Cult of therapy – a dangerous death cult created by TAC

The Atheist Cult, or as I like to call them, TAC, are the most dangerous cult in the world. The sole fact that it is more loosely connected than organizations like Hitler’s SS was or like Al-Qaeda is makes it even more dangerous than these two ever were. The Atheist Cult will stop at nowhere to destroy their perceived ideological enemies. Not even these two organizations were that ruthless and extreme. Worse, TAC is simultaneously led by much dumber people.

It is a cancer on humanity, a cancer pretending to be progressive and enlightened.

These people have been divorced from any empathy, common sense and intelligence, spreading their deadly poison to Western civilization they will eventually be executioners of.

Like crazy lepric 11th century preachers, these mad dogs are anything but atheists they proclaim themselves to be. They gods are therapy, extreme feminism, political correctness and hatred of all white males.

One of the greatest lies told by The Atheist Cult, a group the most vile and stupid human beings, if we could even call them that, on the planet is a lie that therapy is a solution to almost any emotional problem.

Rarely is this lie more dangerous than when it comes to incel and love-shyness. These monsters, who see psychiatrists as gods instead of charlatans they are, are so irrational that they will defend the existence of idiotic, made up psychological infliction like personality disorders while simultaneously denying the existence of easily observable and much more strictly defined states such as incel or love-shyness. Rational? As much as a mad dog.

Why is this myth so dangerous? I see four main reasons.

1. Most doctors don’t know or care about incel or love-shyness. I’ve tried talking to them about it. It was a waste of time. Being a psychiatrist doesn’t mean you suddenly understand all varieties of human condition or care about your patients.

2. Most of the time incel isn’t strictly caused by psychological problems. Causes of incel are much more complex, not only in the fact that they mostly start in childhood but due to the fact that enough years of incel cause problems that perpetuate it. For example, if you are incel long enough, especially an incel male, your inexperience with women will be a problem in itself.
Doctors can’t treat issues like low social status, bad looks, shortness or just the fact that women don’t see you attractive.

3. We’ve established that therapy rarely cures incel. Does it make living with it easier? Yes… if you were a serious mental patient to begin with.
Normal people don’t come to terms with incel. Incel is involuntary. Incel is highly abnormal and harmful. Incel kills. It has killed many people already and kills more every day.

If you ever meet a therapist who wants to teach you to “live with incel”- GET AWAY FROM THAT PERSON AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Their either don’t know what incel is or have way more problems than you will ever have. Don’t ever let somebody treat you as a robot. You’re not a robot. You’re not a worker bee. You don’t owe anybody shit, especially not people who never lifted a finger to help you.

If you talk to TAC members many of them will try to convince you that incel is perfectly normal and that a woman being stared at on a bus is more worthy of pity than a man who has been incel for 30 years. Of course, in the end you always find out that that they or the examples they talk about are not incel at all and have a completely wrong definition of it.




This, of course, doesn’t mean that depression can’t develop in non-celibate people too but I’m talking about depression in incels.

4. Now that we have finally established that therapy is completely useless with incel I am left wondering what would incels get by seeking therapy. Palliative measures like drugs to numb them down?

If that were only the case.

In fact, incels in therapy are often faced with much danger. Their therapists, not understanding what incel is and how it causes their patient’s psychological problems, will look for a solution by inventing more and more diagnoses and write prescriptions for more and more meds.

In the end it all leads to a logical conclusion – you will get locked up for too much sincerity. Therapists, especially those in the Anglosphere, will see many of the problems that develop from incel as some other pathology and lock you up. You feel your incel will make you violent? You need to be locked up. There they will drug you and talk to you in a condescending tone about problems you don’t have. You will eventually be set free, if you get set free at all, without any of your problems being solved. In fact, time spent in a mental hospital will mean time you couldn’t use to pursue ways of beating your incel.

