A binge… probably going nowhere

I just messaged close to 30 women on OKCupid. The message is of high quality and isn’t the one I posted here before.

So far I got just one response but not even half an hour has passed. The girl is standardly retarded, accusing me that I only want a relationship when my message clearly states I’m open to everything but friendship.

We’ll see what happens. I don’t expect anything.

15 thoughts on “A binge… probably going nowhere

  1. women can tell when you spam message them and they usually ignore it. I would try making individual messages to women that actually expound on how you would get along with her or what you have in common.

    • You’re right. Some women did say this is a spam message (albeit a good one) and didn’t want to talk to me because of it. However, some did reply and seem interested.

      I will certainly use the approach you’ve mentioned next time.

    • All of this is absolutely true in my mind. I and many other guys have experienced exactly the same thing. But all one can hope for is to get lucky somehow, no matter how nerve-recking it is. I just have to become a robot who treats rejection like a piece of paper dropping on the floor.

      • GGGF:
        I’ve been exactly where you have, the difference being that I realized eventually that luck has nothing to do with the situation. It’s like being a man in a famine-stricken country hoping he’ll get lucky and find a bread crust in the trash dumpster. That kind of thing has bad effects on one’s psychology.

        IOW, becoming a robot means losing your humanity. Don’t go that way!

    • I know. I don’t know how to change this or can I even do it for free (I don’t yet intend to pay anything for this blog). If anybody knows how to do this please let me know. I am still a beginner in WordPress.

      EDIT-figured it out, can you see it now?

  2. Maybe Eric is right. This has been going horribly. Most of the girls that replied are extremely vile, and I’m so confused and angered by the fact that they would write such long, hateful messages just to tell you that me that we will never meet and that they “don’t like me as a person” (after a single message) that I just had reply to two of them in similar way I do to idiots on a certain website, explaining to them why they’re idiots in an extremely harsh way.

    Also, those who did reply nicely stopped replying. I didn’t tell them a fucking thing but some basic info.

    I know that manginas and women will say I shouldn’t have written a copy/pasted message so I will try a different approach soon and see what will come out of it. I’m sure every of these girls gets at least 20 messages a day. Anyway, I will soon make a new profile and message the rude ones.

    • “Anyway, I will soon make a new profile and message the rude ones.”

      Sockpuppetry and harassment, make them pay GGG!!!

      • “do you think of yourself as a nice person?”

        What do you mean by nice? How do you define nice? My approach is the following one -approach politely, but show others as much respect as they show you and don’t tolerate stupidity unless necessary. Nice is such a subjective concept, so I don’t know or care.

        Also, even if I did consider myself nice (but I really don’t) I’d avoid saying so because the term nice has been taken over by The Atheist Cult as a pejorative term. Their logic is…

        1. If you are a pussifed mangina like dar and have a woman you’re a nice guy.

        2. If you are a pussifed mangina like dar and don’t have a woman you’re still a nice guy.

        3. If you are against feminism you are an asshole and if you don’t have a woman that’s to be expected because women don’t like assholes.

        4. If you are against feminism you are an asshole and if you have a woman it’s a misogynistic woman.

        5. If you are against feminism but claim to be a nice guy and you’re without a woman that’s to be expected because you’re a actually nice guy(tm).

        6. If you are against feminism but claim to be a nice guy and have a woman you’re actually an asshole and dating a misogynistic woman who doesn’t understand you’re actually a nice guy(tm).

        Damn, I could write a book about The Atheist Cult. I know exactly how these monsters think.

        “what exactly does mangina mean as an insult?”

        A male feminist. A man who is overly concerned with women’s issues to the point of complacency or contempt for those of his own gender.

  3. What a model of maturity you are. You spam them, forgetting apparently that nobody likes spam, then get your nose out of joint because they call you for spamming. Thin-skinned much? You’re right, the fault is entirely yours for spamming. And now you’ll create a new profile to go and be rude?

    Ladies, he’s still single. How can that possibly be, given what a wonderful specimen of humanity he presents himself as.

    And sorry if I don’t fulfill the stereotype you have of men from my part of the world. John Wayne never lived here, and the movies are fiction anyway. In the real here, real men treat women well. We take pride in it. Maybe that’s why we have such good ones, and I hope Eric stays away.

    • Only retard mangina morons like you and this idiot who started posting today, along with femifascists, are dumb enough to think I will open a profile to insult them. I will open a profile to approach them in a different way. What an idiot you are. Now you’ll reply with more lies like “But, it seemed like that!”, “But you implied that!” (when I actually never did) etc. I keep waiting for you to make another personal attack after my serious reply, which you will surely do as you’re too stupid and dogmatic not to do that again and then you will be banned forever, along with your retardation.

      And you’re not a real man, just a stupid magina who keeps making insane fabrications like that I was obsessed with sex during my teenage years (which I wasn’t nor could you possibly know this) and this is why parents didn’t find me a girlfriend to defend killers like them. That will not work.

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