On why this blog is worth it

Couple of hours ago  I asked my incel friend about  why he’s so much in favor of me deleting this blog and why is he so hostile towards me because I don’t want to. He is a good guy, decent, honest, smart, with mostly libertarian views on economy and a bit on the right when it comes to social matters. We used to get along great before but  I honestly thought he hates me by now.

He replied with: I don’t hate you, I just think you’re irresponsible. Risking bringing attention to your real identity is reckless. There is zero chance your agenda will succeed. Therefore you are recklessly risking your well being for no possible benefit.

I think my reply is worthy of creating a post about it : I know what I’m doing is dangerous. It is very likely that I will  get hurt one day because of it. This first dox attempt didn’t succeed because they had no real info about me at all and because I knew the info on the person who wanted to dox me so she couldn’t mess up a life of a person she erroneously thought was me. I know it might be different next time. I worry about it a lot. I might suffer a lot if some lunatic succeeds. You think all kinds of  trolls haven’t found out about that blog by now? They have. And I am scared. My enemies are insane. They want to punish  a person who wants to help people in severe agony by not violating anybody’s rights just because these ideas don’t fit their insane agendas and dogmas.


You see, I think you’re wrong about chances of my agenda succeeding. 

For example, have you looked at incel communities in 2006? I did. They were nothing. A wasteland.  No posters, no registration needed, 10 registered posters per community, one post every month or so. Almost all the topics were about extreme Gilmartian love-shyness. 

Who would have guessed that those places would even ever have moderators one day, that you’d need to actually register to post there or that they would ever develop such rich history?

My point being – things change. Every movement started off small. 

Who even knew about incel 10 years ago? 5 years ago? Most people don’t know about it today.

The difference between what you guys want and what I want is that you want to talk about various issues endlessly and do nothing but sit on your asses while actually want to change things.

Can you really be sure that, with the development of technology, especially Internet, the word “incel” won’t be widely known in, like 5-10 years?

Can you really be sure that in 10-20 years incel organizations won’t appear? Or that, in 30 years, these organizations won’t start asking something from the government?

Well, I can’t. And I think neither can you. I believe you oppose this because of your right wing attitudes more than because you’re sure that these things won’t happen.

You never know. You just don’t. 

You have learned a lot about many of the guys here since you joined. Most of them have been going nowhere for years. They don’t get dates at all, they’re just grumpier and angrier with each day month and year that passes. And you know that many of them have tried to change, to become more attractive and to get a woman. They failed. Most of them failed completely and are failing every day.

There are incel blogs out there. Some just writers are just whining, others offer solutions.

But there is no blog like this one.

And to destroy something which might be the first ever incarnation of an idea that could become a real social and political issue one day, the first blog talking about incel with a goal of actually making it beatable for many, many people…. I think it would be wrong. 

Despite the dangers I am well aware of.

18 thoughts on “On why this blog is worth it

  1. >> They want to punish a person who wants to help people

    You’re a person who threatened to kill people in a murder-suicide if you didn’t get your prissy bitch self some pussy on a regular basis. Thats the person “they’re” interested in.

    You need to grow up out of threatening people with that shit unless you want to go to jail for it again, except unlike with that poor girl, this time the shit will stick.

    We got your blog completely off-lined, mirrored, screenshotted in context, have you fully identified, the trail well documented chronologically and mirrored, and have people in EDITED who will take care of reporting you accurately and liasing with police over any follow-up questions over the body of evidence we have to submit to them.

    Wake up sunshine. You live with respect for peoples individual human rights, and you can go on living yours freely.

    • I was initially gonna trash this but it is too funny for everybody not to see.

      1. That “poor girl” was a cunt who tortured me and I didn’t threaten her at all, she was away from the Internet and would have never seen an incel forum in her life, you idiot. Which is why it didn’t stick- it was insane, and so are you.

      2. When did I threaten people on my blog? Who did I threaten? Also, you’re lying again.I said I’m currently having sex with somebody, my program isn’t about sex but for people looking for long term relationships, I never said anything about somebody finding me pussy. I am fighting for all incels, you imbecile.

      3. If you have me fully identified what’s my real name?

      4. Body of evidence? Honey, running a blog isn’t a crime.

      5. Whose individual human rights don’t I respect?Whose individual human rights don’t I respect? If you say it’s the women’s rights you’re a fool. My program doesn’t violate any women’s rights, it let’s them apply freely, pays them and doesn’t force them to be with men they don’t want to be with.

