Quo vadis, atheism?



What is this? Who are you running away from in such panic, GGG?

Something a bit different today, but still connected to incel and the need of government intervention  in certain segments.

I certainly learned how disgusting members of religious community can be no sooner than I turned 3 or 4, when I was sent to this awful Catholic kindergarten, where I wasn’t  even allowed to pee before we would finish the prayers, which I was too young to understand and see as anything but repetitive and scary, and then got beaten by the nun because I peed in my pants.I had the chance to learn this once again when I was 9 and taking classes before my First Holy Communion – that nun was extremely stupid and  not suited to deal with children. During that time I was already a target for the bullies because I was clumsy, overweight, extremely shy child who couldn’t sing or draw for shit, despite getting straight A’s in all “real” subjects. During those retarded classes we would always start with singing of some part of Church music or whatever it was. One afternoon, during the class with the nun, my bullies told the nun that I’m a great singer in mocking voices. Every teacher in my school would had recognized this for what it was and would told them to stop it. But she was no teacher. Instead she told me to get up and sing, which I did, because I was 9 and a figure of authority ordered me to do so. She thus caused great pain and humiliation to a 9 year-old boy who couldn’t sing and great joy to my bullies. Of course, she was way too dense to understand what just happened and told me that my singing is horrible and that I should sit down in angry voice, causing even more laughter for the bullies.

But these events were not the reason I became an atheist so early in my life. These things didn’t influence me too much because I couldn’t understand much of it then and was simply too young to form the connection between their behavior and belief in God, let alone any relationship with religion on my own.  Also, kids this age tend to forget stuff quicky and time passes much slower for them – my view on that event with the nun when I was nine was not the same when I was ten, fifteen or twenty-four. I probably remembered it the least when I was ten. I listened to the stories from the Old and New Testament but was also too young to form an opinion.

But before I was older than 11 it was over – as I’ve left my early childhood while gaining a lot of new interests and skills in 1999 I simply realized that there are no gods and that all religions based on a belief system are based on a lie. I never decided to be an atheist, it just happened with me getting older and more aware of my thoughts and the rest of the world. I realized there’s no proof of any gods, never has been and that death is almost certainly like falling asleep with no dreams. My views at that time were somewhat simplified because focused on belief, thus actually showing an extreme Christian bias. Only Christianity considers belief the core of religion. Islam includes both belief and practice in the core. No other religion includes belief in the core. This bias, created because I was a kid living in a Christian country,  remained for a good decade, mostly because I never cared about religion at all and only found that most religions don’t include belief in the core by accident. I never believed in God and becoming an atheist wasn’t some great conversion for me, just a logical thing to become.

But let us return to here and now, to a Western culture where most people believe in this God of the desert. I don’t know the definition of a radical atheist but I take my atheism very seriously. I am one of those people who would stop any public funding for any churches, take away much of church property, change the nature of contracts my country has with the Vatican, move religious education and prayer from kindergartens and schools to churches exclusively. The distatestful, pompous ceremony now performed at Vatican, where rich parasites from all over the world are choosing their new leader fills me with disgust.

Despite all of this, during the last couple of years I see things that would make me feel ashamed of being an atheist, if I could feel shame for my convictions because of  actions of others that hold them and if were to  believe that their thoughts and actions have to do with atheism

The problem with atheism today are those atheists who have created what is called The  Atheist Cult. When it comes to moderate members of the Cult true description of themselves is “we’re atheists, that means we’re smart”, their true goal “God doesn’t exist so let’s suck each others cocks”.  These people are losers. Everyone whose life revolves around his atheism is a loser. They’re funny and harmless. And, unfortunately, are becoming more and more of a minority.

Sadly, what’s becoming a majority of the Atheist Cult are disgusting, utterly wretched people esposuing dangerous and toxic ideas like third wave femifascism, extreme misandry, myths of “patriarchy” and “rape culture” (and general obsession with rape), cult of therapy, political correctness, hatred of the white race, waging of war Western men while remaining unforgivably silent on the unspeakable oppression of women and girls in Islamic societies and a cult mentality. These people lack any critical thinking and treat each other and their enemies in a way a cult does.

