44 thoughts on “You wanted it, you’re getting it

  1. You are handsome. I think if I met you in person, I’d find you attractive. It is your psychotic ideas about relationships which are off-putting to women, and nothing else. It’s really that simple.

    • “It is your psychotic ideas about relationships which are off-putting to women, and nothing else. It’s really that simple.”

      No, it is not, since most of them never found out about my ideas. And those who did found out when we were already together or it didn’t stop them from wanting to be with me.

      • But if all these thoughts are in your head, people pick up on that, whether or not you say anything aloud. It’s not this inexplicable mystery, why you’ve had such difficulties with women. You have a bunch of weird ideas in your head about women and sex and relationships; your demeanor reflects that; people perceive it, and find it off-putting; you get hurt, and the crazy thoughts get compounded. It’s a simple cycle. You could break it if you wanted to.

      • Anna:
        Who are you kidding? Psychotic men attract women moreso than anything else. GGGF’s problem is that he’s actually nice (and his ideas aren’t crazy—they just don’t fit into your warped feminist world-view). If he really was a dangerous psychotic, he wouldn’t be INCEL.

  2. I disagree with Anna somewhat. Eivind Berge had the same assumptions thrown at him. But the answer was the same in his case – most women did not know about his views and when I met him in person, he did not have misogyny seeping out of his pores. There was nothing to pick up on. And it’s not just me. Most people who met him IRL commented that, he seems pleasant and non-threatening. I dunno how GGGfs is IRL, perhaps he is different and is more scary. But I know for sure that you do NOT have to have crazy ideas about women written all over you, to drive women away. In fact it can even attract them, although it’s not guaranteed.

    I’m also skeptical that people are that good at picking up on weird ideas of others. Serial killers have weird ideas about women, but they are good liars. They get married, they fool victims into trusting them, they fool the experts. But perhaps they are an extreme example. I remember reading about a study that said people can, to an extent, see who is a criminal just by looking at their face. However, women were unable to spot rapists in this study. If the rapists are the men who have the most weird ideas about women, they sure inspire a lot of initial trust…

    • There is so much wrong with this comment, I don’t even know what to say. So I’ll just say this. YOU certainly seem dumb enough not to notice when people are delusional or dangerous. Don’t assume that everyone else is as utterly fucking witless as you.

      • Do you need to be so rude? How about some arguments? I’m speaking from experience. I watched your argument fail in real life. I’ve read about people who disprove it, and even a study… What do you have? If it’s more than rude language, I’m all ears.

      • Anna, as much as it pains me to agree with an anti-feminist about something, I think Emma is correct that it’s probably not GGGF’s opinions that cause most of his trouble with love. People with Depression and (especially) BPD tend to have difficulties with interpersonal relationships. People with abusive personalities that are in relationships pull it off because they’re able to appear charming in public and don’t start abusing their partners until they have developed a secure emotional attachment. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch for serial killers to use similar tactics.

      • If women were statistically competent at spotting dangerous or delusional men, then the domestic abuse of women by men wouldnt be an issue would it

    • Yeah but you’re a misogynist yourself, emma. Naturally you wouldn’t pick up on signals that are mirrored in your own personality.

      • “Yeah but you’re a misogynist yourself, emma. Naturally you wouldn’t pick up on signals that are mirrored in your own personality.”

        You’re a joke. Guys like fschmidt and Eivind Berge have partners. fschmidt even has a wife and two kids.

        Misogynistic PUA’s get laid all the time.

        Your fucktarded psychology is so idiotic that you go around and accuse people of misogyny when neither Emma or me are misogynists while real misogynists get laid and even marry. And I’m not even talking about fschmidt or Eivind as I don’t consider them misogynists.

        What are your arguments for calling Emma or me misogynists anyway?

      • Whether or not you identify is a misogynist is irrelevant. The important thing as far as your love life goes is how the *average* *Western* *woman* perceives you – and I promise, she would perceive you as a misogynist. That’s what normal women find unappealing about you. You try to counter this claim by pointing out that PUAs get married all the time – well of course they do. They marry women like emma.

        Your problem is that you’ve been marketing yourself to the wrong women.You’ve been seeking out “normal” women when you should be seeking out women who share your opinions – women like emma. They are not common, but they do exist. Stop casting such a broad net, focus on your target demographic, and I think you will find that your success rate dramatically improves.

        • “Whether or not you identify is a misogynist is irrelevant.”

          That much is correct. Unfortunately, the rest of the post sucks and now I’ll explain why….

          “The important thing as far as your love life goes is how the *average* *Western* *woman* perceives you – and I promise, she would perceive you as a misogynist.”