Why, then, does The Atheist Cult propose therapy? Apart from obvious reasons such as its dogmatism and stupidity there is another very important reason. The Atheist Cult doesn’t see incel as something that exists at all. And once you’re unable to see that you can talk about incel all you want, even accept that it exists, but you will not take incel as a factor at all.
Also, The Atheist Cult have no sophistication, empathy or intelligence at all. They are blind to a problem and become aggressive when you refuse to be a silent drone because they don’t understand why can’t you be. They will rudely and mercilessly tell you to become a robot. Therapy is just their way to dehumanize you even further.

Most of The Atheist Cult are not incel. Those who are really incel but are fine with it are mentally ill. It is not surprising that a considerable number of such mentally ill people are members of The Atheist Cult for no sane person could join The Atheist Cult so it is not surprising that many members of it are deviant when it comes to emotional attachments and sexuality.

Where will all this lead? I see this sickness leading to a new Sodini. He may not kill only women this time but that doesn’t matter at all. He will be a monster of The Atheist Cult, somebody they will rejoice about for it will allow them to cry about his patriarchal conditioning and entitlement and this will make them feel better.

The Atheist Cult members are looking forward to more dead people.

Then again, if you know that The Atheist Cult believes that therapy could have helped George Sodini or because toxic masculinity, and not 20 years of frightening frustration, is what caused him to do what he did… Is it any wonder?

Until, one day, they or their loved ones find themselves under a hail of bullets.

39 thoughts on “Cult of therapy – a dangerous death cult created by TAC

  1. I think you’ve got a couple of your terms confused. Therapy =/= meds, psychologist=/=psychiatrist. “Therapists … will look for a solution by inventing more and more diagnoses and write prescriptions for more meds.” Therapists CAN’T write prescriptions, only psychiatrists can do that, and psychiatrists don’t normally do therapy (though they are required to have studied it).
    Actually, I just graduated with a degree in psych (don’t worry, I’m going into research, not treatment), and most of my professors said they advise AGAINST psychiatric medications for a majority of cases. Therapy is essentially just guided talking. Group therapy is talking in a group, usually a group of people with a similar problem, whereas regular therapy is talking with just a therapist. The therapist obviously doesn’t have much direct impact on the client’s life; the goal of therapy is to advise people, give people a safe place to speak, and try to make the individual’s problems easier to deal with.
    Maybe you’re right and no amount of therapy can help Incels, but you can’t blame a therapist for trying to convince someone that they can learn to live with it. What are they supposed to say, “Yep, you’re doomed to misery, get out of my office”? It’s not like therapists have the power to get their clients girlfriends.

    • Stephanie, thank your for your post. I will probably add a disclaimer that I’m not from US on the thread. I use these terms differently, it seems.

      Still, I know this is a silly question but… I’m a big Sopranos fan. From what I can remember, his doctor (Dr Melfi) prescribed him both meds and gave him talk therapy. Why? Was she one of those psychiatrists who did therapy?

      “Maybe you’re right and no amount of therapy can help Incels, but you can’t blame a therapist for trying to convince someone that they can learn to live with it. What are they supposed to say, “Yep, you’re doomed to misery, get out of my office”? It’s not like therapists have the power to get their clients girlfriends.”

      I am not saying they should tell their clients that they’re doomed to therapy. Am I saying that they should never try to convince them that it is normal to live with incel.
      They should encourage them to fight with it and bear the suffering but if they start convincing them that they should just accept incel they either don’t understand it or are mentally ill themselves.

      • I haven’t seen the Sopranos, but as a general rule of thumb, fictional representations of anyone related to psychology are usually absurd (the only accurate example I can think of was Dr. Wong (I think that was his name) from Law and Order SVU).
        And I don’t think any decent therapist would want to encourage someone to “fight with it”, being in a combative frame of mind for long periods of time is not healthy, and would be devastating if the person started to think of themselves as losing the fight, which would be likely if the individual were depressed. Maybe it’s not good to try to call it “normal”, but most people would be comforted to think that it’s not only them. We’ve actually done research on that, seemingly regardless of the problem, people find it easier to deal with if they know other people struggle with it too, Whereas people who think “no one has it as hard as I do” tend to have us vs them mentalities, which aren’t healthy. The job of therapy, in this case, would be to change incel’s thinking patterns so that it’s not as unbearable, and perhaps to impart advice on relationships and that sort of thing.

