Dear friends at

I am breaking my silence to address a bunch of trolls whose lame forum you can’t even see without registrating  but that’s ok, it won’t be a long post.

Though I would kind of like to post on your forum I have no intention of paying 10 bucks to do so. So I’ll just make a few quick comments on your bullcrap.

The woman I addressed on my blog wasn’t addressed in that way because she mocked me on Tumblr. She did that before I told her the story of an animal I am still doxxing to this day everywhere. I told her that story after she said she wants my personal info, which she would then spread online. I may not have much of a reputation with my online nickname, but I do care about the reputation of my real name.

I didn’t attack my parents after my mother refused to have sex with me. I attacked them after they verbally attacked me for my lack of motivation due to what was by then 9 years of incel, also trying to grab my head in the process.

My program isn’t about government mandated sex and to see that you only need to read it and have a reading comprehension of a 10 year-old.

I am neither a loonie or a troll. In fact, I’ve never lost an incel debate in my life.

I am also not an MRA and my posts don’t deal with MRA issues. So, the person calling me an idiot is obviously an idiot himself/herself.

Once again, Jessay didn’t just call me a loser. She wants to dox me. And if she does so I will destroy her online reputation because I know pretty much everything there is to know about her when it comes to doxxing, including her DOB. She is a person who said she wants to commit what are criminal acts in my country, a SJW vigilante and a complete fool.

My defenses are always different and deal with what the person debating me actually said. It’s not my problem that most of these horrible, horrible arguments are so insane that they could only be told by the radical feminists of The Atheist Cult.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything here. And you won’t be charged 10 bucks for it.

One thought on “Dear friends at

  1. Show me a debate I lost. I will show you all I’ve won after you do. You got something you can back this up with, right?

    Also, I wasn’t immediately aware that I can view all the replies I got so I haven’t answered many of the posts in the beginning. Yes, how stupid of me, but true.

    Do you have any questions I’ve “avoided”? I can reply to them now, just to show you that I haven’t avoided anything.

    And let me make an argument the way you make them – you’re a pedophile who killed 7 little girls after he raped them (oh, I guess that also makes you a murderer) and slept with his grandmother and got her pregnant when you were 13. And your feet stink. And you are fat… And and….

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