          That is absolute nonsense. I may not be from the Anglosphere, where feminist insanity has reached frightening proportions, but I assure you that even there no woman would consider me a misogynist if I kept my mouth shut on these ideas on government intervention and the fact that I support the return of patriarchy. Maybe some of the extreme feminists would if consider me a misogynist if I told them about my ideas about government intervention but most women, including most feminists, would just see me as a dateless loser and that would repel them, not my “misogyny”. Like I said, I do believe that patriarchy is the only sane system, something that created civilizations and that feminism destroys them. But I have enough common sense not to say this to women unless I’m sure they’re intelligent enough to understand. In other words, this can only be said to Emmas of the world. To say that women can “feel” this about me is nonsense. In fact, I believe that if women could somehow feel than a man supports patriarchy it actually make most of them, aside from the most brainwashed femifascist, more attracted to him. It’s just how they’re wired. I am aware that I can’t prove that but that’s the feeling I have.
          Despite believing that patriarchy is the only sane option for the civilization I still don’t consider myself a misogynist, because I don’t hate women, I just think men and women should have different roles. Of course, every feminist will call me a misogynist for believing that but feminists are fools.

          Besides, I am living in the Western culture and there are feminist women here, some of whom I dated. Not a single one of them considered me a misogynist, even those I told about the fact that I believe that government should help incels. Why? Because they understood that my program doesn’t force anybody to do anything but go on blind dates they can end at any time and for which they’re paid for.

          The fact that you called me a misogynist BEFORE you even got a chance to read that I support the patriarchy simply because I support a program which doesn’t force women to do anything or call some disgusting, stupid women words like “cunt” and “whore” is just plain silly and shows that this blog is either full of radical feminists or people are just too lazy to read my actual content. Or maybe the Western civilization has just gone insane altogether. If you have some other examples of my misogyny please do tell.

          “That’s what normal women find unappealing about you.”

          There’s a looooot “normal” women don’t find appealing about me, like my very introverted personality, the fact that I’m a decent person, nervousness on dates, desperation, desire to make up for the lost time, the fact I don’t like most things young people like, the fact that I seem slow at times and too polite etc etc. I could mention virtually hundreds of things women don’t find appealing about me. Misogyny simply isn’t one of them. I don’t hate women. You and thousands of other people saying I do won’t make it so.

          “Your problem is that you’ve been marketing yourself to the wrong women.You’ve been seeking out “normal” women when you should be seeking out women who share your opinions – women like emma. They are not common, but they do exist. Stop casting such a broad net, focus on your target demographic, and I think you will find that your success rate dramatically improves.”

          First of all, there are like 5 of these women in any Western country. There is no real chance of finding one. It’s like finding a needle in a bunch of haystacks. I would like a female MRA, especially one as pretty as Emma, but where would I find such women? There are no sites, clubs or organisations with them. Eivind Berge met Emma by pure accident because she commented on his blog. 99 percent of Norweigan women are terrified of him. And think about this aspect- even if I meet somebody like Emma is there a guarantee that there will be chemistry, mutual attraction?

          No, I’m much better off casting a broad net than looking for Emmas of my country. It’s hard enough to find a normal, intelligent woman here, but they exist and don’t have to be female MRA’s or resemble one without knowing the term (that term is almost unknown here) to be decent. Searching for what are like 5 women in the entire country would be a frustrating waste of time. And how am I to find them anyway, should I make a profile saying “I’m an anti-feminist and a conservative atheist”, date me? I just don’t see how that approach would work. Might try it for an experiment but it’s not really a serious option.

        • I don’t have the time to reply to her now as my fuck buddy is behind me in the room (will do tommorow) but what do you expect from The Atheist Cult, the worst group of people to ever exist in the history of mankind? To say anything that makes sense? That happens once every couple of years for most of them.

      • I don’t really have the time or inclination to reply to your whole post, but I want to address this point:

        “First of all, there are like 5 of these women in any Western country. There is no real chance of finding one. ”

        That, my friend, is utter horseshit. You’ve been on reddit, right? I have met HUNDREDS of women on that site alone who have views similar to your own – and I wasn’t looking for them, and reddit isn’t even designed to cater to your views. Find a site that caters to people of YOUR policial slant, and you will find women who are interested in dating you.