      As for you, it’s pretty obvious you’re a totalitarian maniac who thinks being politically uncorrect is a crime.

      6. Go arrest me if you think you can. But you start doxxing anybody and you know which cunt gets hurt. I’ve talked about her here before.

      Also, you’re on moderation now so feel free to say whatever you want, just know that not all of your nonsense might be published.

    • I don’t know if you’re incel. That depends on whether you’re in a relationship and having sex now or have been during the past 6 months. I don’t know how long ago was “once”. Your past doesn’t say anything about whether or not you’re incel now.

      What I do know is that you’re on moderation from now on.

  2. Well written. In my opinion, this is one of your ‘gentler’ replies 🙂
    And please don’t delete this blog. The ideology behind it is actually quite nice. I mean no offense, but how you express those ideas through your writing can sometimes seem rather hostile. I’m not asking you to change how to write. Personally, I quite like your non-PC writing style. However, do you think that most of the negative responses you get are due to how your ideas are expressed, rather than the ideas themselves? I ask this, because the comments I’ve been reading have (mostly) been targeting you personally, rather than arguing against your actual point.

    • LY, don’t worry, this blog won’t be deleted. Lunatics like the one here can threaten and obsess with me but their pathetic asses won’t achieve anything at all, especially not the deletion of my blog. This idiot can’t even back up his hilarious claim that I lost every debate on Reddit, let alone his even dumber claim that there is worldwide conspiracy to get me arrested with a “mountain of evidence” with people from whatever country he erroneously thinks I am liaising with the police to… you know, explain it better to them 😀

      The problem with my lazy writing is that I’m always in some kind of drama with women while looking for a gf. If I could just settle down I’d write better and faster.

      There’s plenty of shit I could write that’s going on now but I don’t feel like it. I am not writing a fucking diary here.

      • “yes, well… the problem is that you won’t be finding a girlfriend any time soon because you’re obsessing with your “problems” and playing victim all the time.”

        To these girls I meet? You don’t know that. I don’t do that. It is true that women can sense that I’m inexperienced and clumsy, but that’s a different matter.

        “before you had sex you cried about not having sex, then you had some, so you had to find a new source for you pathological need to play victim, so now you’re crying about not finding a nice, intelligent, good looking girlfriend to love you and care for you.”

        Oh cut the crap. I wanted a nice, intelligent, good looking girlfriend since I was 14 years old. Sex is just a natural part of such a relationship. I never cried about not only having sex at all except a few times to my mother when I was nine years incel. Of course that after being incel so long I just wanted to get laid and lose my virginity, but still- if I had to wait 3 months for sex with a with a nice, intelligent, good looking girlfriend or could fuck the best looking woman on Earth every day for 3 months in 3 minutes I’d choose the first. Pretty risky, but I would. I am actually very emotional and romantic. I’ve just been fucked up by my experiences.

        Also, I’m willing to settle for much less than a very nice, intelligent, good looking girlfriend now. I’ve been rejected at least 15 times just this year on various dates I had.

        “cry me a river, a whole bunch of people don’t have that.”

        Yeah, so what? I am ready to settle for much less.

        “so no, your writing won’t be getting any better any time soon.”

        Probably, but not because of your lazy assumptions.

        Besides, an idiot who puts problems in brackets is a moron. The sad things is, while you think my rejections aren’t a problem if I told you what I’m currently going through and thinking about because of them you’d say I have a lot of problems.

  3. So, what happens when you achieve this relationship you so desire? Will you still be so passionate about this cause that you are willing to fight for it, even though you won’t really belong to the incel group anymore? I mean, you want the entire government to provide aid to every incel that asks for it. That’s what you’re fighting so strongly for. Will that still be a priority when you have an awesome girlfriend?
    “You ready to leave for dinner, sweetie? We’re going to be late for our reservation.”
    “Hold on, I have to finish writing this pointed letter to the senators.”

  4. “well you really do have problems. the reason why i put them in brackets is because the source of those problems is you yourself, not something external.”

    Hahahaha…. They’re not problems because I am their source 😀

    “if i start thinking there is a dick growing on my forehead i will have a problem. this problem would probably make me never leave my room and it would have horrible consequences on my social life and my mental state. that still doesn’t mean there’d really be a dick growing on my forehead, it would mean i’m imagining things and making a problem out of something that doesn’t exist.”

