program. I could understand that much, but hoped that the mentality will change. Once I realized that it won’t and that the new generations will become even more and more irrational and idiotic I have decided to drop my previous cause.
But it really isn’t as easy as “some people disagreed with me and now I think basically everybody is scum”. I have thought about my life a lot and something snapped. All the events in my life found their true meaning. All the times I’ve been mistreated and abused now make sense.

The fact that a large majority of people are against my former idea isn’t the main reason why there is no point in even writing about it, let alone fighting for it. It is not so for this very strong argument could be countered by a notion that a growing number of incels might bring about the creation of such program one day. This is actually somewhat of a possibility but now I’ve become somebody who doesn’t think this would be a good idea.

A growing number of incels won’t be helped by my program for one basic reason- almost everybody in the modern culture is scum. So, while this scum can be incel and might even want this program for their own sake I don’t see anything good in letting scum breed. A counterargument to that might be that the modern culture makes a large number of decent men incel but I don’t see how they would get real help as decent men today are in very small numbers and will almost certainly not find a decent woman through the program, as the crux of the program isn’t about incel women joining but paying noncel women to join (which is necessitated by a huge disbalance between the number of male and female incels). Yes, decent women are somewhat likely to be incel but women who are scum aren’t. So there would be no substantial help.

One day, not that far from now, modern culture will collapse under the weight of its own evil and banality. Once a moral culture takes its place incel will no longer exist or only people who will be incels are those who deserve to be incel. It is currently the other way around. Most of those who deserve to be incel are very successful at finding partners and most decent people are incel.

My blog will now be about incel, love-shyness, anti-feminism, modern culture (which is an evil and psychopathic one), looking for women abroad and everything else that might be interesting to me and readers of this blog. Will my blog became just another MRA/manosphere blog? I don’t think so and will try to not make it so. I think I can offer some unique perspectives as somebody who had been 100 percent incel for most of his life and has experiences most people will never have. I have taken my own red pill but of a quite different nuance.

As for myself, upon realizing all this I had immediately decided to abandon most of my friends and no longer visit my shrink. All they did was feed me modernist bullshit. I will try to get to a country outside of femisphere but it’s probably not gonna happen as I am poor and have shitty major (history) so I’ll probably end up offing myself.

Anyway, I will make a huge post explaining why I decided to quit this idea later but have already outlined the main reasons.

Surprised? So am I. Even a week earlier I would call anybody saying this will happen crazy. But this is what happened. There’s no going back. I have dropped the governments get girlfriends idea.

24 thoughts on “I have dropped the cause of this blog and will no longer blog about any governmental programs

    • at, I have a question and a comment for you.

      Are you still incel or not then?

      I have deleted your comment about me that wasn’t correct. I could have kept it and argued why it wasn’t true but didn’t feel like it.

      • Which comment did you delete? Because you did say that you should go on a shooting spree and that you beat up an ex gf… I’m not incel anymore, ever since I turned 21 and started going to bars. I know that incel is also about relationships, but I have realized that I’m too busy for a relationship.

        • At, you have 24 hours to show where I said I should go on a shooting spree or where I said I will beat up my ex gf. Unless you provide evidence for this I will both delete your post and, unlike Ramm, ban you.

      • You do understand that you’ve confirmed neither of the statements? That you failed to confirm I said I’ll go on a shooting spree or that I’ve beaten up my gf? So I have to ban you now. Goodbye.

  1. “Take responsibility for your life”, maybe you should take responsibility for your URL because the link on your name doesn’t work.

    Your post has no substance, all you are saying is “you are wrong”. Nothing new, nothing interesting.

    thatincelblogger, welcome out of the Matrix. There is no turning back as I am sure you realize. I am looking forward to your next post. And when you want to move forward in life, contact me personally.

  2. One thing I do agree with you, however, is that I’m also against feminism. Feminism presumably advocates for equal rights — by instituting special privileges. It also assumes that being a man is better, despite the fact that men face more dangerous experiences, face more rejections, die earlier, ect…

    This video sums up my views nicely. It’s 3 hours long, but worth watching.

  3. “Think about all the time you spend on this site and your other incel “support” sites. Seriously in a given week how much time do you spend doing this? Now take that time and next week use it to do something else – anything else- that isn’t about sex/relationship/incel issues. Volunteer, read, watch classic films, seek out life. You’re wasting a gift thats been given to you.”

    Not much. LS.com is boring right now and has been declining for a long time, Incel Support is a fascist site, PUA Hate is just plain bad and I’ve never visited places like 40 year-old virgin forum on IMDB.

    I don’t even update my blog a lot anymore. So, you’re wrong.