      • I think a better purpose of therapy for incels wouldn’t be to treat the incel condition itself (as therapy can’t change whether or not you are in a relationship) but to treat the resulting psychological conditions caused by incel such as depression, anxiety, and various VERY REAL disorders. It isn’t to make the patient “just live with incel” but to help them cope with the things they feel and experience because of it.

      • As far as the Sopranos go, a psychiatrist that would prescribe meds without talking about it to determine what the real issue was would be a terrible psychiatrist, All psychiatrists are expected to also perform talk therapy with their patients, but it is more for diagnosis than for treatment. On the other end, psychologists cannot prescribe any sort of medication but use the talk therapy to get results.
        Both can work for different people, some milder cases of depression and other issues can be solved easily by therapy. This is especially true of psychological disorders as a result of a trauma (IE: Death of a loved one, family issues, divorce, war, car accident, injury, etc.) Though a psychiatrist would be best for someone with a chronic disorder (For example: I have a chronic anxiety disorder and went to a psychiatrist to be prescribed meds to take in the event of a panic attack, and also an anti-depressant that I take daily).
        These descriptions may not be true for everyone, but I hope it clears up your knowledge of the differences between psychology and psychiatry.

      • Stephanie:
        “The job of therapy in this case would be to change incel’s ways of thinking.”

        Human behavior is based on perceptions of reality, which may or may not be accurate. You are assuming here that INCEL men are perceiving reality incorrectly. For example, when you say that ‘us vs. them mentalities aren’t healthy’—this doesn’t take into account that our culture (at least in the Anglosphere) is deeply hostile to and adverse to men and masculinity in general.

        This is why I encourage INCEL men to embrace their situation as the first step towards solving it. They have to realize that it is the CULTURE and not THEMSELVES which is abnormal. In a culture where masculinity is utterly devalued and men considered wholly expendable, any decent responsible male is going to be INCEL while the lowest and most degenerate males will monopolize all the sexual action.

        GGGF is also correct when he says that it is wrong to tell people that it is normal to live with INCEL. The very males who now have sex and spawn children throughout our society are the very ones who would be INCEL (and deservedly so) in any healthy society.

    • Eric: Human behavior is based not only on perceptions of reality, but on interpretations of and reactions to reality. Frankly, I’m not as interested in labeling anything correct or incorrect, more problematic versus workable. Whether or not a person’s had a relationship in over a year is a statement of fact, but whether they are able to live well with this is malleable. People can choose to think of aspects of their lives so that their lives are happier. There’s tons of research on this, people can choose how they think about aspects of their lives, and become happier as a result. If this function doesn’t work properly, that’s a symptom of depression, which we can treat separately very well with medications (this degree of depression is probably severe enough to warrant medications, but if the client is opposed to medications, therapy could also be used).
      I would argue that Western culture isn’t very hostile to masculinity (traits like independence, leadership, stoicism, and toughness are still highly esteemed, and traditionally associated with masculinity). But even if culture is deeply hostile to men, you don’t have to think of that as us/them, because gender inequalities hurt everyone, so you can choose to think of it as you trying to help everyone by convincing them of the truth and the fact that it’s a problem. That’s my point, facts are facts, but how you respond to them and think about them is a choice.

      • Stephanie:
        Our culture isn’t hostile to masculine traits—unless it’s men who display them. What I mean is that the Anglosphere is essentially a matriarchy and men are considered subhumans within it; much the same way that Negroes were regarded in the Old South. I don’t see how it would have helped blacks any to have accepted that paradigm as some kind of desirable reality, nor do I believe that diagnosing the ‘uppity’ Negroes, who insisted on being treated as human beings as ‘depressed’ and drugging them into submission (which did in fact happen) helped either.

        Psychologists then even argued that runaway slaves suffered a mental illness called Drapetomania. Compare that with men today who try to escape the feminist bootheel by marrying/pursuing foreign women. They’re laughed as suffering from mental illness, too.