    And I am imagining- what? What is my dick on the forehead?

    • GGG- Write something this stupid again and you will be permabanned, not just put on moderation forever like you are now.

  5. So should governments also pay people to befriend involutarily friendless people? Surely they suffer even more than incels? What about ugly people? Do you know what extreme pain being ugly can cause you, leading to mental illness, self harm and suicide? There should be government programs paying those people’s plastic surgeries, right? I hope you agree. If you don’t, by your own logic you’re violating my human rights.

    • “So should governments also pay people to befriend involutarily friendless people? Surely they suffer even more than incels?”

      No, I don’t think governments should pay people to befriend involuntarily friendless people for one reason- 1. There are very few such people, while there are thousands and thousands of incels. 2. Your second sentence is nonsense. A satisfying intimate relationship is the number 1 key to happiness for most people.

      “Surely they suffer even more than incels? What about ugly people? Do you know what extreme pain being ugly can cause you, leading to mental illness, self harm and suicide?”

      I never heard of any sites, forums and blogs about ugly people. Nor did I hear that somebody killed himself or others because he was ugly. Ugly is a somewhat subjective concept too. On the other hand, I know that ugliness can cause incel but I don’t think that the government should pay for anybody’s plastic surgeries. It’s just as not as big as problem as incel.

      “I hope you agree. If you don’t, by your own logic you’re violating my human rights.”

      Well, sorry to dash your hopes, but I don’t agree with anything you said. Your post was comparing incomparable things and is a complete nonsense. Better luck next time.

  6. I see. The problem/state that affects hundreds of men on incel forums, where you can find 50 year-old virgins, something that had books/studies written on it and something that has made three members of incel forums commit suicide, as well as two incels in my own country, along with people like George Sodini or Christine Chubbuck is a dick growing on our foreheads.

    You’ve said pretty much all there is to say about you with this post. But, of course, it’s me who’s being rude by calling you a moron, it’s not that you make atrocious statements. And I say statements. You have no arguments at all.

  7. “incel” – you mean a fancy word for someone who can’t get laid. yeah wow, huge problem.”

    It’s not just about not getting laid. It’s about not getting a relationship as well, which is also much more important as with relationship usually come both emotional fulfillment and sex. You’re not funny, you’re not witty, you’re just a retard who reveals in being ignorant.

    And, yes, it’s usually a huge problem and many people kill themselves or others over it. It would be a huge problem even if it was just about not being able to get laid. But being what it is it’s an even bigger problem.

    “i didn’t say any one of whom you mentioned had a dick on their forehead, just that you do. and that’s a fact, sorry. among “incels” some people are schyzo, some are fat, some are psychos, some are physically disabled… you have a giant dick on your forehead.”

    And some are none of that and still incel. Also, I’ve never met a physically disabled incel. Btw, you could claim I also some other problems as I was diagnosed with depression and some personality disorders but please don’t do that because there are more than enough incels who have none of these problems at all. Also, incel is a problem in itself, with or without other problems.

    Now let’s go back to giant dicks. I allow free speech here. But since you have a giant dick instead of your brain and are poisoning this blog with stupid comments while thinking I will allow this kind of insults combined with ignorance, awful quasi-“arguments”, poor attempts of humor and even worse attempts to teach me about life from a perspective of barbaric simpleton I am putting you on moderation. I will allow posts that aren’t written by a giant dick. Unfortunately, I’m utterly convinced you’re unable to write anything that won’t be completely retarded. But surprise me.

  8. Dangerous ? What’s so dangerous about your idea anyway ? It’s already practically applied toward physically handicapped people.

    I think that society already assumes that love shy people should get professional help. The program idea is one step further, but really nothing extra ordinary.

    This partly explains why you are reluctant then to say where you live, lol 😀

    • Society has no idea what love-shyness is at all.

      I’m mostly under attack from TAC (that includes manginas, feminists, all kinds of PC people etc). Ironically, those are the kind of people who claim they’re for social justice, empathy and nobody getting left behind.

      Only 2-3 people that ever criticized me were libertarians or right wingers. It’s always just “you want government sanctioned rape baaaaaaaaawwwwh”.

      I have received various threats of doxxing and just threats in general.

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