    “Also if you were on any meds, please keep taking them. It sounds like you’re doing really poorly and rejecting the outside world. Here’s the situation- its not the world thats wrong its you. People on Cracked rejected your ideas because they are unrealistic and typically hateful/insane. There is no TAC (a group which you seem to have made up and are assigning new attributes with no real method) out to get you. There are many horrible things wrong with the modern world, but there’s so much beauty in it too. People see this and are able to enjoy it even when they know there are things wrong with the world and your life. Most of the people on Cracked want you to get help and abandon your ideas because those issues are preventing you from seeing and enjoying the beauty in life.”

    Actually, there is a lot wrong with the world and it’s obvious in part of your crappy text. You follow a religion of therapy. Did it occur to you that I’ve abandoned any hope of reasoning with “the outside world” while I am on meds? Yeah, I’m still on meds. But once I spend all of them I will no longer take them and there will be no difference whatsoever like it made no difference before.

    My ideas might have been unrealistic but there was nothing hateful about them. TAC does exist, and I’ve never claimed that they’re an organized group or that they’re out to get me. They’re out to get any moral, intelligent person because they see such people as enemies.

    The help that Cracked TAC members want me to get is to lock myself up, which is not only impossible but there’s no way I’ll do that when advised by people who can’t even grasp basic reading comprehension.

    There’s no enjoying life when most people wandering the world are as dumb as you are.

    “So yah, take a week, a month or two off from any of this. I understand if this is your outlet, but it clearly hasn’t been good for you. But know this, you’re ideas about relationships, about women, about your status as an “incel” (which you don’t fit no matter how often you change the definitions) are wrong. There’s peace and happiness for you, but you have to give up this anger, give up these hateful ideas and go out and find it.”

    What are you rambling about? I haven’t updated this blog for months at a time.

    Also, you don’t explain why my ideas are wrong and I am semi-incel. I am not denying I made a mistake of claiming I’m not back when I just found my fwb but that’s long been corrected. I have a fwb but don’t have a relationship so I’m semi incel.

  4. “As for myself, upon realizing all this I had immediately decided to abandon most of my friends and no longer visit my shrink. All they did was feed me modernist bullshit. I will try to get to a country outside of femisphere but it’s probably not gonna happen as I am poor and have shitty major (history) so I’ll probably end up offing myself.”

    This will mean nothing to you since I am banned here. But I’ll still post in hopes that you’ll read it.

    Bad idea. Don’t give up on friends. They are the only things in the world that are pure and good. Your idea wasn’t good and wouldn’t have worked, but not for the reasons you’ve listed. It wouldn’t have worked because of reality, not because of some ‘utopia.’ Instead, focus on what can work, what might work. Some great, grand, governmental experiment would not happen, but happy relationships can and do.

    Don’t give up on your friends.

    • dar, you’re not banned. In fact, I’ve removed you from moderation over a month ago.

      Anyway, my friends, at least most of them, aren’t good company because they’re immersed in modern culture. They annoy me.

  5. As an genuine incel,i am truly sorry to hear you abandoned your programme.To tell the truth,it was never meant to work out,someday maybe it will.What amazed me is insane amounts of retarded coments,people who just repeat words like whoring,exploatation of women,shrink will solve that,etc.Despite goals clearly explained.Idea was not perfect,but it was practical solution to specific problem,who would solve problems at least for some people out there.I want to ask,when this idea was born,before or after you had your first girlfriend?

    • snail, I agree that the idea might work out some day. This might happen in a society where there are strong morals, empathy and good values. The program would probably be concentrated on love-shy men as there would be almost no incel in such societies.

      The nucleus of the idea was born in 2008, before I had my first girlfriend and was about government helping love-shy men approach women by providing them wingmen. I no longer think that’s a very good idea though.

      After I defeated my love-shyness I started thinking about ways to help those pure incels too and thus created two different programs.

  6. Pingback: Love-shyness 3 – thoughts and conclusions | thatincelblogger

  7. I know I’m late in the game on commenting, but I just wanted to ask:

    Would it even be possible to find a large number of women that didn’t milk this proposed site like the welfare programs?

    Sorry if I’m annoying you..I’m going through your entire blog.

    • “Would it even be possible to find a large number of women that didn’t milk this proposed site like the welfare programs?”

      I don’t understand this question. How do women milk what proposed site?

      • Sorry 🙂

        I meant it as in ‘the site’ you were originally blogging about the government opening to help incel find dates. I should have said program.. but thought it was a type of dating site/government program.

        • Also, meaning with the rampant welfare fraud etc. I’m just thinking that most people these days are motivated by what they can gain..mostly monetarily. So that leads me to conclude that even with some kind of background checks, etc … lots of people would still try to defraud your original idea.

        • This idea is abandoned by me. It will never happen. It can’t happen in this society and there would probably me no need for it in a sane society anyway, since there would be no need for seduction and as love-shyness would be also be dealt with in other ways.

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