Gggfs close to being doxxed and institutionalized !!!!

An army of angry doxxers going after Gggfs



Nah, not really. But the idea of the title was just to draw your attention.

So, a couple of lunatics are bent on finding out my real name and location and revealing to the wide world. They are attempting this by ingenious methods like hysterically Googling parts of my texts 50 times a day and listening to contradictory information from shady nicknames, all of which could be mine (and some are).

Good luck, fellas, but remember that I know where this effort is coming from, that I know everything I have to know about a person behind this and that I will take revenge if any innocent people are harrassed because of me once again.

Just face it – you will never find my real info. I’m way too smart for you. I don’t care what you say or do, I will not be intimidated.


6 thoughts on “Gggfs close to being doxxed and institutionalized !!!!

  1. I didn’t even know you exist until a minute ago.

    You mentioned you were diagnosed as someone with BPD, but didn’t believe in that type of disorder. Guess what? Delusion is a part of the disorder.

    Get over yourself, you selfish dickhole.

    • Even if he has BPD, “not believing in it” is not a proof of anything. You probably don’t think you’re psychotic. Well, that’s cuz you’re psychotic, the more you deny it, the more you prove it. It’s unfair, but there you go.

      • Emma, Aha(etc.): no. You’re either relying on misinformation or undue assumptions about borderline personality disorder.

        Ah+, delusions are not a characteristic of BPD; stress-induced paranoia is. Delusions are caused by psychosis, an entirely different medical condition. With BPD, the brain reacts to relatively mild emotional stimuli with atypically intense and usually negative emotions (when the unaffected feel disappointment, those with BPD feel devastation). The paranoia occurs because (1) the sufferer knows how distressing everyday things can be and wants to anticipate and avoid them, and/or (2), other people say the sufferer’s feelings are unreasonable and blame him for pain he never asked for. When that kind of pain is both frequent and unavoidable, and you’re accustomed to getting blamed for it, it’s only natural to be suspicious of your environment.

        Emma, like I said, psychosis has nothing to do with BPD. Are you using psychotic as a derogatory synonym for mentally ill? When the mentally ill deny their illnesses, it generally isn’t because of delusions, but because of the kind of hostility shown by people who mock them for simply having a disease. Would you insult someone for having cancer? How is it any different?

        Side-point, GGGF: whether or not you personally have it, BPD does exist. Neuroimaging and postmortem studies have shown significant anatomical and chemical idiosyncrasies in the brains of people with BPD. In fact, I think that to deny its existence is unfair to people with BPD. The sufferer has to hold in terrifying emotional swings and incredible pain while few people appreciate their struggle and only excoriate them if they slip. At least by acknowledging that the disease is real, we acknowledge that their emotions are caused by chemicals, not weakness or irrationality, and are a legitimate source of pain. By framing it like that, we can at least recognize their struggle and give it the respect it deserves.

        If any other neuroscience geeks are interested in the details, is a pretty good resource to start with.

      • “Are you using psychotic as a derogatory synonym for mentally ill?”

        No, I was not, and I’m not sure why it would be read that way. I was simply demonstrating to the first commenter, that denying that you have a mental illness is not proof of anything, because a healthy person would deny it.

        I also wasn’t the one claiming delusions were a part of BPD. As far as I know, they aren’t, but it wasn’t important to make my argument.

        This is such a dirty tactic, used on people to invalidate what they are saying. It is true though, that even if someone has a brain illness, it doesn’t mean they are wrong about what they are saying. As long as they make logical sense, who cares?

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