        The rest of your post is mainly you whining that I called you a misogynist, which I’m not particularly interested in debating. As I’ve said, it doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself one, or whether emma considers you one – or, indeed, whether I consider you one. Any sane, self-respecting woman is going to pick up on the cues you are sending out, and feel repelled by them. Being an introvert is not your problem. Being decent and polite (lol) is not your problem. Having unconventional interests is not your problem. My boyfriend is all of these things and I had to compete hard, against a sizable group of women, to win his affections. Your problem consists of two parts:

        Firstly, and most importantly, you are clinically unstable. Trust me, women can tell. You need to fix this, buddy, and not just because it prevents you from finding a girlfriend. You need to fix it because it will undermine you in every aspect of your life if you don’t.

        Secondly, your attitude towards women and relationships is extremely incompatible with how the average woman sees herself.

        Neither of these problems is insurmountable, and neither of them makes your pursuit of love impossible. They just make things much harder.

      • “There are like 5 women like that in any Western country.”

        Once you’ve weeded out the women who are too old, too fat, too ugly, too neurotic, too ignorant and stupid, the drug addicts, the alcoholics, the sluts, the lesbians, the man-haters, a single man is left with a very small field in which to operate. The few worth meeting have a 1000 guys vying for her attention—and likely she’ll reject all of them and jump into bed with the nearest abusive thug she can find.

        “You are clinically unstable. Women can pick up on that.”

        They can; but I think you really meant to say: ‘women pick up men like that.’

        “Your perception of women and relationships is exteremly incompatible with how they see themselves.”

        BS: women see themselves as superior to men and every man as a male pig who is only useful as a sperm donor or bill-payer. GGGF’s only incompatibility here is that he wants to believe women are actually capable of love and affection. 99% of them are malignant narcissicists who don’t give a damn about anybody but themselves, even if a man’s death resulted from their abuse they would feel no remorse over it.

      • “They can; but I think you really meant to say: ‘women pick up men like that.’”

        If women picked up men who were unstable, then GGGF wouldn’t be having any problems, would he? Women are either domineering harridans who prey on vulnerable men, or submissive codependents who crave abusive jerks. You can’t have it both ways.

        “BS: women see themselves as superior to men and every man as a male pig who is only useful as a sperm donor or bill-payer”

        Even if that’s true, how does it contradict anything I said? Isn’t that view of themselves inconsistent with how GGGF sees them?

      • Trudie:
        ‘You can’t have it both ways.’

        It’s not both ways. Women hate men and want to feel superior to them. So they are either domineering harridans to good men; or they crave abusive jerks to feel morally superior to them.

  3. It seems I missed something. What exactly are his weird ideas about women, and relationships? He’s not a rapey guy, so that can’t be it (not to our knowledge, anyway). His descriptions of his interactions with women seem ok enough, but often end up in his misery, and sometimes it works out well (again, just to our knowledge).
    He wants the government or his parents to get him a gf – that’s pretty weird, but this is not about women themselves or about conducting a relationship with one. So what are his weird ideas about women, sex and relationships? A serious question.

    • He feels ENTITLED to be with a woman. He feels the world OWES HIM a satisfying relationship. That is madness. He is owed nothing. It’s not like having a relationship is an inalienable right for all human beings. It’s just not. This is psychotic. It’s truly delusional. If you think this man is not weird or frightening, you share in his delusion.

      Looking at your blog, it strikes me that you’re deluded enough already. I truly feel sorry for any person, man or woman, who thinks that feminism hurts them. You are pitiable.

      • I think he’ll tell us if he feels entitled or not… He hasn’t said anything on this blog that indicates he feels entitled to sex from the women he goes on dates with. His mom is one person I’m confused about. But as far as entitlement goes, he is about as entitled as those who say the government should help them find jobs or living quarters they could rent (which our government actually does help with).

        How much do you really know about feminism? Have you read many feminist books? History? Looked into what feminist organizations are doing? I have a lot of reason to think that many parts of modern feminism is harmful, as well as anti-science. Not all of it, but many parts, yes. How do you know I’m deluded and you’re not? Have you checked the facts?

        My opinions are based on a lot of careful reflection and reading. If I’m wrong, I admit it. And I admit when feminism achieved something good. What about you?

        You can pity me all you want, but I wish you a nice life.

      • “He feels ENTITLED to be with a woman. He feels the world OWES HIM a satisfying relationship. ”

        Where did I say this? Show me where I said I was entitled to a woman or a satisfying relationship – it doesn’t have to be those words exactly

        The rest of this post is just you beating the shit out of a strawman you constructed in the first two sentences, so it’s entirely irrelevant.

        “I truly feel sorry for any person, man or woman, who thinks that feminism hurts them. You are pitiable.”

        But seeing this, I will probably get a horrible answer anyway. Why don’t non-feminist women ever say the kind of bullshit a feminist is able to churn out?