        I agree that more men would be helped by facing reality; but the reality isn’t the illusion that our sham culture presents.

  2. Regarding point 1: if your disease isn’t on the DSM, then i’m afraid therapy can’t help you much.
    However, I think you can benefit from therapy if you conceptualize love-shyness with ‘social anxiety applicable to girls’ or ‘anxiety towards love stimuli engaged by girls’.

    The problem with the term love shyness is that it’s not widely known, not many research (anything at all ?) have been conducted on it, so therapists don’t have the knowhow to treat it.

    This doesn’t mean they are charlatans tough, you should pick your words more carefully.

    Regarding point 2. It’s true that therapists can’t fix bad looks and shortness. They can fix low social status tough depending what precisly causes this low social status. And they can help you finding someone who finds you attractive (again depending). Women don’t look as much as guys at physical attractivity btw. As long as you have money, decent job that aquires much wealth or a set of skills/personality variables that predict wealth (ambitious, smart, social skills,…), then you will be deemed attractive.

    Therapy is not only for psychological problems. You can also go to a therapy for myriad of reasons, it’s not that therapists won’t accept you if you don’t have a mental disorder classified in the DSM. If you go to a therapy and say that you can’t seem to find a girl, that’s more than enough reason to go to therapy.

    You say that because of your incel, you are inexperienced with women. Okay, so you probably need exposure therapy then. They already do this for social anxiety, they make these people talk with girls.

    You also frequently talk about your childhood where you were bullied. I think therapy is also helpfull here is that it should not have that much weight on you.

  3. Last half of your text is a bit like random conspiracy crap, i can’t be bothered to response to it more seriously.

    I agree that you should get away from therapy if they ask youto come to terms with it. Fuck everybody who don’t treat incel as serious as you do (but don’t go on a killing spree, lol).

    I’m sure there are therapists tough who take that shit serious. You should look for it. Try searching for ‘social anxiety towards girls’, I think that group will have a lot of incels there and they might have already found a potential solution for their problems. Look up their narrative.

    also, yes psychiatrists give meds + they can talk. Psychologists only talk.
    Psychiatrists didn’t study psychology, they went to med school.

    Take your pick :p
    I dont think you need meds, so choose a psychologist. (refrain from going to psychodynamics or humanists crap)

  4. Ok, I wrote another message yesterday trying to motivate you into living (and I don’t take that back) but that was before I’ve read the rest of your blog.

    First of all, you wrote:
    “Most of The Atheist Cult are not incel. Those who are really incel but are fine with it are mentally ill. It is not surprising that a considerable number of such mentally ill people are members of The Atheist Cult for no sane person could join The Atheist Cult so it is not surprising that many members of it are deviant when it comes to emotional attachments and sexuality.”

    Sooo.. you’re saying that incel-guys that have done or probably will do violent crimes against others are perfectly sane human beings, but the ones who are incel but has accepted it as part of the life are mentally ill? Do you hear what you are saying?

    IF the goverment will provide you with girls to date and if you wouldn’t find a girl within a 5-year period. What will you do? Ask more from the government? Pay the girls more money? Forse them to have sex with you? We’re no fuck-machines without feelings. And I would never want to be in a relationship with a person who, at first, didn’t want to meet me without money.

    I know I don’t know you. But you clearly has no signs what so ever of love-shyeness. The reason that they are love-shy is that it gives them too much stress to actually meet up with a girl. You’ve had FIFTEEN dates this year!! And FOUR on the same week?! You’re like a wannabe-casanova without success. It’s not normal for a person not incel to do what you’re doing. You’re problems are so severe and you’re so determined that all the rest of the world is against you that you will, not even if you actually get a girlfriend, ever be cured.
    Like I said in my last post, I’ve got social phobia. I wouldn’t say I’m love-shy but every time I get close to a guy I litterally freak out with anxiety. My body would NEVER be able to cope with FOUR DATES PER WEEK. I would begin each day hyperventilating after two hours of sleep, vomiting before breakfast (yes, happens when I’m too socially stressed) not being able to eat, work, have a life. It would kill me. But you, with all your problems, you’re perfectly fine seing that many women. God.