I first encountered these people couple of years ago when I disagreed with them about something on a certain forum. I registered and expected a civil debate. Within moments all of my points were strawmanned and I was showered with insults in a way I would never be on any Christian forum. I was shocked. These people are rational atheists?! They seemed more like crazed 17th century mob attacking what they thought was a witch.  I soon realized that in order to debate there I would have to put 90 percent of them on ignore list and debate the few who weren’t complete lunatics. The scary thing was that most of them were educated, successful people. How, then, can they make such awful logical fallacies and act like they’re from the 11th century? The only way for me to understand this is if I acknowledge that they are religious, but have just chosen different gods and symbols.

But it gets worse than that. There is also a third type of  Atheist Cult members. These are the dangerous ones. In a manner of worst religious fundies these fools are ready to harm their perceived opponents in real life by doxxing them, contacting their family members, friends and work place. Why? Simply for not agreeing with what they have to say. I was a target of such people once and now I’m their target again. Both times the goal wasn’t to critize me in a rational manner but to dox. I am pretty certain that no Christian would go after me in this way. Of course, once you oppose these violent, insane people and tell them that this, once it becomes real doxxing, will not go unpunished they accuse you of threats, call you a psychopath for refusing to take it like a dirty enemy should and try to make themselves look better with a bunch of lies – for example, that I “stalked” a woman trying to dox me ON MY OWN BLOG SHE CHOOSE TO POST ON, when I didn’t even care about her IP nor do I remember it, that I published her real name when I never did or that I declared a war on her when all I said is that war will start if she starts it – if I wanted a war I’d start it by now, having more than enough info on her ! If I remember some more lies I’ll add them.

Many people belonging to the third group are now joined in Atheism+, a lunatic fringe movement best defined my Urban Dictionary as A bunch of frauds. Despite having atheist in its name it really isn’t atheism at all. Their goal is to subvert atheism with the religion of feminist indoctrination and bitch about non existent misogyny.To these people any legitimate questioning of feminists and female privilege is grounds for calling anyone a misogynist. Atheism Plus is really nothing more then an attempt at co-opting the meaning of atheism.Atheism Plus is nothing more than dogmatic feminists trying to commandeer the atheist movement. This will set back Atheism for decades if these usurpers gain popularity.

Their actions include banning of all who oppose them, doxxing private info, threatening critics employment and using DMCA as a doxxing and censorship tool.

Of course, there are members of the third group who aren’t members of Atheism+.

How does all this relate to incel? Not too good, I’m afraid. These people are feminists and they see incels, those poor men many of whom are suffering for decades as just entitled whiny brats. A woman who had been looked at awkwardly by a man on the bus is more deserving of pity than somebody who had been incel for 30 years to these people. That’s how insane, disgusting and vile they are.  Most of them even refuse to acknowledge that incel exists, simply because it’s not a medical disorder, even though 1. A twelve-year old would understand that a chronic near-total or total absence in a person’s sexuality of intimate relationships or sexual intercourse that is occurring for reasons other than voluntary celibacy, asexuality, antisexualism, or sexual abstinence does exist, and can’t be called a “dry spell”, unless you think that being a virgin at 50 is also a dry spell 2. Nobody ever tried to say incel should be a medical condition. 3.There have been studies made on involuntary celibacy.

It’s even worse when it comes to love-shyness. Same old arguments about it not being a medical condition are thrown combined with stubbornly calling it nothing more than social anxiety, when everybody who suffered from it or is currently suffering knows that his fear of approaching a woman or making and kind of romantic advances is much worse than any other fear of any other social situation and that love-shyness should be included in the DSM as a specific phobia. Brian G. Gilmartin is attacked because he talked about astrology and  reincarnation, past life regression, and Kirlian aura, which is used to say he lacks any credibility, when in fact it would be useful for anybody to read his book in order to understand why love-shyness certainly isn’t social phobia, though it often stands in correlation with it.

Their solution to these problems? Therapy, stop being “entitled” (when in fact they never actually explain why are incels entitled), treat women with respect (disregard that many people who are complete trash and don’t even treat themselves with respect, let alone others, have partners and get them with ease), more therapy, annoying insistence on “nice guys” when most incels don’t even call themselves that (and I find it stupid when some do!), attempts to make you believe that your incel isn’t the problem, your reaction to it is (when incel is definitely a problem and everybody but these heartless brainwashed beasts can see it), attempts to make you believe that your reaction is the only problem because, remember, incel “doesn’t exist”, false accusations of too high criteria when most incels have very low criteria after decades of deprivation, the desire for incels to learn to live in this unnatural state (which goes against the basic human nature) aaaaaaaaand… more therapy.

