Why am I absent from this blog?

In late May I decided to two things. Rest from blogging a bit and, once I do that, take the blog to an entirely new level. I initially followed the plan like I was supposed to, starting various new drafts, but in mid June I got sick and couldn’t do it anymore. I got better in a week or so but, as various problems appeared in my life, realized I had better things to do than write.

Once I did stop blogging something unexpected happened – it seemed as if by no longer blogging I suddenly found anonymity again. Nobody but my friends knew who I am. I enjoyed movies, drinking and long walks happy with my anonymity. No more trolls, no more haters, no more people with stupid questions, just peace. I’d get exhausted just thinking about the blog. I eventually promised myself that I will get back when I’m ready.

I stayed active on Reddit and Tumblr but as I created no new content not much new content was created about me and I liked it that way. I enjoyed an odd comment or a question but wasn’t ready for much else. Nor am I now.

However, I had to make this post as I have explaining to do.

I am very sorry that I didn’t allow all the comments. The reason is actually quite shocking- I am so not ready to get back to blogging that I don’t have the strength to read all the comments. Mr. dar, I am very sorry. You’re not banned or anything and once I get back I will remove you from moderation and reply to your questions. It saddens me that all this has made it hard to have real discussions here but all will be made well once I come back.

The best of this blog is yet to come. Less than 5 percent of my projected content has been published. I got popular for wrong reasons and engaged in arguing with a bunch of morons who weren’t worth my time. This won’t happen anymore. I will engage reasonable, intelligent people. Others can go fuck themselves. And, yes, since it’s not exactly as exact as math, I decide who these people are. I’ve already instituted a much harsher comment policy. If you claim that my ideas are about sex you won’t be published on this blog. This blog will get much more serious in ways you can’t even imagine.

Trolls and haters, my decision to abstain from blogging has nothing to do with you. As you have probably seen, I am still active on Tumblr and Reddit, still saying stuff you don’t like. You did, however, destroy lives of at least one young woman, possibly two. But that was your choice I warned you about.

What am I doing now? Enjoying life. I still don’t have a girlfriend nor will I probably ever have one again but it seems I no longer care like I did.

I will be back with you and when I do come back it will be with multiple high-quality posts and new pages. I don’t have a set date but no more than couple of weeks.

Until then, your favorite European incel will, while once again apologizing to commentators whose posts are still pending, go back to anonymity.

23 thoughts on “Why am I absent from this blog?

  1. Two things.

    1. Dar, if you’re reading this- I didn’t fail to publish your comments because I didn’t want to but because I felt sick of the blog. They should all be published now and in fact I’ve removed you from moderation, where you were put because you made a personal attack after I replied to your post in great length some months ago.

    2. Eric, you’re not faced with any trolls or haters, I don’t allow troll and hater posts here.

    • GGGF:
      But male feminists hate men and hate themselves for being men (see Gojira’s post below as a specimen).

      But I second Java’s comment: it sounds like you’re doing well.

      • But male feminists hate men and hate themselves for being men (see Gojira’s post below as a specimen).

        Please show me a single thing that I’ve written in which I’ve expressed either hatred of men or of myself for being male.

        You might as well not waste your time, as you won’t be able to, but it provides yet more proof of the way that your mind works: find a crude and reductive stereotype and cling to it come hell or high water, even if it doesn’t stand up to a millisecond’s factual scrutiny.

        I’m fascinated by your absolutely binary view of the world, though. Do you like women? Then you must hate men! The notion that someone might like or dislike individual people not because of their gender but because of things that they individually do genuinely doesn’t seem to compute with you. Still, you’re the one missing out.

      • Wrong and wrong again! I don’t hate men nor hate myself for being one. In fact I would say that I kind of love being a guy. I gotta say that if such a thing as reincarnation were to exist and I were given a choice of the next life I could live I would have to say that White/Male/USA was a pretty great situation and one I would sign up for again in an instant. Nothing truly holding me back or oppressing me in any way. All in all it is a pretty great life compared to the majority of the people in the world. You and I are the lucky ones. You are just upset over nonsense. Seriously. Just stop.

  2. You seem at peace while reading this post…. and I’m really really happy for you if you find it, even better if you come back with new articles, news, whatever you decide. This space is yours to fill, whenever you want, not when *we* want.
    Have a happy time anonymously 🙂

  3. Hope you come back soon—fending off the trolls and haters is more than a one-man job! LOL

    LOL indeed. Either you have a hitherto unsuspected sense of irony or you’re genuinely oblivious as to how much hatred is dripping from the vast majority of your posts.

    Mind you, I suppose that in itself gives some insight into how misogynists think – if you genuinely don’t regard women as full human beings, you can probably rationalise that it’s not really “hating” to make sweeping statements about them as though they were some kind of ant colony.

    • Wannabe doxxers have ruined the lives of two women, one innocent and one not so much. Their lives were ruined because I want to show wannabe doxxers that actions have consequences… especially when these consequences happen to somebody from their social circle.

      However, since I currently don’t even have time to make new content I obviously don’t have time to harm them yet.

      • So, that one earlier on your blog? Jennay was it? And who else, and whyyyy? it sends no message doxxing some randomer, like *as if* simply doxxing someone even has a bad effect. Come on… I bet you didnt actually do anything to them, as if the trolls even care…

        • That person you mentioned is one of them but not my primary target at this moment. I am targeting another Tumblr feminist because the main wannabe doxxer that has a hard on for me is also a Tumblr feminist. Plus, my target is a bowl of puke who should be killed so I like making her suffer even if doesn’t affect trolls.

          I can’t say who she is exactly because that might tip her off.

    • Dating. Meeting women. Incels may have 1K or 3K or 5K rejections. They’re so narrow sighted in their goals that they don’t see they can keep trying thousands more times with thousands diverse personalities and idiosyncrasies. Some girl will eventually tell them what they’re doing wrong, but some are too far gone.

  4. They’re all different. That’s my point. You can try making a connection with every female you meet. There are millions of them. Why stop trying at 5K? No two women are the same, and you just might have gotten along with one before you were consumed by your bitterness.

  5. I know you would. You hate women. But I’m an intelligent, beautiful woman, pursuing a technology based career. And I can get laid and you can’t. Don’t even need to get laid to reproduce, I can go to a bank and buy the other half of my potential future children. You, however, are genetically useless without a woman.

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