    The reason that everyone tells you to go get therapy is that you need to deal with the obsession you have with sex and relations. It’s not normal. I’m sure there are MILLIONS of other incel-men who, probably aren’t happy with the situation(could also be depressed), but would NEVER consider hurting others because of the frustration of being without a partner. For fuck sake, there are men in their 50’s who are still virgins! You will never ever be there.
    Then, ofcourse, there is this small bunch of men and women who are so mentally ill that they do commit suicide or acts against others, but for them there must be a underlying cause of their frustrations about sex and relations. THAT’S why we need psycologists and therapy. But if you’re not even trying, you will never ever ever ever be cured.

    • IF the goverment will provide you with girls to date and if you wouldn’t find a girl within a 5-year period. What will you do? Ask more from the government? Pay the girls more money? Forse them to have sex with you? We’re no fuck-machines without feelings. And I would never want to be in a relationship with a person who, at first, didn’t want to meet me without money.

      1. shifting the goal post fallacy
      2. regarding your last argumnt: not everybody is like you, so stop generalizing.

      • 2. regarding your last argumnt: not everybody is like you, so stop generalizing

        hmm.. ok, lets put it this way.
        The girls who DOES want to have money for dates and sex. What kind of girls do you think they are? Stabile women with good jobs, good economy, “beautiful” (even though no one can help what they look like, they’re not failures only because they are considered ugly)
        Our fella here has repeatedly said that he wants a woman who’s intelligent, ambitious and somehow beautiful. (maybe not the exact words but if you want examples I’ll find them for you) I can guarantee that a high percentage of the women who would apply for this kind of stuff would be women with somehow problems of their own. Probably not completely mentally stabile. Not what he needs, they way he is. Or what any incel-man needs.
        I think they need mental stability, as well as sexual stability. A woman he can trust and who understans him. Like he said himself, he doesn’t only want the sex with a woman he does not care for. Completely acceptable thought if you ask me.

        Therefore I still think that he needs help to take his mind away from the obsession so that he might be able to meet women without the intentions of always trying to create a relationship or having sex. Then eventually one day he will find one that likes him a lot and he’ll like her but you can never forse a relationship. It takes time to get to know eachother both mentally and physically and to desperately keep on looking all the time is not an option. At least not a good one.

  5. I have three different college-level Human Sexuality 101 textbooks by three different sets of authors, two of them co-authored by major authorities in human sexuality, Roy Baumeister and Simon LeVay. None of these textbooks has a section about incels and adult virgins that I can find, even though some of the students who take college human sexuality classes using these works probably qualify as incels themselves and may stay that way for years. Instead these textbooks assume that every reasonably healthy boy can negotiate this process and form his adult identity around successful sexual expression. I don’t see how the authors of these textbooks can justify this bias and neglect.

    According to the scientific literature I’ve read about human sexual behavior, the median age for an American man’s sexual debut (a self-explanatory term) falls around the age of 17. This remarkable fact suggests that the sexual debut happens as an organic developmental process which doesn’t depend on life experience. You could pick out a 17 year old American boy at random, and he can apparently figure out how to close a deal with a girl for that first time, if he hasn’t already, using whatever resources he has in his relatively understocked mind.

    So what about the boys who can’t figure out how to make this deal in the developmental window?

    Brian Gilmartin has basically the right idea: Boys who show signs of having this problem need some kind of aggressive intervention. The parents who dismiss it as a “passing phase” need to keep in mind that the phase of life itself eventually “passes,” and they don’t their sons a favor by neglecting their sons’ development of mating skills which might never happen otherwise throughout their lives.

    If these three textbooks reflect the failure to teach a sympathetic view of adult virginity and involuntary celibacy to the people who go into health care and counseling professions, then I can see why psychiatrists and psychotherapists can offer little to no help for incels.

