Discussion with Cracked TAC members

This is just a quick post linking to my discussion with Cracked.com TAC members. I have known for quite some time that Cracked is a site used by TAC manginas to preach femifascist hogwash by expressing dangerously clueless opinions and shaming men (one example being David Wong’s poor articles).

What happened was that a link to Shy Boys IRL film was posted on Cracked forums and one member decided to post a link to my blog. I started arguing with them and it was really unsurprising to see that almost all of them were TAC members.

TAC monsters have closed the thread by now, once again being unable to stand scrutiny. Here’s the link to it, though.


It’s sad to see how many TAC members are out there and how much work needs to be done to defeat these monsters. Anyway, if you’re interested more about my experiences and ideas this is essential reading.

Also, I’ve been feeling a better lately and this thread has energized me a lot too. My full comeback is due soon.

Those of you who have been left with your questions unanswered can do either of the following

1. Ask them here

2. Ask them on Cracked via PM, but don’t be sure I’ll go back there so they might be left unanswered.

Why am I absent from this blog?

In late May I decided to two things. Rest from blogging a bit and, once I do that, take the blog to an entirely new level. I initially followed the plan like I was supposed to, starting various new drafts, but in mid June I got sick and couldn’t do it anymore. I got better in a week or so but, as various problems appeared in my life, realized I had better things to do than write.

Once I did stop blogging something unexpected happened – it seemed as if by no longer blogging I suddenly found anonymity again. Nobody but my friends knew who I am. I enjoyed movies, drinking and long walks happy with my anonymity. No more trolls, no more haters, no more people with stupid questions, just peace. I’d get exhausted just thinking about the blog. I eventually promised myself that I will get back when I’m ready.

I stayed active on Reddit and Tumblr but as I created no new content not much new content was created about me and I liked it that way. I enjoyed an odd comment or a question but wasn’t ready for much else. Nor am I now.

However, I had to make this post as I have explaining to do.

I am very sorry that I didn’t allow all the comments. The reason is actually quite shocking- I am so not ready to get back to blogging that I don’t have the strength to read all the comments. Mr. dar, I am very sorry. You’re not banned or anything and once I get back I will remove you from moderation and reply to your questions. It saddens me that all this has made it hard to have real discussions here but all will be made well once I come back.

The best of this blog is yet to come. Less than 5 percent of my projected content has been published. I got popular for wrong reasons and engaged in arguing with a bunch of morons who weren’t worth my time. This won’t happen anymore. I will engage reasonable, intelligent people. Others can go fuck themselves. And, yes, since it’s not exactly as exact as math, I decide who these people are. I’ve already instituted a much harsher comment policy. If you claim that my ideas are about sex you won’t be published on this blog. This blog will get much more serious in ways you can’t even imagine.

Trolls and haters, my decision to abstain from blogging has nothing to do with you. As you have probably seen, I am still active on Tumblr and Reddit, still saying stuff you don’t like. You did, however, destroy lives of at least one young woman, possibly two. But that was your choice I warned you about.

What am I doing now? Enjoying life. I still don’t have a girlfriend nor will I probably ever have one again but it seems I no longer care like I did.

I will be back with you and when I do come back it will be with multiple high-quality posts and new pages. I don’t have a set date but no more than couple of weeks.

Until then, your favorite European incel will, while once again apologizing to commentators whose posts are still pending, go back to anonymity.