The consequences of such horrible approach are visible in incel communities- I have never met an incel who was helped by therapy and the hatred most incels show towards feminism and The Atheist Cult in general is astounding.

So, how would I define these people, these parasites on the name of atheism? They are, simply, bigoted and dangerous fascists, a modern analogs of religious fanatics of the past. Thus you have PZ Myers calling all anti-feminists Marc Lepine and many other disgusting examples.

The problem here is that you can’t fix fascism- fascism needs to be taken down !

Does that mean that atheism should also be taken down?

Of course not. Fortunately, there are still sane atheists so it’s not like you go crazy the moment you become an atheist. What we sane atheists should do is

1. Condemn lunatic groups like Atheism+, which give atheism a bad name, and call them out on what they are.

2. Reject femifascism, extreme misandry, myth of “patriarchy” and “rape culture” (and general obsession with rape), cult of therapy, political correctness, hatred of the white race, waging of war Western men while remaining unforgivably silent on the unspeakable oppression of women and girls in Islamic societies and a cult mentality. Make a firm and decisive effort to explain people that these ills are not there because of atheism but because the atheist name is being used for other, malicious purposes.

3. Inform the public about these differences between atheists and The Atheist Cult.

4. Not get allied with extreme religious and right wing groups while doing so, as this would only harm us.

Luckily, thing seem to be getting slightly better. I don’t often post videos here but I liked this video by an atheist woman

And this kid makes a good analysis

By now it should be pretty obvious who was I running away from in the beginning of this post.

21 thoughts on “Quo vadis, atheism?

  1. Please consider this quote:

    Mr. [Charles] Southwell has taken an objection to the term Atheism. We are glad he has. We have disused it a long time […]. We disuse it, because Atheist is a worn-out word. Both the ancients and the moderns have understood by it one without God, and also without morality. Thus the term connotes more than any well-informed and earnest person accepting it ever included in it; that is, the word carries with it associations of immorality, which have been repudiated by the Atheist as seriously as by the Christian. Non-theism is a term less open to the same misunderstanding, as it implies the simple non-acceptance of the Theist’s explanation of the origin and government of the world.

    This was written in 1852. In other words, atheists have been immoral for a long time. Just call yourself “nontheist” and disassociate yourself from these vile people.

  2. femifascism as a word doesn’t really make sense considering how fascism has historically been pretty big on traditional gender roles and natalism.

    Social Anxiety doesn’t necessarily mean that all social situations are feared equally. I have it and for no discernible reason talking to someone one the phone used to terrify me while communicating in person wasn’t as stressful. It’s perfectly normal for people that don’t even have SA to be more nervous to approach someone they’re sexually attracted to than say a friend or staff in a store. Maybe “love-shyness” could be categorized as a subset of Social Anxiety Disorder but I don’t think it can really be separated.

    • “femifascism as a word doesn’t really make sense considering how fascism has historically been pretty big on traditional gender roles and natalism.”

      Fascism was also big on intolerance, silencing your opponents, irrational ideas, cult mentality and hate. Just like most of feminism today.

      “It’s normal for a lot of people to not have sex until their twenties (myself included) and most of them aren’t scarred by it.”

      It’s normal if they chose so. If they haven’t chosen so it’s incel and incel is never normal.

      “Social Anxiety doesn’t necessarily mean that all social situations are feared equally. I have it and for no discernible reason talking to someone one the phone used to terrify me while communicating in person wasn’t as stressful. It’s perfectly normal for people that don’t even have SA to be more nervous to approach someone they’re sexually attracted to than say a friend or staff in a store. Maybe “love-shyness” could be categorized as a subset of Social Anxiety Disorder but I don’t think it can really be separated.”

      Love-shy people aren’t just nervous to approach somebody they’re sexually attracted to, they never do it out of severe phobia. Phobia of spiders, birds and other stuff isn’t social anxiety. Nor is love-shyness.