    • Now that you mention it, I can’t recall a big research tradition into incel, but I thought it was due to me being illiterate regarding sexuology. Now I wonder why it’s the case.

      I know that 90% of the student in sexuology classes are female (and i’m guessing future graduates, docs and therapists are female as well) and it could be that there isn’t that much interest since females aren’t aware of it and if they become aware, can’t take it seriously.

      That + the fact that most men won’t admit it that they are still virgin and really have diffuculties finding a girl. They need to come together and make some noise I guess.

  6. Your free sex is called masturbation.

    If you can’t form a relationship, you haven’t earned sex. What you don’t get is that it is a reward.

    Psychotherapy would work but you think you know better…and that’s the source of the problem. You want other people to solve problems for you but you are the problem and you don’t want to change, therefore you are inhibiting a solution.

    I’m guessing shrinks have already told you that you have a personality disorder/mental illness.
    Funnily you keep blaming “The Atheist Cult” which suggests you claim to believe in God. Since when did God ever say you were supposed to get laid? Maybe God has chosen for you to be celibate.

  7. GGG: No. You can’t blabber about how I have a fixation with sex. It’s not my job to educate you. Try again.

    • GGG- and you’re once again denied because you don’t take time to actually read the blog. You have one more chance and then I will ban you. The only reason why I haven’t banned you by now is that you’re not hostile, just stupid and condescending.

      You see how easy it is for me to delete your long crap? Almost as easy for you to say it without trying to get informed first.

      Make another post solely about sex so I can ban you, please.

  8. Soprano’s was an hbo series and their shit is legit. She was a psychiatrist and more psychoanalytically leaning.

  9. @ a maria: saying that these women would not be mentally stable is a weird statement to make, I don’t know how you can make that suggestion.

    And don’t forget that the OP isn’t the only incel. He maybe select for a 9/10 girl, but lots of incel would settle for a 6/10 or even less if they are really that desperate.

    • @kali
      To rate girls seems a bit.. I don’t know.. but anyway.

      I said that because the girls will know that they will be going on a date with a guy with problems. (at least that we can’t deny). The whole point with this is so that the guys with problems, incel and L-S, would take the program and go on dates with paid girls.
      I’m really sorry but if you’re a “normal” girl with no major issues in your life you wouldn’t volontarily throw yourself in a situation (intimate or not, according to me going on a date is a big enough step) with a guy who obviously has problems and is not happy. Your wish would not be go around helping strangers with personal problems.
      Seems egoistic but I’m pretty sure that’s how it would turn out.
      Who do you think would go? All kinds of girls?

      I think everyone can agree that this is a problem and we really don’t know a lot about it. Maybe the right way to go would be to try to change the way the therapists/psycologists/society deals with the problem. Make the problem heard and teach others about the problem. Maybe, I dunno, create a dating-site for people with social anxiety? (if that doesn’t already exist..)
      But to pay woman to go on dates would be a bit like buying a friend for a bullied kid once a week. Sure, fun for a while but the problem remains and the persons might feel even worse after a few (possible) failed meetings.

  10. Please do not be so quick to insinuate that therapy is complete bullshit and can’t do anything. Psychologists and psychiatrists treat, help, and change and save the lives of many people every day.
    I cannot speak for whether or not one could help you, because they do not seem to fully understand incel and love shyness as it is a newer concept that not many people have heard of at all.
    Regardless of that I think it is quite presumptuous of you to define therapy as a cult or some sort of conspiracy. Most therapists are just people like me and you who have decided to dedicate their whole lives to helping people that need them.
    You should have a little more respect for a person like that.

    • Dawn:
      Here was one psychiatrist’s observations on the profession:

      “The entire system was, in my opinion, a scam. Very few of our patients were of the legitimate mental health variety…most of the patients were simply crack addicts…As nearly as I could tell these wastes of life completely pushed out all the legitimate patients. Which tells me that the people who run the system are the most insane of all.”