      • The fact that he can’t see this shows how delusional he really is. His whole premise is based on how someone needs to help him find a girlfriend, alluding to the idea that he *should* have one and if he can’t get one on his own, someone should be helping him. Putting women on pedestals is just as misogynistic as ripping them down because it turned them into a “thing” someone is supposed to have instead of separate human beings. Blaming others for your own shortcomings isn’t easy to hide either. I’m sure he does this with other failures in his life without realizing it (for example, if he doesn’t do well on a test, it’s probably because the teacher didn’t teach well enough, not because he didn’t study), and this is why no sane woman would want to be around him. Eventually he’s going to blame her for something. It’s like putting yourself in the line of fire.
        He wants to be a victim so badly but he has more privilege than anyone else in our modern society. He’s a white male, who has the opportunity to further his education, he’s attractive, his parents are willing to pay for his living expenses (even though he’s obviously ungrateful if he’s willing to put them on trial) and still, he doesn’t recognize any of that because he’s too busy whining about the only thing that isn’t handed to him, so much so that he thinks his parents/the govt should be liable for not providing it to him.
        I really don’t think any amount of therapy will help him at this point. I just hope they have strict gun laws wherever he lives because if he lived in the US, we’d probably have another mass shooting in the news.

  4. Now, I’m skeptical (just skeptical, I’m open to new knowledge you know) that weird ideas about women are obvious. However, inner pessimism, bad self-esteem and other sad feelings can become visible, through sad body language. Slumped shoulders, bowed head, trying to make yourself look smaller… And doing all this can lower our confidence. Standing and moving as if you’re confident can make one feel and act confident, which is a good thing.

    Give it a try 😉

  5. How do we know its you?

    Its customary to post a pic with a timestamped handwritten note in the picture. How else can we know you didn’t lift this off google images or something?

  6. Those of you assuming that men having anti-woman views causes women to become sexually unattracted to them, or that men who are sexually prolific or successful in relationships necessarily have pro-women attitudes are guilty of a thing psychologists call the “Just World Fallacy”. It might momentary flatter your own egos to think that women (and therefore you) are inerrantly adept at spotting misogynists and abusers, but youre ignoring the fact that this belief implies that actual female victims of domestic abuse are making fully-informed decisions AGAINST their own well-being and rational self-interests by being with the partners they have chosen.

    • Dryad:
      That’s very true. Most of these manginas are so steeped in the illusion that all women are really Cinderellas at heart—longing for their handsome prince. The truth is, most of these princesses laugh in their sleeves at prince charming and white knights but throw themselves into bed with the court jesters instead!

  7. You are actually quite attractive, I think that a lot of the reason you have trouble maintaining a stable relationship is because (based on some of your more colourful blog posts) you are a bit unstable yourself.
    This is completely unrelated to any of your ideas about the government program or any of that, and I know you don’t believe in therapy or psychiatry…
    But I firmly believe that if you were properly diagnosed and treated by a doctor who would give you the time of day to realize that you’re not just completely nuts you could get your ducks in a row and find a girl who it would work out with.
    Besides the mental instability (that I could be wrong about, your scarier posts could just be some kind of character) that reads much like a mild but debilitating social/personality disorder, you don’t seem to have anything going against you. You are handsome, clearly very intelligent, and honestly whether your current program works out or not you seem to have the kind of mind that would lend itself to becoming very successful with things in business and politics.
    I probably offended or upset you with the talk of therapy and treatment as I have seen you go off on people about it before but I just have this feeling that your quality of life could be so much more improved and you could actually have a nice, long-;lasting relationship with someone you grow to love and really be happy and healthy if you were given the right chance by a more understanding doctor. Of course you would have to give them AND yourself that chance as well.
    Sorry if I crossed a line, it’s really none of my business, just something to think about I guess..

    • What are you stunned about? The hell my looks have to do with anything? I am not a stupid thug who beats and rapes women, and that’s why I have no success. It’s as simple as that.

      • Lol. That’s not what stunned me.

        You ARE an attractive man. I’m stunned that women are posting here saying, basically “You’re hot, BUT your scary mind keeps us from dropping our pants.”

        That’s absurd bullshit. Most women flock in droves, to men that have “scary minds” and kill dozens of people. Being attractive does not mean a thing these days.

        • No, I am not an attractive man, since being attractive has nothing to do with looks at all. I am not attractive or unattractive due to my looks at all.

          I am unattractive because I am a coalpha. Have you read my July 22 post?

          • That’s odd, since yes, I just started reading it this morning. I have tons of free time, but since it’s so in depth..I want to be able to read it and appreciate all of your points–not just speed read.

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