      • I know I’m being really pedantic about this but fascism denotes specific characteristics like nationalism, support of a vanguard party and mixed economy. Words like “authoritarian” or “totalitarian” would be more apt.

        “Phobia of spiders, birds and other stuff isn’t social anxiety. Nor is love-shyness.”
        It’s still a social interaction so it is related at least somewhat.

        • Words like “authoritarian” or “totalitarian” also denote certain specific characteristics. I like the term femifascism and it’s becoming used more and more, so I will stick with it.

          “It’s still a social interaction so it is related at least somewhat.”

          Maybe, but it’s much more specific, in that you can be completely without social anxiety and still have love-shyness. It should be included as a some kind of specific social anxiety related to romantic issues in future DSM’s.

  3. You call rape culture a myth, yet you want women to have sex with you because you want it, or to be paid by the the government to do so. You have called women who don’t want to have sex with you retarded and cunts. That is rape culture.

      • Either way. I was actually arguing on your behalf, not against you, in that comment.
        You’re probably not used to much of that.

    • Whether you agree with him or not, you should at least educate yourself before arguing. He HAS said multiple times that his program is designed to develop relationships, rather than provide casual sex.
      While he has said some very insulting and inappropriate things on his blog about women who no longer wanted to pursue a relationship with him (and women in general) that definitely unsettled me…I think you are misinformed on what rape culture really is.
      Rape culture is a term used to describe the normalization of sexual violence. It can apply to both men and women, gay or straight. Making jokes about rape, making threats on the internet to rape people that upset you, not taking a rape victim’s claim seriously, blaming victims of rape and claiming that they “were asking for it” and not considering rape to be a serious problem in society are all examples of “rape culture”.
      Calling women retarded and cunts is very WRONG, but not an example of rape culture.
      The more you know!

      • Well being hateful to anyone isn’t okay, men or women, in my opinion.
        But I was referring specifically to some of your posts where you’ve met girls online and have trash-talked them on your blog for not wanting to continue pursuing whatever you had going with them.
        Don’t mistake me for thinking that saying those things about women is worse than saying them about men. Neither is okay.

  4. True atheists hate pz myers and his community. But seriously, they are not the norm.

    Richard dawkins ridiculed rebecca watson of elevator gate.
    Sam harris hates pz myers guts.

    Most atheists are young guys like you and I and we hate feminists and other typical leftie nazi bullcrap.

    • Look, like I told you… It isn’t about the numbers at all.

      The fact is, a certain number of very loud and aggressive atheists are making all atheists look bad and this is why I was no longer comfortable calling myself an atheist.

  5. I’m not sure I understand what a person’s religious beliefs…(IE: whether or not they believe in god) have to do with a cult mentality or misandry or hatred of whites or any other hateful behavior.
    As an atheist…I think that being one means that you don’t believe in a god. Period.
    The rest of those things are more social and political beliefs, I think the fact that the people with these views are atheists may just be coincidence, or slightly connected to their predisposition to skepticism.
    I really don’t think there is such a thing as an “Atheist Cult” as you say…But this may be because I’ve never witnessed anything like it and know many people who share my religious beliefs.

    • Dawn, I don’t know exactly how many atheists are into TAC but what I do know is that a large number of atheists is. Also, I am bothered by the loud atheist groups like Atheism Plus using the name of atheism to promote evils like feminism, misandry, racism and cult of therapy.

      I am bothered by that and this is why I now call myself a non-theist.

  6. However, related to atheism or not…some of these views that you are considering “cult” views aren’t exactly crazy. It is widely known that women don’t have completely equal rights currently, which is mostly due to a male-dominated society (patriarchy, I guess)
    And the “rape culture” people talk about isn’t about feminism or atheism but is a term used to describe the fact that rape isn’t really taken seriously enough by the general public.
    So in that light, the “patriarchy” and “rape culture” myths aren’t really myths, because the issues that those terms are used to describe are real issues. Though I would agree that a person who believes that we live in a COMPLETELY male-dominated society or a society where rape isn’t taken seriously AT ALL is either very uninformed, misinformed or is extremely over exaggerating.

  7. Pingback: Cult of therapy – a dangerous death cult created by TAC | thatincelblogger

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