      • I guess I am of the opinion that “crack addicts” are more than a waste of life and deserve real help too…But that’s beside the point.
        It’s a therapists job to help anyone who comes to them. I’m not saying they all do, maybe not even most of them, but you shouldn’t call an entire profession a scam or a conspiracy based on a flawed system or some people who don’t know what they are doing.
        The fact is, most people go into psychology to help people, and the best ones put their entire lives into their work. Those few deserve at least the respect that it takes to not put an entire field under an umbrella of uselessness. Especially when people are successfully helped by psychologists and psychiatrists every day.

      • Also, after reading that article, it seems like (supposing everything in it is true) that he was working in a very dysfunctional environment. One messed up place does not speak for the profession as a whole.

      • Dawn:
        Psychology is a mixed bag. In the past, it was a scientific field where people proposed and tested actual theories. True many of these theories didn’t agree: Behaviorists, Psychoanalysts, Gestaltists, &c. all had different ideas but so do many scientific theories. But today, I think that the science has largely given way to charlatanism and corruption.

        A therapist could probably of help if he subscribes to a psychological school that is a recognized scientific discipline like the three mentioned above (though each of those has its partisans too LOL)

  11. Just to explain – yes, I do think that even a shooting spree is a healthier reaction to incel than making peace with it.

    Just because something doesn’t harm other people doesn’t mean it is inherently healthy. That’s the kind of poor logic TAC uses.

    • GGGF:
      You’re correct: I don’t think making peace with INCEL and accepting it as some kind of ‘new normal’. It’s abnormal state for normal men.

      What I mean by ’embracing INCEL’ is to come to terms with the reality of the culture and accept that INCEL men are NOT to blame for the INCEL condition. When INCEL men realize that the culture is a sham; and they indeed have real worth as men, then it’s possible to find solutions. It’s not possible if men blame themselves for what they didn’t cause.

    • Well said Twin. In my experience, I can look at an average guy and think ‘huh, he’s kind of cute.’ When I get to know average guy and he’s a nice guy (yes, the dreaded N word), caring, considerate, personable, funny, he becomes infinitely more attractive than if he was a total self-absorbed jerk. His appearance hasn’t changed one iota – my perception of him has. Just the same as a ‘plain’ guy can become far more attractive than a ‘hot’ guy if he’s got the right personality, mentality, etc. Attractiveness is a combination of traits, and it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
      The same goes for women. A lot of nice women, good, high quality women are passed over by a good portion of the ‘hot’ male population because they’re chubby or plain or their hair is too short or for some other superficial reason. A lot of references to a woman’s worth based on her physical characteristics appear on this site in the comments and the posts.
      A lot of women, real women of worth, are looking for a decent man. He doesn’t have to be spectacularly attractive, just himself. He doesn’t have to have a 6-digit income, just ambition or a good attitude about work (a lot of women will want a family, and hope a man is willing to contribute to supporting said family). He doesn’t have to be the most eloquent of speakers, just willing to converse about things that don’t perpetually involve himself. He should be able to laugh and smile and joke around.
      Of course, these are all elements my girlfriends and I look for in a guy – in a keeper. But when a man projects need rather than want onto a potential mate, or superficial judgement, any chances of a successful relationship or even friendship are greatly reduced.

      • That statement leads me to wonder how much you actually know about modern psychology, Eric. Educate yourself before making broad, umbrella statements like that. When you speak about things you are uninformed on it makes you look like an idiot and I don’t think you are.

  12. I know that in America many doctors take kick-backs to over prescribe medication etc. I can see people trying to make a lot of money from therapy sessions as well but that’s a problem with unchecked capitalism (I’m not anti-capitalist I just think some people need to be kept reasonable).

    I think that the biggest problem for “incels” is that normal types of therapy for social anxiety have been shown to be ineffective with an atypical aggressive personality. The person would feel patronised in one-on-one sessions and would feel that group sessions compared them to people they consider “losers”. They also tend to be more impulsive and lacking in patience so any treatment that wont show results for months/years is going to be deemed a failure after a couple of weeks. The whole area of aggressive social anxiety is one that has been barely researched so I’m not surprised if some doctors just throw every type of therapy they can think of at a person.

    I’m very confused about your stand on atheism. I’m a female atheist and I don’t agree with this new modern brand of “feminism” (the patriarchy nutters) apart from anything else they go so far as to deny the scientific fact that humans are sexually dimorphic. My partner is a white male who I adore. He also suffers from chronic social anxiety, particularly where women are involved, to the point where it triggers an over active gag reflex. You can imagine what a nightmare that was for him. Women tend to get the wrong idea if you dry heave around them. IMHO fuck political correctness, it creates more barriers than it removes. People become so paranoid about saying the wrong thing that they stop communicating altogether. And therapy only works if it’s right for you. Unfortunately, with every community the loudest members are usually the craziest and that goes double on the internet.

    • I don’t know any incels in real life so I can’t tell you exactly. But I believe it may be a combination of some sort of off-putting trait or behavior and bad luck.
      A love-shy on the other hand it’s all anxiety issues.

  13. I don’t know any incels in real life so I can’t tell you exactly. But I believe it may be a combination of some sort of off-putting trait or behavior and bad luck. A love-shy on the other hand it’s all anxiety issues.

    Yes, I think that’s fair. The term hadn’t been coined, but I’d say I pretty much fitted the “incel” stereotype in my early twenties, in that getting laid was at the forefront of my mind during pretty much every waking hour, but I nonetheless remained celibate for nearly three years.

    Conversely, I didn’t remotely fit the “love-shy” stereotype, as I’ve had plenty of female friends since my teens and have never had any problem talking to women. It’s just that I never managed to “click” with anyone throughout that period – I’d go on blind dates, we’d invariably get on well (hand on heart, there were no disasters), but either she’d swiftly meet someone else or we’d just end up as friends. Or, of course, both.

    For what it’s worth, I ended up breaking the drought by going right outside my usual social circles – different age, different nationality, radically different outlook on life. She wasn’t a long-term prospect, to put it mildly, but for a year or so it was sensational, and ever since then I’ve never had any problem finding a partner – clearly, some fundamental quality in me must have changed as a by-product.

    But if you’d told my 23-year-old self that, he simply wouldn’t have believed you.

  14. Boy. This site is a veritable FUCKWIT MAGNET. It really is. Love Shyness / Incel are like ball lighting was at one time. Not accepted by mainstream science, but REAL nonetheless. It could be wiped out in a single generation by the adoption of just TWO measures; (1) The absolute and unbending implementation of a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY WITH REGARD TO BULLYING AT SCHOOL. So that intelligent kids like I was could go thorough school WITHOUT LIVING EVERY DAY IN FEAR. (2) The complete and utter decriminalisation of the sex industry, so that Incel men could get SAFE, CLEAN, AFFORDABLE SEX WITH UNDERSTANDING AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN. I guarantee you; give kids SELF CONFIDENCE, give grown men LEGAL HOOKERS, and you will eliminate Love Shyness / Incel.

    It is the utter lack of self confidence, HARD WIRED into kids by DISGUSTING, NEANDERTHAL FUCKING COWARDS, that creates INCEL MEN AND WOMEN. How the fuck can a 15 year old kid work on his ‘game’, when he is fucking terrified to leave the house at night for fear of being BEATEN UP, for no other reason other than that he EXISTS. The effects of bullying upon me ARE STILL PRESENT TODAY. That is why I have a small arsenal at home. I WILL NEVER BE BULLIED AGAIN, EVEN IF I HAVE TO KILL TO PREVENT IT FROM HAPPENING. NO CHILD SHOULD EVER, FUCKING WELL EVER, HAVE TO ENDURE WHAT I DID WHEN ADULTS ARE MORE THAN ABLE TO STOP IT.

    Now, you cunts can naysay and shoot all the shit you want. Talk is soooooooooooooooo fucking CHEAP. Like bullets, words are a dime a dozen. I am Incel, because I had EVERY atom of self confidence kicked the fuck OUT of me BEFORE I WAS 16. I did not do this. OTHER PEOPLE DID. And so it is THEIR FUCKING FAULT, as to why I am Incel.

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